Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: What about pig? worm? potato? tato? illaoi?
GilxeN (EUW)
: What kind of special snowflake you are? Offended by a word "dog", "woof", you need clearly need mental help.
You're legit insulting entire cultures now where the word 'dog' is actually really offensive. But that aside for western standards I think it's pretty weak lol
: How long until "dog" and "woof" are blacklisted?
There is a real easy fix for this, we used to have a tribunal where actual human beings with brains reviewed it. But I guess even riots decisionmaking gets ran by instant feedback systems these days.
Shadane (EUW)
: Weird Question - got permabanned
Riot rarely ever target bans a player, some exceptions like tyler1 aside. Usually, they remove the account with the record. Still, fix the behavior issues though. Sounds to me you're more concerned about the consequences than the reason there are consequences. Remind yourself you're talking to real human beings from time to time even if you can just tank the ban on a smurf doesn't mean you should. Only ban dodging a smurf should ever be used for in my opinion is practicing niche / off-meta champs. The only reason you get banned for that in first place is cus rito's automated systems are scuffed as hell anyway.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Not really. You don't even see challenger players getting close numbers to this one. You cannot get every CS in the game. If you think you can, you are setting the bar too high.
As someone who has the exact same problem as the OP in this thread, those numbers are incredibly helpful. We're not aiming to hit those max cs numbers. But we do need to know what the maximum possible cs numbers are at any given time so we can strife for 80%+ uncontested cs-rate or whatever you wish to achieve in life. But you want the information to measure your progress. Also this thread taught me that every minion is 2% of your cs income at the 5 minute mark and only 0.88% at 10. Which makes it abudantly clear you want to focus more heavily on the first 5 minutes of cs to get a laning advantage. In turn this directly synergizes with your initial laning goal of perfect csing the first 9 minions to get lvl2 first. Now I can't remember what the cs marks for lvl3 and lvl6 are, but once you find out you can aim to practice for that too and get a HUGE laning advantage. Even challengers don't hit the perfect cs @10 but they do know these bits of info that do help them to practice their csing and they do abuse that in lane. Additionally to this, because in real scenario's cs isn't uncontested like it is in practice tool, they will miss out on a lot of cs, that's true. But they will also opt to deny their laning opponent as much cs as possible to counteract this. Now if you count their cs too and have had all combattext on to find out the exp on every miniontype you're gonna know when THEY will hit their lvl 2/3 and 6. Now suddenly you can see a gank or engage coming from a mile away and absorb pressure for free, just by knowing some "useless" information. It's not just the information you see, it's all the info combined that make you 5Head the shit out of your silver laning opponent.
LS Mirit (EUW)
: No, they are making us buy more pringles, with the slim possibility of getting something. This is not a free give away, you are the product, because you have to register on 3rd party sites...
"Making us buy" interesting, so you're saying just because they do a giveaway you're automatically forced to enter?
: That means you give us a total of 70 free classic skins for only 115 million cans of pringles? How generous {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Unless you're gonna buy all 115million of those cans this wouldn't affect you. You still get a can of pringles if you don't win and don't have to play. Sure both Pringles and Riot will make a good profit on this, but that's how economics works. If companies can't make money doing x, they won't do it. Now at least there's going to be 60 people having a lucky day served with their can of pringles.
: this is imo just sad. This means you guys are giving away around 60 legacy skins. So you say people have to buy a 2 euro can of chips to maybe get an old and possible outdated skin. It would have been fine if you bought a can of chips and you would get 1 legacy skin per account and a chance to get a legendary skin or something.
Beside "buy something get something somewhere else" is about exactly how sponsorships work, skins being leagues main retail mechanic it's obvious it's gonna be a skin. But then the "outdated" part and "chance for legendary" to make it worth it, I have to inform you some legacy skins are far more valuable and demanded than legendary skins anyone can still purchase whenever they like. If you took the time to actually watch the skins they offer, there are actually pretty sick skins in there.
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: Pro View: Leveling up the Esports Viewing Experience
Indeed a feature I've been dying to have like 5-6 years ago. Now I don't particularly watch every game anymore though just a select few teams that catch my interest every time and never fail to disappoint me :) So good thing it's finally here, but thnx I'll pass for now :P
Poadz (EUW)
: they've beaten them twice actually. on the last group stage day they had to face twice for tiebreaker and fnatic won twice on that day + the first game that they lost vs IG was a very close game. But i fear IG has gotten a bit better since group, especially theshy :/
TheShy will get bwiped off the face of the earth after bwipo is done with him :) :)
: Worlds 2018 Draw Show Guide
Alternatively, you could develop a time machine to figure out of the draw will result in an invalid draw in the future and adjust accordingly. Wouldn't call it much easier but you would be multi-billionaires for developing a time machine, so win-win!
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: Why did Riot remove the skinboost option in ARAM?
Okay thanks everyone and especially Riot themselves for taking the time to answer this, should be all clear now ^_^
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Rouhsif (EUW)
: Why is it that lethality is so useless
{{champion:3}} + {{item:3001}} + {{champion:69}} = goodbye {{champion:57}} when facing big beefy tanks and you can't rely on your adc to destroy them even in low elo just an abyssal galio and a proper sustain mage can shred through those bars. So pick up that premade toplaner and give'em hell aint nobody got time for rock paper scissors xD
einar43 (EUW)
: Can you please return honor option for enemy players too?
