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: Not gonna read the post but i agree with you. Banning people for flame makes absolutely no sense. I started playing league on the korean server, there has never been a ban for flaming in korea. The server is ultra toxic and by extension, ultra competitive. In season 5 i went on a student exchange in germany and started playing on euw. To my horror, my first acc was permabanned for calling people bad. Since then i play with /muteall, dont wanna risk my account because some SJW snowflake got offended and western culture is degrading into shit.
That is true, I also heard that Koreans never get banned for whatever form of toxicity, in my opinion this is a much better solution, there are so many worse problems than toxicity, while toxicity should still be punished, through far longer or better chat restrictions or whatever else you can find, there is still too much inting, win trading, botting and whatever going on, a far bigger issue for the game.
: This is quite a difficult issue to discuss about in an open board like this one. I read your text (to be fair it was tiring, but if you take your time to write something like that at least I kinda "owe" you to read it whole). First of all I have years of experience in the medical field and I worked with handicapped people, people with minor or major psychic issues and people who were physically ill, so I kinda understand the position you are in, even though, lucky as I am, I had never experienced it first hand and hopefully never will. Even though mental illness still doesn't get as accepted as e.g. a broken arm or leg or even a heart attack, it definitely is something you can't take lightely. So before you continue to read what I will say, keep that always in mind: I take it serious. To my opinion on the case: Nothing, not even having mental issues, excuses to treat other people generally like a big dump, and definitely not strangers on the internet. People are different, people have different backgrounds and as long as you treat others like they are a lesser human than yourself or talk them down, you deserve every single ban you recieved. And this is not just you, this applys to every single being in every community in every single game. Treat people like you yourself wanna be treated. As soon as you join in on the flame of one, it doesn't excuse your own behaviour. If your friend kills someone, you can't kill yourself and tell the police: "But he did first and I just followed his lead", nah, you are old enough to make your own decisions. Don't fall for others bullshit. I like that you actually searched for professional help and not just "accepted" your fate and played along. That's a big step and I'm sure you definitely know that. Being selfaware is always the beginning and the best thing that can happen to someone in your position. You are right, in your special case (that doesn't apply to every being in this community, most likely not even 50%) it would be fatal to take away the thing you seem to mostly enjoy in your life. But on the other hand making major changes in the penalty system or even the selfrestriction system (and this IS major) seems... difficult, nearly unreasonable. I actually entertain the thought of keeping yourself chat restricted, so you can at maximum read, but not write and is actually just accessable via client and not game itself. This is something new and I never actually heard of a case where someone implemented something like this into a game, so if it's doable (and I'm sure it is) somewhere someone should at some point look into it. Updating the badword filter is also something that should be considered since ours is most likely 9+ years old already. Changing a badword into something else like "gg" or something else seems more difficult, since there is (most likely) somewhere some law that prevents you from doing so. Even if there is not, I would not like the thought of writing A and B is shown in the chat.
Thank for your words and critisism, it means a lot that you took your time reading through all this tiring text and writing something yourself. I don't actually want to and never intended to excuse toxic behaviour of any kind, whatever mental illness someone has. This is why I said that there should always be punishment for toxic people, both the mental ill ones and the ones that are just toxic because they like to harass. If I could make a wish, I wouldn't even wish for a system that differentiates between players that are mentally ill and players that are perfectly healthy. I want both to be treated equally. The thing that I just don't ever gonna agree with, is permabanning for toxicity. That is also why I proposed ideas to change this system, other kinds of punishments, I'm sure if we'd brainstorm for a couple of more hours or people would bring in other ideas, there could be even more solutions to this system, but as it is right now, I just find it completely wrong and bad for everyone, a permanent way of restricting chat or a far better chat filter would do so much better and would also be healthier for the game.
: Hyperactivity means that you are having issues concentrating. Depression means you have issues dealing with emotions. Both of those things have NOTHING, literally NOTHING to do with toxicity. It's YOU being toxic, not some illness.
Hyperactivity is not Hypersensitivity. Jesus Lord allmighty you can't even f*ing read. Go back to school, go educate yourself, you have 0 knowledge on this topic and you will never have any since you don't know what it means.
