Lord Sharky (EUNE)
: Simple Suggestion
Definitely something worth doing!
candoodle (EUW)
: if you want your primary role don't put support as secondary
At the same time, I've queued as primary support, and got my secondary! I think it's just designed to place you into a game as soon as possible. I'd rather there was a setting that you could put on so the system always puts you into your primary role, unless a certain amount of time passes.
: What their came a new summoner that can get you 1 lvl up
Wouldn't it be too strong early game? You could start off the game at level 2, which is a huge advantage (unless everybody has it, then there's no real advantage!). You'd gain levels much faster, which again gives you a huge advantage, but then at level 18, it's completely useless. Not only that, but there's no counterplay to it, other than everybody taking it to keep up with your advantage - that just sounds toxic.
serifwolf20 (EUNE)
: New account, 9-1 promos and silver 1? is this a bug?
Are you complaining that you think you should be placed higher? Silver 1 sounds good for an account which hasn't played ranked before! Can we stop this '5 wins = bronze 2, 6 wins = silver 4' etc. - that's not how placement matches work. You could win all your matches and only be placed silver, or win only 7 and be placed gold. It system doesn't decide purely on how many matches you win (although it does have a big affect); the system works on your hidden MMR. If you win against players with a higher MMR, the system will place you higher than if you win against players with a lower MMR.
: That's exactly where the ballance is created. Melee champs no longer get bullied so hard that they fall behind immediatly.
What about squishy champions? Before they had an advantage early game, whilst tanks would have an advantage late game. Now cc tanks can dominate the game from the start, punishing any squishies that try to push.
: "OP" because they have a chance now and are more then just victims of poke champions? I think it made aram more balanced and a lot of useless champions became actually good.
They always had a chance though. Now cc tanks can dominate from the start, rather than before when they had to wait until late game.
: League of Legends is Balanced
This type of game is never completely balanced. Why do you think Riot patches the game every so often?
KingDiMas (EUW)
: First of all, if you remember every season before season 6, you had to be lvl 21 to have that last mastery in any given tree. So, if you can have it 3 levels sooner, what is the problem? Giving everyone T3 runes and full mastery tree unlock at lvl 1 is like playing Skyrim from the start with all endgame gear, skills, thums and magics. Not much fun, isn't it? As **C o o k 1 3** mentiond in comments, keystones do give a huge advantage to those who are lvl 18 vs any lvl 17 or below. Current keys stones are unfair and broken. They brake the game and and create a huge disbalance overpowering any AD champ compared to any other. (I had my little rant here http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/nEaLKXf7-why-not-bring-back-fun-of-season-2-4) Compared to masteries from season 5 or older, lvl 21 mastery never gave so much power to players compared to season 6 lvl 18 keystone. Regarding rune tears, I think it's fair. You need some sort of progression before you reach your max lvl. For those who have more than one account, they don't buy runes till lvl 21 on new accounts. And **Nakhishia** makes a good point on that as well. Same goes for summoner spalls. I agree with you on some things, but haveing a full unlock at lvl 1 will not make game any fun but only make it worse. However, being able to invest more than 18 points in a mastery tree would be so much better. But, of course, being able to have only one keystone. I just hate new masteries.
I disagree. I think having more things unlocked from level 1 will make the game more enjoyable for new players by putting players on a more equal footing. I remember when I played before I was level 30, and winning felt like potluck at times as to which team had the highest levels. I appreciate that it's good to have a level progression, as it's a difficult game to play and you need that time to learn. However, not having access to tier 3 runes or the masteries is more of a hindrance than a help.
Nakhishia (EUW)
: The summoners have a level req because they want new players to test them all. And the teir 1 and 2 runes are good, because when i started to play I didn't exactly know how that shit worked, so i'd rather spend 100ip on the "wrong runes" than to spend 300 / 1000ip on it. This system worked pretty well for me when I started, so i don't see a problem with it.
