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: Looking for friendly players
Hey, i added you ig :) fellow female here aswel (:
: Looking for friends
Hey, you can add me too :) ign: xNana
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: Add me if u want to laugh :v
Ahaha, added !
: I'm up for it
Hey! Add me on LoL and ill put you in the team group ^^
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: added you in game {{champion:17}}
Hi! Added you both ! :)
: Hi, I made a club for friendly people to make new friends, find people to play with and have fun together.. We are around 40 people. Add me if you want to join us.
Hi (: I'm interested as well, i'll add you , and then you tell me if that's possible :D
: Looking to join a club or team
Hi! Looking for that aswell :) Added you !
Dublinia (EUW)
: Looking for fun people
Hey. Just saw this and will add you :) Also interested in playing with fun people for normals!
: CLUB RECRUITING !!! ( Sejtans )
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ESTGnome (EUW)
: Looking someone to play for fun.
Feel free to add :) been wanting people to play for fun for far too long x) ign: Billirrubina
Arshypoo (EUW)
: Looking for people just to have fun with!
been looking for this ! YES, fun is the key to all this :D I've been away from what you can call 'real league' because of college, just play some arams now and then, but ive been wanting to get back on normals forever. I used to do it a lot with friends which was loads of fun but they dont seem to want to play that much anymore. I'd love to play with a crew just for fun sakes :) Feel free to add me at: Billirrubina


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