ZawardoJJ (EUW)
: Champion that you can hypercarry with? (1v5 the enemy team)
{{champion:105}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:29}} Any champion with damage, CC, escape and/or self sustain is a candidate for hyper carry. These are but a few examples, when it comes to ADC's, getting ahead with any of those can make your opponents fear.
realKano23 (EUNE)
: Hextech chests are a PRIVILEGE
When I started playing none of this hextech stuff existed, you had to pay 20 euros for an ultimate skin. Enough said really.
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: suspended for "trolling" in bronze :D :D :D
I had a friend like that, stopped playing the game because he was perma banned x') For all measures he was trolling, even if unknowingly. I tried explaining him things but he just didn't agree, his logic wasn't perfect but he had reasons, like defense and what not. When I tried telling him how the roles worked he went on about how he was being forced to play in a way he didn't want to, despite not being in the rules. For example, he frequently bought tank items on adcs, sometimes duplicated. He was 45-ish, didn't buy a single skin, when he got banned he just told me they helped him get rid of this game (This was two years ago)
Cypherous (EUW)
: So, assuming your terrible idea was added, where exactly does the 5th team member go? :P There will always be a duo lane because we only have 3 lanes and there are 5 people, so swapping top and bot really wouldn't change anything other than shift your problem to another lane that you would end up in lol
Ay I wouldn't mind having a jungle supp :v
pikalov3r (EUW)
: why is kled considered OP?
IMO: Cause he got two health bars?
ryandub (EUW)
: I'm so tired of hearing people say its so difficult to detect if someone afks or ints - no its not. This can be automated as well using statistics.
Wanna program it? It's "easy" :v
: Is Pyke Balenced???
Pyke deals a lot of damage with his ulti, but if you're full HP and not squishy, he is of no threat to you. Literally buying G.A. I think counters his whole purpose. Him missing the Q means he can only E you... One dash and you're safe :/ He is balanced because if his enemy is a monkey, he will get someone to "kill" him, and then use ultimate, but if someone plays safe or has peel... Pyke can't do anything. HELL he is the answer for all the bickering about mage supports, there you have an assassin, use a tank and he literally is a fish in a barrel.
: Nerf Morder
His Q does have all you need to dodge it, granted his passive is annoying. If youre a squishy one, make distance between you two, have a tank peel for you and you should be perfectly fine
: gragas and wukong fan fiction ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jax uses his real weapon ( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ͜ʖ ͡°)
CJXander (EUNE)
: Qyiana is not picked by anyone
She's super good though, I had one on my team once, we warded baron and the enemy team was doing it. Our Qyiana ulted the walls, stunned everyone and let us win that fight easily. I just think she didn't have proper advertisement, plus her model doesn't feel Riotish at all... This is my impression only, but her model looks like one of those cheap chinese mobile knockoff games.
MSF Akito (EUW)
: Yea, I got that, thanks.. But whats the point of this post? Qiyana isn't picked a lot.. alright. So what do you want Riot to do now? Buff her? Give her new skins? Create cinematics? Like he just pointed out, that Qiyana isnt played a lot.. thats just a fact. But he doesnt explain what he wants to change. I dont even know why you guys are mad at my comment.. I just wanted to understand what this post is about. If I would just say "Shaco has a 3% pickrate" .. then you'd probably think "So what?" I just want to know what this post is about.
He's asking you for your opinion on why you think Qiyana isn't picked :) OR MAYBE, that's the whole point, he's just saying she isn't picked by anyone and there's no underlying motive, he just wanted to say it :D
: i'd stick with the nuber of kills, with time only we could end up in the opposite direction, where a premade of 3 would surrender a winnable game by waiting for long enough. and i'm not talking about ranked of course, i don't believe you'll find those trolls in you? please tell me there are no trolls in there D:
Yes... Yes there are. And worse... I could say especially in low elo, but when push comes to shove, there are trolls everywhere. Low elo trolls are usually just pissed kids, wannabee smurfs and actual smurfs just trying to ruin games. High elo trolls are worse. They grief your game and claim it to be their strategy, refuse to explain anything and if you so much as %%%% up once, they'll just spam the hell out of you with pings or chat. Ranked games can be cool because you see a progression, but unfortunately, due to stress and frustration, that's where MOST of the trolls, griefers and idiots are.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I miss being able to experiment with various Rune stats in the old system
+1 I could spam armor runes and play Rammus. Twas beautiful :') New runes are nice but all in all it's just passive abilities, and for some champions some are absolutely needed, others it's... Yeah pick your poison. There's always one who works best however. But what we miss was the runes in of themselves, not the masteries. The old masteries were the same, even worse I think, there were 3 trees, AD, AP and Tank and you just used what worked best for your intentions. But customizing your runes was the cool part, and HP runes weren't useless at the time!
