: Changes to Honor Eligibility for End of Season Rewards
So toxic players that just got a restriction can still earn rewards, but non toxic players that got banned for high-death counts can't? Wow pretty damn fair thanks.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=5AaRyytL,comment-id=00110000,timestamp=2018-10-31T12:27:49.837+0000) > > Only yesterday someone complained here on the boards that they were banned for intentionally feeding. It stands to show your claim is not correct. who are they? 20 deaths in 29 minutes, keep playing. Amazing ban system only works for verbal abuse.
There's a lot of people complaining about being banned for inting, some of the bans are for running it down a lane, some bans are for dying a lot all around the map, some are for griefing in a different way. Seems to me the system is perfectly capable of banning feeders, even not intentional ones.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > Ignorant person is someone that is lacking knowledge on something . I am not calling him a re-tard or something worse. You're still insulting someone based on them not sharing your opinion, and trying to defend it that there are worse things you could have said but didn't. That's not an excuse. --- > My comments are getting removed for literally no reason I provided you with a reason. That means there's literally a reason for it.
Ignorant is not an insult, it only triggers someone as an insult because the one offended is really prideful and also doesn't want to admit he could be lacking some information. I can call someone ignorant for not accepting gravity. Calling someone ignorant for an opinion makes no sense unless the person making the opinion is lacking some information, so basically he arrived to a conclusion based on wrong or a lack of information. Instead of getting his pride hurt and reporting/banning the comment, the person could actually discuss why he thinks he lacks information. I don't think he's making an excuse, he's trying to explain the difference between telling someone he's being ignorant and actually insulting them by implying they have problem or are lacking intelligence. I've read the reason provided for deleting his comment, while it is a reason, it does not make it a good reason. His comment was trying to build a discussion and exchange opinions, he was asking questions and at the same time restating his previous opinion. If you think about it, someone could call him ignorant for his opinion but he is actually willing to discuss it and is not stating it as fact as someone else did.
: What you fail to understand is that the effect of a "troll ban" is no different from any other kind. And people _must_ learn to deal with this effect, i.e. play other champions as well, whether troll ban or not. Losing a champ in champ select screen should not stop you. What you fail to understand is that "troll quality" of a ban _usually_ happens only in your head. That is, unless you see people check op.gg, etc with our own eyes (or unless you know those people in person). The trick is that even if I tell you "I ban Mr.Yi because you suck", I may lie. I may ban him every game (like I do with Yasuo) and only tell you this to make you angry. And even if I really do this, you can't tell malicious banning apart from the honest one. You can only guess. And in case you've a solid proof, you're free to go and make a ticket to support. But you haven't got one, most probably. In case you try to create an algorithm of "how to punish people for malicious banning" for real, you will run into the same problem. You wouldn't have enough basis to make your judgements upon. You would have almost nothing beyond the fact of ban (and some chat analysis, too, if there is any). Maybe the teams of 4 are more easy to guess in this case. Like: always together, always banning 4 top. But again, this is not the problem of banning pre-pick in general. This is the problem of a single person encountering the coordinated pressure of 4 people. And that is quite a different problem.
So you do understand what the thread is about. It's impossible to actually find out why they ban those champions and if they're doing it on purpose. But this doesn't change the fact that its a negative experience for someone that just started and knows only a few champions. OP was proabably affected by this and wanted to know if there's anyway to deal with such people. In the end the best thing a new player could do is keep playing blind instead of draft until they know more champions. But there also needs to be someone to tell them this, keep playing blind until you know more champions, which doesn't mean own more champions but actually play them.
: Like I said, that's the risk of playing a game where other people are intrinsic to it. If you do not want to have that risk, a game or mode where other people don't play with you or you play only people you know is more likely to yield what you want every time you play. But I go back to my original point perhaps learning more than one champ will help avoid the problems of your main or favourite being banned. Learning new champs might enrich your experience of what the game has to offer. If not, well that's your choice which you are also welcome to.
Learning new champions is the only solution but will new players play long enough to learn them or just be discouraged by this behaviour and stop playing? There needs to be some reminder in league or a tip that helps them understand they need to know more champions before they do draft, and by they "know" i don't mean own but something they can actually play well.
