: i feel you, even though we are at opposite ranks pretty much (my 4 ranked wins lmao). i gave up on ranked about a month or two ago, shortly after playing it for the first time, and i am having a lot more fun in league. once you reach a rank you are satisfied with (or if you give on ranked like me) play normals, or ARAM, or whatever you enjoy playing the most.
Ay I guess we share same pain then. If i reach my goal i'll definetly take a break from ranked.
v4lge (EUW)
: I feel you, had the same problem, but not so high elo. Played well, climbed fast, but then got stuck and fell down a lot. Got kinda stuck there, hopping back and forth. I kinda fixed it by one day just picking what i liked and enjoying the games. And i went further beyond. Maybe you are too heavily focused on climbing, its %%%%ing your mentality and making you perform worse? Congrats on the rank tho, no matter how you look at it, you have climbed far. And i think D2 to D1 is a pretty big jump, or so i have heard. So pat yourself on the head, you have done good :D
Thanks alot :D I thiink what makes me preform worse is that i get so annoyed over mistakes i make and then i am not fully focused on the game anymore.
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arowin242 (EUW)
: i personally find multiple aspects about rives very annoying, if not straight unbalanced. the first is her identity: what is she? a lane bully? mid-game powerhouse? or a late game bruiser? riven fills all of these roles, so she realistically never falls off. secondly her laning: she has a low CD shield that is also a dash, allowing her to effortlessly disengage, not only that, her Q + W make it possible for riven players to use their entire combo while the opponent is stunned/knocked up. and then quickly dashes out with the afforementioned E. thirdly, and lastly: her 'high' skillcap, no offence but i personally believe that high-skillcap in LOL simply does not exist. a champion might have timings, CD and combo's to learn. but that's it. therest comes down to reading the opponent, minion control, and matchup knowledge. these point are standard for every champion. this is all without going into her blantantly overtuned numbers, build-path, ect. riven as whole does not feel fun to fight, as you are - essentially waiting for the riven player to **ck up, but if they play safe, there is nothing you can do against her. her kit allows her to trade like renekton in lane, which is ridicolous. whilst her scalings and build path allow her to both snowball AND carry late-game. unfortunately, complaining about her wont help: the riven fan-base is VERY big, with riven OTP's and streamers aswell. compare this to the Garen fan-base, which while large. generally only complain about a rework due to their champ being trash-tier (garen's matchups are hilariously bad and often require 2-4X as much effort as a bad matchup for riven does). That's all.
She can be compared to Aatorx. Very snowball heavy Champion. Her Early game isn't amazing but for sure her 2-3 Item Powerspike is (midgame) Don't forget that the shield cooldown in lane is really high (14 sec). Rivens do not put second points into the shield until level 8. Also Riven wont have alot of Cdr at that point. The shield cooldown is definetly punishable with the 14 seconds. I agree that there isn't really a high skillcap in league. What I ment with it is that, Riven used to be a champion you needed to invest some time in first before you could play this champion well mechanically. Interms of descision making, yes there is no high skillcap I mean you don't have to kill a Riven to beat her and if she plays safe that is a win for you in lanephase if you use it well. Yes Riven does beats Renekton level 1 but that is more matchup specific than Riven specific. The thing that makes Riven Op in my opinion is as you mentioned the great Item build path for her which allows her to not only do alot of damage but to also get really tanky and become a S+ Tier splitpusher. There are only a few champions she can't beat in a splitting matchup. However Lategame she falls off if the enemy adc starts to finish his Items. I mean complaining certantly does help lol. In a few Days the second Riven nerf will hit live servers. It's not like Riot is treating Riven special or anything. Don't forget tho that Riven has bad matchups. Against Good Kennens and Poppys and Neeko's This game becomes unplayable.
