FraCro (EUW)
: I get it xD im not that dens xD {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
My bad, I probably misunderstood you. I thought you were confused about getting ADC's because of "KeK 5 adc". Soz
Mreeshai (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Red Hot,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=0Wgcv3Er,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-02-20T08:22:22.899+0000) > > 1. 10 might be do-able, but 20 is probably too much, especially with some roles in specific elo's only having 19 champions, even less when we filter on playrate. > 2. Might possibly get added in the future, we'd rather smooth out the algorithm though and leave pure trait filtering to other tools like lolrecommender (there's multiple afaik, can't remember the specific names) > 3. We do not give out source code unless we decide to go open source. I can tell you that it's a combination of the Riot API and's API. 2-3. Maybe you could create some kind of performance scoring you can show. That's not the same as showing your source code and it could give some idea on how to gauge how much performance affected the recommendation. If the total scoring is performance term + matching term, then you could have a coefficient user could alter, so that the matching could then be a*performance + matching, with a user-based scaling of A. The strength of preference regarding various roles and perks may vary. It may or may not be a good idea to have a user gauge how important each factor is. The form will be more difficult or arduous to fill, but will yield better results when the preference is clearly known. My take home from this is that I'll probably grab Varus since I have a shard and the program recommends him. Warwick also goes on the champs to buy list.
Glad you already got some use out of this very early version :) About the strenght of preferences, yeah, we're thinking about repacing some of the checkboxes with sliders when we have the basics set up. Also we're seperating the division/role selection and the trait selection so we have some space for explaining how the trait system works and so we can pre-emptively disable certain role/trait combinations (think Tank & ADC)
Mreeshai (EUW)
: 1. Five champions presented in the list are too few. Present at least 10 or 20. This way you can see in what order the champs show up better and which champs frequent the high positions on the list to have broader picture of what is suggested. 2. Have a tick box option to ignore the champion performance. Some people in this thread clearly don't want that and I too would like to compare how it affects the recommendation. 3. Display the performance numbers currently used for the analysis (or are they just Maybe simplified version?). 4. Some kind of option to return to previous screen with previous options still set would be nice, so that you can easier see how varying a parameter. 5. If this is aimed for newer players, how about some explanation of the parameters, particularly the champion type list. Maybe some kind of explanation where you take these terms from? The champion types are different from what are described in . Where did you pull these definitions from?
1. 10 might be do-able, but 20 is probably too much, especially with some roles in specific elo's only having 19 champions, even less when we filter on playrate. 2. Might possibly get added in the future, we'd rather smooth out the algorithm though and leave pure trait filtering to other tools like lolrecommender (there's multiple afaik, can't remember the specific names) 3. We do not give out source code unless we decide to go open source. I can tell you that it's a combination of the Riot API and's API. 4. Will get added in the next update. Currently going to the previous page with Chrome does keep your selected options, as a workaround. 5. Most of these champion types are from the LoL Wikia, with some of our own additions. We've already added a way to add descriptions to each trait and are looking for a way to add this to the process in a visually nice way that works for both mobile as desktop. Thank you for your feedback
Rismosch (EUW)
: Here's the thing: People seem to be too nice when it comes to work single people have done. But I am honest and tell you straight up that your site is trash. You say I gave no constructive criticism, but if you would've listened you would know what I have been critizising, like how it shouldn't take winrates into account, or how the preferences are totally wrong, or that there are too many options that literally don't do anything. You have all ignored those points. You can't just hide behind your opinion and tell me I am wrong and don't listen, just because you think your site is okay. But it is not, and by now you should have understood that. Or did you recieve one positive feedback from this whole post you've made? The sorting algorythm as far as I understood it is also total garbage, as it favors champions with more tags. No matter what difficulty I gave in, I always got Ekko as best fitting champion. Or laningphase Offensive or bully, both gave me Ekko. How can multiple tags in one category result in the same champion? What's the difference between offensive laning phase and bully anyway? And why can I pick both? Why can I pick everything? Why can't I select like 3 traits in total out of a big pool, which then results in the best fitting match? Why does it require categories? Why is the role selection drop-down, contrary to everything else? Why do I even need to choose a role to find my champion? Why can I choose my elo when I can also choose difficulty? Where's the difference? Why can't I choose skill-ceiling? Why does it only show 5 champions and not just everything? Why does it only show the tags that I chose that fit? Why doesn't it show the other tags at the result? Why can't I give a champion as preference? Or why can't I exclude champions i hate? Why can't I exclude some traits? (Loocking at Smerk and his non-mana example) And why can't I disable winrates if you think it's such a good idea?! Why does the result page need to be on a new site, which ultimately deletes my previous settings which makes it uncomfortable? I could go all day and point more flaws out. Fact is that you should've made it simple and build ontop of it. Including all champions and sorting everything at once is a big thing and as already seen it just doesn't work.
