Elleonora (EUW)
: I have always been good over all the years, and now for just 3 games during the weekend that I lost my cool, I lose my ranked rewards and now my account got locked for no reason, not cool man
Just because you're an outstanding person doesn't mean that your wrongdoings are going to be overlooked in the future. As long as it isn't a permaban you'll manage to remember the next time tough.
Elleonora (EUW)
: account locked for no reason
Justly restricted, judging by the content of this post. If you're an adult, like a large part of the playerbase, you'll have to know that your actions have consiquences. If there's something not clear about what you should or shouldn't do tough, the rules and guidelines are always there, free to read up.
ChipiTheBot (EUNE)
: Punishment Tribunal
The tribunal upgrade was the automated response system. It looks for key-words, so it's not perfect, but doesn't need months to process all the requests. It's fairly accurate, and so long you don't think it should consider the scores of your teams, what happened to warrant a reply it picked up, etc. it's doing its job pretty well
: Minion Dematerializer on Syndra?
Bisquits are odd because they give you lane sustain but are only great vs poke lanes. I'd say take demat every other matchup and be conservative enough with your mana and smart on your trades not to need them.
: wow i'm unlucky as hell lol
Well, it is free. If I were you I'd have taken the masterwork chests instead and used the keys from auto-drops on them instead.
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: misinformation. They wont be picke dup by system unless you report them
Fair point, remember to report them after the game for it to get evaluated.
spiider pig (EUNE)
: Toxic, report help
> The following are behaviors that may be acted on by our disciplinary systems: > > Insulting, harassing, or offensive language directed at other players. > > Any kind of hate speech such as homophobia, sexism, racism, and ableism. > > Intentionally ruining the game for other players with in game actions such as griefing, feeding, or purposely playing in a way to make it harder for the rest of the team. > > Leaving or going AFK at any point during the match being played. > > Unnecessarily disruptive language or behavior that derails the match for other players. > > Inappropriate Summoner Names. > . > The following are behaviors that would not be acted on by our disciplinary systems: > > Playing poorly but still trying to win. > > Strong language that does not insult or demean other people. > > Choosing unusual champions, building unusual items, or experimenting with new ideas that don’t match the current “meta”. > > Basically, if people are being mean, calling you/others names or slurs, etc. they'll most likely be picked up by the system.
ShanksFX (EUW)
: Alright, i will start. 20 bucks on a perma, even tho op did ofc absolutly nothing wrong :^)
I'd say lost promos/getting stomped in lane by a "newb pick"
GoD Jiren (EUNE)
: I have barely 0,30% packet loss and 100mb/s internet, I cannot fking play for around 2 weeks by now, "You have been disconnected" problem goes all over again. -.- I've traced routing to eune/euw, problem stars showing after connecting to riots redirecting servers, gj riot.
Might be worth contacting riot support over?
Remischal (EUW)
: Yet I have several games in my ban info where I'm not in any way offensive. How do you explain this?
Remischal (EUW)
: Banned because of unconventional picks and saying something back to flamers - no justice whatsoever.
You most likely got banned for flaming flamers, wich is widely seen as not good. Even if a flamer was flaming you there's ways to deal with it other than flaming (i.e. mute/ignore, don't flame, etc.) Just because you got wronged first doesn't mean you'll be exempt by the system. Keep this in mind in the future.
: with an 8MB/s internet connection, you have to look at other users on the internet. If someone's watching youtube on 1080p, you will have lag. I used to have an 8MB/s internet connection too and it was horrible. As soon as someone started downloading something or watching a video on youtube, my ping skyrocketed to 11k+. Now, I've got glassfiber 500mb/s internet, and I have no complaints other than the traceroute issue Riot is having the last 2 days with my provider KPN. If Riot manages to fix that on their side, it works like a charm again.
I get a consistent 4 mb at almost all times (which really shouldn't be an issue because I've ran league over a mobile hotspot before and a game uses maybe 0,1 mb/sec) and no one can really throttle internet too much, but maybe I guess. I really hope I get fiber cable soon, but I know it'll be another year minimum.
: Test your ping with cmd, It will show you packet loss too. * Open cmd. * Type: ping -n That ip should give you approximate for euw. * After n hit space and enter how many times you would like to ping. ping -n 20 will ping 20 times and give you info on packets sent, received, lost, minimum ping, maximum ping and average ping.
You wouldn't happen to know of any software that can do this indefinately and graph the results, would you?
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Masantha (EUW)
: Odyssey Fan Fiction Contest
And here I was thinking I'd get a full night of sleep for once~ Good luck everyone!