Uruburus (EUNE)
: -Troll- Team instantly surrenders at solo Q
Remake, you didn't lose LP, just time. Playing Swain I presume?
: what to do in "those" situations
I agree that some people don't have time for matches like those. Normal games could have a 50 minute + surrender with 3 votes or something. In the end it's a game, and if life calls you gotta end it, and you shouldn't be reported for it, nor punished. Although when it comes to ranked matches, you put yourself in it, now go through it.
Hansiman (EUW)
: There's a 3.6% chance of a Hextech Chest containing a gemstone, but it's in reality closer to 4% due to a rather light bad luck protection in place guaranteeing you one if you're opening your 50th chest without a gemstone drop. [Source](
Yeah, I was aware of that, but my inventory speaks for itself x')
Tarolock (EUNE)
: he wont, he keeps making topics like this and he is pissed that he got permabanned for being toxic, now every single day he makes a topic like this bashing the automated system or support for banning him because he got banned there too for harassing them i dont think there is a cure for him, so thoughts and prayers? maybe?
Not even that then
smolboii (EUW)
: Gemstone's made me very sad
Played for years, bought a few dropboxes, opened a hundred or more hextech chests, 0 gems x'D
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Riot explain
You should definitely drop League and play something else, or nothing else at all... Believe me, if that's how you end up after your games, this is in your best interest.
Sûppört (EUNE)
: Achievements
3 downvotes but not a single comment saying why not. I genuinely don't think it's a bad idea, especially since it's just decorative. Plus, it would show people another way of progress rather than just mastery and rank, IMO still better than TFT.
: If enemy team remakes a game, you should get some LP
Absolutely not. I hate when people waste my time, so maybe give a measly amount of BE, but not LP. You're not supposed to "rank up" with afkr's.
: Now I've seen everything
Pyke and Brand, my favorite supports, have that issue x'D But people forgive it with Pyke, not so much with Brand, unless I carry them. Honestly though, you just gotta deal with it. Next time try and say: I double gold income if I kill people with my ultimate! Maybe they'll get it that way?
Pastor Pyke (EUNE)
: Anyone else agree?
Why does EUNE have that kind of players?? Not to say EUW is much better, but dude... How can one get tilted like that in the champ select? Well... Apart from the fact no one can report you there, because let's face it, trolling in champ select so others dodge the game is a thing I've seen, and those people should be reported, because they are wasting our time too.
Qweenie (EUW)
: Supports cannot carry the game
Any support with a snowball potential can carry the game, and that shouldn't even be questioned. Supports who have CC can carry games too, it's harder, definitely, but never impossible. Soraka can either carry the shit out of a game, or be absolutely useless. I honestly haven't seen mid term games with her. Let's look at Pyke... Damage, stun, hook, slow, stealth and health regeneration are the extras. That ultimate of his, the carry potential it has, it's bananas. I played with my friend once, I was Pyke, he was Draven. We only needed 3 kills to be 2v5 unbeatable. The snowball was bonkers, we were 3-4k gold above everyone else at 10-15 minutes. They weren't good at all, but it just goes to show how much Pyke can help, and how much he can carry indirectly. He has enough peel to protect an adc, the only problem is... Draven had 3 kills while I had around 20 x'D we planned it to be that way, unfortunately he didn't get a good grade at all, despite him doing 3/4ths of the damage and more.
: > [{quoted}](name=RaykanGhost,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=746BKXEE,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-08-06T17:40:53.929+0000) > > Ehhh... Can't trolls abuse this? I've played for 2 1/2 years and have more than 3k games and this never happened to me once.
Well that's good. League does have a remake system, where if a player disconnected in the first 3 minutes, you can /remake to do just that. But someone simply leaving and the game doesn't count feels like people could simply disconnect if they get ganked in jungle and suffer a triple kill.
6Pac (EUNE)
: Time for another long break. This reply from riot support is incredible!
Rofl, a lee wants to get easy level 3 he does entire red side jungle level 1 and he gets it. If that's the whole story, he was trolling you. The thing with griefers is... how does riot know it's on purpose or not? if it is they should be punished, if it isn't, they're punishing someone who just doesn't understand the game, even though both ways ruins the game experience, the morality between both of them is worlds apart. If riot decided to punish everyone who did something troll like, almost EVERYONE would be punished... the game wouldn't be fun anymore because you're stressing if you're following the meta or not (and then what's the point of playing?).
: Somebody did math. You get more in game money with new system. And you still have a chance of getting champion you want.
