: AD/AP junglers to add to my champ pool
{{champion:131}}, {{champion:9}}, {{champion:107}}, {{champion:23}} {{champion:5}}...
: Because saying that trolling the game and typing stuff in chat is the same is not even remotely the same.
Both is experience ruining and punished. Deal with it, people are fed up with flames (and counter-flamers) so they report them. Don't be mad at riot that the demographic who get perma-d don't change.
: Illaoi is very unbalanced...
Get illaoi to ult 5 man, spend one cc to interrupt her and disengage. 1v5? Hardly. If the enemy locks you into the tentacle zone tough...
: There are currently 6 different designed heroes, 66 items, the map is drawn out, still working on the minion design,tower design and item icons. The development will begin as soon as I have 10 heroes ready, and the desing for minions and towers. If you have any ideas for heroes please tell me about them.
I'd gladly help but I'd need to know more about the game mechanics and exactly how much it was league-like to really give some suggestions. If you'd want I can give you my discord if this is hard to update me on.
: lol, that would be the cutest thing ever ^^
Sea flourish nami/sea herder nami , next orange skin, just throw a bunch of algae sheep in it. Rito plz.
Foxynerdy (EUW)
: What kind of animal are you?
Sabertooth. No I'm not a furry, what do you mean?
: I'll let you guess.
I'm imagining the underwater people like nami and fizz herding algae sheep that basically make their own air bubbles now. Imagine a sheep under water with its fluf keeping the air in via surface tension.
sm0lden (EUW)
: For how long will my punishment last?
You only don't earn exp for that game you afk-d in, don't worry. Leaver buster punishments are harsh but nothing as serious as the normal rewards
Rismosch (EUW)
: Game is broken. Look, that's how you fix it:
I'm missing a bunch of references...
: You meant, I climbed to my proper place, and I fell because of bad luck. Funny how suddenly you guys realize luck exists when it's your only solution to avoid admitting I dont belong to bronze :) but if luck can bring up, it can also bring down. Thanks for proving my point, your participation has been dully noted.
Until you climb back I'll stick to you being lucky to reach silver :) best of luck
: > [{quoted}](name=RewardWanted,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ay7EPVl5,comment-id=000200000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-17T08:36:52.631+0000) > > The thing is kda doesn't matter KDA sure matters, and you'd be the first one to use it as an excuse if I was the one 1/10
You're all over the place...
: Then I wouldnt have climbed if I belonged to the elo I'm in now. It's just a matter of logic. Funny how you guys love to repeat "you are where you belong" religiously, but only when it's convenient.
You climbed because of your luck with teammates, in the end you'll always end up in your proper place. Right now that's bronze 2 ;)
: If you cannot understand kda then you clearly need to work on your game awareness. Don't forget it's a game, not a statistic study, and staying on your couch watching numbers won't make you better. You need to have more instinct and not just repeat stuff you've read on forums like "kda doesn't matter". That's worse than the bronze mindset, it's the non-player mindset. So I see you as a non-player lurking on forums to call people "bronze", convincing yourself you're holding some higher knowledge just because you have op.gg as startupt page.
The thing is kda doesn't matter. You can go 1/10 as a support but if you made enough of an impact on the game you're still better than someone throwing a 5 kill lead. I. E. Lee insects. If you kick their carry out and have the enemy team spend their power on you instead of the enemy you're still more useful than someone who didn't take advantage of being ahead. Kda really doesn't matter, it's the impact you have on a game and that's why you blaming your team's kda and riot for matching you with them doesn't make sense.
: ***
Plenty of people still use it as a homophobic slur. Just because you wanted to use a South Park meme doesn't exempt you from accountability. The rest of your comment is just an unintelligible word barf.
: doy ou mean "%%%%%%s" i think i shoudl avoid that word since it triggers rito so badly i will use mentally disabled People in the future or Special Needs person
: no it states Gold "short term for an apparently offensive word for gays which i didnt use that way (there is a funny south park Episode to the subject that ysou do not use it to belittle gay People, am i even allowed to say gay or will i trigger rito?) i meant it as an Insult directed to the People who where calling me trash and shittalking me
Sorry to say but no matter the context and especially no matter what YOU tought you said, it's still a derogatory homophobic slur.
