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korossia (EUW)
: Critical Error!
I also have the same problem. First it started when i'm in loading screen my connection lost after fixing it i tried to log then above error displayed i tried again and again still didn't work. 1. I tried deleting Config and logs still didn't work 2. Initiate full repair didn't work 3. close client during game also didn't work 4. Then i uninstalled and reinstalled completely still i'm getting same problem. 5. Hextech repair tool also didn't work. Now i'm helpless.
: Need a Server for South Asia based On INDIA & Sri Lanka
Recently i saw %%%%%%%%%%ting Indian league of legend community; Actually India , Sri Lanka, Maldives got huge fan base so if they can give a south Asian server it would be huge gift for them.
: So why not play on Garena servers?
i tried garena if you play in garena you do not recommend it ; garena got many technical issues(often, major lagging) also garena got less peoples so you 'll get same people over and over and queue timing also so long.
WøOxer (EUW)
: So play on korean servers / china?
i tried every server EU got minimum. but still it also over 200; i have fibre optic internet access which is fastest in our country still u can only low ur ping to 170-200
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