: Writing about something is not equal to being qualified, thanks for pointing out you are actually an idiot on top of being toxic. And if you did consult those, how did you not change, unlike... well actually ANYONE else who actually did consult a real one? And no, your mother is not qualified as some therapist, and no, your best friend is not, too. I can also make some stuff up, like me having an diploma on that topic. Now what? I won this argumentation. Right now you are actually showing that you are toxic and deserved any ban. edit: like someone else pointed out: someone with depression would never act toxic, that's another trait which is uncommon for people who had it hard in life.
Big facepalm right there. Noone ever with mental issues is having their mental fixed by consulting a specialist. Some people manage to kinda get their life right in a few years, and many will live with those issues for the rest of their lifes. You can't cure mental illness or depression, it will always be present, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker, but it will ALWAYS be there. But who am I talking to, some blindfolded chimp who is a mommies boy at the age of 20 still living in mommies basement? You will know what depression and suicidal thoughts mean once you walk into a room and see one of your loved once hanging from the ceiling.
: > [{quoted}](name=Raul04,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=2EjOcPL1,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-26T20:19:24.985+0000) > > This is not about general problems, this is about serious depression, hypersensitivity etc, you're not educated on this topic and you clearly haven't read my text. Don't need to read it. Got issues and act toxic? Get banned. Why should you get special treatment above others? Why are you so sure you have the most problems in life? Guess what, life sucks. Get over it. If you are such a snowflake then take the ban as a blessing, quit league and get help like a REASONABLE PERSON WOULD DO instead of sitting in the league forum and demand a snowflake treatment.
This is not about special treatment as I have stated many times, but you too are just blindfolded minion who doesn't have the guts to actually read and inform himself about this topic, you clearly didn't read what I wrote down and it automatically disqualifies you to have a meaningful opinion on this topic. I mentioned that there are far better punishments for toxic people, both for normal toxicity and for people with mental issues, Permabanning IS NOT the solution and never will be. If you think it is, then you simply support suicide and depressions. You will never know what depression and hypersensitivity means, you can't tell someone life sucks and tell them to just move on, it could hit any of us and one day who knows, maybe your beloved mother will hang from the ceiling or your father got a bullet through his head because they had depression and thought about suicide. You will know what it means to be depressed and suicidal.
: You are not qualified to tell others they are not qualified for those kind of topics. If you actually did consult someone who specializes on that kind of topic... dear god would that therapist be reliefed about that ban, as it means that he can actually do start from the beginning. The first thing about people having issues is them realizing it's them, not someone else. Getting banned is perfect.
Actually I am qualified since I know and wrote about this topic unlike you or others here did, I am qualified to tell you you are not qualified because you clearly seem to ignore most of the things that I mentioned, I did consult many therapists, I consulted specialists who work in esports psychology unlike you. Before you write such nonsense, go see a specialist yourself.
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: noone cares, too many letters
You cared enough to post under this, congratulations, you fooled yourself.
: First of all: It's not Riots or our job to care about someone else issues. Yes, you heard it right: we are not qualified to care or do something about your mental breakdowns. And if we actually talk about mental health issues: Those people need to get off games which trigger them. So yeah: perma banning the most toxic ones is the way to deal with that, perhaps they got some time now to check their doc. Second: No one should be in a better/worse position just because... they are a minority, have mental health issues, etc. etc. Please realize that society is handling everyone equal and that, just because someone was broken up with, got fired, etc., those will not get their free pass to behave like some idiot. (And if we talk about equality: people who are actually ill, have special conditions like being ... blind, etc. get some bonis, but those don't qualify those people to behave like idiots, too, just them getting some kind of financial compensation)
You clearly haven't read my text. It is not the game that is triggering, part of it is the idiots that play the game, the other part is the ban system which prefers to reward inters and feeders. Telling someone with mental issues to just get off the game is the worst possible solution, its the equivalent of telling a hobby photographer to never take fotos against because there will always be situations that trigger them, its the equivalent of telling a kid to stop playing their favourite sport just because there are problems that come with it. Permabanning simply for texting, whatever it was that got written, is the worst possible solution. As I've said, there NEED to be ways to punish toxicity, and I have proposed multiple ways, ways that are fair enough for toxic people, but permabanning is NEVER the solution.
: tl;dr don't flame. Most people absolutly don't care about your problems, they have far enough themselves. Don't impose them yours.
This is not about general problems, this is about serious depression, hypersensitivity etc, you're not educated on this topic and you clearly haven't read my text.
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