: silver all round player looking for teams or duo's
Flex: Gold DuoQ: Silver (Grinding atm) Dutch/English add me IG if you want.
Dzekii (EUW)
: Looking for a Duo partner (EUW) (Silver/Gold)
Mid main here but i can play every role. Flex: Gold DuoQ: Silver 3 (-> Gold) Add me if you want.
: Perma Banned. Provoked agression / Not being offensive.
Game 1 Pre-Game Im Like Yisus: teemo support Im Like Yisus: yikes.. This is already a bad start, as long as he doesn't feed/troll/flame let him play teemo And if he does just report him after the game but don't spam in chat. You are in plat/diamond should know better than me ff15, report and next game.
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