YuwGi (EUW)
: are you f****** kidding me
Working as intended, not riot's fault you didn't notice your connection dropping while being alt-tabbed.
dexc0re (EUW)
: how is this thing legal to play games? :o
Well, first off, you can't show the guy's name; it's considered naming and shaming even if you are completely innocent and the post will likely get deleted if you don't edit it. Secondly, if you haven't made an in game report, you can talk to riot support; it's unlikely (you added someone you knew had flaming behavior so you should just not do that) they'll do anything, but maybe it's severe enough to be warranted. Either way, good luck in the future :)
CJXander (EUNE)
: Captain mode?
Happens. You need a good ziggs that can explode the small critters, yasuos that can sustain damage and frontline with malphite and a jinx that can dps 24/7
: Stuck on Intro?
It's currently heavily riddled with bugs. Go do something else for now and check back in every few hours is my advice
: I don't like this Odyssey mode...
I actually quite like it. It's a fun change up, not hard (if your team doesn't just stand still) and easy to 100% (just grind it a few times and you'll have lots of augments that make it a bit more fun to play and test). What I don't like is riots complete and utter lack of testing and preperation when it comes to acutual live server stability, same as clash.
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: We're talking about SMURFS. Let's not pretend the servers aren't full of them
So then you're reporting new people getting stomped by experienced people? Really doesn't help your cause.
: Sure sweetie. Players with scores like 0 - 10 in my team, are on the same level with 15 - 1 on enemy. You got it.
Most likely. Lvl 17 players probably can't gauge what being 0/10 is like yet, they basically just know how to move, attack, and buy recommended items. Just keep playing and better yourself, playing from behind is needed 50% of the time after all.
: wtf riot your ranked system sucks
What does trolling mean? Going 0/1 in laning? Building AP nunu? Give us some more info, because I highly doubt 3 people toop tp ghost and built absolutely unviable stuff for shits and giggles.
: 50...
Well, Donatella, that's the beauty of it. It doesn't matter what you do, you'll always keep getting matched with people of the same skill level as you are. If you want to get matched with better people you're gonna have to prove that you're good enough not to be the " bastard lows, useless braindead shits, afks, trolls etc." that you so adamantly despise. Although, I don't think you're capable of it, seeing how you don't understand how the report system works either, but I'll look forward to seeing you in challenger; reporting someone you can do whenever for whatever, but it won't do anything if they haven't done anything worthy of punishing. Besides, playing bad isn't reportable, it's punished in itself with dropping MMR and down the ranked ladder. Just keep trying your best and you can use that gif against anyone you leave behind in lower tiers. Wait, why am I replying to a lvl 17 player thinking everyone else is worse? Eh... Good luck :)
: Does the lost soul set thing tht costs 6k RP include the chromas for the skins?
The one with all three skins doesn't, but the ones for the seperate skins do. Or rather, the lost soul sets do. When you click on it, it shows what's included on the right side before you confirm.
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Lazar1211 (EUNE)
: Riot's Leavebuster
No, they won't. You left and you got punished. You, of course, weren't punished for leaving this one time, but because you had afk or leaving tendencies. If you can't play a game through because of time or internet it is still seen as your fault. It is your own responsibility to make sure you can play an entire game. Hope you the best in the future tough.
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: I know budd, haven't wrote any more tickets. Live support?, is it something like that in league?
I'd wait longer then, usually it takes less time, but maybe up to a week. I'm guessing plenty of support requests were made since the new patch. Also, I read about live support somewhere, but now that I checked maybe I'm wrong.
Well, first of all if you constantly write anew to the ticket you'll only keep pushing it to the back of the list. Secondly, try live support?
: > [{quoted}](name=RewardWanted,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=W98HGLEl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-02T07:21:22.426+0000) > > Well, while it's probably true that you're playing at least decently, that doesn't have to count in your teammates. Your teammates did well enough before to play with you. Either that or you played bad enough to play with them. And it's highly likely that your opponents are like that aswell. Been like this for months and it's really driving me to slow become toxic,
Well, that's matchmaking. You won't ever get perfect teammates or opponents. There's always that one dude that got carried to a higher mmr last week and is throwing in your game now, and there's always that one opponent that was on a giant losing streak and is stomping lane. You just need to ignore the people who are dragging you down and do your best to focus on how to better yourself. Sure, you can reccomend the garen trying to get to the enemy backline trough a veigar stun to build an edge of night instead of a banshee's veil, but that's pretty much all you can do. Call smart shots, hope team follows and be aware of the game and you'll do a lot better than being upset over some random quer not doing well in lane.
: Perma ban. I was toxic yes, but still. I got banned for inting, when I didn't int at all.
Hm... if it was for inting and you had a 14 day ban before, maybe you have some grounds to contact support, but I can't be certain, so good luck.
: My ban
If it was a behaviour ban then you must've gotten a chat log that showed up when you first saw the ban/restriction. Also, what was your punishment? Chat restriction? 14 day suspension? Or permanent ban?
