: We Need A Talk
A lot of people flame because they can't control the other players, not because those players are trolls or griefers. And a lot of flamers also create trolls and afks. You want to be the person that makes your team lose? Start flaming.
Draining (EUW)
: Record a youtube video and link it
GOD Madara (EUNE)
: Perma
You don't get perma banned because of 1 single game.
: How to quit this game if your addicted and cannot quit
Uninstall the game and request RIOT to ban your account. You need to go cold turkey
: Any solutions?
Maybe a tiresome solution. But getting a new PC definitely solves this.
MoniAndKris (EUNE)
: MoniAndKris - Summoner Stats - League of Legends
yea you left the game for 5-10 mins. That's what's called AFK so you get punished. Sometimes it's a bit unfair. But let's be real. Leaving the game is more unfair.
Rioter Comments
: The Tilt Test actually Tilted me
I think you get your results only if you don't get results 7 times in a row and it's 3am.
IskaikruI (EUW)
: EUW LAG !!
Same here. I usually have somewhere between 15-20 ping and now its sitting at 150-200, sometimes it's down to an acceptable 25, but it's been getting worse lately. Last 2 games I lost due to severe lag. Unplayable. Internet is fine for any other service. Good constant low ping and no connection issues anywhere else. Just League.
Novizio (EUNE)
: KDA vs win
Faker prefers KDA over win as well.
: Client bug, rune pages deleted, summoner spells reverted to ghost and heal.
Strange, never seen this issue before. And the client performs really well for me as well.
Neambule (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=RazerX,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=TYpxXc77,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-24T17:37:22.437+0000) > > Everyone trolls sometimes. I've received 2 warning messages over all the years that I've played League (2013 and onward), but never been banned. I doubt i ever will be even though I sometimes cannot control myself and troll or even go AFK. I mean we're all human. It's different if you do it a lot or just annoy people on purpose. sometimes i could consider it can happen. But when you got 5 accounts banned and still allowed to play this game, for me it's not okay
I think everyone agrees with that. There's just nothing RIOT can do other than charge money for creating accounts. I've proposed this in the past, but RIOT doesn't want this. So all they can do is mop up after the fact because they can't prevent this stuff from happening the way the game is right now.
: good job riot
Yea the option to turn off chat before game start would be nice. That way people that can't control themselves can still play and not bother others. I don't really understand why this option is not looked into.
Neambule (EUW)
: Player bans
Everyone trolls sometimes. I've received 2 warning messages over all the years that I've played League (2013 and onward), but never been banned. I doubt i ever will be even though I sometimes cannot control myself and troll or even go AFK. I mean we're all human. It's different if you do it a lot or just annoy people on purpose.
Dr Lav (EUW)
: Do I deserve to get permanently suspended for this?
I think it's not worth banning someone over. Should be looked at in context though. So if you had a ban before and continue with negative behaviour multiple games then yea maybe. Even then I think it's pretty light. People are oversensitive. The current generation Millenials and the newer generations aren't used to people telling them they aren't good at something. A lot of them have been parented by softies that think their kids are Gods and so they grow up totally delusional about reality. I have to work with some of the worst ones and they're confused why they can't drive a 200K car at 20 and get really down when you tell them they did something wrong. They're simply not used to it. Mind you some are worse than others. It's bad in my country. Kids growing up ignore parents and everyone around them. Go around screaming and raving when they don't get their way. Annoy the shit out of people. While there's always people like that (we used to call them anti socials) it's far worse now. So long story short. You're the victim of softies that are hurt over nothing. My advice, don't use the chat. There's no arguing with people that are delusional.
: Yummi plays ain't be noticed.
Yea playing support really well only gets noticed by people that know what they're doing. It's fun to see your team winning a TF hard because you save them every step of the way and then continue to play the same when you are not there and all die. And then they are confused. Like, yea bro I just gave you guys 2K worth of shields and heals the previous fight.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Did i miss something? A few days ago her tentacles were just as visible as always. And she has never been a tank either, from day one she has been a bruiser.