Do you really think its a good system? Tier 1 and 2 runes are not useful at all; they are a complete waste of IP which you can't get refunded. I don't think they really help you to understand which runes work best either, or at least they didn't for me. Not to mention the ridiculous price of tier 3 runes. You shouldn't have to invest so much time into the game just have 2 basic rune pages and the 16 champions needed for ranked matches.
: Why on earth does the outside level advantage have an impact on LoL games?
I agree with you. I understand why things are the way they are for new players, but I don't think it's the best way. All the summoner spells should just be unlocked from the beginning. None of them are complicated to understand, except maybe smite (anybody ever try to smite another champion?), and it just adds to the confusion and frustration when enemies can flash and ignite, and you can't. I think masteries is a bit more difficult, because it is nice how you gain one point per level. However, it does make pre-30 games really frustrating, as you are very rarely matched with players all of the same level, so naturally there are going to be players at more of an advantage than others. This is going to be more evident now with the new mastery changes, as you gain a much more every 5 levels, and only at level 18 can you use one of the keystones. I like your idea about having a basic default mastery page for each class. Maybe as you grow in levels you can unlock more mastery options, rather than unlocking points to spend. I don't know why there are 3 tiers of runes. It makes no sense to have inferior tier 1 and 2 runes, especially when they can't be sold back.
: Bring back Twin Shadows and differentiate Frost Queen's Claim?
I think there is a nerf for {{item:3092}} in the works. They're reducing the slow on short distance casts. I think a little nerf on the active will be fine, because it's only the active which is useful anyway. There are far better items stat wise for mages.
: About Soraka
She's boring to lane against, but she's by no means unbalanced. If you focus soraka in lane and dodge her Q, she's useless. A bot lane with soraka is really weak against hard engage, and late game she becomes irrelevant in team fights.
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: Also, there are many tricks when It comes to manipulation to your Q range, and a lot of potential for setting it up with your teammates.
Yeah definitely! And on top of all that, you have to be careful where you're positioned because you're so squishy and have no escape!
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: Which champion has highest skill cap? [POLL (with only 10 choices tho)]
It's got to be orianna. Not only do you have to think about where you are in relation to your team, but you also have to think about where your ball is constantly. She's also all skillshots. I don't think any other champion requires as much planning as Orianna.
Bazzo (EUW)
: Miss Fortune is the new LeBlanc of bot lane
She's good, but by no means OP or really any better than other ADCs. With the new ADC update, each ADC has a slightly different playstyle, so you need to know how to deal with each one. Her Q deals a lot of damage if it bounces off a dead unit, but that's easily avoidable. Her E is her only form of CC, and her only form of escape. Her ult is easily cancelled and leaves her open and vulnerable. In lane, you need to play aggressively against her. She has no way of getting out of strong CC, from champs like thresh, blitz, nami... She is much stronger with allies, than she is on her own (read: engage her when she's alone). She's all about positioning, knowing when to engage and having the right support. Get those right, and she shouldn't be a problem.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: What is this?
Isn't that ward debris? Where the enemy has warded before, and it's run out.
Xevestos (EUW)
: It isn't realy op when u look at the stats. It's just othet masteries are underpowered. But riot is working on buffs.
I wouldn't necessarily say op. It's just too versatile I think.
shileka (EUW)
: imo, remove the damage from it, then, this every 20 seconds your next basic attack or damaging ability marks the target enemy champion and increases damage against them by 2%+1% per lvl for your next three damaging spells and attacks this is better geared towards assassins (which is imo the idea behind thunderlords, give assassins extra burst)
That sounds like a good mastery, but it doesn't really fit with the thunderlords theme. You could maybe make it so your third autoattack deals splash damage, but we already have items for that. I think if anything though, other masteries need buffs and need to be less specific.
shileka (EUW)
: it's got set dmg scaling per lvl+scales with AP and AD, it's best suited for champs who trade and then farm, but really, every champ benefits of it, it's all about whether or not you want to invest in the skill tree, thunderlords is nice, but imo the other trees offer somewhat better other masteries
Yeah, I don't think it helps that the other keystones are more specific though. Thunderlords is very straight forward, and deals plenty of damage.
