backstard (EUW)
: The "free to play" type of teams.
You're welcome to come back here and say that again when someone carries your ass :)
: Frozen Mallet
Almost no one builds it in lane over black cleaver or their other core items. If you're trying to 1v1 a yasuo with 3 items then you're grouping way too late.
: Hmm, it'd be annoying at first yes, but I guess I wouldn't want to play anyways if I'm that toxic that I got banned.
Thing is, you wouldn't get banned. You'd get banned for using the same IP as a toxic person. You could be using a popular proxy node for whatever reason and get hit by a ban from another user using that same proxy node. IP or MAC bans aren't a proper solution, nor are they a real one. And in no way in hell will riot start selling account cards just to play the game.
: I'm a sucker for punishment and want to play Galio - anyone have some tips?
Build ap, kappa {{sticker:galio-happy}} But yeah, I don't really know much galio, just here to meme, is AP galio still a thing? Yes? No? Maybe after somr R.O.A. buffs?
29Freedom (EUW)
: Ryze rework idea
I think it's way too unnecesary and situational to do this, but something similar might be good, a cross between skarner passive and kindred passive. Passively five scrolls spawn in the enemy jungle. They'd work in similar ways as the viktor passive items, giving his abilities strong upgrades in range, effect, duration, etc. The first one would give his passive a bigger shield+movement speed, the second would give his other abilities an upgrade, third being his ult upgrade, and fourth and fifth being ability upgrades again.
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Kata4Life (EUNE)
: How is being sportsmanlike and leveling up in honors considered avoiding the system? It just shows people who had emotional problems during their games showed progress and discipline. Such people should be appreciated for their efforts to follow the summoner code and at least be rewarded with something everybody else has; which is a tier border.
No, you see, there's one thing that you reform and act sportsmanslike, and nother where you get honored for carrying a game on a good kda and not get punished for flame again. I still stand behind my one-time only standing.
Smerk (EUW)
: There is notification in the client that shows up when new mission is added, you should have noticed that with first win of the day mission appearing every day
Yeah, but it seems small and insignificant honestly, maybe make larger ones for limited time or non first win ones
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nesfir (EUW)
: this reforming is dumb i will never change, atlest not because rito says it. i simply dont use chat anymore, and GOD i mute those that write GG each game so anoying, idd preffer get " rekt noobs" and chat has became such a desolate place,,but troll ooohhh no those increased!!
Glad to know that people disagree. I mean, honestly, what else are you gonna use chat for? Roleplay?
Kata4Life (EUNE)
: Regaining last season rewards by reforming and leveling up in the honor system!
I don't agree, the punishment is there to serve a purpose and giving it back to people just for avoiding the system long enough to each honor 5 isn't something I'd agree with because it's basically a backpedal on their disciplinary actions for people who really might not have properly reformed at all. Then again, there might be a way to implement it, such as first time offenses and such, but past that, I think punishments need to be final.
TanouiS (EUNE)
: i didnt say i didnt respond but i think my respond wasnt that rough to get banned..anw that hapenned
chatlogs or bull
: you rly cry cause someone other gets the skins as reward which you got for free?
Actually, he got them for literally promoting riot to his friends most likely, or leveling up accounts himself in the referal system. Both are definately more worthy of a skin than literally just playing the game...
: [itemline]Compact Thruster
Hm, maybe, but I'd honestly make it 600 like stopwatch too
: There used to be an item in the game that did exactly that. Can't even remember what it was exactly, nobody really used it.
Galabel (EUW)
: RP price REadjustment in Europe
why not make all the prices in € instead of decieving value by using points? I mean, it's the same as poker, you won't use money in casinos because it'll make you think about betting and spending.
: i usually control myself, but listen here. I have no idea of what riot or you other players idea of (toxic) is. i myself have grown up with teasing my whole life. therefor i do not take as much "insults" badly. and if i play bad and someone comments on it, i don't get toxic because i know that i'm playing badly. i have been much less toxic than before but i'm not perfect.
You obviously didn't just 'tease' to get perm banned, we're talking extreme, hard capitalized TOXIC chatting here. I'd give you the benefit of the doubt, but I've seen plenty like you, casual 'matchstick', 'kiss your sister', 'gangsta talk' etc. Post chatlog, then make claims.
: Quick Update on Rotating Game Mode
Arurf for one {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
NN Outlaw (EUNE)
: Because truthfully speaking , he is fun to play . Just admit it xD
Doesn't seem like it, the ones I seem to face keep flaming in /all like 'wtf, why malzahar so strong? Pantheon q oneshot! Rammus is making me commit sodoku!' etc. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Honor resets at the same time as your rank. Everyone starts at level 2
Thanks, missed the part of it getting reset.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >Do the honorable people already at high levels get to get the rewards for leveling up their honor? People in honor level 5 will be dropped to honor level 2 checkpoint 3 so they still have to level up their honor like everyone else. They will get the rewards for those but not for the first few checkpoints they skipped. Riot said said that they can access and get better rewards sooner than others so that is their reward. >And also: what exactly will honor orbs do? Miniature chests without need for a key? Apparently but yield better rewards the higher the honor level is. >Any updates to enemy honor? No and i hope i never exists again.