Maybe he wouldn't like old system either :v he's just saying it still feels like a slow grind
: is it the clients fault for disconnecting me?
It is not your fault, this is a known issue.
: And some will say your overall WR doesn't mean anything in relation to your LP gain / loss, and it's only the last 20 games that matter.., and even when you have a high WR in the last 20 and still gain less than you lose, it's cause you climbed to high compared to your MMR. The system is shit no matter how you flip it, but then again.., shit match making with a shit ranking system from a company full of people with shit for brains, so I guess in their %%%%ed up online world, it evens out over a lifespan of 1000 years (to use their shit analogy).
Can't argue with that, IMO just make it a simple ladder system with no placements, divisions are just decorated checkpoints. I genuinely think the current system is a mumble jumble of shenanigans, you know, to make it extremely frustrating to climb and really tilting to lose.
: Hi, i'm one of the highest ranked females in Dota and thinking about to switch.
Fast answers: 1- Co-Op offer less experience in both ways, it's just faster, can also induce in some bad habits. 2- With drafts people get the lanes they want, and it's very rare that people actually ruin games over positions (in my case). 3- Yes, but jungle is a bit of a mess right now. Basically farming the jungle isn't really viable, just gank. 4- Uhhh. Quite often, some champions are seen as useless but if you dedicate yourself they can always work. 5- Low Elo- No. High Elo- Yes. 6- Not that I know of. 7- Hashinshin! Jk, he is entertaining, but he mostly just rants. RossBoomsocks is literally just a guy who wants to have fun. Some of my friends talk a lot about Bunnyfufu but personally I never liked him. BTW: In my opinion, champions who easily snowball are better in this meta. Damage is all that matters right now, whoever is CC'ed first loses, unless they don't have damage, in that case they cc'ed their death.
ijwerneer (EUW)
: What is the point of ranked games?
Imma leave my opinion here: Trash placements, and if someone loses a game with 0 LP even if he just got there, back to the previous one! Sure as hell wouldn't stress me as much.
: Recommended cheap assassins?
Nida, Diana, Fizz, Talon, Kassadin. The others aren't really cheap. I prefer Fizz because of his invulnerability ;v
: After Yuumi lets predict the next bs mechanics added into new champs.
Hey, I wanted a champion whose ultimate would deal 99999999 true damage to anyone who got himself in the area :) Small little cone, a man just punches.... Blam dead. Lovely! We need some fresh mechanics :v though I agree, lately some of them are really over the top
: In Dota, if a player leaves or disconnects in the first 5 minutes, the game does not count.
I actually think this should be a thing, like random missions that award some BE. Riot's reasoning for being very careful with the missions was so players didn't feel obligated to farm 200 CS, and ruin other players experiences because they picked something outrageous just so they could farm or stay in lane for the whole game, but I genuinely don't think that would happen, as long as the objectives weren't rare to occur in normal games.
Remmeh (EUW)
: How do people do it?
I'll be honest with you. Last time I created a new account, I was being matched with really bad people, apart from being toxic. I had fun because even playing Soraka adc I got multiple honors after winning. The toxicity never stops, people get nice and cozy with you when you carry their butts. Just mute all, do your best and drop the game when you get tilted.
: Yuumi can heal 500 health through 60% healing reduction.
Her getting attached needs some sort of tangible weakness to make up for her insane heals.
Vialpando (EUNE)
: I get you. I'm support main too and it tilted me that """supports""" like Brand, Zyra, Pyke are working while they should not. For me supports were tank/utility and that's all. I tried out Brand few times and while it's funny to deal so much dmg while placing wards I think it's not supporting anymore. You can't really help your adc/team apart from oneshoting enemies. That's not playing support, it's just another mage who places wards. Riot should really rework DoT and Liandry's Torment. It's problematic, because new adc are so mobile they don't need that much protection anymore. Look at Kog'maw, without support he'd die easily. Now Xayah, she can save herself. The way supports changed is because of how adcs are created.
But all of those you named have utility... Brand and Zyra have zoning, AoE and a hard cc, but Brand is more focused on zoning and Zyra is more focused on hard cc. Pyke can't kill anyone 1v1 early game unless you're that bad because of his long cooldowns and commitment, also, he has the most unique ultimate I've seen in a while. The support role was in a dire situation, no one wanted to play it exactly because it was all tanks and utility, now the role is just more diverse and fun. Supporting means helping, not CCing or healing.
: What's wrong with my MMR?
Pretty sure that's just your balance point, meaning it isn't actually bad, you just had one mmr, and the more you climb the less LP you'll get and the more you'll lose. SO basically if your mmr was high before, right now it's normal.
: 500 AD jhin critting everyone for 280 dmg - Morde permanently stealing my damage ?
