: its not m8 about who will climb who wont.Its about the fact those players rarely get punished and they get with it.Flaming wont help indeed no1 but why would you take others shitalk cuz they are tilted already from something and now flame you?You have right to defend yourself but muting wont help cuz only thing that will help is getting rid of this type of ppl from the start and Rito isnt doing much when they are in sentance.But when some1 gives answer by "flaming" pop you get eaither ban or punishment.Flaming is indeed bad,but so is playing bad on purpose cuz you dont care when others do care.Every elo has this more or less but prob is this is increasing in numbers rapidly and rito isnt doing anything about it.Im not going to act saint cuz im far from one but I still have higher chance of getting banned cuz I defended myself and told some1 to "shut up etc"
When one person is shouting in the room, everyone else will probably be uncomfortable. Are you going to get into a shouting match with them? Great! Now you're part of the problem! I'm not blaming you for being upset, I'm not saying you shouldn't have pride or something, but when you're trapped in the game with 2 people typing more than playing, you'll have a worse time than one guy having a 2 minute fit that you can mute and know the fire will die out.
: while that is true, i was more looking to the view that while one thing is punished (with chat bans and then eventually flat out bans) the other seems to go practically unchallenged, leading to more and more toxic behaviour (from the flamers) if RIOT addressed the CAUSE of the issue rather than the outcome, the game would be a much nice place (at least in my opinion)
And what is the CAUSE for flaming? People not dominating their lane every game? Or is it rather the people who aren't equipped to deal with interactions like these and shut down conflict? Either way, I did say they get punished, by tanking their MMR and rank. You on the other hand. Flaming doesn't have as noticable an impact on the game as playing badly, but it's still noticable and has no place in the game. If you're going to flame on my team well have fun having one person not hearing your calls. Riot then says "hey, you, no that's not how you're supposed to play this game" and gives you several slaps on the wrist, then goes "okay, buddy, listen, we've warned you, you're being naughty, if this time out won't do, you'll have to be expelled" and people are so used to their actions, no matter how offensive, not having tangible consequences that they'll keep doing it until they get perma banned. I agree, having a troll, flamer, inter, feeder in the team is always annoying, but there's nothing you can do besides reporting them and moving on. You can take the time to MANUALLY report them if you wish, but it has little to no additional effect compared to normal reporting unless it's a really blatant case. So next time you hit enter, think if it's worth it to vent in game. Go for a jog or do some sit-ups depending on how well you did or something, you'll have less of a chance to queue with whoever you just played with.
: Nail on the head right here. It's fine to be an asshole but yell at that asshole and that's a no-no
: call an asshole an asshole and get banned, BE that asshole and nothing happens....
Gaze into the abyss and the abyss gazes into you. You flaming people being assholes won't help the game. It won't make them magically change their minds, it's only an excuse you make so you can get your sick satisfaction while throwing and tilting more. Flaming won't make people play better. I admit I've said some fighting words before too but I also realized it wasn't for anything other than my own kick. Mute, report, move on, they'll derank, you'll climb.
Declined (EUNE)
: Testing stuff
Wait, test? I didn't prepare, will this be graded?
: perma ban?
>I AM JUST TOXIC Well, there's your problem.
Fredrgud (EUW)
: I am getting tired of this telport bug riot
In general it feels a bit rushed and risky to use tp on map instead of looking at lane first and teleporting via hovering over unit and quick casting teleport. That's how I do it do I haven't experienced this before...
: Just curious about this
So far I know, it's just a popular design. When I got Sekiro I got a similar bead bracelet with it, pretty neat, I think it stems from prayer bead necklaces and bracelets, rosaries, etc. I don't think there's any significant connection.
: You guys literally dont do shit to people trolling games
Literally 8 threads above yours there's someone saying they got banned for "playing bad" when they were running it down mid.
Rioter Comments
Sign out of the computer after you're done playing? Dunno why you'd even save your login on a public computer. Or did you WILLINGLY give him your details? Because that'll get you banned
Drda (EUNE)
: Make it inpossible to ban a called team champion
Don't call your champ. Problem solved. Or wait, don't tell me you're surprised your 90% banrate pick got banned.
Tmenov (EUW)
: Riot did something great finally
Game bad, agree with my argument. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Play the meta, don't complain or don't play, really, this isn't even a rant, all I see here is someone complaining about getting stomped by x
Ghordir (EUNE)
A) if you got asked to pay riot, then some kind of financial dispute happened on your old account, like a credit card chargeback, not a ban because of a hacker. B) Yes, you can't use words people consider racial/sexual/some other kind of slur. It's a no tolerance word. If you play with friends, call each other that somewhere else than in game chat, if you aren't and you just called some random person that and got reported, well, punishment deserved.
