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: You need to improve first as it seems after reading this post, you cannot hope to get a quick win, you need to learn how to play properly first. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
The whole point of this post was to get tips on how to improve since i wasn't seeing any improvement
: I wouldn't bother feeling bad for yourself for a lack of skill. Until ranked unlocks you are pretty much player a tutorial and low level games generally have a lot of smurfs in them. Kind of makes your experience slightly worse, but if you unlock ranked on level 30 and start playing ranked. You get matched with people with equal skill. Also don't be sad if you get placed low, I always laughed at a friend of me when he got placed in bronze IV couple years back, he was pretty hard stuck as well for hundreds of games in his first season. Now he consistently reaches Diamond 4+(old ranking system). And I am holding my %%%% in dia5/high plat. peace out{{summoner:4}}
yea im looking forward to playing with people who will also be in iron 4 hahahahaha
: I've been playing LoL since season 1 and I still suck at it :D
: Hey there ! If you need help getting better, you've found the right man for that^^ I'm used to helping new players so add me ingame and I'll help you with anything you need. I also want to say that everything that Marissa said is very true. And that the beauty of league is constant improving. You can never be the best at LOL or learn everything, so there is always a lot of things to learn ;)
I would like that as i'm in need of a little more help so thank you
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