: > why should they ~~be abused ~~ ...run into an unfortunate case of 'their' champions being unavailable. Fixed. No need for thanks. They will run into such a case eventually. The more popular the champion is, the more often they will be forced to get something else. Banned or taken, banned by a friend or an opponent, a champion will be unavailable once in a while That is a part of the game. Part of the rules. *The pool is limited and you've got ~10 chances on the average to lose your champion.* And everyone must learn to deal with it. Like they deal with the absence of a diaper.
I don't understand what you're supposed to have fixed there. You still fail to understand what we're talking about here. It's not bans but "troll bans". Example: you get in a draft and the 4 players decide to check your profile on op.gg or something. They see who you main and then they ban those champions. This isn't about learning to live without a diper, not even close. This is closer to someone putting a thorned/spiked shirt on you and now you're forced to live with it.
: If you don't want to accept that risk a non team game may be more appropriate.
Where's the teamplay in a game your own teammates hurt your gameplay? Accepting such risk is not part of a team game. This isn't about not being able to pick your champion because of bans and picks, its about premeditated bans to prevent your teammate to play what he want and thats negative behaviour.
: Most players that start LOL are NOT OTPs. Most players that start LOL try this champion and that champion, and buy new champions quite often. Several battles, get bored, get next one. Newbies always ask who to unlock next (instead of playing hundreds of matches on the very first champion they get). And in case they do nut buy champions, Riots give them large freepick pool. > Why? Because we have 10 bans, and 9 other players in a battle that can pick anyone, and "One champion of a kind" policy in a battle. And you have 2 roles at a draft, and an autofill, too. Also you need to understand how your opponents work, i.e. try them at least (or rather learn their tricks), All the principles of this game require you to learn several champions and several roles. To be versatile. Therefore, having only 1 champion in your pool, you put your teammates at a severe risk. You kinda bet their win on a chance of you having your OTP role. That is a very irresponsible and unfair attitude towards your team.
Then you have no experience with newbiews, they do try different champion until they play one they feel "right" with, thats when they start otping the champ. It's how it has always been. Eventually they will get out of the otp mentality and slowly learn more champions. Until they do get to the point they know a lot of champions why should they be abused by getting their few champs banned on purpose by their own teammates? That's just bad sport.
Economi (EUW)
: How many games in a row do you need to INT before getting any action
Wow so i die 20 times in normal while playing insta ban, this guy feeds intentionally 5 rankeds in a row and he's fine. Great System.
: Just use it as an opportunity to learn more than one champ.
Where is the fun in being forced to try something you're not into?
: OTP-s are not welcome in the Rift. Full stop. Suffer.
Why? Most players that start in lol are otps, its perfectly acceptable and normal. They can't have that many champions they can play, they learn one at a time. Why should they keep playing if the experience is so bad they can't play what they just learned?
: > [{quoted}](name=Ras al Kaden,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=xsP7wkH8,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-10-05T23:04:38.508+0000) > > Long story short I tried ivern twice, the second game didn't go so well as you can see > https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3782756121/57027140?tab=stats > and I got reported and banned, lovely. > > I've already tried sending tickets to get someone to help me but the first response I got was basically "I understand but you deserve it". It seems 14 days ban and a drop in honor will help me out learning the champion just perfectly next time. The thing that annoys me the most is the honor drop, shouldn't my honor drop only when I behave negatively? I didn't even flame or grief ingame wth. > > So after 3/4 days and a second ticket asking to check my previous ticket I get some people to actually investigate my match, but the investigation ends up confirming the ban, I really have no clue how they came up to the conclusion that I'm intentionally feeding. Clearly in the match im not throwing myself at the enemy or telling them in chat "free kill" or "open bot". The enemy team is also pretty strong as I also metioned in my tickets and it was hard to play against. I didn't play this match any differently from all my other matches and absolutely with no intention to feed. > > So they say: **_ It was placed on your account for intentional feeding/griefing that caused a negative experience for other players, and we do not tolerate negative behavior of any kind. I hope you can understand how frustrating it can be to play against other players do such things thus creating bad experiences for other players._** > > I know why I've been banned the reform card clearly states intetionl feeding I don't need a confirmation for that, I need to know what it is in game that irrefutably confirms my negative behaviour. Since they seem to say that its not just the 20 deaths but its what happens in game, I asked that they provide me with the parts of the game where I behaved negatively. I know that dying 20 times annoys the hell our of people but it wasn't something completely in my control, and I shouldn't be punished for Involuntarily annoying someone. > > Also _**"I hope you can understand how frustrating it can be to play against other players do such things thus creating bad experiences for other players."