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: My friend the main problem is not the kit of Azir. They just nerfed the early dmg and substain. You need 3 or 4 items to take over the game. Before azir could shuff his lane easier and with that cs/lane pressure he had a big advantage or safe way to convert into late. Now every other champs seems to shuff in the lane 10 times faster and you hardly reach late game. I suppose you didn't master the shurima shuffle yet. Azir is harder to master and that's a good thing. No need to change his kit.
Am I understanding you right that you think Azir doesn't get enough bang for his buck(mana), compared to newer champions? The problem with the Shurima Shuffle is that you can get absolutely cucked by a frontlining champion, when the intended play is to go to the backline. That's very confusing for the player, and not very good game-development.
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