Why can't I *insert feature that I make up on the spot*, your arguments are just so flawed. You want everything to be simple, but somehow want a billion features to get added just so we can guess the champion you're describing, which is not what we want to attempt AT ALL. You're describing completely different tools. If you want to get purely the STATS, go to, if you want to filter champions purely based on TRAITS, go to Out of all the trashtalking you've done, the only valuable thing you've added to this discussion is the trait pool which should probably get a max of 5 traits. Simple as this; if you don't think statistics should be involved, then agree to disagree and accept that you're not our target audience.
Smerk (EUW)
: In all seriousness you have to rework those traits, probably even get rid of many of them. Make those remaining traits meaningful. Add some counterweights. E.g don't show champions that have tear as core item when I ask for manaless. Or pure damage when I ask for utility. If you want to make it work for new players then you have to rethink your strategy
We've updated the algorithm a tad bit, traits being more valuable. A major update is coming within the next couple of days based on the received feedback of multiple sources. Let me know if this tiny update improved it at all in your opinion. Thank you, the LeagueAdvice team.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Then why does it show me Xerath when I don't type in anything? Or Ekko when I check everything? Aha, I choose a Toplaner, who can Splitpush very well and it shows me Gnar. Out of all Splitpushers like Trynda, Nasus, Jax it suggests me Gnar? On my search for Ahri I check mobility. Boom, Xerath is on the top! Having a site under alpha doesn't excuse it for being an utter trainwreck, I mean just take a look at steam greenlight! Why don't limit the champions to 10, 20 and have your sorting algorythm work on that number. Then increase the pool step by step. Why is the role selection a drop down menu? There are champions that can be played in many roles. Why have so many specific options, that ultimately don't change the result (loocking back at Ekko, Zoe and Xerath I got all the time). You should make a prototype that has limited features but that works. Instead you made a wreck that has too many features that doesn't work at all. You can build upon a prototype. Know what works, what doesn't and slowely increase it's complexity. But instead you created something that barely works at all. How do you even gonna fix that? Some little number tweaking and fine tuning wont do the trick. Your website is flawed on a base level. If I were you I would start from scratch again.
They are preferences, not filters. Calm down, have a beer :)
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, that is one thing you have to consider. Solid part of your potential userbase won't care at all about current performance and winrate of champions and by showing them something that works best right now, but doesn't correlate with their request, you will only drive them away. This is completely fine if you're aiming for tryhard players, but you can get more by being flexible
Yeah; our main goal is definitely new/casual players. Players that would like to get advice about which champion to pick. Think of the traits are optional preferences rather than filters. We need to finetune it so that traits aren't valued to lightly or heavily. We don't want to advice purely based on traits as this would be just like existing websites (
Rismosch (EUW)
: I call bullshit. Winrates should not matter if you're going to make a site that supposedly recommends champions on your playstyle. I choose Ahri not because she has good winrates, but because she's fun to play. If you can't grasp this concept then you've made a useless website, as there are far more websites out there that make it far more easily to choose META champions. As Smerk I am not impressed at all and I am more upset about it than enlightened, as it showed totally wrong and unexpected results. It's quite surprising how angry I got. I as a longtime player do know what every champion does and how they work, and your site didn't gave me the champions or playstyle I was looking for. I also tried to find other champions, but with miserable success. Your site is a joke, a not working gimmick rather than an actual helpful tool.