**_ Does this mean the enemy team reported me cos i caused them a bad game? what. > > Anyways I got a reply, I was hoping for someone to tell me where in the game I behaved negatively but what they told me is "_**It's not just about the number of deaths. Yes those can seem bad, but we do look into other stuff that goes on during the match and whether players were trying their best or not. I know it's frustrating when you play maybe with others that are trying to ruin the game, but even then, it's not okay to take a similar approach.**_" So in other words, we are sure you did something bad don't worry we checked and you weren't playing at your best. Of course i didn't play a good/great game! It was hard, and my second time with ivern. Whose similar approach did I take in this game? What are you talking about? Nobody was intentionally feeding this game and I surely didn't emulate them. My adc may have gotten annoyed and left the lane but still she didn't really int and I wasn't getting back at her for it by "taking a similar approach". > > I would provide a recording of the gameplay but it seems I can't watch replays while banned o.o > Is my english so bad support doesn't understand my questions and that's why I get confusing replies? Even if it's not my first language I think my english is pretty good even if i make some typing errors. > > Here's a picture of the tickets I sent and the replies [Ticket](https://screenshotscdn.firefoxusercontent.com/images/24275eec-9ea9-4848-80df-232e82163fc8.png). > > What should I do? I think I've pretty much tried everything, writing here is a last attemp at getting some help. > Should i just suck it up and start getting my honor back all over again? Actually i think the season is almost over so should i just go back to playing League when the new one starts? Because getting back to honor 2 is reeeeeaaallyy a slow process. _ ~~ ~~write to the support. i got wrongfully banned for "inting" too. asked suport about it. clearly shows them that i build normal items, placed wards and played normaly, and just haveing a bad game -> They immediately unbanned me :) **So:** * If u made a normal build (not movement speed boots and stacking mobility for example) * Played the game normaly (wards placed/dmg dealt/structures/assists) * The Kill Map shows that u often died on your own site and u never rushed down 1 lane The chance is very high u got falsely banned for inting too, and u will get unbanned ;) You would not be the first person that would got incorrectly banned ^^ btw. u can download the game (u can still login to the game even if it says 14 day banned and download the "game") just share that file. located in C:\Users\Luxienna\Documents\League of Legends\Replays and you can look/share a replay. ~~ ~~_ {{sticker:sg-lux}} **nevermind u got your reply from them already.** sorry
Yeah the problem is I didn't build "meta", I was building something else and also brought smite instead of exhaust for a jungle invade strat. Since building non-meta and playing badly a match is considered "negative behaviour" by the support team, there is not much hope for me anymore. Even when I asked what it is i did that was negative I wasn't given a proper reply so i must assume that playing badly = negative behaviour. Explaining my actions in game also seems futile from swaying them from their decision, a decision i still don't know how was reached.
: What is "friendly blocking" ?
From what i understand it's when you know how to play only a few champions and the people in your lobby know your last games with those champions went badly, so to avoid seeing you play poorly they ban your champions and you are forced to play something you don't know, you'll probably have a bad experience and feed your lane for around 20 minutes until your team finally agrees to surrender just so they can report you for trolling.
: If you can get banned for playing poorly then this game has gone only downhill and riot should change their description of the game "U play bad, dont bother playing our game, cuz our toxic community will insta report and get you banned."
If you just started playing or are around lvl 30, playing poorly is forgiven. The moment someone that has been playing for a long time has a bad game, he is of course trolling and inting, can't be anything but. That's how it works now, and it's bad.
: You can't be banned for playing poorly, so unless you died 20 time in a 26 min game what are you afraid of ?
So dying 20 times is not playing poorly but trolling and inting? Not everybody that dies so much ints or trolls.
ImMaleLol (EUW)
Wow... just wow.. meanwhile i had a bad game with ivern and i'm banned fro 14 days and my honor dropped to 0.. just great.