Chaeor (EUW)
: reasons why i think shes busted hardcore 1. super consistent damage output on such a long chain that it makes it seem like she has no cooldowns (QautoQautoQauto into stun auto into ult auto into dash auto into again Q auto X3 into excute) 2. the only brusier in the game with more than 1 cc and its triggering nockup AND stun along 3 dashes 3. ultimate that feels even more unfair you click R ( +80 AD more range on ALL but summonerspells/active items AND an excute ult with base dmg of %%%%ing 600 SCALING with AD) 4. deaths dance +e shield = fulll on damage nullification and reduction as if im playing vs a mord now but mainly its the fact she has 2 cc effects is what pisses me off cause no other brusier has that
Yea her kit is a very "risky" one. A bit like Yasuo. Even when she wasn't op like year ago, there were still players who hate her and there will always be. Riot chose a very risky kit with this champion. 1. Yes her extended trades are very good, mostly she all ins if enemy wasted their spells like Jax E. As i said she is fantastic and punishing mistakes. 2. The 2 CC effect thing i don't consider that problematic. The stun and knockup are both very short (0.75 sec) So yea other brusers just have 1 cc which is just longer. The main problem is if both are on low cooldown. The shield cooldown is alot higher now so I hope the q nerf will fix riven 3. I meean yes if you read a champions spell it can seem strong on paper. Like If i tell you that cass gets passive a free Rabadons, you could call that OP aswell. What matters is how it synergizes with your kit. The reason I don't think it's as busted as people say is because she is very ultimate dependent. Especailly because of the AD bonus. Unless she is massively ahead or both opponents have no r, she will need r to kill you. 4. Yeea I agree Death's Dance is a big problem for Bruisers in general. Especially for Riven. It gives her as much Ad as an infinity edge but also makes you insanely tanky.
: Yeah nerf a Item just because Riven is good with it. Better not nerf the busted op champion instead. Better punish every single user of deaths dance because Riven is too good with it.
From all of your comments under this post, I can see that you are hating this champion and that your opinion isn't really neutral. I try to list facts here so yes i would appricate if people would respond with facts too instead of blind hate. Riven and Katarina are the **2 only champion who build deathdance as a core item** and not as a situational item. (maybe illaoi) Those 2 champions are S+ right now and both need a nerf, that's why i suggested this change. I think people forget that Riven before this season was not really a hot topic since years. Like for 3 seasons noone called her op or broken because she wasn't. Yes she will probably always be hates like yasuo. But it's not like the champion is permanentely broken like some people say. She is broken since this season. Also No higher Riven player buys shojin as a care item. It's rather situational since it's a downgrade of Cleaver for her.
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: "Cannot complete your request because the server is unavailable" {{sticker:sg-kiko}} EDIT: Managed to get into a game after restarting the client 3 times ¯\ _(ツ)_ /¯
gonna try that, wish me luck
sitatsofa (EUW)
: Maining Riven
Honestly if you enjoy playing her, then go for it. That's what i did and i never regretted ever since.
Salron88 (EUW)
: vayne and riven nerfs? or are they??
The Riven nerf is fine imo. It makes her bad matchups alot harder. It's a nerf for bad Rivens or people who are new to the champ. 4 extra sec is a alot of time. Many people bring the argument that she goes CDR build anyway. However these days most champions that aren't junglers/adc's go cdr. Don't forget that Riven's Q is alot diffrent from her E. Her Q is casting in the direction where her champion is facing **not where her mouse is**. So dodging skillshots with it is not really a thing. I can tell you now that after the Riven changes, she will drop in tiers. It's always a bit funny how people say each nerf to a champ is not really a nerf, but later you see their winrate etc drop and everyone is surprised, Riven is really good vs inexperienced Toplaners. People who don't know how to play vs her always had a rough time. It's like playing against Jayce and don't know how to punish him. Even if he is bad in meta, he will still win toplane phase pretty hard.
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Adama (EUW)
: Question for those who are hardstuck.
Another Ego-post. Listen buddy. If you would have the goal to reach Master this Season (you are D4 atm). You would get hardstuck in D4/D3. The Reason You don't get hardstuck is because your goal for 3 seasons seemed to be the exact same (G1/P5), Only in Season 7 You finally climbed a bit, but that difference is so small when you think about how many years you needed for it. The people who are hardstuck have the drive to get higher than their current skill is right now. They have the drive to improve and get better. You don't seem to have that and if you do, you never actually tried because you are either too scared to drop or you don't have the time for it. You answerd your own question above, **you give up** when you can't climb. They don't. They wanna reach their goals. Here is your question answerd. If you want proof. Go Try to reach Master and watch yourself getting hardstuck.
: This is worthy of a perma ban?
