seak (EUW)
: Low FPS since 7.5 Patch
yeah same, i keep looking in these threads looking for solutions but all i see is same here i cant play the game, which is what i did at the beginning
same here, i used to have 150 fps before this patch and its just unplayable now after the patch and if riots not fixing this problem then im uninstalling this
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Tarolock (EUW)
: i think it wont make you happier but i just disenchated my project lucian :D
: atleast be glad that you got the damn thing. jesus odds are that you could've gotten another project Zed skin.
i mean atleast its free skin essence, but would of been happier with a skin i dont have
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Jóseph (EUW)
: When do project skins get released?
i cant wait anymore, i bought rp 2 weeks earlier and now have to wait another week, its killing me... hopefully it comes out on tuesday or wednesday
: I don't think so. Some people got accepted after 9 months so you just have to be patient. I think chat restrictions and reports factor in when they decide who to pick
ok thnz for the heads up man :)
Bolshack (EUNE)
: Greetings Summoner, I don't think it matters, as ''Ryot Nomad'' said your in game behaviour counts the most and of course it also depends on what champion are they looking for ,for example they are looking for support or adc it really depends on you and what position you prefer and also on your behaviour of course. I wish you the best of luck! Best Regards, ~iAllan
o ok well thnz for the info.. riot is just like santa.. u do good u get pbe
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