Semaka (EUW)
: Inting doesn't mean just running it down mid. It also means to give free kills to the enemy team. You can see why the system picked you up on that. You died every minute and it looked like a "running it down mid" situation to a program. Ask a support from Riot to check your game but the ban might not be lifted.
The fact i spawn and go back to a lane and die doesn't mean im doing it to feed my enemy. I died every minute, i died most of the time i got back to a lane/jungle. The system did indeed pick up on this and banned me because the system thinks i intentionally fed. Support checked my game and said i behaved negatively which means the ban stays. Now when i ask them to tell me where in the match i behaved negatively so that i atleast know what i have to improve or change of my behaviour, they just refuse to give me a real answer. I am 100% sure i have done no wrong to anyone in the game. Yeah in this game i wasn't able to play decently but confirming the ban by saying i behaved negatively is lying. And I really hope they don't think that having a bad game where i died 20 times is behaving negatively, because that just means bad players are also toxic cos they feed. And i'm not even that bad most of the time so why punish me for one bad game.
: >I think understanding a champion goes a long way in helping you not actaully die, getting stuns and shields off is pretty important. No, positioning is the important thing. Shields and stuns etc are just small extra that allow you to step further without dying but positioning is what matters. The champion is completely irrelevant in that regard except for whether you have dashes or not. > every single time i got back in lane or jungle I either get grabbed and die or a khazix 1shots me or even miss fortune just Qs me one time. How is that an excuse? avoid them... It's not hard at all. Having that many deaths in that short time means you literally died, ran to lane and died again immediately. Why is it so hard to stand outside of blitz's hook range? Because it's not hard. >You also argue I don't know how bad it is to die, I think you are mistaken, its bad to die for the first ten times So you don't understand that it's bad to die. You aren't just a bag of gold walking around... Your team is missing a member every time you die and your team loses all the pressure and potential to fight the enemy because it's 4v5. Also, your bounty resets if you get a kill and you become more valuable when you get an assist or for every 1000 gold gained by killing minions or monsters. So your whole "first 10 deaths are bad" argument doesn't work. One kill for you and your gold value resets completely or one assist and your gold value increases same with farming. You could have 10 deaths but if you get a kill then, you are worth 300 gold again. Every single death is bad unless it is basically done on purpose for higher benefit for the team (which your deaths are not). >and I think everyone in my team died atleast close to ten times. Only yasuo had over 10 deaths in addition to you. Did the thought even cross your mind that some of their deaths might actually be your fault? having to play against fed enemies in a basically 4v5 setting does have a negative impact on the stats of your teammates. And yet they still managed to have less than 10 deaths. > I'm the only one that keeps getting focused by the enemy team for who knows what reason Because you literally run at them and let them kill you. That's why they focus you. Your teammates at least tried to avoid going to bad spots unlike you obviously. > If i was ruining the game for my enemy then why were they so happy to focus all their attention on me everytime. It's simple they enjoyed it. No, you were just fast target to get rid of. There is no joy in stomps.
Positioning is important but you can't expect me to stay away from my teammates cos "omg my kda will suffer". I'm not that good at dodging blitz maybe, even if i did dodge blitz theres a khazix that jumps me and kills me, a lucian that dashes forward and kills me. It didn't really matter who it was the moment i'm there i die. Oh great so you bothered to actually research something you didn't know and also helped me understand it better, thanks. I reset my bounty twice cos 2 kills, also assists while on consecutive deaths don't increase gold reward as much in fact its a max of 150 gold whether you have 1 assist or 20. "Your team is missing a member every time you die and your team loses all the pressure and potential to fight the enemy because it's 4v5". I was there EVERYTIME there was a teamfight, everytime there was a 2v2 any type of situation i was trying to get there in time and help, saying they were missing a member is incorrect since i was there, yeah i may have died every single time and not have been much use but i was trying to help everyone. I said close to ten times, not 10. And while botlane may have been fed because of me, not all lanes were fed becase i was easy prey. Deaths in their own lanes are at fault for other champions being fed, its only when bot starts to roam it is also my fault they die to enemy bot. Still any of this doesn't mean i intentionally fed, i was doing bad i know i was but i wasn't throwing myself at them like a mindless moth to a lamp. Yeah when i'm alone sure you can argue positioning, but what when we are in group and i'm the first to die? Is it my bad i died trying to help my teammates? After 10 minutes everywhere was a bad spot. Whether they enjoyed focusing me or i was easy to get rid off, you still enforce my point. I did not intetionally feed.