: No i only flame when im able to carry a game and they don't want to be carried and just troll yet they dont get a ban and i do so i don't care as i have my main at a nice rank and i just use level 30#s to play and learn and flame xd
Okay so to sum it up... >I flame >I get banned What's the surprise here? No one wants to hear you flame, no one even wants to have to mute their teammate. If it's your smurf then you *obviously* don't care about winning/losing since it doesn't affect your main rank. Oh, and also, you play as a smurf to learn? I'm pretty sure if your rank is "high" (i.e. diamond +, since gold is average) you won't learn about anything playing as a smurf, and you'd know that. All you'd do is upset the matchmade balance by being in a lower elo with better game knowledge, probably stomp lane because they didn't know what minion is going to give you lvl 2/6 advantage, and then fail at macro because you're the only person who knows what they should be doing. Please, stop being scared about losing your "nice rank" and stop smurfing. At least be toxic in your own mmr.
Wow. So much meaning behind each and every word you wrote. And every bit of it is absolute bullshit blame-shifting from you to the people you insult lol :D
432425 (EUW)
: LOL non-logical game mechanics
>There is cant be 1 and 0 at the same time. Riot games has achieved quantum superiority confirmed lul
: I did lets hope for the best
Do let me know how it goes.
: I need 1 more prestige point....
Try writing to riot support, maybe they'll do something like the doodles for rp thing
MusicaroN (EUW)
: You said before : > I'm sure that if nothing was done this once, it's due to a single support person and not the system being strictly against punishing someone for feed/grief. Let me tell you something: 1. The system wouldn't work at all in the described case, since the player's behavior would not trigger any verification not to say punishment 2. I manually had to report the player via ticket because I know mostly how the automated system works, and that he would escape unpunished if no human actually looks into it. This proving not only that the automated system is flawed but the support service also.
Firstly, you shouldn't expect the ingame reports to trigger bans on feeders/trollers, because it is simply not enforcable. A system that can tell apart player behaviour in game (trolling and off-meta), and inting compared to a bad game. It took me a long time to get my head around it, but I kinda get why no one gets punished by the ingame system by now. As for the support ticket, I really can't defend it other than saying it's human error, as I doubt that they'd have a policy against checking reports like that.
: That moment when you main mid and...
And then you pick a mid with decent cc and stomp on him every gank.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: I can't give you the replay since it's against the rules, but only a blind man would believe a 5 game streak anivia with smite wasnt trolling and intentionally using wall to get team killed. 1. Anivia smite midlane that goes bottom seems legit to you ? 2. 5 game streak same pick / strat and all game loses 3. He said in chat he will troll 4. replay has at least 2 moments clear as daylight where he tries to get us killed You can be a fanboy nobody stops you, but don't try to fool others.
You can call me a fanboy, trust me I'm not, I'm just saying that there's literally nothing riot has to gain from keeping trolls and inters unpunished. Maybe it was just a tired support member automatically assuming the ticket titled "troll griefer pls ban" was just someone being salty after a normal game (much like I was before I checked out your other thread) and wrote it off. I'm convinced if you tried contacting support again hoping to get another support person that they'd get punished (but then again, if they got flagged for punishment we can't say much).
Lariatas (EUNE)
: What is a nami bubble then ? Not a knockup but regardless of your tenacity until animation ends it wont release you
https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Types_of_Crowd_Control#Suspension It's a knockup for a set amount of time, but also reduced by tenacity up to 0.5s. Do check it out. Lol wiki often shows way more info than the in client info, wich I think is bs, but ok.
Shamose (EUW)
: Intentionally feeding is always a 14-day ban on first offence. No chat bans.
Hey, I wouldn't know what shinanigans is going on behind the scenes at support. I'm sure that if nothing was done this once, it's due to a single support person and not the system being strictly against punishing someone for feed/grief.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: RIOT doesn't take any action on reported players via Ticket
The player could have recieved a chat restriction or, maybe, just maybe, your viewpoint on what's considered intentional feeding/trolling is skewed. But hey, you can always hope that somehow, the system is always working against the casual, honest player like 90% of the qq threads on this board claims is true. Edit: I decided to check your other thread. While it is meddling, I don't believe that those walls would have caused you to be killed. But hey, if he wasn't outright banned I'm sure he's at least losing mmr fast enough to never end up in your games again.
