xAnterias (EUNE)
: Now prepare for the shitfest that is diamond 5, once you get out , if you do you will be greeted by the shitfest of higher diamond where people still manage to lose games by making the stupidest mistakes imaginable. People still counterpick themselves, still don't know what a teamcomp is, still don't know that at lategame with 2 enemy inhibs down and 1 last tower on top the baron would take priority over an infernal drake. I could go on forever but if you have nerves of steel you might make it.
Damn the life of a D4 EUNE Jungler sure sound fun xd
: Let's count our IP. :3
Idk about the essence but if u want to maximize the amount of essence you'll have, use all of your IP on hextech mystery champions and disenchant all of them, you will get a total 8%~ profit when they take all of your blue essence and multiply it by 6.5 when new season starts. This means out of 165K IP you could get roughly 178K-180K Blue Essence when preseason kicks in.
: Cursor spazzing out when I try to ping
Nightblue3 recently said on his stream that going into Task Manager and ending the task called "Realtek Audio Manager" fixed this issue for him. I never tested it out myself but yopu might want to give it a shot. It happens to me too but I haven't bothered trying to fix it yet
: About ping/ms
Wait wait wait... So because you have 62 ping on 2 servers (which is amazing by the way you're lucky to have that) and you have 70 (aw poor baby 70 ping ;_;) on 1 server, you want to MOVE the whole server to Germany too, where they already have 2 servers?? I can't tell if you're extremely selfish or just unaware of how the internet works but them moving EUW to germany will impact half of the world's ping to EUW negatively.
PanaUltra35 (EUNE)
: Daily reward
Maybe some IP for playing as a daily reward, not for logging in. Maybe only for ranked games aswell. Also RP definitely shouldnt be a part of it, and the IP amount shouldnt go above 100 imo.
: when I was a kid I never said no to free stuff :D Maybe new generation is too spoiled from their parents
Or maybe we just have higher IQ and dont only think about us getting free shit like the spoiled kids we are, we also think about the people who pay for skins for champions they love and reached level 7 on only to find out they couldve gotten said skin for free. Overall you know Riot will NEVER do this as they're giving away free shit basically, and they obviously dont want that.
: Favourite role ... and why?
Jungle. It feels like you're focusing just on yourself but at the same time you're all over the map covering your whole team. Just feels like you're leading the game and also playing against other good junglers is always exciting and seeing what they do. Jungle requires a lot of thinking about what the enemy jungler is doing and where he is at that moment, and off of that deciding what to do on the map and when. I love it.
LeBlobber (EUW)
: Reverse Kha'Zix + Rengar
That would be sick lol, as long as they're not too close to the point where people get confused between them. Great idea haha
insinia (EUW)
: Is kayle and yi combo bannabe?
Its not bannable but I wish people doing it would be banned for cheating lol
: Well at least the gamemodes you mentioned are on the rotating gamemode schedule unlike URF or ARURF,we played them on may and since then we get a "new" gamemode everytime,now its the dark star gamemode so in a month we will get ascension Legend of the poro king we played like two weeks ago.
He was being sarcastic
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Why do League players get triggered by constructive criticism?
: Get Rid of Bots Idea
I dont know if you guys are aware but a huge part of bots are in ARAM nowadays. You mainly see them in lower mmr of ARAM because they're obviously only used to level, but they are there and they're more common than in bot games. Playing ARAM in low levels you have a 99% chance of seeing a bot on either teams, usually more than 1. Obviously made up % but i recently leveled an account to 30 in ARAM only (past level 6 obviously) and In all the games that takes (takes a LOT of games without XP boosts) I had 1 game without any bots in it, atleast from what I could tell. Also, the 0/10 thing, bots dont always run it down mid like you see in co-op. Bots in ARAM can have over 20 kills and solo carry games. It's not that easy. One thing Riot could try to do is somehow detect scripts better as bots usually use some sort of scripting program to automatically play for them, which should be detectable by Riot.
: Which Riven should I buy?