: >I took smite because of iverns passive, its not trolling It is, Ivern can just free a monster from the jungler so why would you need smite as a support ? Read his ability: Friend of the Forest. Ivern cannot attack or be attacked by non-epic monsters. Ivern can create magical groves on jungle camps which grow over time. When the grove is fully grown, Ivern may free the monsters to receive gold and experience. After level 5 Ivern can share jungle buffs with allies. So you don't need smite. > i built support items cos i am playing support, just like i did the previous match where i took smite and i actually got a red buff for myself and my adc. You did not upgrade your support item and once again you don't need smite you have Ivern passif. > Calling this strategy trolling show you have no understanding on what's going on and simply want to tharsh me. You were obviously trolling, your KDA, build, wards and smite clearly show it. I'm just pinpointing the parts that show you were trolling so next time you understand to not int, but hey if you get perma ban that's not my account. > Also i am silver 3 and 4 respectively in 3v3 and soloq. And you place 4 ward in a 36 minute game and 1 ward in a 35 minute game. Well I'll stop here, it's pretty obvious that you were inting for the reasons above, I guess I'll see you on the forum when you'll get perma banned. Ruinning people games is not fun and you could have tried Ivern on a bot game or custom game so you had no excuses. Goodbye.
You do know clicking red buff does not give you red buff until you actually smite it? Also smite is ranged and works well to steal a buff under the enemies nose. SO basically its a free buff and enemy jungler looses xp gold and buff. Yeah most of the time i don't finish my support item, is it trolling? No, i prioritize other items sometimes, maybe I should've built something else but i thought i would fare better doing that build. I have already explained my ward situation and my strategy in this game, holding my kda accountable for trolling does not help your case.
Saibbo (EUW)
: dude I couldn't even try get close to 20 deaths
In my lifetime in league i've atleast had 3 matches, I believe, where i died around 21 or 22 times. I clearly remember two of them being with Azir and Sion. Yeah it's uncommon but that doesn't mean im doing it on purpose to ruin games.
Semaka (EUW)
: 26 minute game: 1:30 time until you get to lane 5 minutes waiting for respawn Congrats, you managed to die once a minute, you went to lane, died, respawned, went to lane, died again, and repeat. You have 2-3 times the amount of deaths that your teammates have individually, you got what you deserved.
Yeah the math is correct congrats, still i explained why i died this much and i also already stated it wasn't intentional. The ban clearly states i'm banned for inting which i did not do.
Shamose (EUW)
: Jungle Ivern. No Jungle item. Builds Attack Speed. I just can't take you seriously. It may be your second game on ivern. But that doesn't change that every jungler needs a jungle item to start with.
Its support Ivern with a smite, nashor wroks well with ivern W atleast to me. The jungler was lee sin.
ShanksFX (EUW)
: Whatever you say, dying 20 times in a 26 min game is at least soft inting. Not running it straight up down (i checked the kill map for this game) but you rly cant fool anyone and say you at least tried to avoid dying. You nearly died every minute of the game. Thats some real effort there..
Soft inting, hard inting, there was no kind of inting i am not trying to ruin a game intentionally, i didn't suddenly decide " hey while i'm trying a new champion why no just go feed the enemy, that sure will help me learn him". Yeah i did avoid dying, the only way to actually not find and enemy and not die in this match was probably stay in base and thats afking and i don't like that, also I would rather help someone in lane and die than be terrorized by what will happen to my kda, people sometimes only care about their kdas and forget completely that It's more important to actually help your teammates even if it means dying.
: 20 deaths in 26 minutes takes effort to achieve. >It seems 14 days ban and a drop in honor will help me out learning the champion just perfectly next time. You don't need to learnt he champion. You simply need to learn to understand how bad it is to die. When you die that many times, you clearly do not think that dying is a bad thing because if you did, you would try to avoid it. You are ruining the game for your teammates and even possibly your enemies. Again, this is not a champion specific thing. The champion is irrelevant when it comes to dying that many times. You are clearly doing stuff that you aren't supposed to do and going to positions where you clearly should go to. It's not possible that you wouldn't start to avoid doing the same mistake over and over again.
