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: We had that gamemode on the summoners rift awhile ago, it ended up that the opponent teams gave you Supports or the worst champions at that time. Personally i had fun in the gamemode Edit: the name of the gamemode was Nemesis Draft
Sounds good, didn't see it, never played it. Would like to try. Maybe have this mode with some adjustments so it is a little bit more fair.
: Nice concept I like it, it would be better if u were given a random pool of champions to pick from so it can't be abused, as you would give the opponent a support xD
Yeah as I stated, there are some flaws in the concept idea. The main idea is basically the randomness. You can create such a mode in a variety of possibilities. As you said, a pool of champs. 5 Champs are randomly given to you from which you can chose one, then another round, again 5 Champs > pick one and so forth till there are 5 Champs that you have chosen. These are now given to your opponent to choose from. Just one idea. It is one thing to duel with someone, picking your most played champ. Having 500 Hours on a champ and going into a duel is one thing. I believe, true skill is having a random match up and winning it while you have a seldomly played one. But that's just my opinion.
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