Logged into my old (banned for using custom skins) account I used to main riven on to reply. Back then I remember testing all of her skins (using the custom skins program) and I ended up loving the one I already owned, battle bunny, the most. It just always felt cleaner to me. The animations, the way her autos feel, everything really. Its one of those very clean skins in game that just help you focus on your combos better (unless you're too busy staring at her ass). I tested out Championship (2016) and it feels really good too. I never liked redeemed and crimson as the classic skins particles are just ugly and feel clunky to me. I also owned Arcade for a while and it felt really distracting and overall a good skin to flash in game but not the best feeling. Dawnbringer seems super flashy but I think it is actually possibly her cleanest skin. Overall, I dont know if you already bought one, but I recommend battle bunny.
: You don't get any extra tokens once you have maxed out the requirement ... like for lvl 6, 2 tokens. If you get S grades after you have those two tokens, you won't receive any tokens until you upgrade. So no, you cannot "farm" them.
ZaTime (EUNE)
: Obviously not. Anyways, stop trying to find shortcuts around something intended to show your mastery of a champion. You shouldn't be allowed to flaunt a level 7 mastery badge if you're incapable of getting a mere S rank three times.
Chill, I was asking a question.
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: Have you ever been banned?
Perm ban on main, another perm ban on smurf, using another smurf now. ITs lvl10, I just stick a fucking paper on my chat to block it out at this point.
: oh you are one of these guys: "Yea i used a 3rd party program which could have given me an unfair advantage.. but i never used it i swear" To OP: You agreed to the terms of use. So you can either challenge them in court (and very likely loose) or you could just act according to the rules and not loose your account.
Wasn't a program, legit just installed a skin on my PC by switching textures out. So unfair, my poppy was lolipoppy instead of normal on my screen, everyone knows it makes it easier to win game with that skin. #Pay2Win
Infernape (EUW)
: Botting itself is entirely punishable. If Riot does find accounts that are botting, they permanently suspend them. Reporting them is the only thing you can do. Could be worse, you could be playing Dominion and end up being matched with 9 bots. And basically be playing by yourself.
Happened to me on the rift today, 4 bots in CO-OP. Good thing losing a CO-OP isn't easy :P
: Restriction chat
I played more games on this account being chat restricted than being not restricted. About 500 normals being restricted. I even asked Riot to disable my chat once. Well, eventually I didnt get perm-banned for being toxic, I got banned for 3rd party program because Riot calls custom skins "scripts" apparently. My smurf got banned after 20 restrictions and a 2 week temp ban, and the 3rd ban was perm. Just do /mute all when the game starts, disable all chat if you want, and chill. If you dont want to do that, just imagine that they're little 7 year old kids sitting there talking shit because their mom cant see it. It makes me laugh and then Im a lil less tilted. Another thing I do is read off their insults in a british accent in my head, and change some of the swears: "Fuck you bitch get cancer and die" turns into "Sir, I really dislike you and I wish you catch a deadly disease, and pass away". Doesn't seem that bad anymore doesn't it. Good luck on the rift! (20 isnt that bad, youll be alright. Dont get more though, you want to keep your account dont you?)
