: Looks like you might have to make some educated guesses. The gun isn't based off anything we have in the real world, but despite that there's a few things you can measure. Whisper has a stock, it looks like a handgun stock that is sometimes used to stabilize the gun. The stock is put against the shoulder and is long enough for the gun to be handled without getting awkward. The average length of a human male's arm is 25 inches. Jhin is very tall, though. I think it's safe to say his arm is about 26-28 inches long. Now the stock on Whisper seems short, as it is a handgun and Jhin seems to be rather careless with his actual aim. I'm going to assume the stock doesn't have much functionality and is mostly for looks. Lets say it reaches to about his elbow. That means the gun stock is approximately 12-14 inches. The barrel is short, snub-nosed almost. If I were you I'd base it off a 1911 or a Sig Suaur. Good luck, hope I helped.
: Lolking has a skin viewer which you could maybe use to have a close up look at his gun.
I didn't know that it had that. Hopefully it will come to some use. Thanks
Daromiro (EUNE)
: I know you've probably seen that one but still it's sad to see a thread with no replies and this pic looks really clear [http://i.imgur.com/bKNd5Si.jpg] I hope that helps you somehow
Thanks. Yeh I have that picture as my background. But thanks anyway.
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