I Think you writing "%%%%%%" triggerd the ban. You didn't call someone "%%%%%%ed" but the system filted it out of context. Else yea I have to say I don't think you deserve a Permaban for that. The only thing that you wrote that I consider flame is "iOkUGeorgia: Stop feeding no? iOkUGeorgia: 1/6/3 loool" But a perma for that would be stupid. Else yea You just type way too much idk how you can type so much and play. Usually people who type alot get also banned faster atleast from my experience. You never see people who post chatlogs with just like 4 Messages (or atleast very rarely), Do I think the ban is fair? **No** Could you have acted more mature? **Yes** 100%
realKano23 (EUNE)
: Its kinda disgusting how Riot favors some champions over others
Riven is getting nerfed hard on PBE, are you aware of that?
: It takes around 10 sec to roam bot, unless it's a big fight. The gank will take around 20-30 seconds long (Which is only 1 wave of minions) And then go back mid to pick up minion pushing towards your turret you might miss 1 and a half wave. And if you get a kill or 2 during your roam it's totally worth it. If you don't know 1 kill is equal to 18 minions worth of farm (the first 10 min). So basically you trade away 9 minions to get 40+ minions. Why is it not worth it?
Because you aren't guaranteed to get kills and you are guarateed to lose something. People only roam when they have pushed in wave to enemy tower so they wont lose anything if the roam isn't successful. most people also only roam before cannonwave because then they wont lose anything an d can roam even longer. It's like a neutral positive in my example. You can't lose anything you can just gain something.
: Then learn wave management. Also if you are against someone without a lot of turret damage power then you can roam whenever you want,
that'a not true? why would you give up 3 waves for a roam. not worth it.
Rizaia (EUW)
: silver elo need help
I have some tips for you. 1. Focus on farming even once lane ends. I know you wrote that you try fcous on farming but I can see from your stats that you farm way too less after lanephase ends. Most people just play aram with their team post lane phase. You can use that to your advantage and farm whereever you can find creeps/jungle creeps. Most people in silver don't do that so that way you will get a 3 level lead above all. Then you will be so big that assassins can't kill you anymore and you are a 1v9 army. The way you do this is simple. After lane you just look where you can farm and you go there. Be careful to not push sidelanes too far tho because at that stage bruisers/assassins still kill you. 2. When you play supports, play them damage heavy (AP sona) in your case. 3. Only go for objectives if lanes are pushed. If your lanes are being pushed in or even don't go for dragons or barons. 4. Remeber you can't win everygame but try to see each loss as a lession. Because yea you can't change your teammates no matter how much you hate them, you can only change yourself. Goodluck for your climb.
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Genious (EUNE)
: Why am i not receiving my icon?
Try relog. If that doesn't work just wait and be patient. The new modern Riot client is too futuristic for us plebs that we aren't able to see their new advanced client icons yet with our eyes. It usually takes a few hours for us plebs to be able to see them.
: LP gain in d4 with 65% winrate is completely broken.
> [{quoted}](name=ΕνeIynn,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oPT2kEJe,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-02T17:30:55.694+0000) > > I legit dont know what to do... Have you ever considerd to stop smurfing?
: Anyone else feel bad when ''smurfing'' in silver and lower?
To me this is just a "show off" post. That's alot more sad than smurfing itself.
: Each player should get 2 bans
Or you learn how to beat them instead. None of these champions have 0 Counterplay to them. If they would have no counterplay, they would have already been hotfixed and permabanned in LCS/proplay. But you guessed, that's not the case with any of these. Yes they are strong but I don't see a reason why you would need 2 bans. Yes it's easier instead of learning how to play against them.
: 1.) Neither of the mages you enumerated have a win-rate over 50%. 2.) Jax, Ire, Riven are fighters rather than bruisers. They are OP mostly due to conqueror - so that's the thing needing a fix, not necessarily the champs - however I agree that Jax is kinda obnoxious to play against. 3.) Lethality is dogshit. You can know that, if you track the performance of assassin junglers. They get outclassed by bruiser/tank junglers currently - big time ! 4.) And lastly vayne. I just perma-ban her. If it's not first pick in my team, even if the team-mate hovers it, if nobody is willing to trade, I perma-ban the f#$k out of vayne. The design is unhealthy and un-fun to play against. So basically the real issues are conqueror on certain fighters, maybe spear of shojin, and vayne. I'd say the game is pretty balanced. You can make pretty much everything work, if a couple of champs are banned, the others are quite equal.
Someone with common sense, ty.