I think he means targettable. They are visible, just not targettable. Only the ones that were there before activating her R are targettable.
Smerk (EUW)
: They can't see you or target you, only a silhouette is revealed
Oracle's extract in ARAM grants true sight. just like a turret does. It allows you to see invisible units including champions and target them. This is different from Oracle Lens on SR that gives the silhouette you're describing.
: League of legends rules foment more toxicity than helps it stop
It's a team game with competition without actually being a team and having good communication. Toxicity is a natural result. There's nothing RIOT can do about it. It is the essence of the game.
: minion block
I think it sucks that you can get stuck in minions or even friendly champions. It's something that is out of your control which means skill is removed from the equasion. Sometimes you can walk smoothly and sometimes pathing %%%%s you over. I think it should be removed, but the conservative "I'm afraid of change" party doesn't agree.
ScorpioGG (EUNE)
: yeah i can realy fill in my teams short commings... specialy early game with super Squishy Jinx where i die from 3 hits!!! by the time jinx gets her late game most of times it is to llate! i can carry but only late game!! or if i have troll enemy bot that feeds me early!
People that get to silver and higher seem to pull it off. Besides all your complaints go for the other team as well. They have just as much chance to get trolls and the like. If you lose more than you win then it's on you.
ScorpioGG (EUNE)
: that is what i sayd about it.. maybe there will be less trolls on the Ranked game and ppl that want to climb will climb... and you will have more gold plat and diamont players. You wont be stuck in iron cos of trolls!!!! THAT IS THE F POINT THAT I WANNA MAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ScorpioGG (EUNE)
: make a que only with chalengers!! not with normal noobs... thats not challenging !!!!
Have you ever played vs challenger level players? Or diamond for that matter? Aside from challenger level players, Challenger players get matched with high Dia, Master and Grandmaster players. Depending on MMR. Otherwise they would have to wait forver in queue and there would be no fun to be had at all. You're an Iron player, so if anyone is a noob it would be you.
ScorpioGG (EUNE)
: your confused about what i sayd... whats that with smurfs and skill level??? this post was about trolls and yes irons have lvl 5 champs but i was refering to the nnooobyes that want it all from start and play ranked games with champs that the dont know to play with. Why dont they do that in normal games???? and whats that skill??? u suppose to climb by winning games ... not by roaming the map stealing kills from allies in order to have a preety nice kill score... in my oppinion those are trolls to who dont care about pushing the lane or defending the turet or the lane just runnink for kill steal and nice score in order to get an S RANK. If you are pushing and destroying almost all the turets on all lanes, if you kill countless drakes as adc in one mach or even kill the BARON ALONE youre NOT reworded with S rank... by this i mean the way riot looks players skills!!! im just fedd up of trolls... that simple.. i try to climb and i literaly loose more games to trolls than i can winn!!! how is that so removed from realty??? my last 3 games since ive posted this were lost cos of trolls!! 3 in a row!!!! maybe riot has a divvision of ranked where there are only trolls .. and i enbeded up in it! im on the brink of deleting lol. ive tryed to play only one champ to see if i can climb out of iron... to see if this game is so well balanced and funn as riot claims it is.... after 3 years and over 1 milion pts in Jinx im still iron!!!
I'm not confused. You're making it sound like 99% of the players have bought accounts. It's not even close to 0.01% What you're suggesting will have no impact whatsoever. Some people are just not good at the game and they stay in bronze and silver. You got an incling of skill you move to gold. Imo anything in gold and below are not very skilled at the game. That's also where the most trolls are. This will always be the case whatever you do. Even if you have no divisions but rely solely on MMR you will get the same results. You want to get higher on the ladder? You get better at the game and fill in for your teams short comings. Most people, myself included, just don't have that kind of skill. Or simply dont play enough games and learn how to get better at the game. Also if you win your lane hard and you cannot impact the game elsewhere on the map you simply lack the skill to do so. Laning is only part of SR. That's like the first 5 to 10 mins of the game. It is important, but not the most important.
