: Always build your own pc don't order a pre-build. It always cost more to buy a pre-build pc. As for how i see it i wouldn't go for a dual core but also not an AMD-Nvidia system. Always try to build a pc that connects to all the parts of it so like Intel (cpu) -Nvidia(gpu) or AMD (cpu) -AMD (gpu) they relate to each other and will always perform better instead of cross. If you want a pretty cheap pc go for a build with these brands and they will also great parts: AMD (cpu) AMD (gpu) AsRock (Mainboard) G-skill (RAM - Memory) Seagate (HDD harddisc) XFX / Seasonic (PSU power supply) XFX psu contain Seasonic psu Aerocool (Case) If you build it smart you have a pretty great mid-range / high-end pc. But don't try to bottleneck anything.
Thank you for the advice ;)
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