: also op did you buy your account no way you could get that close to mid bronze by yourself when you are that bad
You say that like mid bronze is a high rank. I don't think he loses every single game he played in his life, just his last 8 xD
: Hey rena you here?
Yes? I answerd your questions on the other post.
DeejayF (EUW)
: I need help
I added you, I am not good at this game but if you goal isn't high dia or masters, i think I can help you.
: its just an example of 2 different people. 1 being bad 1 being good. the fact you take it so seriously even if i worded it wrong you could just take it as an example between 2 skill levels.
That's why I said it has nothing to do with the context. Because I already talked about what I would do if there is a difference between 2 skilllevels between me and my friend. I can asnwer again. In normal games idc they can be Iron 4. In ranked i only play solo. I would recommend people who get asked by low elo friends to duo, to either decline or go on a smurf. I don't support boosting so i wouldn't duo with someone for that sake.
Hardstück (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rena,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=sr2EvRfQ,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-01T13:39:50.466+0000) > > That wasn't me who said that. Look at the names. > > In your elo nothing takes skill to win to be honest. I could press q q q as a Riven main and beat people in your elo. I agree with that, in your elo nothing takes skill. same with Yasuo and Zed. > > In higher elo's Riven, Yasuo, Zed, Zoe etc become alot harder to play. In fact this account isn't mine and is given to me to be boosted :) why riven is brokeN? Lets see: You go blac cleaver into spear of sojean and usually around that time you have 45% Cdr and lets see what you need to do 1. You press R 2. You spamm your Q W E key in the way it doesn't matter 3. You get permanent shield and permanent Q with the permanent stun 4. You get shit tone of healing off the conqueror and death dance if builded so 5. Counterplay? Naah i dont think akali with 4 items would kill riven with 3 so thats gunblade zhonyas morelos and d cap 6. Does more damage in laning phase then any other champion And the finaly question that you set is why riven wasnt broken back 2 years ago? Lets see: 1.no conqueror 2. No spear of sojean 3. No random items that give you CDR so you had to do lethality riven Honestly i think thats it im an Albert Einstain for you my man I would recommend you trying to abuse Jax (as a easier version of riven) or vladimir if you want to have fun
If you are telling the truth you are a really smart guy. You just got your boosting clients account exposed/banned but I assume you are just bluffing. I assume you are "Cat ín The Hat" then else it wouldn't make sense that you won't type from your main account. Anyway. What you mentioned is just true when Riven gets ahead. When she is behind none of that really matters. But it's true that when she gets a Item/level lead that she can 1v3 with deathdanve+cleaver. The thing with the 3 items vs 4 Items is wrong tho. Like really wrong. If you use all your spells properly and time your zhonias. You beat Riven. Riven only really feels like she has no counterplay vs when she is ahead. That in Lane is true. As mentioned all her counters got nerfed. It's sad that we couldn't talk calm about this but instead we just argue. I really don't know why you typed so aggrssive and not civil. I just asked why you discussed it with me when you never played Riven.
: There is a good reason for me that I had those pages, otherwise I would not have whined about it in the first place ;d
That's why i mean practice. It's better to do pages according to situation. Of course you need many pages atm but practice makes perfect.
: Runepages gone after update
Good opportunity to practice using only one runepage that you edit each champselect.
: Or just has enough of crybabies whose only want to circlejerk about something which is already a common knowledge among people who are able to read.
Finally someone with common sense.
