DarkG0d (EUNE)
: I dotn get it then, why are you still playing the game + using its boards. if you are not enjoying and it and call it a waste of time. seems a little hypocritical to me
Me personally, I wouldn't mind all the years I've spent on the game not to just be flushed down the toilet. For every 20 utter trash patches they come out with a good one and it's worth playing for that week or two. Pre-season especially is probably the only actual fun time the game ever has. For me at least. I love theorycrafting and coming up with builds. Garen and Teemo were some of the most versatle but simple champions you could customise to your liking. But both are gutted now in terms of creativity. I'm glad Garen is strong to play as atm, Really strong even. But it doesn't feel fun. Patches basically tell you what to pick up and play now rather than give you a bunch of tools to try combining together. Not to sound like Hashinshin here, the guy complains alot but he's right about Top Lane. And it's %%%%ing utter trash to play. If any ADC turns up at top you may aswell just go watch a movie if you can't dodge. I've tried fighting back countless times but between the poke and endless CC the ranged champions get it's just pointless to play up there right now, as a bruiser anyway. I don't even take Grasp anymore since it feels like it actively tries to get you killed rather than stack up defences for midgame.
: Gangplank back then was more fun, skilled and MANLIER than today, change my mind
Used to play GP support. He felt like a leader rallying his men with the E giving free AD. I %%%%ing cannot stand the barrel system now and his crappy grimdark edgy lines.
Xaytah (EUW)
: This game is making me sad, again.
My advice, find better games, It's what I've been doing. Between the shitheads that play this and the shitheads that make it, it's genuinely not worth your time unless you make money streaming it. I call League of Legends the "Sunk Cost Fallacy: The Video Game" You can pour money in for cool skins, champs etc. But the real loss is the time you put in that you will in no way ever get back no matter how many shitty icons or bugged events they throw at you. In the end a champion or role you've spent years learning will get %%%%ed up the ass. Let me say that partly again, Your TIME, YOU WILL NEVER GET BACK IN ANY VALUABLE WAY and that value is only going to go down further. My patience is at an end for this shit. I'm desperate just to find the game %%%%ing playable outside of set builds or a cheese build that lasts a week. I'm genuinely trying to find some fun, I'm genuinely trying to find people who don't completely huff asses and breath farts. Get out while you can now and don't look back, that you honestly cannot regret.
: Another thread complaining
Been here since... around the end of Season 1? Get out whilst you still can... before buyer's remorse hits you. You still have your time... don't let them take it from you like they took it all from me...
: Riot Has Lost It
The only reason I ever bring myself to install it let alone play this %%%%ing garbo is because I foolishly spent time and money on an actually fun game to play with friends with abit of a learning curve and where the developers earned a reward. Now I'm here, watching every day, this clown show of a game just keep getting worse and worse. And to top it off every champion gets a rework where the kit is designed by a wise guy wearing concrete boots and their dialogue has to be either A: Edgelord Cringe or B: Gearbox Software Ironic Meme Reddit humour. These people can't even get daily quests right, thus basically rigging a promotional money sucking event. I don't WANT to hate this company, I don't WANT to feel like every second spent on this game and with it's people (Great or Humanity Questioning Wise) to be a complete and total binfill. There used to be a time where one of us would mention League and everyone would hop on. Now it comes down to, does anyone out of everyone thinking the exact same thing, want to tell whoever suggested playing it a complete %%%%ing idiot? Or does everyone play it out of a sense of bitter irony that it's only fun in how crap the game is and how it makes you appreciate the 5 different anti-depressants you have to down that day? Abit of a rant salad, but I'm sure people can relate to this which is utter tragic in and of itself.
elin990 (EUW)
: You can remove 3 champs permanently from LOL, who?
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: so what exactly is your problem? they cant fix every single bug LUL
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: Today I quit League of Legends after nearly 4 years of play
Reminder that Dunkey was right about the state of the game outside pro play.
: Should I quit/drop out of university?
School isn't for everyone, I gave 3 years of uni a go and failed both courses. I did most of my learning at home or in my spare time. School quite literally is a waste of time for some. Rick and Morty in the first episode summed it up perfectly. Think of your only resource as time, time is something you don't get more of so spend it only on what would be the best use of it. Good luck
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: Riot, please give us more than 3 bans each...
Raising bans would change the meta dramatically. I reckon a good way to balance though would be to give more bans the higher the tier. eg Bronze/Silver 6 Bans Gold/Platinum 8 Bans Diamond/Master 10 Bans This would force people to widen their champion pool over time but I dunno. Maybe it's the lower elo calling for more bans. This is just a loose idea anyway.
Kouèn (EUW)
: Please guys, don't do this.
Everyone wants to be the 1 man army on this game until they can't do shit all and suddenly they take their "team" into account and blame them. This is the biggest problem players face without a doubt in Bronze Silver etc.
0w1boy (EUW)
: Boards in nutshell.
Bullet point city "In a nutshell"
: Gangplank is dead.
Answer is simple He couldn't raise morale anymore all he could do was put down useless barrels on his deck and miss fortune last hit them taking his ship out.
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: Riot: Instead of trying to make everything viable for lcs start making older champions more fun
Used to main Gangplank he is just utter shite now. Try playing him in an ARAM and accomplish these things. Barrel Traps Upgrading Ultimate once I think you'll find that all he can do now is Q for pathetic damage Crit or AP
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: I feel sorry for Riot
I like everything but Gangplank they completely raped him. He's completely fucking useless in Aram since he cannot upgrade at all
Renyth (EUW)
: My favourite champ Wankplank
"So GP was gutted by the removal of the "Press E for assists" skill. Sure. Thanks for your opinion." Even though secondarily he's a support, Known as a leader of pirates. With this logic you may as well just debunk any support because they can help other teammates. "Someone is qqing because the new gp needs more skill." Yeah placing barrels which only the most brain dead of enemies would ever ignore. Or those without wards. This is a massive improvement over timing a gank right and piling all in for an assault.
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Hyperbowl (EUW)
: Lost connection, now unable to reconnect.
Same thing happened to me and I got reported so thanks very fucking much Riot. "I Agree" to never leave a game again so long as the servers decide not to boot me from the game and refuse to let me back in.
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Every Gnar main needs to be fed to a wood chipper, family first though I can enjoy this game I can cheer my friends on even if we have a bad match But Gnar players can free themselves of their air addiction and I won't feel remorse that champ is the most unfun piece of crap ever created. He has everything and doesn't need to build much of anything to dominate lane and run away without penalty. To put it in perspective I've genuinely enjoyed matches where I've gone Garen vs Teemo's infinitely more. Want more proof he's a champ made for retarded kids to get free wins with? All his design is missing is a diaper.
Rawres (EUW)
: Katarina's new splash art
Face and leg that make abit more sense to the gravity rush vs Inject anime into everything please hmm


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