Shlashpro (EUW)
: isn't %%%%%%ed a medical term for mentally challenged people?
: Yeah might be. Found out about that too recently, and about the meaning of it. Seems like since the tribunal days only this is a toxic thing. A slang. People wishing cancer and death to other people's families isn't really comparable to a slang and is an offense that can be ignored.
Nah, both of them get punished since they're both heavily negative...
: Again, if I was the one 1/10 you'd have used kda to explain how much I belong to bronze, so, no, you're wrong. Especially when it always goes the same way, that is, THEY always feed and I never do. Clearly if I keep beating my opponents I'm a higher rank than they are. But apprently you seem to think people who keep losing belong to a higher rank. Very weird.
I'd check your opgg if it was up. You thinking I'd just judge you by kda shows you have no sense of what actually makes a player. Check how many control wards you buy, general vision score, kill participation, objective focus, itemization and champion pool. I assume that since you blame it all on everyone else and think you belong way above your rank. All of that is indicative of a bad mindset of people often delusional of their own ability. Lemme put it simply: you have a bronze mindset so I see you as a bronze player. It's ironic because falling for more than a whole rank is pretty indicative. P.s. If you get kills in lane and then lose your lead it's even worse than just losing to fed enemies.
: It is toxic, however you probably normally wouldn't get a suspension for this. You probably got a ticket sent about you to riot support, they checked it and gave you a suspension.
I doubt it. There's a high chance that the % are hiding one of the classic 3 characters insta-ban triggers
: Benn really toxic this time boys (tell me where this is toxic wtf is going on with league these days
Mind telling us what those %-Es are for? It's almost guaranteed to be something bannable
: Ohhh alright, fine, then I'm bronze now and I dont belong there. That was a lot of talk just to say you agree with me.
You misunderstood me, you wouldn't have fell so hard if you belonged in the rank you were at.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: "If PLAYER X has 10 deaths at 15 minutes, where 3/2 can FF the game."
And how does that solve a problem more than just giving you an option to gang up on one person and force them to give 10 kills to get out of the game faster if X happened to make a negative view on the game. Generally the first 15 minutes don't mean much if players are even half-capable. I'm sad to see that the higher elo you get the less you care about playing a game that's even remotely challenging.
: Yep, I never chose 1/10 3/10 and 2/10. I chose ONE guy and, ohhhhh what a surprise, he's 11/12, which is also almost my score. Riot decided to give me those uncarryable ruiners. Riot decided that I would lose TWENTY TWO LP and only gain 16 even though it's their fault if I chain lose for always puting me in the wrong team. So yes, it's entirely riot's fault.
Again, kda doesn't mean shit. By all means play duo, just don't be surprised if you don't get the perfect team 100% of the time. And they don't decide on it, they have an algorithm that gives you more for wins and loses you less if you really do belong higher. You apparently don't.
: not at all, it's just kill is more convenient and graphic. If I was one of those feeders, we all know you'd say "look at your kda you died way too much, you are where you belong" so don't be a hypocrite - I'm not where I belong, period. If I am where I belong, why was I s1 2 weeks ago? I wasnt where I belonged then?
You WERE there, you may not have belonged there so you fell. We all get bad teammates from time to time, deal with it.
: > [{quoted}](name=ThayolX,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ay7EPVl5,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-04-17T05:45:51.387+0000) > though I could climb to silver. ok, me too, I was in promo to s1 until for some reason riot made me fall to b2. What was your point?
: I'm not asking for gods, I'm asking for teammates better than bots. Last game's final scores : 1/10 3/10 2/10 Me : 9/12 my premade : 11/12 According to the people on this board, this means we all belong to the same elo. And it's my fault if I didnt win.
You're looking at kill count, you're obviously where you belong. And that's nowhere near where you want to be kda wise. Also, you completely missed my point...
