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: Cause thats not how tings work unfortunately, what Riot could do if others want it as well is in ranked games when one afks do the same as blizzard does, to me it seems like something worth using. think about it this way , you dont have an afk and you lost the system works normally Example > Lost > > Sum1 -15lp > Sum2 - 15lp > Sum3 - 15lp > Sum4 - 15lp > Sum5 - 15lp > > Won > Sum1 +15lp > Sum2 + 15lp > Sum3 +15lp > Sum4 +15lp > Sum5 +15lp Now if you have an afk > Lost Team - Announcement Dialog - Due to a player leaving the game the penalty for losing has been reduced > > Sum1 -10 > Sum2 -10 > Sum3 -10 > Sum4 -10 > Leaver Sum5 -30-40 points -- Reduced IP gains for 10 games ! reduced LP gains for 10games. repeated offense = Season Rank Ban > > > Winning team - Announcement Dialog - Due to a player leaving the enemy team your winning award poinyd have been reduced > > Sum1-5 get 10lp. I think that could help everyone out.that will force winners to also report leaves. than praise and honor them as most of our corrupted community is doing
Sounds like an excellent idea. Possibly give you half the amount of lp lost and make it so it doesn't affect your mmr. I mean I dunno how they could implement it properly and I don't think the afker should receive what you stated as it may have been a genuine connection issue so just the normal lp loss and whatever usual punishments there are for afking I believe would be good enough.
I And l (EUW)
: Agreed, but that would mean that if you play with a premade that he can leave just so you dont get a lose / lose lp which is tricky
Yeah definitely would make it so that if your premade partner afks then you would still get the loss. Just if it was no one associated with you then why should you take the loss.
Someone16 (EUW)
: Sounds like an amazing suggestion. I think we should compress it into a simple to type command which we could call "remake". So if someone in your team happens to be AFK, you'd just type /remake and everyone would get loss prevented except for the afker. Why haven't we done something like this yet riot?
Sorry should have made it clearer, I meant past the point of remake :) As currently remake only works up till the 3 minute mark or something like that. I am talking about later in the game :)
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