Thanks, missed the explanation of it resetting, kinda a bummer for missing out on it, but I guess I'll manage. Also, why hate enemy honor? I didn't mind honoring an oponent if they were actually good.
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: I got ban 14 days and unbanned of course
Don't worry, keep playing, you'll get your rewards back, but I hope you read the "this is your last chance" part toroughly.
: How can u get the "Rengar Plush in the Jungle" Summoner Icon??
: Bring back Deathfire's Touch.
Rumble is still very relevant. He may not have the runes to boost his laning but a good equalizer can affect a fight as always. Maybe running him with glacial augument to keep the burn on longer? Aery and comet are things.
Żekken (EUW)
: Unjustified 14 Day Suspension?
Hm, dunno, the report calling and kid-calling isn't really a plus for you, but if it's the first punishment you recieved a chat ban would've been enough I think? We can't really help you past giving opinions, but I'd give riot support a shot.
: unfair perm ban
Hm, if you indeed haven't had any punishment before I'd give riot support a ticket, BUT this is indeed deserving of a normal punishment (I.e. Chat ban, 14 day ban, etc.), not a skipping one, but a punishment nonetheless.
: Banned for getting REPORTED ive been CLEAN after my 2 week suspension, ive read the summoners code
Eh, might be worth shooting support a ticket, but from your comments I can't say for sure that it wasn't justified.
: lol sure <3 its cool ill take it and just prove to you that it wont help you guys <3 if you want to call that justice good for you mate ill give you hi five
Yeah, seems like a smart idea, do tell us how not reforming helped you in your "I was permabanned unfairly qq" thread. Honestly, I'm not surprised that you're taking it as a challenge instead of a warning, seems to fit with your way of thinking.
: rp
Riot has a policy of giving you an ONE TIME gift of a small amount of RP (if you're missing it for a skin for example), and it'd help if you sent them some fan work, no matter how small or unskilled. To get it you should open a support ticket, this is the community, we can't help you with official matters :)
: ***
Alright, here are my wisely chosen words just for you: -Your account is gone forever -Your mindset will not be missed -I'm extremely amused by you thinking your threats amount to anything more than just me laughing/If you're aware of that, then thank you for spending your time and effort in amusing me, very kind of you :)
: ***
*Gasp* Oh no, he thinks he's a 1337 h4Xx0rz. Don't make me laugh, I'm glad you're off this game and that your money was used for us to have the servers running. You're free to hack me tough. Haha, HAHAHAHA. Oh boy, haven't felt pitty like that in ages. Did you switch to an alt because this one got board banned too?
: ***
RIOT reserves the right to ban your account at any time, for any reason, at their own disgression, regardles of time or money spent on it. At times, I think that this policy is a bit harsh, but it is not them that is making, as you put it, a disgrace of the game, but in fact **YOU** who is the problem here. People vent in many ways, but it is not only stated by RIOT that if this venting hurts gameplay or turns abusive twoards your teammates that there will be consiquences, but it is already mandated by common sense itself. From your chat logs and your replies here I see absolutely nothing that redeems you. If you want to keep playing the game and have fun like everyone else, feel free to make a new account (because you will NOT get it back, I guarantee it), but if you don't want to do that... well, I'd say I'm sorry, but your behaviour... Nope.
cecicu1 (EUNE)
Yorick, Illaoi..., everyone else it comes down to how you play them.
: Tyler1 is free and you are perma banned lets %%%%ING GO WHAT A GOOD DEAL
They are both free to make a new account and play publicaly, so I don't see the point of T1 in this, but yeah...
Blazéy (EUW)
: How nice exactly do we need to be to not get banned? (there is scripts, inting etc)
Probably wrong chat logs, so unless you were banned for report calling, ask riot supp for the right logs
: Permanent ban
sorry, you should've tought about it when you got the 14 day ban (wich was your last chance, either that or you weren't just flaming but borderline abusive to skip punishments). Unless the system made a mistake (wich it apparantly didn't) you won't be getting your account back.
Toycoat (EUW)
: Singed poison + snowball interaction is awesome
[Hey, that's pretty good](
Timoti (EUW)
: Dishonorable.
Play lots, grind honor, don't flame, repeat. Like, really nothing to it other than playing the game and not flaming, like... dude...
iSneez (EUNE)
: Yes, It's shown instead of ticket and it show even in enemy team who from enemy have it.
Yeah, just saw it this match, guess I must've missed herald getting popped
: I have yet to see a blatant bot at lvl 40 with about 1,5k games played... And because toxcic behaviour is easier to spot by the system, more often used and easily done from start to end? I don't think there's a large ban system for bots... And more likely that the system is just conveniently designed like that and not instabanning people on their first hundred games? That's a harsh accusation, I'd love to hear from the whistleblower that leaked that to you. I'll just finish this argument here, I don't feel like making this even bigger, hopefully I at least somewhat quenched your hatred over the 'toxic cancerous smurfs put into matches by riot to make me toxic too'.