Lariatas (EUNE)
: CC durations needs a nerf
What CC are you refering to? I find most cc in the game to be pretty easy to deal with so long a kit doesn't have 2+ stuns or knockups. Also, it's worth noting that knockups aren't affected by tenacity.
Ezzra (EUNE)
: And this is a reason why we need lose prevented
Loss prevented isn't for when someone on your team is losing you the game in any way, whether it be simply losing lane, being behind, doing bad calls, etc. Their punishment is going to be deranking low enough for you to never see them again if they do it consistently. Loss prevented is for when the league server crashes/is overloaded and disturbs the game.
Blakex13x (EUW)
: it actually did so yea get your facts right first please.
Got any link I could get to read about how riot shared their mmr data with op.gg? Because I haven't heard of it, I'd love to know if that was the case.
Blakex13x (EUW)
: well if its so damn important and it makes the match making do what it does then why is it shown just like it was BEFORE they took it out of op.gg huh?, then in that case riot should fix the match making then shouldnt they ??? my point exactly thanks for showing im right.
op.gg was never given your actual mmr from riot, it was only their speculations on it. And if you have claims that matchmaking is so broken then how do you suggest it is fixed? Riot implies mind-reading tech to ensure all the inters and AFK-s are put in the enemy team? I'd love to hear it, and I bet riot would too.
Blakex13x (EUW)
: ***
Riot has different people working on different things. They have an art department that works on splashes, skin models and voices, etc. They have a gameplay department, that does the number balancing and similar things. I highly doubt they require an overlapping of skills for these departments. So there's nothing stopping riot from making skins at any point because of "broken matchmaking".
Blakex13x (EUW)
: and if it is so important about mmr then why dont they display it huh~?
Because you don't need to know it, and quite frankly if people figured out that, for example, going afk the moment the game starts being lost does better for your mmr than surr-ing, then that's gonna be abused to hell and back. Just an example.
: Good reasoning, but it's not correct. It's morning, and so the shadow is on the other side. The story begins with her standing up, and if I read the bells correctly (first bell = 7am) the bridge scene is around the third bell = 9 am.
Aw, I just ctrl + f-d and found "They have met three times in the sultry air of evening" and assumed evening.
: Thanks for doing this! For an extra challenge, I have one more extremely hard question (which was first asked by Bioluminescence). I can't give out gifts, but if you can answer it, color me impressed. > In Piltover/Zaun, in approximately which cardinal direction (N,E,S,W) is the Techmaturgy tower, relative to Old Hungry?
It is east, and here's my explanation. First, understanding P&Z - The cities are basically atop one another in a way where Piltover is split in two parts by a fault, north and south. Said fault is crossed by an arc, described in Progress day, where the characters met, from there they could also see both of the towers. Both towers are said to rise from the fault, so the only chance that the shadow of old hungry crosses the tower is if they're East/west of each other. In the story, the set time was evening, hence the sun needs to be set in the west position. Old hungry is then between the tower and the sun. Old hungry is west of the tower, the tower is east relative to Old hungry. I was going over splashes and arts, thinking I could find a picture. Now I'm sad that there's no picture of Old hungry (or at least, not that I know of/can tell apart)
: Buff lethality, nerf tanky champions
There's some basic misconceptions you continue to make. The most glaring of all is assuming tanks should be useless. Bami's cinder/cape, titanic, thornmail, all of these items are pretty much necessary for tanks because they allow you to do damage. As a tank, if you stand there and take a beating you're better off being replaced by a super minion. You need to have an impact past damage sponging or else the enemy will simply focus other targets and chop you down last. Ofc, taunt champs and braum are an exception, as well as tanky bruisers (juggernauts) are an exception. When you're taking you either want to stick to squishies and make them focus you/slowly kill and cc them with your base damage. With the amount of %hp damage in the game now it's kill or be killed, and so long you buy your team a few seconds you'll be fine. As an assasin, not building cleaver is your own mistake. In some match-up a cleaver will help immensely, not only because of the damage, hp and cdr it offers, but also because of the mobility and armor shred. If you build full lethality, get counterpicked or counter built, don't be surprised. You could always roam more or lane swap to lanes that you would do better in. If worst comes to worst and you can't for the love of it adapt, you can always swap to playing those "op tanks and ap midlaners" instead. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
PKSquid (EUW)
: https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/prestige-updates Idk, sure those are good orbs, but nothing too special tbh
Hey, your call. Personally, as someone who only got 50 PP because of the ticket and anniversary I'll probably get the bag unless the emote is god-tier. I don't personally think the prestige skins are anything special, especially not since I prefer niche champs. The hextech skins are better imo.
