ahmad05 (EUNE)
: cool idea but they just released mage so
Well, they can realese another one too, i don't think they are bounded to this method, or maybe they will release it after another 2 or 3 champs. I just want it to come out.
FixxeS (EUW)
: that would give a lot of work to do those abilities I think... too much work... and basically that champ would have to be a lot nerfed than you are saying... the R is freaking broken, more broken than even master yi's R, it's like, as soon as your enemy gets an inhibitor you can just cast your R that aparently will have a big time on effect since it works with minion waves, and fight those super minions out... so your R would need to work just with 1 minion wave, whatever it is... and than you can cast your E to add even more minions to it and if it gets a 5 second or less cooldown like majority of champs on Q/W/E you can just "spam" your E and in no time you are making 3 or 4 X's minion waves btw each game's wave... so you go to lane with a doubled or maybe tripled minion wave... so I am guessing to normalize that you would need to add like a 30 second or more cooldown to your E. W is too broken, needs a fixed distance and a really small radius to get attached to the target, meaning it would only catch one at a time and would have to be a skillshot, something like blitz crank's Q and since you are an AP champ and you have Zhonya hourglass and items giving you 120 AP damage or even the deathcap that gives you AP and increases your overall AP as a passive, you could have 1000 AP, depending on it's scalings and that with your passive and R you would have your minions stronger than super minions... so to compensate that the scaling rate would need to be very low on your passive and R, which would mean your champ would be basically a retired, crippled bag of bones with cerebral diarrhea till you get all your items... and even with your items, you will hardly kill a tank... also, if you don't have minions around you can't do anything, so I am guessing to kill an enemy majority of the players would just be a bait, run under their tower or close and while they are not covered by their minions you can just do your W, pull them inside your tower, hit them with Q your minions focus him and even if he doesn't die to the tower he will die to your minions/basic attacks (since all you can do without your minions is basic attack, pretty much), so people would make AD builds, so you dealing as much as an ADC, your minions having increasing damage and you pulling your enemy inside a tower would be a guaranteed kill and make it impossible to kill your champ when a tower is nearby... also if you build AP minions would still have to scale AD because minions only do basic attacks, they don't have abilities to use their extra AP... we already have a champ like that, just plants mini guns that take a while to kill, that scale AD based on AP and you can farm safely behind your little mini turrets and if someone wants to kill you they need to put their neck at risk... yes, I am talking about heimerdinger, nobody likes to play aggainst him and so would nobody like to play against your champ... but that's my opinion and I am just a fking bronze 1, I know nothing about league of legends!
Yeah i forgot to say that, W is a skillshot, and that when you pull an enemy, he is not pushed right into the mouse pointer, but he will just be pushed for some "metres", like swain's "grab", E would have a really heavy cooldown, just to avoid the situation you described before, i even forgot to say that during R, minions will give double gold when killed. And yes i know, everyone said that R is broken, i wanted to make the use of the R, a really important decision, cause if you press it at the wrong moment, you can make it become an advantage for the enemy team. Maybe we can make it, not global, but with a really big radius, like galio or pantheon's ults, but every enemy minion killed by the team during the R time, would become an ally minion.
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