Okay, have a nice day :^ )
KayleDong (EUW)
: Are you seriously wondering why bots are easy to spot and 'toxic players' (smurfs aren't necessarily toxic players btw) that are leveling are not? If a smurf truly behaves in a toxic way he will get banned just like any level 30 account, that's simple. Smurfs aren't per definition permabanned accounts, and thus Riot has no reason to ban smurfs if they manage to detect them. Riot doesn't want a more toxic community, it's just pointless to start Ip banning players who have a permabanned account, if those players stay toxic on their smurfs those accounts will also get banned, simple.
I'll just pop up here that unless RIOT starts demanding legal verification of identity before they allow people to make a new account there's minimal ways to ban people, even trough IP or mail bans. Heck, even partnering with google, yahoo AND tor it'd lead them nowhere.
: I have tried to get the email sent to me more than 5 times but nothing happenes. I am sure the email is right as it is my main email address since I was 15.
It might be worth sending a support ticket, assuming you have the information needed to recover your account. while you wait for their response, type 'riot games' into the search box of your mail, maybe you'll find out it's not the right mail at all, at wich point it might become significantly harder to recover your account.
Fajerk (EUW)
: Considering bots accounts make it regularly into high levels, and they are extremely easy to spot, why toxic players should not? Riot wants them to waste money before they ban them of course. But it makes perfect sense. As Riot stated toxicity creates more toxicity, so if they match guaranteed toxic players with ones that weren't banned yet, they increase number of banes they get out of them by getting more toxic people. And that means more smurf accounts, and especially more sold skins on these new accounts. Makes perfect sense that this is what Riot wants, to have more toxic community not less.
I have yet to see a blatant bot at lvl 40 with about 1,5k games played... And because toxcic behaviour is easier to spot by the system, more often used and easily done from start to end? I don't think there's a large ban system for bots... And more likely that the system is just conveniently designed like that and not instabanning people on their first hundred games? That's a harsh accusation, I'd love to hear from the whistleblower that leaked that to you. I'll just finish this argument here, I don't feel like making this even bigger, hopefully I at least somewhat quenched your hatred over the 'toxic cancerous smurfs put into matches by riot to make me toxic too'.
Potchikir (EUW)
: miss and sona are not cheap at all
My bad, meant janna, but honestly I'd say mf is a good newb investment. Low APM need, easy to farm on, good poke and lane controll, teaches positioning...
Fajerk (EUW)
: If they aren't lvl 300, there is no way they are "equally" skilled like lvl 30 player even if they are smurf. But they are way more toxic. And Riot knows that.
News just in: Pro player no longer on esport team after leak that he leveled up his own smurf. 'His skill has suffered greatly' says coach. Nuff said. And I'm pretty sure toxcisity isn't dependant on level either, albeit it is unlikely a regularly toxic player makes it into high levels.
Fajerk (EUW)
: They clearly are not of similar skill if they are below lvl 30. Also based on Riot own agenda, toxciity clearly impacts gameplay since non toxic players win more games, so they say. Additionally, Riot stated several times they are able to spot smurfs early on so they got the technology available.
You called them smurfs yourself and I already made points around the skill, after wich you told me that I was looking at it wrongly. The only thing left in your argument was toxcisity so... Yeah?
Fajerk (EUW)
: Yes you haven't read a word of what I wrote, read it first then talk. Thank you.
No, I have, I just find it illogical to complain about a system that does what it's intended to do: match you with players of similar skill. Toxcisity doesn't impact gameplay at all, and RIOT can't exactly track whether a player was permabanned before or not (and I doubt they'd do anything if they were). If it cheers you up and, toxic players are bound to lose interest after the uptenth permaban, so the community **is** getting cleaner in theory.
Fajerk (EUW)
: I'm complaining about toxic players here. I could not care less about their skill in normal games. Did you ever read what I wrote or you are just trolling here.
Last I know there's no toxcisity counter other than the punishment system, and it certainly doesn't affect matchmaking, so... why are you complaining about it being a matchmaking problem then? Altough, I do agree that getting a behaviour-related ban would do wonders for the normal players if riot just made them have less of a chance to match with clean ones after each offense, but the same way the prison system is meant to reeducate people to be citizens again, the system is supposed to reform people into players that can lead by example. A little unrelated siderant to not make my message bear no weight.
Murieldor (EUW)
: Riot wont ever ban people permanently, for all their talk of wanting to make the game better what they actually want is to ban toxic players in the hope they make a new acc and buy more skins. The fact that anyone can be permanently banned and then be playing again in 2 mins is testament to the joke of a system. Given what the avg League Player is like there will soon be more "cancer permabanned smurfs" than not lol. jokes on them i aint ever buying skins again lol.
I hope you realise what kind of orwellian world it'd be if RIOT was able to ban people for life for good.
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