Being able to honor enemies? Sure all for that, cus sometimes you're having a wonderful time with them over all chat regardless of who is running circels around who (love those occassional dancebattles at baron when you're either really ahead or behind). But the reason you say is behind it is so you can honor people that report.. Now that's probably more of the issue why they won't reintegrate it rather than the reason they will. Reports shouldn't be bought with honor they should be 'earned' by a players obvious bad behaviour. If I'm trying to practice my csing and you as a support don't like me doing that and pay your enemies to report me over it, now that's when all hopes in the reportsystem will be lost nearly globally catching even more innoccents while not really affecting reports on the real deal. Truth of the matter is if somebody's being a real troll they'll get reported regardless if you have to reward for a report you might wanna reconsider if it's legitimately worth reporting for or just a bad player or someone practising something or trying a niche meta.
: so drastically increasing the queue times in the elo where most of the playerbase is for no real reason?
drastically increasing it for the trolls mainly, the issue regarding abuse to banish out regular counters to you is gonna be incredibly hard to keep track of in an elo with such a high playerbase so people probably won't even bother if they even know who to block. so what's left of the "issue" for low elo is that trolls won't get qeued as quickly which leaves longer qeues for those who blocked them and their teams, which shouldn't be an issue as when you have to dodge the game cus it's a troll anyway you'll have a double qeue time anyway AND lose 3 lp on the back of it. long story short in low elo this system would be great, high elo I have to agree with zantonny since the community is very small you'd be easily able to abuse it. however, riot does claim to screen whether reports are accurate or not and act accordingly so if they were to actually do that it would be quite easy for them to punish players abusing this system as well. especially in such a small community it can't be that hard to use the information you already claim to gather for a different system that could really use that information.
Phaerim (EUW)
: Most likely, yes. It is. I got a 5 game chat-mute due to having called a Jungler Warwick "insane" after he kept spam pinging me the rest of the game (I did not know you could mute pings at the time. Game was hectic and his trolling and pinging was really distracting), after I decided to Zilean ult our ADC instead of him in a teamfight. My team agreed he exaggerated greatly and I muted him after he wrote entirely in caps lock afterwards. A rather friendly Riot employee told me, that the "proper" reaction is to mute them entirely and not talk back. So basicly you are not allowed to talk back, argue or defend yourself against bullying or thrash talk. Thats what the mute button is for. That seems to be their policy. I would personally argue, that there should be some sort of redeeming circumstances if the logs show that you did not start the conflict, but I guess what Riots means about having a "competitive spirit" is that you can talk shit to people who perform bad, and then ban the poor sods, when they try to defend themselves. #Logic
Yea riots new policy is punish the people standing up against flamers so the people that require systems like this to be in place can go ahead and keep ruining games for everyone. Feels more and more like they actually want this community to be as toxic and unsafe as possible for people trying to have a fun time or learn the game.
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Mordréd (EUW)
: The new client is laggy as hell.
Also have this problem. I understand that this client is still in BETA, but I presume you want to push it live by december and like this it's simply not ready yet. Also you've known this issue since day 1 Alpha so you've had quite some time to play with. If this client get's pushed live as it is now it's gonna harm your reputation as being a game for everyone. So my advice to Riot, even if it takes you another year to solve this issue, don't push it live before this is fixed, you will lose the vast majority of your playerbase that aren't so to speak millionaires in our eyes. Some reasons: I can't select runes/masteries and summoners in time if I don't prematurely set those (but do we really always know for sure what champ we will play until we lock it in?) When a qeue get's dodged by someone and a new qeue immediately kicks in, it takes longer to load the accept button than I have the time to accept it, kicking me back to the end of the line in qeue. I have already failed to lock in my picks or bans multiple times because I only had 10 seconds left, which is by far not enough to click a champion AND lock it in on this client. *In ranked that's 3lp because your client can't handle my pick/ban-style* **tl;dr** Client is unplayable on low-end PC's. !DONT PUSH IT LIVE BEFORE A FIX!
: Endscreen lag
PS: Seemed to have been some server issues at the time of occuring (re-log resulted into a qeue) so I assume it would've been the server rather than the new client.
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Febos (EUW)
: > Don't bother to tell my my statistics are flawed Well, your are right. They are flawed. That's not how math works. The moment you said this: >The odds of 10 players in the same game all own that specific champion is (1/3)^10. You blew it.
I failed statistics twice and I guess we both know why ;) But none-the-less the idea is clear, because the odds of a player having that champion increases to 100% the odds of that champion appearing in the game will increase with that.