: Thought i might share this
We all get dicked over my friend, I lost 2 accounts which were alot of money, but I dont care about the money as much as the work I put into them. I know, it sucks SO MUCH. I also got banned for the same reason on one of them, for flame. The other one was my main, and I got banned for using a 3rd party program (custom skins) which they decided was scripts. I tried to talk to them, I talked to 20 diffrent rioters untill I reached the head of the player behavior department. You know what he said? The same copy-pasted message as the other Rioters. Its not worth your time buddy, just make a new account if you really enjoy the game like I know I do, and good luck leveling it back up. I'd be more than happy to help you do that. I feel you man. New Acc Name: Boosted ànimàl
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Smerk (EUW)
: Getting reply from behaviour specialist usually takes a lot of time, it can take week or even longer
But atleast I got the attention of a specialist! :D
iTsRik (EUW)
Check out my latest post mate, Im starting to get somewhere. I think I might be able to salvage my account. Read my post for more info
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iTsRik (EUW)
Same for me bro. Got a crappy Riot Support response which is obviously the same as yours. I think they should cancel all the bans from the past 3 days as most of them arent true, even if it cancels some actual legit bans. For ducks sake Riot, Im fucking bronze 2. How am I hacking? I wish video game companies realised they arent god and they cant just go around banning people so the community thinks they actually ban hackers. For my 2 years of playing league I have seen one hacker which leads me to believe theyre not nearly as common as all the people who got banned this wave. I replied to their robot support email but not expecting any actual response. There goes 300$ and over 100 days of playtime. Thanks Riot we appreciate your care and love about this crappy community :) I'd be surprised if I ever even got reported for scripting lmao
ProoGracz (EUNE)
: Mkjogo. Also i wonder how do they check if u have any programs on pc.
I got a warning for MKJogo 4 months ago, deleted it straight afterwards.
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: Got falsely banned today because of using third party programs
I feel you, I got one too. I honestly have no clue what their dumb system is doing this time, but its not something good.
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Rioter Comments
Looks like you broke your whole keyboard, guessing by the way you typed this post. I recommend getting a new one. And you cant ask for help with you breaking your keyboard on League forums, will be as efficient as asking your grandma about it. Just go to a store and maybe they can fix it, if not, buy a new one.
: Can i have a PBE account?
You can have mine. NEVER
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. Ranked bans are issued when Riot feels a player won't be a positive influence to ranked games. I'm sorry to be so straight forward about it, it's not my intent to be rude. Riot has gone through millions of match histories, and chat logs, these past years, in attempts to discover what makes people toxic, and how to stop them from being toxic. One of the things they notice is that people tend to be more toxic when they're playing ranked, because there's "more on the line". Many toxic people are actually only toxic in ranked games, and by forcing them to play normals, Riot hopes they'll start to understand that even though ranked has another degree of "importance", being toxic is still not justified. You don't actually have to play ranked regularly in order to get ranked restricted: if you're detected to be a very likely candidate to be more toxic in ranked, then you can get restricted to prevent you from entering. Since you were already chat restricted, and had gotten a prolonged restriction, that's most likely the issue. You say that this restriction is ruining your gaming experience: you being toxic was ruining other peoples game experience. See how the punishment is supposed to work? Removing your chat alltogether would hurt your ability to communicate with your team. Use the limited chat you have in a positive manner, and for game-related content, and you probably won't notice your restriction. Also: you'll find many people playing normal draft pick. You won't have a problem finding games.
Thanks for the detailed reply, some of this still doesnt make sense to me, but I got most of it. Idk man, it just kinda sucks having to try and have fun and communicate, and after managing to log in and get in a game (which usually takes me around 20 minutes since I cant log in half the time, ty rito servers), I still have to handle barely being able to communicate as 10 messages a game is nothing, and I try to use them as well as I can but its pretty hard sometimes. And communicating with pings aint CLOSE to being able to type, thats a fact. I think this system needs a change, as balanced Riot is trying to make it. It still has alot of problems in it. And btw, anyone knows if they fixed the "Cant connect to PvP.net" thing when you login? annoys the hell out of me. Got a "leave" on my history yesterday since after crashing after champ select it didnt let me reconnect.
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Dagreatking (EUNE)
: If it was bought with rp that he hadn't bought then riot have all the rights to remove the contents bought with that rp. If you steal a tv and then give it to a friend, it doesn't mean that friend can keep the tv if the thief get caught.
I understand that, but does it make sense that I gifted that friend stuff, and he gifted me stuff. I got NOTHING from his gift as it was taken from me, and I didnt get back the money I used for MY gift. And if I dont get the 1240RP I sent him (Debonair Ezreal Skin and Mystery Champion) I will ask for a refund from Paypal as I paid 35 Euro for 6350RP, not 5110RP.
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