Archyon (EUW)
: Thunderlords is the result of the retardness, dumbness and stupidness of those dic.ks called Riot employes.
Let's hope it's changed before season 6!
v1rtue (EUW)
: Thunderlords is better than almost any other mastery, because it's universal. It deals damage and does not depend much on levels or stats. That means almost every role and champion can use it. It's superior to the other damage keystones fervor of battle and deathfire touch, because it's front-loaded, more universal and simply deals more damage. Other keystones are often way too specific to be useful. Grasp of the undying requires you to stack a lot of health and auto-attack sometimes. Windspeakers blessing requires you to be shielding a lot and Bond of Stone is only useful if you deal almost no damage.
Definitely. I can't believe riot have buffed it, and left it.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: The meta has been oriented to early game dominance, and TLD fits it perfectly.
It just feels like a fail on riot's behalf, when they update all the masteries to allow more diversification to get this. They shouldn't have armour/magic penetration on that tree either.
Rioter Comments
: Not really, it's getting better but their are still a lot of gaps that need to be closed. The AP bully itematisation is still pretty lackluster & something tanky for enchanter supports still doesn't exist.
Isn't that a more general issue with AP items though, rather than support?
: Yeah correct but support players **CARRY** **ADC** Then ADC carries game.
Of course, the support role is meant to do just what it says on the tin - support. You get what I mean though, the support role is less glamorous than other roles because your carrying is a little more 'behind the scenes'.
: Support Champions.. Should it be improved?
I think support champs are in a good spot right now. Supports have loads of items to choose from, and there are many viable champs you can play. The support role is never going to be played as much as other roles, simply because a lot of players want to get lots of kills and carry the game.
DeVibe (EUW)
: The mouse cursor thingy...
I had it for my first game, logged out, then it mysteriously disappeared when I logged back in and played another game.
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: More item slots?!
Maybe an extra item slot would be good. I'd just like to see a consumable item slot, so we can still buy wards and those potion things even when the other slots are full.
Trebbi (EUW)
: Soo where does these masteries go?(New: Pbe)
Muderous intent sounds really bad to me. Maybe you can get an early kill (or even worse, an assist) with it, but then it's completely useless. I hope they work on that a bit more.
: >But attack boosts are not boosting your turret damage by 500+ every few seconds. Thats exactly what they do. Tristana E + Q melts a turret faster than Nasus ever could.
Except tristana needs to build attack damage and use autoattacks to do it... and you've completely ignored my other argument - why can't other champions use their abilities on turrets?
: >What I also don't like about his Q is that he can use it on turrets. But ADCs can use their Autoattack boosts when attacking a turret? But Lichbane TF can use his Cards on turrets? But Mundo can use his E on turrets?
But attack boosts are not boosting your turret damage by 500+ every few seconds. Nasus' late game Q melts turrets, and that damage only gets bigger - and he doesn't even need to build damage! It also begs the question - why can't many other champions use abilities on turrets? (Jax's W springs to mind)
: Nasus broken?
I don't think it should stack infinitely. If the game drags out a bit longer, its inevitable that he will get loads of stacks, and it deals huge amounts of damage without having to build any damage at all. The only real way of dealing with his Q stacking is to end the game ASAP. Attack the enemy team early while Nasus is farming to hopefully win 4V5 team fights. Even if you babysit the lane he's in and constantly harrass, he will still build up stacks, albeit slower. What I also don't like about his Q is that he can use it on turrets. At higher stacks he can take out a good chunk of the turrets health, and the cooldown is so low that the turret falls fairly quickly. EDIT: I think it's a similar story with veigar, who can end up with ridiculous amounts of AP if the game goes on for too long.