Hardstück (EUNE)
: What are you talking about you said to me that i didn't play champion in my life when in reality i played more of that spear of sojean/essence reaver trash that doesn't require any skill then any of you guys her so stop typing to me because your comments are irrelevant and im staying with my comment that riven can be played by smashing your head on your keyboard. > [{quoted}](name=Rena,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=sr2EvRfQ,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-01T13:10:05.576+0000) > > Then why were you discussing with me about it? See you are a diamond 2 riven/vayne abuser and when those champs are banned you play yasuo LOL! You actually think you are good but in reality you are abusing riot balance team. Just stop typing in threads like this because you are riven 1 trick,you love your champion too much and wont ever understand how broken she is just stop typing and go abuse riven ans vayne cya
I type as much as I want man. If you don't like it than stop responding to me. Just because I played vayne once this year you say I abuse her when I was filled Adc. I never said that I am good at this game. If i would be good I wouldn't be Diamond 2 I would be higher. However you are so low in the ladder that you shouldn't talk like an expert. You don't even know why stuff is strong or broken. If i would ask you why riven is strong as hell right now compared to 2 years ago when she was weak, you couldn't give me an answer. You would say she was always broken because you don't understand "why". That's the problem I have with people like you. You hear somewhere that Riven is broken so you go spread the same message without even knowing why. You think she is broken because of her kit or something, Yes I agree riven is really strong right now. If i would tell you that the reason for that is that: all her counters go hard nerfed, Death dance is op on her, New conqueror is too good for her compared to others.. you wouldn't even bother trying to understand. So please if you complain about balancing atleast infrom yourself and try to understand why something is broken instead of talking out of your ass. Don't you think as someone who played riven over 2000 games and 4000 Ranked games, that I have more idea about Riven and about the game then you? That's just common sense. I didn't even say Riven isn't broken right now. I just said that the Shojin part is wrong. The item is terrible. But i agreed with conqueror being really good on her. What do you have to say to that? If you have good arguments cool, but all I see is someone complaing about something he has no idea about because he is too lazy to research it.
HH iGnite (EUW)
: Riot made the ultimate e-girl champ !!!! ""Riot 300 IQ""
I wouldn't really relate that to gender. I don't think more girls will start to play league because of Yuumi. There are champions that are way more girly than Yuumi. Like: Soraka, Janna, Nami, Lulu, Sona. Those champions people consider "E-Girl champions" because they are very girly looking, have girly personalities, are healers + are relatively easy to play. Yuumi is less girly in general + is alot harder to play. However this is just a stereotype and I know alot of female players who don't play healers. It's not really gender related. Personally I hate those champions (because I play Riven/Assassins) and they can ruin my whole fight if they play well. But again that is gameplay related and not gender related. But who knows maybe I am wrong. Maybe you are right and Riot has an ultimate master plan to make more girls play league.
Hardstück (EUNE)
: What are you talking about you said to me that i didn't play champion in my life when in reality i played more of that spear of sojean/essence reaver trash that doesn't require any skill then any of you guys her so stop typing to me because your comments are irrelevant and im staying with my comment that riven can be played by smashing your head on your keyboard.
That wasn't me who said that. Look at the names. In your elo nothing takes skill to win to be honest. I could press q q q as a Riven main and beat people in your elo. I agree with that, in your elo nothing takes skill. same with Yasuo and Zed. In higher elo's Riven, Yasuo, Zed, Zoe etc become alot harder to play.
Jookerr44 (EUNE)
: wtf is tihs shit
You are 3 Levels down. Even if they weren't tanks they would have beaten you.
Hardstück (EUNE)
: Dude i disenchented riven 4 times on this account im not playing a champion that can be played by your head
Then why were you discussing with me about it?
: Help me get out of bronze
Don't listen to the people who are telling you it's just luck. I have some tips for you 1. Ditch the coinflip mentality. In your elo you have the power to 1v9. I recommend you to focus on CS. In Bronze - Gold you can easily carry by getting good cs especially after lane. Most players go play ARAM (all mid) after lanephase and share all gold/xp midlane. Meanwhile you can farm sidelanes/farm jungle and get 4 levels ahead of enemy team. Then you can basically 1v5. 2. Remeber you can't change your teammates no matter how much you hate them. You can only change yourself and focus on improving yourself and becoming a better player. You can be the one teammate that carries the whole game. With that mentality you climb. 3. You can't expect to reach gold if you play like silver (example). Most people who are stuck in silver and know they are a silver player think if they just play many games they get gold. No they have to play like a gold player while still being silver to reach gold or else it would have really just been luck that they got gold. 4. Remeber most people are between bronze - gold. So you aren't bad you are just average at the game.
: Yeah exactly you dont play with anyone who is boosted. someone who is boosted is someone who is often bad at the game. and you assume that a diamond can make a smurf in bronze but you cant assume that a bronze can be boosted by well... boosters to diamond? but the whole question is how you tell a person that. do you say to your best friend who only plays ranked. you are bad and thus i like to play solo. or the guy who you've been playing with for years but you got to diamond and hes still way below you. thats the whole point. and thus i said. would you say to someone whos better than you. yes but you're not challenger we all suck.