I think understanding a champion goes a long way in helping you not actaully die, getting stuns and shields off is pretty important. Also it "takes effort to die 20 times in 26 minutes", every single time i got back in lane or jungle I either get grabbed and die or a khazix 1shots me or even miss fortune just Qs me one time. You also argue I don't know how bad it is to die, I think you are mistaken, its bad to die for the first ten times, and I think everyone in my team died atleast close to ten times. You know why it doesn't matter how many times you die after the first ten deaths? The reward in killing you is really low like around 50 gold. So basically whole enemy team is fed cos we all die around ten times, I'm the only one that keeps getting focused by the enemy team for who knows what reason, I guess a 1shot kill makes you feel great everytime. In the end killing me after the first ten deaths wasn't worth more than actually farming a wave of minions or killing an actually decent player like the jungler. If i was ruining the game for my enemy then why were they so happy to focus all their attention on me everytime. It's simple they enjoyed it. On the other hand my team didn't, this doesn't mean i was purpousefully trying to ruin their game.
: You were trolling so what did you expect ? You went in with Smite and you have no jungler item and you have the support item. So you played Ivern support with smite..... Look even I sometimes play Tahm Kench support with Smite but that's because I actually take a jungler item in my build wich is the tanky one so people understand why I have smite and I actually use it a lot to take objectives so no one really care when I do it. 5/15/17 and 1 ward placed..... 1 ! In a 35:39 minute game. 1/20/6 and 4 ward placed in a 26:05 game. You are level 120 so you know what you are doing, maybe you are bronze 5 or something I don't know but even your build seems like you are griefing and trust me I also have some strange build sometimes but with your items it's like you really wanted to make them angry because your build makes no sense, AP attack speed Ivern doesn't really looks like a serious build. In conclusion: Your KDA, having Smite, not placing nearly enough wards and your very strange build shows that you were trolling for some unknown reason, now we can't see the chatlogs so maybe the answer to your ban is also there and honestly Riot never banned someone for being banned so I'm curious to see what the person who gave you the ban did read in the reports, most likely they all explained the same thing like "He took Ivern with Smite as a support and did a troll build along feeding and not warding" then it as been decided that you were trolling since you are level 120 (higher than me) and you should know what looks like trolling. Be warned that the next time you don't respect LOL rules you will be perma banned wich mean you will lose all your progress along your skins, yeah it sounds like I'm here laughing at you but no I want to warn and tell you that if you continue like this you may regret it, you still have a chance so don't waste it. Since you are pretty experienced with LOL you should know that you could have tested Ivern in co-op or even in a personalized game. On a side note Master placed 0 ward and have a very bad KDA but it doesn't look like he was trolling.
I took smite because of iverns passive, its not trolling, basically i could invade enemy teams jungle and get a free buff, i built support items cos i am playing support, just like i did the previous match where i took smite and i actually got a red buff for myself and my adc. Calling this strategy trolling show you have no understanding on what's going on and simply want to tharsh me. As for the build i thought it was a pretty good item on ivern considering his W, so still not trolling I was serious with everything i was doing. Also i am silver 3 and 4 respectively in 3v3 and soloq. I don't always suck this much but calling it trolling and intentionally trying to ruin a game is not what it actually is. Also "the chat logs would reveal the truth", yeah they would not cos i don't flame or troll anymore just three matches before this one with ivern i was told by an ekko i'm a really nice yasuo player. Also I've always been bad with wards, you can check all my games, most of the time I have the lowest vision score in the game, so intentionally not warding to ruin the game is not part of it.
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: ***
Thank you, I also believe someone that INTENTIONALLY feeds even 1 death should be punished and that actually people that die a lot by playing shouldn't. This discussion has nothing to do with being toxic or flaming since I didn't do any of that and my ban also clearly states its for feeding. I have first hand been banned for being toxic three months ago and have since been doing my best to improve, i was so close to getting back to honor 2 and was feeling good about my progress, this is why the fact i was banned for this game makes me so angry. I'd be completely fine if all it was was a 14day ban but its also a drop in honor and i worked hard to reform.
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