Forte (EUNE)
: Take a look at the dmg dealt. Your logic would apply only if he was ksing. 80% kp Meanwhile the adc had 23% and the top had 29% Math speaks for itself.
Exactly, lolz. Back there I took most of the kills 1v1, so how i was supposed to share them with if my teammates were either dead, afk or farming jungle {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Forte (EUNE)
: Welcome to hell. Eventually you'll get out don't worry, I know it sucks but so does the majority of the player base.
I got out, it's an old account. I got back to it cause my main account (managed to get to gold iV) got banned because of "flame", the reason of "flame" was exact the same teams. And it's funny that people saying "i *** your mother", "go eat **** who*e" (im not offensive, those are quotes) can report you and you get ban, when u only responsed 'stfu" or something :)
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