PKSquid (EUW)
: Which Prestige should I get?
You could always wait and see if anything you especially like comes around. Maybe some of the prestiege point things they're planning on selling are especially good.
dino0 (EUW)
: I know they did try it in NA server like always, server goes down na get free rp, something happens they get free stuff, simple who ever runs euw server doesnt care about players , also me saying i hate kind fot going 0/8 and i hope he goes to hell in many years from now isnt flaming
You telling people going 0/8 to go to hell is flaming, change my mind.
DeejayF (EUW)
: really but why, why have they not nerfed him so far he is abused in pro play and soloq and just honestly could use a rework...
Well, for starters he doesn't have any resistances - his tankiness comes from his hp alone, so with any penetration he's taking almost true damage. And his healing can be cut by a variety of items - thornmail, executioner's blade, a lot of champ effects too. His late game damage can be interrupted by stuns and arguably roots and good positioning too, after his first e his damage output will be limited for a while, and if you're standing behind a frontline and manage to blow him up then you're golden, just be sure to have stuns for days and not let the rest of his team roll over you afterwards. As much as he's a hyper carry late you can have your own hyper carries late as well. But hey, I get it's not easy to coordinate or think about all this in the heat of the game, can happen to anyone.
DeejayF (EUW)
: How in God's name have they still not nerfed Vlad?
Shhhh, he used to be my pocket pick, I need to try him out again sometime soon.
: https://giphy.com/gifs/A363LZlQaX0ZO/html5
10/10 would get support from this specialist again.
Zakir (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Estrela Platina,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qJk1uraB,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-28T18:32:21.371+0000) > > Draven is 65. in popularity ranking. > Ezreal is 3. in popularity ranking. > Lux is 21. > Mf 37. > Draven is no near any of champions you listed. > > Draven had his last skin 685 days. > And is no near the most forgotten champiosn. > In fact he is 33 on list. > First is Xerath and Skarner both had their last skins 1646 days ago. Draven 3.4% Play rate MF 2.6% Play rate
Mf has a bigger winrate too tho. And she just got a skin wich means all the newbies are swarming. I get you're fanboying over the champ, but no, other champs need it worse.
: Anyone else just can't bring themselves to play ranked(cancer)?
I had that mentality as well. I was probably the last of my friends to try ranked, still got the jitters when playing ranked up untill a year ago. I can't say exactly what changed, but I just go into ranked now like a normal draft, it just happens that there's a number system I can see behind it now. And honestly, I love it. Wins are just wins losses are just losses. After some time I get the random promo qualifier notification and I'm slightly self-conscious for the next three games, but afterwards it's normal again.
vMrPoppy (EUW)
: I just got 10 game chat restriction from false reporting me
Hello! we're the league community, just your average player, we don't have the power to help you. You seem to have experience with riot support though. They can help you. But I wouldn't get your hopes up, I've read your chat logs, I'd say you were pretty lucky not to have gotten a worse punishment. Just take the L and don't bother calling for reports and flaming, it won't magically let you win.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. Go to my profile and tell me how many matches don't have a 10+ death feeder (kda of 0.2 and stuff like that) on either team. Go on. I am willing to accept it might be less common as you rank up. But in silver, playing with bronzes and irons every match, they are there EVERY match. There's way too many trolls, griefers and people with no business in ranked. But if you managed to get out of elo hell quickly enough, you never had to live through it, it's mighty easy to deny its existence (like they all do) and say your rank is exactly the one you deserve. And the thing is dota2 keeps trying to improve matchmaking: http://blog.dota2.com/2019/10/continuing-matchmaking-updates/ while ours is absolute nonsense, but keeps you playing. And buying skins, I guess.
It really depends on what this feeder is doing in the end. A feeder on a cc-heavy champ can be infinitely more valuable than a feeder on an assassin, but I digress. I don't know if matchmaking is just that different for us or if i just don't care about someone going 0/10 (wich we should still experience at roughly the same rate) , but I'd say our core experiences are fundamentally different by what you say, I'm not going to try and argue this with you anymore. As for the dota system, I can see it's improving, but that there are oversights that shouldn't have been there in the first place (allowing you to drop mmr and keep your medal? Really?). For league I'll admit, a role experience symmetry would be nice, but in the end this will only have an impact on the auto fill matchups, wich I agree are one of the only things I see could immediately be improved. It's easy to call a system shit, but without knowing it's internal workings and just pointing out problems that can or cannot be fixed is just redundant.