: Flame the worst crime of all
I see a bunch of %-Es. I have no doubt that it was a fair ban. 1st point is objectively true, but I don't blame riot for trying to prevent it. 2nd wrong, report count doesn't matter, just depends on if you flamed or not. 3rd it's not about sensitivity but more likely about common decency. Like, you don't NEED to flame and it'd be nice if you wouldn't. 4th they do. Leaver buster. 5th you can vent, just not on your team. 6th nope, completely fair in my eyes. Just don't buy the stuff if you think that. Here the argument just stops and turns into flame. Goodbye, the game is still thriving by the way :)
ThayolX (EUNE)
: No Fog of War Rotational Gamemode
: wtf this game is completely broken
Elo hell is everywhere. In every Elo you'll find people playing bad. If you're climbing in hopes that your team mates magically become good 100% of the time you'll find yourself disappointed.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: I had 9 trolls in a row in ranked, I'm not playing ranked unless I need to maintain my rank from decay then I'm abandoning it for another month because I'm not losing LP at the hands of toxic/trolls I'm fine with losing in normals, the attitude is just disgusting - which is the point of the entire thread
Then how do you suggest to remedy this attitude? If not then just say it's a pointless rant and be over with it.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: ***
Even if you find it easy to recognize inters an automated system that follows riots ideology of "if it has a chance of harming an innocent player we won't implement it" is pretty hard. If you wanna prove it otherwise, feel free to do so, if not, accept that it takes time and consistency to get punished like that.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Didn't recieve a message saying they were punished, they're still actively playing games so I'm assuming they haven't been punished. They could of recieved a chat ban but it's not appropiate according to what they did. Intentionally feed and get a chat restrict even when you aren't using it? They should be banned to recognise their actions
It's actually intentionally made like that to avoid reverse engineering. The first punishment for inting is 14 day ban. And it's quite likely that they weren't instantly punished (you can get perma-d as soon as you exit the next match). But again, see my points about the difference in systems.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: I have one friend who plays league and he plays like every 2 weeks lol Can't rely on duos to make my fun, kinda play games to have fun ya know
Maybe you should make some new friends then
Pyrosen (EUW)
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
He does have a point, it's more likely to encounter trolls in normal, where people try to let loose
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Go ahead and check antisocialoli and check the players I've been put with, I had 2 good games where the rounds were fun but then everything before that is absolute crap I understand Riot can't determine player behaviour because it's human behaviour and it's not monitorable however I've reported every single one of the people who have trolled in the game and none of them have been punished. My mind can only be sided towards a soultion even if it isn't a good one because I seek some kind of compensation of the literal 10 hours I've had wasted by these "humans" And yeah any game can but that isn't what I'm saying, I'm saying any game should aim to strive away from this. The report system doesn't monotorise player behaviour, it monotorises player chat. I haven't ever had anyone banned for intentionally feeding but as soon as someone called me the N word, instantly banned I'm not frustrated that it's a losing streek, I'm frustrated because I find league fun, I had 2 good games where I had close battles with the enemy team and we won from a teamfight. Compare that moment to where the enemy team decides to chase you around the map to piss you off even though we have a Mobi-boot attack speed 1 - 11 Brand and the game was already over from minute one, you can see why I'm tilted I don't see why I need to mention anything else other than wanting to FF at 15 if someone is intentionally feeding. I'm not asking for a whole system re-make I'm asking for something like "If PLAYER X has 10 deaths at 15 minutes, where 3/2 can FF the game." Premades have too much influence in that aspect, they can literally hold you hostage You still recieve the loss but the person intentionally feeding is actually punished.
I get that you just wanna enjoy the game and all, but you win some you lose some. Sometimes you just lose a bunch at a time. The system is honestly in the best state it can be in my eyes as riot is walking a thin thread of justice and abuse of false punishments. On one hand they can punish pretty much anyone with a negative kda, but on the other hand that'll affect literally half or more of league's players. On the other they can add an easily abusable compensation system. I've honestly yet to read a good suggestion for such a system that wouldn't push a culture of "gg he's at fault he has to do x so we can benefit". The difference in systems is because one is objective and the other is near impossible to detect by programs. You can try paying someone to monitor your game behaviour after reports and see how much it ammounts to, then try applying it to a company.