> [{quoted}](name=Buff Azír,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=x7AuONEa,comment-id=000100010000000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-01T11:44:42.786+0000) > you assume that a diamond can make a smurf in bronze but you cant assume that a bronze can be boosted by well... boosters to diamond? You didn't word it like that at all. If you mentioned in your example that the "bronze" player is Diamond elo, then it would have been another story. If someone tells me a Bronze and a Diamond player play ranged together, then of coruse I assume that the Diamond player plays on a smurf. A bronze player can't smurf in higher elo. Dont forget, it is alot easier to make a smurf than it is to get boosted. It is also alot more common. Most Diamond players have atleast one smurf. I am sure you are aware of that. It is also completely legal. Boosting is not too uncommon that's true. But big boosts like bronze to diamond are really uncommon. They are really expensive + risky since they are easy to spot and banned fast. Yes i wouldn't even play with people who got boosted from plat 1 to dia 4. But that's not because they are a bit more bad than the dia 4 players. That's why I said it's a diffrent point. > [{quoted}](name=Buff Azír,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=x7AuONEa,comment-id=000100010000000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-01T11:44:42.786+0000) > do you say to your best friend who only plays ranked. you are bad and thus i like to play solo. or the guy who you've been playing with for years but you got to diamond and hes still way below you. I just tell them that I don't duo on smurfs, but that I play normal games with them. If i play on smurf with my lower elo friends, mostly the mood is really "toxic" and that I don't really enjoy. They could see/feel that I don't enjoy the games with them. Which means they woulnd't have a good time too. We all would just waste our time.
Zymexxxx (EUW)
: Riot Games continues to be a toxic working environment
I always find it funny and sad at the same time, when people sign something but then protest against it/complain about it. If you don't like the terms of the company you want to work for, then don't sign the contract and don't work for them. It's the same in germany with people who go protest against a Train company for not earning enough money. Each year they protest many days and force the company to pay them more. If they don't pay them more they just wont work and no Trains will arrive. My question is always. Why you even work there to beginn with if you are just gonna protest against it? It's the same with people getting banned on league and then saying it's wrong of Riot. Yea it may be wrong, but you agreed to the terms of service. Also you should infrom yourself about the company you are going to work for. If the company has a bad reputation for treating their staff bad, then don't work for them. I know two Rioters (one is ex Rioter) and both love/loved their job. One of them is female and she never complained about the working conditions or "sexism".
iaapvp (EUW)
: Guys I did it, playing to win and got 0% winrate!
Zed: 7.0/8.5/3.8 189.5 CS Garen: 1.5/14.0/2.0 77.5 CS How can you flame your team with a straight face? You are obviously a big reason why you guys lost. You wanna tell me your Garen KDA is your teams fault? You say you trash your lane but I can't see that at all. If you do you don't know what to do with that lead. Idk man focus on your own gameplay instead of your teams gameplay. You have alot to improve. I don't wanna sound rude but I hate it when people complain about things that are their own fault.
: i know diamonds and bronze cant play together but just imagine bronze has a boosted account in diamond. i thought i didnt have to say this because i thought you would understand this. apparently not. gotta be more clear with my words then. WOULD YOU PLAY WITH A BRONZE PLAYER WHILE YOU'RE DIAMOND WHEN HE IS GOING ON HIS BOOSTED ACCOUNT? here ya go
> [{quoted}](name=Buff Azír,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=x7AuONEa,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-04-30T21:06:01.330+0000) > > for example. if im diamond and you were bronze. and you asked me if i wanted to duoQ. and i said no you are not that good. would you say: ''yeah but you're not challenger so we are all bad, we all mistakes'' Read your line again. How should I understand from that, that the person you refer to as Bronze is boosted to Diamond already? The way you wrote it, it was clear that there is a bronze player and a diamond player and not a Bronze player who already got boosted to Diamond. Like wtf that doesn't even make any sense. If you already can't word things properly, don't blame me for it. I wouldn't play with anyone who is boosted. Doesn't matter if he got boosted from bronze to diamond or from platinum to diamond. However your question is completely out of context. Personally I don't duo at all. I am a solo player. But everyone I play with knows that. However I love to play Normal games with them and I really don't care if they play bad.