Yasuð (EUW)
: If you're so sensitive at words, and lack of penalizing at actions, just make this game 18+. Overall, you'll increase your incomings, because its the costumers that really CARES about RANKED games, that gives you the MOST incoming funds.
Nope. Pg 13 is there for a reason. With 18+ it'd be way more restrictive, seeing how they rather changed several assets of the game, such as removing alcohol and tobbaco being directly referenced to as far as they could. Not to mention that it's likely not going to help any more than just press and the name, it's more likely some nutjob parent might actually think their kid can't play the game. While I agree everyone should take criticism, you obviously don't have good criticism to give. Not to mention you're here crying about how you want to be able to flame people and how this should make the game 18+, but it's also a good indicator that you don't understand that even if the game would be 18+, you still wouldn't be allowed to flame. I'm pretty sure you'd get thrown out anywhere 18+ if you started flaming people, even if they did something wrong. Anyways, deserved, enjoy and hopefully learn.
: Riot's system does not pair you with similarly skilled people,
Well, while it's probably true that you're playing at least decently, that doesn't have to count in your teammates. Your teammates did well enough before to play with you. Either that or you played bad enough to play with them. And it's highly likely that your opponents are like that aswell.
: You got a nice Summoner Name tho xDD
Šumadija (EUNE)
: Being support is the hardest
You don't need credit, if you're playing support for credit then you're in the wrong role. The fact that you won the game via keeping carries alive and spoon-feeding them early game should be reward enough.
Amoustafa (EUW)
: A Zoe Meme
Would be better if it just flew out twoards the lucian and exploded, along with his health, but still, well meme-d
Napoleon3 (EUNE)
: with out q outrade me 50% of my health specially when he got some early items
So he was ahead? I'm not surprised then. Wait for a cannon minion wave, he'll have to blow something to get the cannon, most probably his passive aswell. He can't last hit with just q.
Napoleon3 (EUNE)
: you guys think i flame with out any good reason?
General rule of thumb is that there's no good reason to flame
Napoleon3 (EUNE)
: and im not older than 13 and i am not idiot like the people who beleives that the game is good and the balance too
Oh, that explains stuff. Alright, let me ask about old champs being fair: Singed, Akali, Annie, Diana, LeBlanc, Syndra... As yasuo you should be beating aatrox easily, but I'm guessing you flew into two full minion waves worth of dashes and ran around him for 15 seconds taking creep aggro while thiunking about how clever you are for dodging the q. It's less about balance and more about matchups, there's rarely a champ that wins against everyone.
Napoleon3 (EUNE)
: but the funny thing here is that you cant see how riot failed at balancing thats all but you happy ofcorce you got skins and put your money to game or you playing the unfair champions well i dont give a %%% about skins i really like more s4 or s5 with out skins and my favorite champions like old fiora more liked than this new shit unfair game balance
You liked old Fiora? No wonder you're failing to play anything... Completely justified ban, you weren't banned for calling out riot on their balancing decisions (which are somewhat fine lately), you were banned for being unable to even remotely show that you're older than 13 and elegible to play the game. You type more in one game than me in an entire day, PLUS non-lol activities. Then you go and blame it on riot caring more about skins and making money than balancing. Wake up and smell the flowers, you're gonna keep getting dumpstered if you can't learn.
: You can think w/e you want. Cant autofill me as support if support is my secondary role. Havent been autofilled once on this acc. If you need to "grind to oblivion" to get out of silver youre not ready for ranked.
You clearly don't have a grasp of what autofill is; you get filled into whatever role is lacking in que at the moment, support is just the classically autofilled role so you get autofill protection for playing it. And hey, if you need that to feel good, just remember there's reasons why there's ranks below plat.
: Actually there is considering all my accs are limited to 2 roles per acc. And seeing how youre silver 5 with negative winrate id say im more ready than you for soloq.
That's what you say, I think autofill has had its share of words on your decision to do "two-role" accounts. And hey, if you wanna check my opgg when I quite clearly don't want to grind the game into oblivion to climb, be my guest. I did play for a while, but seeing how I have better things to do than worry about my LP I decided to quit on a loss streak.
: I have ashe. I also have only 1 toplaner and only 1 jungler on this account in case of autofill. This is exclusively a mid/supp acc.
There's no such thing as an exclusively mid/supp acc. Either you're ready to play any role or you don't play solo que.
: Possibly a dash Greater Rune?
Hexflash? How would you controll it?
: Stop autofilling me as adc
Get heimer and pubstomp. But seriously, how can you have no adc-s? Not even the cheapest? Sivir? Tristana (she's free for pete's sake)? Ez? The rest are admittedly pretty pricey, but if nothing else go bruiser or ask a teammate to swap.
: dead game btw
> [{quoted}](name=ExterminatoreLTU,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=HH5TO1Kt,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-07-04T21:09:26.820+0000) > > dead game btw Yeah we can go play fortnite now /s
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