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Just Cat (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Reznov Vazileski,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=GVT8EMEW,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-09-17T20:21:04.163+0000) > > There are always multiple champions that synergize with the basic idea of what your comp is going to do. The entire point of this system is breaking the conventional OP combo's and forcing your enemy to think out of the box or maybe leave their comfort zone a little to give you that slight edge. > If you strategy involves banning out your counter, that's allright, but they could ban you as well or draft a new counter to you. Also it's meant be a bit silly as I did intend it for a rotating mode rather than the new ranked drafting system, so I know it's a little crazy and out of the box, but that's the fun of rotating modes after all. you did not mention this important fact htat its rotating game mode
"Now I don't think this will ever be the replacement for it, but maybe you guys can implement this draft type into a future game mode :)" Then what does that imply? I said I thought of it as a new draft for urf (rather than making it all random), but if they don't use it for urf, maybe for another future gamemode.
Kippiiq (EUW)
: So tl;dr is to 'invent' new metas and stuff? I think it could work...
Yea the intention is to get a refreshing way to bring out drafting meta's. I wanna force players to consider at least two champions to pick just in case they get banned out. Since there's a select amount of champions that work in the composition they're planning, that could lead to interesting adaptations :)
Just Cat (EUW)
: This is awfull its combo breaking+ I wanted X champ, OH LOOK enemy took counter or the champ lets bann it! I am sorry but this is bad idea.
There are always multiple champions that synergize with the basic idea of what your comp is going to do. The entire point of this system is breaking the conventional OP combo's and forcing your enemy to think out of the box or maybe leave their comfort zone a little to give you that slight edge. If you strategy involves banning out your counter, that's allright, but they could ban you as well or draft a new counter to you. Also it's meant be a bit silly as I did intend it for a rotating mode rather than the new ranked drafting system, so I know it's a little crazy and out of the box, but that's the fun of rotating modes after all.
DjooLa (EUNE)
: Not that bad, but 3 bans are way to much. 1 ban is enough if you can see all 5 they got. If you know what I mean. Sorry for bad English.
Sounds fair, maybe 2 bans then since 1 ban might somewhat take away the ability to really hit them where it hurts, but I can see how 3 is too much, thanks :)
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: For Those Who Think Riot Is Ignoring The Community
We aren't mad that their draven gamemode sucked.. We are mad because they change urf from 14 days to 3 times 3 days (yes I believe I read 3 times urf this year but it's still not the same) including that the urfinational has been replaced with a regular match of LoL. I appreciate the staff trying to be funny and get us entertained watching a regular game of league.. but please please PLEASE leave that to piglets face when he loses yet another playoffs ;) URFitational and 5 days of URF cannot be replaced and there's no clear post anywhere about how late URF will even be on. That lack of communication is what makes people think Riot doesn't care. I understand as a Dev you have to bring bad news from time to time and people will not like bad news, but if there is bad news at least bring it completely and accurately so people know what's going on. Current questions there's no answer to, how the heck late will URF start on EUW, like every other server got it up already but we don't... There's a shitton of people that THINK they know, but they don't seem to have any valid sources (of which I mean sources that are published by a Riot employee). Which isn't strange at all because I tracked the dev's with redtracker and there's not a single post on urf's start time and what's taking them so long. Because now it will not be 3 days but 2 days since (what they did tell us) it will be down at Monday morning ( ascension went down on ~4am so can confirm this). Next question, since there's obviously not the three promised days of URF, will they be compensating with extra time? Nobody knows except for Oceanic region where they actually communicated with their public. How strange that Oceanic regions forums have a lot LESS hate posts on Riot that EUW region. So for short. Riot may not be intending to shit on us, but by not communicating what they're doing they sure make it look like it. This is also a problem that they have promised to improve on in like what, season 3?! I do agree they have improved, but it's just dissapointing how little they improved over the course of 3 years.
WG Dourza (EUW)
: 14:00/15:00
Sources from riot posts please, the one says 14/15 the other says 12 and logic says 4am cus they will shut it down at 4am... the bastards... I don't even know what to believe anymore ;-;
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: I think it will start at 12 CET. So we have another 40 mins.
Confirmed as 12:37 CEST *we're in summer time bruh* and not started yet. RITO LEFT US FOR DEAD D:<
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: Aurelion Lols
I had a fun riddle for you guys, but "aureilion sol"ved it already
: Some sort of packet loss/lag
I have this on a regular basis actually, but before pointing a finger on Riots servers let me suggest you to test your ping manually during game and tab out while it happens to see if there's any change in ping pattern while it was occuring. To keep constant track of your ping go to run console (Windows key + R) and type: ping -t This will open a TCP/IP pingcommand to the closest servers of google in a comand prompt window, this will not stop until you close the window because you looped it with -t so just keep it running in the background and see if you find any pingspikes or package loss. Note that League isn't running a TCP/IP connection (unfortunately I don't remember the type connection they are running, but I'll explain it) so when you find a pingspike in your console (lets say 25ms to 200ms to 25ms) this looks innocent but can actually cause a packet to drop in your client because if the 3rd packet arrives before the 2nd packet it will not read the 2nd packet any longer. Let's say this 2nd packet was a nidalee spear, well you recieved the 3rd packet saying you died to it, but the spear was never thrown as far as you know. If everything is fine you can also try to repair your client, especially when it happens in the same kind of situations every time it might be just corrupted gamefiles causing havoc.
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