: calm down, on EUNE everyone is smurfing or boosting so dosen't really matter
With the reply above i said "what do you mean" because i thought you say that im boosting and i just make it look like im leveling up new account.My bad dude sorry for the missunderstanding :D
: Moved to new region and im getting reported for smurfing
And i forgot to mention that what else pissed me off too is that the enemy team had smurfs too and no one told them anything.Only i got the messages in chat "reported smurfing you are ruining the experience for newbies" while they had smurfs too....
: yeah well this smurfing sounds like a hell of a boosting story if you switch some details. Welcome to EUNE where everyone is smurfing.
What do you mean? I have only 3 accounts. 2 in EUNE - 1x 30 level 1x 11 level (made this because i rage quited in the main one) and 1x in EUW.if this is boosting i will kms..
: You don't get punished for smurfing.
But i still get reported from the enemy team and im afraid someone will ddos me or find my ip and do some crazy stuff :/
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