: lego talk but
> [{quoted}](name=Rakan Hentai,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=vuARA6zF,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-09T18:57:43.629+0000) > i have been a PROFESSIONAL lego player for too long I didn't know you could play lego professionally. That's pretty neat. How does competing work? You build something better than your opponent? Or the same thing but faster? Is there fighting involved?
ScorpioGG (EUNE)
: u will need average of 6.. that wold be decent even. 1 favorite for each ROLE u wanna play +2 Spares every ROLE.. notice i put 2 spares not one!!! PS. if u wanna play ranked on every role.... that is your choice.
So how about OTPs in challenger? Your suggestion makes no sense.
: It won't get rid of smurfs. But it will remove boosters. So I guess yay? Also trolls usually play something they are good at but just doesn't use the pick they should use.
It will only require the sale of the account to include the champ the buyer wants to play. You know how easy it is for a dia+ player to level up an account and champs to level 5? It's a bit of extra work, but it won't stop boosters at all.
ScorpioGG (EUNE)
: Seriously riot.. MAKE RANKED GAMES only with champions LVL 5 AND ABOVE
You're confused about the ladder. If skill increases in the top area it just means that there will be more people in the lower brackets because of the obvious skill gap. You're claiming smurfs and selling accounts has impact on the skill level or that a level 5 means you're skilled at a champion. All of that is false. With your suggestions nothing will change except for longer queue times when you first start. Do you honestly think people in bronze don't have level 5 mastery? Level 5 only has a requirement of having a specific amount of games on said champion. There's people in bronze that have like 1000 games on a champion and still aren't good enough to get to gold. Your post is so far removed from reality and you don't even know it.
: so, you're asking for a random feature: a macro for entering a custom text in chat following the disable of the chat while whining because it doesn't exist yet who's the negative one, again?
Where am I whining that it doesn't exist? And I think the feature is pretty specific with a specific goal. Nothing random about it.
: Is saying 'cry more' reportable?
He can report you, but you won't be punished for it trust me. You should just laugh at him instead and don't respond. If you make your lane opponent afk you win.
: improve your gameplay by 300% today
Wait do you need 500 IQ or 750IQ? Just checking if I have enough.
: I am not implying anything. You are infusing an interpretation and meaning in my words I did neither mean nor express. As to why I can only speculate. Besides, I AM that person that goes to a shop, asks for something they don't (yet) have and suggest for them to get it. How does it fare if someone tells me there is little demand for it or they won't get it? I move on. Most likely to another shop.
Oh but now you're confusing yourself with the shop owner. Do you work at RIOT? If you're in charge of new features and you're directly responsible for the revenue that goes into making the game (as the shop owner reference) then I take back everything I've said. Otherwise my advice still stands and I'm asking you to tell other shoppers that what they want is unnecessary. Please do tell me how that goes.
: > You're saying we shouldn't be asking for it since it's very custom and most people don't need it. There is no other point to your comment. I didn't say that. I was talking in a matter-of-fact way, not trying to convince you of anything. Just stating the situation. I was merely trying to give the OP information what he can do yet; same I wanted towards you. You then chose to interpret it as me trying to obstrucate any change.
Ok then at least we're clear on you not understanding what you're implying. But if you wish to learn more I'd suggest the following: go to any specialist store and tell shoppers there that what they're intending to buy is of no interest to you and that other people don't want it. See how that fares. If someone asks you if they shouldn't buy it then you can always respond with: "Oh but I'm not actually saying you shouldn't buy it. I'm just randomly giving my opinion." Also see how that goes. If at any time you try venturing in a boxing store and you get knocked out, please post pictures.
: I didn't go here and come to tell him he shouldn't have or ask for these things. I merely told him how he could fix this for now.
