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: Sup secondary = sup main => choosing mid secondary although HATING solo lanes.
There is no solution, Top/Mid is most popular, followed by ADC/Jungle, and then support is the least popular by a huge margin. I'm a Mid main, but I absolutely HATE Top, what do I pick? Mid/Top because I know that I'd never get mid if i picked anything other than top secondary. It's a problem caused by playerbase preferences, there's nothing Riot can do about it, you have to either force yourself to learn 1 or 2 champions on solo lane or go ADC/Supp and hope for ADC.
No, Team Builder sucks, I don't like waiting for literally 30 minutes to find a support.
Hipercsiga (EUNE)
: 6.21 or how to make support mains quit
Calling it right now, the AD assassins items will be cancer. Once this update comes live i will ban Talon and Zed every single game. Riot LOVES to create HUGE imbalance between AD and AP items for some reason, look at all those stats, and who benefits from them? Arguably the strongest assassin in the game, Zed. Meanwhile the options for Magic pen are still limited to Voidstaff and Boots, occasionally abyssal. options for AP+Armor are STILL just zhonya's which gives little AP, The whole movespeed out of combat thing, ward clearing, dodge, banshee's veil, and no good actives on AP assassin items to speak off (I won't count Hextech gunblade because only 1 champion uses it anyway) Riot pls stop fanboying over Zed, the majority of assassins are AP anyway and this isn't helping them.
TeeTohr (EUW)
: Diamond Ad Carry answering every questions asked
I'm trash at ADC, which ADC(s) should I learn to not get smashed in games where i get autofilled?
abixbg (EUNE)
: Ivern Jungler or Support
He's a jungler that brings lots of utility and nearly no damage to a team, picking him as a support in the bot lane is a waste of his potential.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Why Riot design team is full of bullshit
Still better than last season's wet noodle fight cinderhulk meta.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Imagine %crit being revamped to %damage increase to autos
I think Crit chance should be reworked into some sort of counter "Every X auto attacks Crits" instead of RNG Where X decreases the more crit chance you build.
: How come Zac jumped into "must ban" status with no direct changes to him?
The ones in the highest tie got nerfed, Zac was ridiculously strong anyway but nobody was playing him.
: Would it kill you to make new supports?
Tahm Kench, Bard, and now Ivern were all released within 1 year, what do you want?
: 6 Item Vayne Damage vs 4k Health and 200 Armour
Math or no math, Vayne is really Simple You either Disable her via CC or instant death, or you watch your team die.
nclete (EUW)
Ziggs or Lux, spam abilities and you auto win lane because your opponent can't even get close to you.
: Oh. Looks like somebody needs to build some Magic Resist and possibly a Hexdrinker. Annie is a burst mage. If she can kill you with her QWR+possibly ignite, she will do it. If you keep on more HP than that, Annie needs to find other means to get fed. All her damage is magical. She buys %pene only way later in the game. Also, she needs flash to reliably engage. AD Midlaners go Hexdrinker. AP Midlaners go Abyssal and/or Banshee if she is really fed. Supports go Locket of the Iron Solari ADC's don't wander around unwarded bushes and stick to their supports. There. Annie countered.
I'm supposed to have magic resist by level 6? Without backing once? how?
: While this is obviously not true, we are atleast moving slightly away from all those "yasuo is overpowered" posts. Anyways play her by yourself and you will soon notice over time that's just not true.
I did play her myself, She IS disgustingly overpowered.
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: {{champion:10}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:8}}
How are {{champion:12}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:35}} Mid laners?
FlabbyCat (EUW)
: I am sick of there being no EMO WOMEN CHAMPIONS
I'll take any woman champion as long as she has nice tits.
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FlabbyCat (EUW)
: Why is there no obese women championns
Because nobody wants to see obese women.
: AR URF. No....just no.
old urf was "zed, evelynn, sona, shaco, wukong, nidalee, ezreal or lux only" Yeah I'll take the new URF
: ~~Agreed. Riot did something 100% perfect making it like this. Took em long enough but I'm happy it's finally done.~~ Never mind, the gamemode is still complete shit only this time it's just pure luck whether you win or lose. Sad to say but AR Urf is a failure.
Yes because people expect a completely balanced URF, that's never gonna happen, but at least with All Random Urf I don't have to see the same champions every single game.
House x33 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rayz01,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jL8EeT29,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-09-24T10:13:39.060+0000) > > Would a bot be able to answer you like this? Jee, those must be some really advanced bots Rito are using. Dear Bot, can you predict how many LP I will gain today ? ?
kilnda (EUNE)
: these bots that praise this terrible game mode for rito are quite annoying
Would a bot be able to answer you like this? Jee, those must be some really advanced bots Rito are using.
: playing ar urf since it came out....
And have to deal with the Alistar/Zed/Sona/Shaco every game? no thanks.
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ant1997 (EUW)
: The day Point and click ults are eliminated, League of Legends will be the king of games
Because point and click abilities are the counter to ridiculously mobile champions.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Supports are as easy to get S as anyone alse. Also Riot fixed that with Soraka. If your ally is full HP and you use R you won't get assist because you didn't help him. People abused Soraka's R to get assists
What's the possibility that someone gets a kill without taking a single point of damage?
: That big shiny mastery lvl 7. I wan't that one! How?