I'd have to see the enemy team builds to see if there was anything else inducing that behavior, but the damage is definitely low for a Jhin against an ADC
Hansiman (EUW)
: A system like this was tried out on OCE a while back, but the results weren't good. Queue timers quickly went back to the problematic state they were in before autofill was introduced.
Autofilling is weird for me. I always autofill, but even then queues are 1-2 minutes long and I RARELY get filled into support. My reason is simple: I like every role, I have champions for every lane, and spamming one champion in one lane is worse than learning Maths all over again. It's the same, it's boring. But enough with my rant, if what you said is true, it means that those many people were filled (Enough to %%%% an entire server queue time), and those many people were put into unfavorable lanes, and that leads into a lot of issues. Personally I don't care, but were I someone else I'd rather wait 4 minutes for a lane I wanted to play, and if the queue times were bigger than that, I'm guessing Riot isn't looking at the real issue. Again: Out of five fill situations, I got one support, 3 top and one mid. This might be "luck", but I don't think it is.
PzyXo (EUW)
: >Some adcs deal more dps damage than assassins with burst damage All adcs except Kalista deals more dps damage than assassins with burst damage*
I didn't understand at first, and now I get what you meant (I hope). Well Kalista, new Ez, Caitlyn, Draven, Kai'Sa, Miss Fortune, Varus, Jhin, Tristana, Vayne, Graves, Quinn... Most of the adcs have some sort of burst damage in their kits, but others like Cait and Draven simply have more DPS than a normal assassin burst. Jhin is the same but I don't even count him as a normal adc. Quinn is more of an assassin than an adc but she is counted as one so yeah...
: Start improving ranked and match making.
I honestly don't know why this isn't a thing yet. What's the issue of having a few points with a champion before playing ranked with it?
: Fix this whole season (worst meta so far with the worst changes so far)
I actually don't mind role diversity in lanes, but everything else I totally agree. Just not too long ago I played with Kassadin, yeah he deals damage, but compared to newer champions... All he does is deal damage in melee range and jump around the map, there's no utility to him, and if he can't insta kill someone, you're pretty much screwed. This is the same with many old champions. The newer ones are so mechanically abundant it's almost insane. Irelia has dashes, stuns, damage reduction, attack speed buff, 90% slow, lifesteal buff... Kai'Sa can be an assassin/adc/mage at the same time due to how her skills scale... Mordekaiser has shields, aoe damage, hard cc, a heal, a obligatory 1v1... New pantheon has empowered skills, stun, immunity to damage in a direction (this one isnt so bad as the others)... Qiyana has slows, aoe, stuns, invis, dashes and empowered autos... While some are worse than others, there's definitely champions with overloaded kits who can do too much in every area of the game. To counter that Riot decided to buff damage in general so even tanks can burst down chunks of HP. Some adcs deal more dps damage than assassins with burst damage. Any small mistake costs, snowballing is as viable as it has ever been, all so games can be quicker. I don't mind quick games, but I definitely hate knowing a game can go one of 4 ways: We destroy enemy team and they surrender. Vice versa The game is prolonged due to bad decision making from both sides Stupid come back where an open nexus stays alive but we get aced, giving them 1 minute which is enough to run down an entire lane and nexus.
: Thank You For my Ban Rito
Why do you have so many thumbs downs?
: An isolated kai sa Q easily oneshots you from full health when she has muramana rageblade nashors.
Muramana? Rageblade and Nashors? 407 (+ 129.5% bonus AD) (+ 148% AP) is taken right out of her maxed isolated Q damage on fandom page. U right, it is stupid... Why are her ratios so inflated???? The flat damage is already insane, but the ratios? She easily gets 200-300 ad and ap with her builds... Good thing I havent fought good kaisas then geez
: an ADC shouldnt be able to oneshot you by pressing Q while buying rageblade nashors tooth.
I'll be honest with you, I have never experienced that even against fed Kai'sas
: ¿Is this question toxic?
Maybe he had a reason, possibly a bad one. But that definitely wasn't toxic, refusing to communicate? Shouldn't that be worse????
: Another Nerf Kai'sa Post....
She should definitely have the assassin part. However I don't mind having champions with working diverse builds, as long as she doesn't become both of them in the same game.
: Can you object Riot punishment?
Threatening to report is seen as negative attitude and therefore it's a reportable offense. In these cases it's better to just report and let them keep trolling, the chances of them getting caught are bigger that way (Not much bigger I know.). In any case multiple reports don't do much, an inordinate amount of reports in many game does trigger a human perspective, but other than that it's just a bot that scans chat and stats. About objecting punishments. I don't know, but if its anywhere, it would be with the support team.
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