Likonias (EUNE)
: League levels and the poor rewards
In the old system you'd get about 100 ip per game. Let's say you need to play 60 games to get 10 levels (one glorious capsule), that's 5*1000+6400 or however much the glorious ones drop. That's a LOT more than in the old system, not to mention the shards giving discounts.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: One bad game? I'VE HAD 15 OF THESE GAMES IN A ROW 1 5 NOT 1 And I'm more than capable than playing games to the end, I just don't want to waste my time on games like these, which again, I've had 15 in a row of. I'm level 113 on this account which is any proof you need I see games until the finish but I'm bloody tired of not being able to surrender because of 1 person intentionally feeding and their duo. "Go play ARAM" isn't an acceptable attitude to counter toxicity, if you allow it to spiral it will and with the community allowing this behaviour, it's spiraling out of control to the point I get 15 games in a row with someone toxic, inting or AFK. IN ANY GAME ON THE MARKET, that isn't acceptable but yeah, I'll go play ARAM. My issues are solved!
I can't check your opgg, but hey, let's say that you did indeed have 15 games in a row with a vast minority in the player pool. Tough luck is all I can say. I've felt frustrated about losing streaks too but not a single time have I been so on tilt to actually fail to give a damn about the voting system that ff-s are based on. Not a single part of your post mentions anything other than wanting to ff @15. That being said, 113 levels into the game should have tought you that the actions that can be done against inters and trolls from the side of the system is minimal. Also, any game on the market can match you with people that impact your experience negatively 15 times in a row. It's a miniscule chance since people usually play the game to have fun just like you, but the chances are the same. As for my suggestion on aram, it was pointed at your inpatience to get a game over with. Again, tough luck. You're welcome to afk if you're just gonna give up, there's an effective way to pick that up tough, by the way.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Why do I have to play in a lost game?
If you can't even play a 30 minute game patiently then don't que at all. Go play aram. Seriously, there's pretty much no alternative to the current system. What's from stopping people from crying "wanted to ff but THREE people said no instead of two" if riot makes it easier to ff? Not to mention it's more than fine as is. You had a bad game, get over it.
iAmHusnain (EUNE)
: I didn't meant to Tresh I said it to my friend we take jokes each other and we know in real life
Keep it out of ingame chat then
iAmHusnain (EUNE)
: I meant killing steal
It's considered as telling one to end their life and nothing else. In the future, feel free to refer to killsteals as KS, but I don't think support will lift this ban. Be sure to keep sportsmanslike no matter what kind of teammates you get, the next step is permaban.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: My account should be known only be me. Well i assumed it was.
I'd change my password if I were you, just in case
: What are my chances of regaining honor back?
It doesn't really do much of a difference if you get honored or not, jus keep behaving sportsmanslike. On the premade play meaning less you'd have to get an aswer from someone affiliated with riot tho.
TheSadOn (EUNE)
: [Suggestion for RIOT] New Ranked LP System
Nobuyuki (EUW)
: Pls unban
Nice choice of board, sir. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
You get a report card with chat logs and reasons when you log in, you tell us. If it's not in your client when you try to log in then check your mail. If it's not on your mail contact support.
Meitser (EUW)
: Why i am done with League for now
Not even gonna listen to the end, it's just the most extreme case example of: "I had a fed enemy run at me and kill me {{item:3070}} "
: WambAndLolf
Or different plays on "MarryHadALittleLamb" (i.e. wolf, kindred, etc.)
Sadik (EUW)
: How about mechanical intensive support items
Nah, overall not impactful if not completely broken and don't compliment the role of supports (i.e. breastfeeding the adc until they can wreak havoc, then just do your best with cc and shields/heals). I honestly see nothing of the support role in either of the two items. The 1st item can either be broken or useless while the second isn't really useful on supports while broken if it works the other way around, your carries getting a death timer decrease for the kills he scores just because of the supports item. I recognize people parroting hashinshin from miles away now and trust me when I tell you: Support is not a mechanically intense role and it never will be. The closest to mechanical skill you can get on a support is a flash play or good aim. You wanna punish supports? Punish their positioning via your assasins. They often roam into spots without vision or you can get to them. You won't prevent their power spikes, but it'll give you a window of oppritunity to strike on the carry. Supports are doing their job currently. If you want to not feel stupid for failing to realize there's a support that could be nearby then do suggest a support update, because right now there's no simple solution.
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