True. You did. But you told me in my response this: "You are asking a very custom feature here tho. A lot of people ask for something different, and most don't want or need this at all." So what are you trying to convince me of here? You're saying we shouldn't be asking for it since it's very custom and most people don't need it. There is no other point to your comment.
: You didn't need to respond to my point in the first place if you didn't "need my negativity". You started this conversation with me and I am still allowed to have an opinion on this.
I'm not stopping you from having an opinion. I'm just confused by people saying no to a feature for no other reason than because they will not use it. I don't use a lot of things in life that some other people do. Do I go to requests and say they shouldn't have these things because I myself will not use it? Dude go do something useful with your time.
: You are asking a very custom feature here tho. A lot of people ask for something different, and most don't want or need this at all.
Excellent point. We should all stop asking for features for fear that some random dude on the forums claims people don't want it. The client is full of options most people don't use. I don't need your negativity on this subject just because you don't care for it.
: Well, then you just have to move the chat window in, say that and move it back out.
You realize how annoying that is when you could just have a checkbox in the client to cover that stuff for you once and for all? Besides I don't want to move the chatbox away, there's other information in there aside from people chatting.
: Just a champion worse than Teemo
: You can move your chat window into the border of your screen and cover it this way. It stays this way every match then.
Even though that seems like a good idea I'd like to have the option still and have the match start by automatically stating in chat to other players that I am not using the chat functionality. That way they know that talking to me is pointless and they won't get annoyed with me not responding.
KonahSan (EUW)
: Been Unbanned and banned for scripting again.
If there's games not played by you in your account that means someone else is using your account. I'd say that's far worse than you being banned. Perhaps sort that first and change your account passwords and your email passwords and everything.
: I read that twice yesterday reading it the third time won't make me agree sorry
You don't have to agree with me. You're welcome to your oppinion. But bans are gone and that's good in my book. At any rate I never banned a champion when it was live and so did many others. Even if they did inlcude it back in I will not ban a champion.
: op and shit champ isn't the issue but like when you get stuck with 3 tanks vs 3 artillery mages how is that fair?
It's not supposed to be "fair". It's supposed to be Random.
: The idea of limiting randomness in a mode with **RANDOM** in it's title irritates me no end. ARAM should not have bans.
exactly it's counter intuitive. What's next? Having players pick their own champs?
Seroquel (EUW)
: Why would they remove ARAM bans?
Bans are no good in aram. That just means that some champions will be played less. People ban Xerath, Fiddle and the like even though their aram winrate is not that great. Nobody bans Jinx or Master Yi and their winrate is big in aram. It's the champions that you don't want to play against that get banned and that takes away from the people that like to play those champs. If you want to ban champs then play Summoners Rift. Aram is for fun and yes some champions are a pain to deal with. I like to play Talon and when I get him in Aram I always keep him even though he sucks majorly in Aram.
Wen294 (EUW)
: I liked bans purely because I don't like fiddlesticks. I hate the champ with a passion and people actually pick him in ARAM so I feel extremely miserable every single time he's in the enemy team. Thus I was very happy with the chance to ban him away so I could actually enjoy the game more. It's not like I don't get where people are coming from when they say that they dislike bans, but I personally like having the ability to make the game more enjoyable for myself so yeah I vote yes.
Fiddle is fantasticly weak in aram.
: Sounds to me like they're saying a whole lot of nothing just to get people to calm down - I don't think they'll do anything impactful any time soon
If you look online there's more information. just wait till they release the changes and then decide for yourself.
: Source?
: I am an intentional feeder/troll (Ask me anything)
Bibs (EUW)
: Consistent crashing
At least it's consistent.
: DON'T NERF RIVEN, NERF THE RUNES AND ITEMS GIVING HER FREE HEALING AND DAMAGE WITHOUT A FULL COMBO {{sticker:sg-shisa}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
RIOT already decided to change her.
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