: 1st point - not actually an insane change but I question your motives. I would put that you can always support other players and don't need to be bound to your adc, particularly when they're just farming out a pushed in side wave. In general, you should be wherever on the map needs the most attention assisting people there, which in the laning phase is near dragon pit. I question though if you want to be independent and not teamplay-focused why exactly are you playing support? 2nd point - spellthief's is bad compared to what? I'd argue it's still far easier to make gold on than relic shield, which requires you to overextend for predictable, melee range cannon kills just to stay even in gold with other support items. The relic shield nerf that just passed was way more gutting than the spellthief's change, which even increases the ceiling on your income and is arguably a buff. Ancient coin doesn't give stats and screws you over in lane. Are you comparing to past patches? Support gold since S8 has been higher than ever. 3rd - that's every elo, unfortunately. Riot made good headway in fixing that last year, but there was community uproar from narrow-sighted adcs that suddenly lost their right to godhood. I don't expect to see it fixed any time soon. 4th - what are you proposing instead? They don't balance frostmancy? They traded you a buff of a few extra gp per stack for a debuff that targets the issue, I think that's fine for now.
I understand ur view maybe the problem is me adapting 2 this changes (that's why i'm bronze maybe) cause i filled the same when they removed sightstone and i'm still missing them but now i spent less gold 2 complete the support item what is kinda cool cause i can start building my items earlier in the game and yes i can see the changes are good maybe not for me (cause i suffer with any change in the bot lane) but in general. Thx for teaching me senpai!!!
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AD Tora (EUW)
: My opinion on Garen
1st- Yes I'm bronze. 2nd-For me {{champion:86}} is a insta ban 3rd- Maybe i will stop banning him and play him (you explain it very well) 4th- Just because I like 4th points The End
Artwood (EUW)
: Still no skin for Ivern >:/
OMG i want that Reversed Ivern Plz Riot do it i will give my Money on that {{item:2319}}
Economi (EUW)
: No End of Season Boarder
If you are honor 1 or 0, you get no ranked rewards, Is that?
: Why yes, I've always wanted to go back to Bronze elo
Don't want it i'm in bronze with bronze teammates agaist silvers {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Rismosch (EUW)
: The reign of ADCs finally comes to an end
True now days is better morgana AP Carry and Mf supp then Mf adc and morgana supp, and i keep not understanding why lulu karma and oriana have their time shield reduced but morgana stays with a fking 5sec shield with imunity to cc it's just sad a nerf on morgana was cool cause i tried in mid agaist irelia and irelia did't get oportunities to do something {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Defensa (EUW)
: Champion die for random champions
i will use to determinate what champion i will buy next until i have all cause i already have bought all the champs that i want to play with {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Velocíty (EUW)
: Ranked: trolls, afk and PING
Ranked what is that? i'm out of ranked cause i'm main supp and bronze 5 u can't carry 1v9 and there's always a top or a mid lanner that is ganked 3 times for a yi and died cause he said "Ward what the fk is that?" and he comes bot after that and guess what a yii can do with R+Q+100cs+5/0/3 is just sad or u out play him everytime he ganks (if he was not already oneshooting everyone) or u lose is just that. And at this moment Morgana gives more damage than an ADC but i don't like to play her i prefer to ban her even if she misses the Q she goes in ult, w and ignite and u are dead if u don't flash away from her ult. My mains are janna, soraka and rakan and with the utility nerf neither want to try play them. And u ask why u don't go other lane idiot cause i don't have experience in other lanes to counter or learn all 141 champions of the game to discover a main in a lane that i simply don't like 2 play or i don't feel comfortable on that lane so i dicided to play normals for fun with the objective of getting L7 in all supp champs. Maybe {{champion:555}} is the way out xd.
Mìmo (EUNE)
: "There was an idea....
Is a good idea but i think it don't need to spend RP just to do a trade u need to already bought rp just that Another thing was trading already owned skins but this could be a problem cause i have a second acount that i get elementalist lux from a reroll and i have sherwood forest ashe and, u are seeing the thing right? but if they made it only for shards in loot wil be cool{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Lleajy (EUW)
: Why do I keep being matched with people that are obviously not caring about winning ?
I understand how u feel i can climp with a lot of consecutive victories but if i loose one i loose all other games (neither need to be in the same day) until get b5 0LP again then for some reason i win again and i climp until i loose another game. When i say climp in son 50LP i was already in promos to B3 but i loosed a game and i get back to b5 0LP and is not for tilt cause i know how to untilt myself for each game i play. When a master yi or trinda or lee sin is on enemy team he is a god carring when we get one of that champs on our team is god not carring but feeding
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