: imagine saying openly toxic. Talking shit in chat is a billion times less toxic than trolling
What's wrong with me calling him openly toxic? At least some people try to go for subtle insults, but this d00d. Since you claim that, mind showing me where you got that number from? Or is it a completely subjective ass pull? Fact is that while both are toxic, you'll get %%%%ed up for flaming faster because it's an imperial system where riot doesn't have to develop an advanced AI to determine if it was toxic or not. Yeah, that dude's running down mid, do you think he cares about you calling his mom names? It's insult to injury to the players that are able to mentally deal with the loss. It's not hard to have a rule of thumb: don't be an asshole and you won't get punished. This dude said asshole things and was punished, easy as that.
: Are you that special and can't understand a thing? If malphite have 51.3% win rate that mean he have 48.7 Loose rate. So when somebody pick him and nothing else matter you have 48.7% chance to Loose a game.
That'd be correct, if he was picked on the enemy team. But this entire time it's been about him being on your team...
: What? >48.7% of loosing LOOSING. You have 48.7% TO LOOSE with him in team. So he have 51.3% WIN RATE. Is it so hard to understand what you read?
He has a 51% WIN-RATE. Win-rate is victories/nr. Of games. if you play 100 games and win 51 of them, you have a 51% win-rate. If you have a 51% win-rate, that doesn't mean your enemy wins 51% of the games they face you, it means YOU win 51% of games you face against others. Do you understand what I'm saying?
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Have you heard of the Gambler's Ruin? Everything comes on streaks. You win 50% of your games, you should stay at the same rank forever, right? Wrong. Combine the fact that we have ranks, and not pure continuous mmr like on chess, and the fact that mmr adjusts your lp wins and losses to rank and matches... You lose 4 matches on a row. You now earn +15lps and lose -20lps. Trolls and feeders and noobs get evenly distributed, making you lose when they are on your team and win when they are on the enemy's. But now you need to win 3 times for every 2 defeats to remain at the same place. You lose 2 and win 2. You drop even further. Your win becomes less valuable and defeats penalize you more and more. It doesn't matter how good you are, because team composition weight more than your own skill... In the end, you drop until you reach a point everybody is SO bad, you are able to carry solo, where you can stabilize. You see, you are not where you deserve, despite what everybody says. You are where you can no longer drop more, because everybody is so bad compared to you, you can't lose any more. And what to do about it, there's a ton of ways to improve matchmaking, and how players are positioned. Go check dota2, for example. In the end, it doesn't matter, the game is designed to make you play more and more, instead of helping you achieve your deserved rank where you'd stagnate and stop playing so much. That would be counterproductive for business.
I've thought about what you mentioned as well. If you're bad the feeders on your team actually probal don't impact you as much as you expect, but can net you an easy win on the enemy team. Thing is, while you do get your mmr impacted slightly by them, they aren't common enough to make you drop continously. In the end, if the system you described applied to everyone (and it does, trolls feeders and afk are present throughout the ladder), and as you say everyone will be at the bottom of their capabilities, then absolutely NO ONE would ever be able to climb, let alone rank up to challenger. And what about dota 2 should I see? The fact that they don't check reports and put the players that get reported most often into low priority queue? It's the same as league, minus the promos. You win you earn points and get a higher rank at x points. Hell, they didn't even have positional queue until recently. I don't understand what you meant with the rest of your example, but I'd gladly hear it.
: That's win rate Plat+ on top of that it's from Korea server. i showed here win rate from op division from data from every server. Iron+ and It's 51.3%. So This >Where did you do this research of yours? Back fire at you a little.
I dunno bri, I'm checking op.gg (even multiple servers), champion.gg, and even league of graphs. Malphite has a positive win rate everywhere (except in global diamond plus) so i don't know if you just took the masters average, but... Yeah, either way, it's definitely not showing he's bad atm, and definitely not the 80% op is claiming. Feel free to link me your 48% claim though, because i went and checked gold euw stats too. Edit- did you get the 48,7% from subtracting 51,3% from 100? Because if a champ has an x% win rate, that's his chance to win the game... The average of wins/losses
: Question about malphite.
Well, armor won't help you if you barely have any HP at all, but his ult has a good 80 second window (before CDR so count it at about 50-ish) where he's near useless against any ranged champ. If your adc gets GA, banshees, some immunity, or malph just %%%%s up, he's as good as dead and at the stage where he's one-shotting that should pretty much mean that the game is won or lost before he respawns. But either way, that one little window of fun when you look for a good r is always great ^^
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