Supports are damn near impossible to get S on, just hope that riot fixes the way supports are rated. Or you can have a game where you have ridiculous kill participation, best champion for that is soraka as you can just get assists whenever anyone is about to get a kill with your ult.
VladTheMage (EUNE)
: Remake is dumb. Here is a simple fix
Some people (like myself) occasionally have issues which makes it impossible for them to connect during the loading screen, and must wait for the game to start in order to connect.
: Tell that to the 0/6 and even worse {{champion:1}} that was in one of my last games...
Must've been a monkey using the computer, a triple amputee monkey, because you can't possible mess up playing annie when you have 2 limbs intact.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Great suggestion! My only concern is that it may make some really big FPS troubles. Shadows do tend to impact FPS quite a lot. I can already see the "We have disabled Zed due to everyone freezing every time he uses his W" for 2 weeks straight XD
disabling shadow actually increases fps.
Tarolock (EUW)
: everyone dies to flash r? you have flash too... and btw if you dont feed her she cant kill you with 1 combo and there is a thing called magic resistance, that will help since she only does magic dmg
How much MR can I build on a mid Laner? Abyssal, MAYBE Banshee's, that's it, she can buy penetration to counter that.
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BenatPro9 (EUW)
: If you could "delete" any champion...
Annie Because nothing says balance like a near guaranteed kill at level 6, A bear that goes supersonic when she dies to kill you, perfect CSing ability, potential instant AoE stun, 40% damage reduction, ridiculous burst and nearly nonexistant skill requirement.
Dozé (EUW)
: Low elo toxicity
There isn't a magical solution to this, you either mute the chat or grow up and deal with it.
Mada (EUW)
: is the new yorick not good?
Like every other damn new or reworked champion, still too early to tell.
: What Holds You Back From League Mastery?
: Finally... I finally did it...
Till you get matched against a shitty yasuo who duct taped his E button and dodges all your skillshots by accident. FUN
: Yeah. Give shyvana a stun. One more champ in the pool that counters Kata, maybe then you wont rework Kata... ^^
: Jax E (counter Strike)
Every Auto Attack-ish ability interacts slightly differently with Jax's E, Teemo's blind and Pantheon's Passive. My guess is that Yasuo's Q has an ability component in it, which is the part that does damage. Yasuo's R isn't an auto attack ability, so it's functioning normally, it should deal damage to you if you are using Jax's E.
: Anivia!!
They're making it so her E only applies 2x damage if she stuns you with Q or hits you with full size R, if she slows you with Q or hit you with R before it becomes full size E only does 1.5x
: The more dashes your team have, the more winning chance you have
It's funny because Riven and lee sin have bad win rates right now, while the highest win rates are Top: Yasuo Jungle: Aurelion Sol Mid: Annie ADC: Kogmaw Supp: Soraka 4/5 have no dashes
Davidegzz (EUW)
: Take your new Yorick and shove it up your a22
Are you serious? Riot should have completely DELETED him because he was THE anti fun champion, he had a monotonous boring lane that consisted of him harassing the hell out of his opponent and then becoming useless late game anyway. > I play from before season one and this game is destroying all the creativity in gameplay choices, you want to force champions into specific roles and decide for us what a champion in that role can and can't do. Creativity is gameplay choices should NEVER be mentioned about Yorick, Yorick is the most boring champion you can play, tied with Warwick and Nunu, there is no "creative gameplay" regarding yorick, he just beats the shit out of his lane opponent and becomes useless late game. Honestly Riot did well with the new rework.
: why no Azir buffs
Because if he becomes playable again he reshapes the mid lane meta all by himself.
: So I got fucked by a hypertoxic Annie mid and decided to play a game as the pyromaniac loli trash.
Pfft, you mean that an instant AoE Stun, A bear that goes berserk once she dies, ridiculous AP scalings, perfect last hit tool and no skillshots on a champion is unbalanced? nonsense.
Reyze (EUW)
: Lets get ryze's winrate ryze again.
you're wasting his ridiculous mana scalings, seraph's Embrace+RoA+Morello's leads to some crazy numbers, easily 1k damage EQ's, absolutely gigantic shield. The new Ryze is very combo reliant, unlike old Ryze you can't mush all buttons and expect something, you need specific combos. EQ is poke, WEQ is quick high burst while getting your shield and speedup, EEQ (or E a low HP minion Q) is for waveclear, EWQ like WEQ, but you use it when escaping is a higher priority rather than for burst. You also need to pay attention to minions during teamfights, E on a low HP minion + Q during a teamfight can decimate an entire team GP style. The most optimal build really is {{item:3040}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3158}} + situational last item, usually {{item:3135}} It maximizes the effectiveness of Ryze's passive and Seraph embrace's mana to AP passive.
lil pëep (EUW)
: Yasuo...Is this really fair?
The nerf only affected tank yasuo, it didn't affect the proper build.
: Except that's the problem. This is a competitive game, and RNG ruins it.
No because many many competetive games have RNG, like hearthstone.
: Untargetable really shouldn't remove tower aggro
None of these are too problematic tower divers imo, the only one who i think is worth worrying about is Kled.
: critical chance
you can theoretically crit every single auto attack with 1% crit chance, and never crit a single time with 99% crit chance. It's RNG, move on.
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