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: I was relating to popular argument that toxic players use: "bad players are the true reason why people are toxic in this game"
I can agree with that. Totally, good plays and understanding of the game make the gaming experience better overall, win or lose.
: Not much would change if the game were only playable for adults. It was [researched]( younger players are not more toxic than older players so there would be no difference at all if young players were banned from playing the game. Even if young players would be banned from the game, it probably wouldn't make a big difference as 85% of the community is aged between 16 and 30. Only 15% would then be younger than 16 or older than 30. > because they have not yet developed the emotional maturity or manners to deal with people in a positive way. While it is true that the brains of people in adolescence are still in development, this doesn't mean they are incapable of dealing with other people. It mainly means that they are very prone to copying the behaviour of others. This also includes copying toxic behaviour from older adults. I could even take this point to an unreasonable extreme and hypothetically argue that banning adults from the game is better for the community so that they can't set a bad example for these young players.
Yeah, I totally agree! Phycological and mental aspects of personalities can not even be averaged on a specific age scale. Everybody develops differently. There are adults that behave like "kids" (common definition of a kid) and vice versa. And people are toxic in their roots. There are some negative and positive sides of everything. World can not be completely white or completely black. The term "toxicity" itslelf is so vague. But its surely comfortable for a company, can be labelled used in very different ways with a good excuse. But in reallity "Toxicity"(especially Summoners Code) is one of the reasons Riot became a millionere company. And if you still so naive to think about it as a desire to make a game without flamers, let me tell you something. Summoner Code aka rules and guidlines of behaviour in lol IS and BIG reason of FLAME.
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