This website is meant for players that are LOOKING for a champion, not people trying to get confirmation, like the way you're using it. If you want to be a one-trick-pony and not care about the current patch, then just go read the Wikia for the champion and stay far far away from any statistical website. This is not a "Try and guess who I play generator". If this actually makes you angry (alpha website that's been made for 1 week), just calm down. Feedback is appreciated, but this is not constructive at all.
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, I'm not really interested in using this site. I can pick my champions without help. But just wanted to give it a try. And honestly I'm not impressed. Add some tooltips at least or something to explain how this selection works. Because what I saw is clearly confusing, I picked some traits and site completely ignored most of them, while giving me champs that are complete opposite of what I wanted to see
This is probably because you're trying to describe a champion with certain traits without thinking of their current performance. We're working on restyling the selection page so that it's more clear what each part does and giving some more information. Also we're still finetuning the formula/traits so this will improve for sure. Remember this is less than a week old ;) Thank you for the feedback
Rismosch (EUW)
: This is bullshit. If I would choose to play high winrate champions I would go and look up the champions with the highest winrates. What's the point of a website that recommends you champions on your playstyle, when it favors FOTM over the actual preferred playstyle?! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
It's a combination of winrate, performance and traits. With a penalty for champions that have 0 traits, and a bonus if a champion has lots of traits you're looking for. We're still finetuning how much every aspect affects the outcome, but just as an example; if Garen has a 25% winrate (he doesn't, purely hypothetical), if someone's looking for a manaless tank, we're not going to recommend him if he's in such an awful state. We'd rather recommend good tanks and good manaless champions. This is mainly aimed at newer players that don't know all the champions and have no idea how good champions are in the current meta. Think of it as personalized advice per patch.
FraCro (EUW)
: Well my main role is ADC {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
What I'm trying to say is when you select role ADC you'll always get 5 ADC's :D
Smerk (EUW)
: Are those traits even working? I picked manaless trait for midlane, first 4 champions use mana... and one of them is Anivia, manaless lol
Champions that don't have any of the traits you selected receive a penalty, but can still be in the top 5 if they're that much better (in the current patch, we use live data in our analysis) than the champions that do have traits you selected.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Well, I did manage to find Ahri after 10 to 15 tries. What is ridiculous that I still got those 3 champions showing up every time. Are they truely that simmelar to Ahri? Especially because I tried many different configurations, some that fit with Ahri and some not, yet still those 3 champions were showing up every single time.
This advice is based on not just the traits, it also takes current champion performance (more than just winrates), which means it can override the traits you selected. For example if you want to play a ranged jungler, it still probably won't advice Kindred, simply because of how bad Kindred is right now. This data is always being updated so as soon as a champion receives buffs he/she might show up in your results.
FraCro (EUW)
: KeK 5 adc and most recommended {{champion:119}} ( I'll be honest i suck as Draven,maybe i need more games whit him in normals? ) But Varus and Xaya are my picks in ranked. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Yes, the default role is ADC, don't forget to switch to your prefered role!
: I think if you aim at new players, you'll need to explain what does the traits are supposed to represent. Like if I was new, I'll take stray up "Poker" like in my minds i'll think it's Jake of all trade but it has different mean. If you could add "pick by popularity" in the futur it'll add some spice . But still great work out there keep it up.
Hey there, yeah, we're working on the Trait descriptions, just trying to figure out how to display it in a nice way that works for both desktop and mobile. Thanks for the feedback.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: I selected tank, and was given 5 ADC's. =/
That's probably because you left the Role on ADC, which means you were looking for tanky ADC's ;)
Saibbo (EUW)
: Umh, close enough.. 3 outta 5 champ that resulted are the one that I only play right now and have the highest mastery in that role, even though they are legit inverted, the one I play the most is 5th, the one that I actually play less is higher :/ but I see me learning one day at least 1 of the other 2 that showed.
Glad to hear that, we are still working on the math that goes on behind the scenes. It's mainly aimed at new or casual players that do not know most of the champions but do have a rough idea of what kind of style they want to play.
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