: yes everyone is bad compared to challengers. but people are still BETTER than other people. im plat 3. im better than someone who cant climb out of silver. yes i am bad compared to a challenger but im good compared to a silver player. for example. if im diamond and you were bronze. and you asked me if i wanted to duoQ. and i said no you are not that good. would you say: ''yeah but you're not challenger so we are all bad, we all mistakes''
Your example is far from what the person asked. Diamond and bronze can't even play ranked together (unless the diamond player goes on a smurf). If the Diamond would smurf the chance that you guys would win a bronze elo game is really high like 90%. If it's a normal game then yea. The focus there should be the fun of the game and haning out with your friends. If you don't enjoy games with lower elo people then that's your choice.
: People who downvote are 1 Riven mains 2 Idiots. She is Op Conqueror and {{item:3161}} Made her OP
Shojin sucks btw. No Riven main buys it. The conqueror part is true tho
: What am i doing wrong?
Play support Annie. It's great for lower elo if you already wanna play support. Alternatives are Zyra, Brand, Pyke.
: Why are all esports players ugly?
You ask why all esports players are ugly? I ask why you are on your pc when you should put on your make up to look what you would consider "pretty". Jokes aside. It's sad how people care about looks so much. Do you think pros dress up like actors? No they dress up to play a video game.
: True, I'm not the best either so I don't mind others' mistakes if it's just a normal. Unfortunately, my girl only wants to play ranked, and it's hard to have fun if you know you're playing with someone who isn't trying their best or isn't on your skill level. And when they're too sensitive to receive any constructive criticism
Then be a man and tell your girl and your friends the truth. You maybe don't wanna offend anyone or seem harsh. But it's always better to be honest than by doing something you don't wanna do. Why would you play games with them if you don't enjoy it? You are just wasting your own time and also their time. I am sure they can feel that you don't enjoy playing with them. My advice is still, stick to normals and play for fun. But if you can't say no to them asking you for ranked, then well. You can try come up with excuses, but that's not really the good way to handle this. I would do one of these 2 things. 1. You tell them that you don't wanna play ranked with them and you just stick to normal games. 2. You play ranked with them but you use these games to practice something. So you don't feel too frustrated when you lose. gl
: people who don't know how to argue politely on the boards
I try give you a proper response The League boards are comparable to reddit. I'd say the boards are alot better tha /r/leagueoflegneds. But that's just my personal view. The "roasting" thing is sadly true. On reddit it's alot more common than here but it is normal that people want the few seconds of fame they get by roasting someone. Some people like the feeling of being above someone by mindlessly roasting them. You could say I sometimes "roast" people too. But I don't do that just for the sake of roasting them. I just tell them what I think of what they wrote. If they write something I consider stupid like "elo hell i deserve challenger". I won't tell him that he is right (because in my opinion he isn't) I will tell him honestly that he is delusional. You maybe consider that roasting. But I think it's better to be honest (even if it is harsh). I prefer honest/harsh people over fake nice/lying people. About the part with being civil. The people who aren't civil usually get banned from the boards. However i have to say that in my case, i am not always very nice to other board users. Maybe you would consider that already not civil. The reason I am not always super nice is because people wont take you serious if you are too afraid to tell your honest opinion, For example: Someone on the boards complains about their teammates. I could respond in 4 ways. 1. I tell him that it's not his fault and that it's riots fault (tl dr: I would lie to him) 2. I tell him that I can understand him but that it's not Riots fault. If i would say it like that and me and him would keep talking, it would just be him keep complaining about his teammates and how unfair it is. i would have no chance of telling him that it's his fault. 3. I tell him honestly that it's his fault and that he is the reason he is stuck. That is what I usually do. If they keep saying that it's not their fault, I maybe say something like "then you are delusional we can't help you". Some people would already consider that roasting. 4. I would respond rude and try to put him down and try to feel superior to him. Yes this kind of "roasting" i hate too. I don't even call that roasting i just call that being an idiot. I hope you understand my view on the roasting thing.
: What do you tell friends who want to play with you but they're bad at the game?
I just play with them. Idc if they are bad, we are all not challenger so we are all bad. If they are same elo as you they are just as bad as you, if they are lower they are just more bad. I don't mean to sound selfish but we all make mistakes. So why you even call them bad. I personally play with anyone aslong as they aren't toxic. I am a bad player myself so why should I be botherd by others doing mistakes if i just do as many. About the GIrlfriend part. I play League with my gf too. When we play we just focus on the "fun" and not on the winning/playing the best. (we play normals). So yea I recommend you to do this too.
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