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: HoB + RFC + Stormrazor + ovecapped crit with IE + lvl 18 disables Jhin's 4th shot
dfsghj (EUW)
: [Patch notes 6.23]( >We’ve revisited default audio levels and improved audio settings in the client. We believe these will address the champion VO levels being super loud in champ select.
Ah good now i hopefully wont go deaf anymore
: My point is, if I go as a duo or trio premades. Why do I have to play with solo players that got an higher rank than they should while playing with their premade friends? Do you understand the issue?
How do you know they played with their premade friends? i've only played flex solo so far mostly since i'm quite the asshole to play together with so i try to spare my friends from that faith, it's not like i flame the team when i'm solo, i can just get really annoying and salty towards friends if they dont preform well in ranked games, normals are fine cause well... they are normals. Anyway my point being the silver 4 rank i got today i got all on my own without anyones help so that beats your point of me being a higher rank then i should be due to me being carried by friends
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