: Bandit Mastery isn't working for meelee champions
I thought that's how it's meant to and always worked like?
SantaHunter (EUNE)
: Am I the only one who thinks Preaseason 6 ruined this game?
I wish Riot would release the next patch already and fix some of the problems. Its really felt like Riot haven't thought about the latest patch at all.
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: Am I the only one who doesn't mind short games?
I don't mind shorter games, per se. What I don't like are short games with too much snowballing going on, and little chance of a turn around (I.E. these preseason matches). It's boring.
TMC Salty (EUW)
: the numbers are pritty high but it isn't a problem but he got no real weakness thats more a problem
No real weaknesses? He has really obvious weaknesses. He can't hit through units, so he's weaker to poke. He's also got low attack speed (if you take into account the reload time).
Igglet (EUNE)
: There is always that 1 type of champions that is getting crapped all over by the other types of champions, and, in this case, it seems like the tanks will be that type of champions, which is kinda good since they were dominant for a very long time and the tank meta... it was painful.
Yes, there is a meta which favours certain champions, but never have I seen one class so dominant over another. In all metas I've seen, a successful team has always consisted of the basic APC, ADC and tank (all to varying degrees). Right now, it is viable to play a full AD team because the enemy can't just build armour and stomp you. I think i'd be right in saying that this season has the most complex items, with so many different passives and actives, yet they focus more heavily on dealing than preventing damage. People talk about a 'tank' meta, but was this really ever the case? I saw bruisers dominating a lot in my games (think juggernauts!), but not really more traditional tanks who build majority defence. I can't remember which season exactly, possibly season 3, but you could build full tank and actually become a beastly tank who can take all the hits for the team. In more recent seasons, including now, you can't do that and have to build a mixture of offence and defence to be relevant.
Igglet (EUNE)
: tbh in this patch they did add broken stuff, indeed. But the point of Preseason is: Add everything that they think MAY work. Buff what's too weak. Nerf what's too strong. And then we get some balance.
I don't think simple number buffs and nerfs will solve all the problems though. It wouldn't bother me if it was just a case of champions dealing too little or too much damage, but when you're making tanks almost obsolete that's a big problem which can't just be solved by adding a few extra points of armour onto the items.
Igglet (EUNE)
: Preseason is NOT bad at all.
I get that the preseason is about big changes, but I don't think that's an excuse to release the patch in this state. It feels like riot haven't really thought through the changes. How can you think that buffing ADCs and AD items without really adding/changing defensive items is a good idea? Why would you remove mana potions and increase the cost of AP items (whilst simultaneously increasing early AD for ADCs)? Why would you nerf turrets and (meant to be coming in the next patch) buff/nerf minions depending on the level difference? Riot have stated before how they don't like snowballing, but this patch makes the game just that. It doesn't take much to realise this, without even playing the game.
bigambrus (EUNE)
: Game is really unfun atm
I get that preseason is about pushing big changes into the game, and so its not going to be as balanced as it could be. However, this patch seems too unbalanced - did they not even think about what they're doing? Even on paper it doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and putting it into practice it's even worse. The game is just not as fun in this state. I just hope that they update it all quickly.
: Polite request for update on Warriors Bloodlust mastery hotfix
I haven't heard about a hotfix, but I heard that they're going to change it in the next patch so it only works on champions.
D4rkM1sT (EUNE)
: op graves
I think a little tweaking with numbers (which they're doing) and he'll be fine.
: i received a shaco skin which is the worst skin out of all of them :/ And a skin and a few icons that are below decent? its hard enough to not rage in this game...
You'll rage over some free gifts? You know up until recently Riot didn't give out any free gifts (except the ranked rewards), so you should count yourself lucky. If you want a good skin you can always buy one.
: Yeh you dont know ? Riot every season gives skins to the players that have good behavior {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
That only happened once, we can't assume it's every season until they actually state that.
: what if people play just as hard and much as a gold player yet are stuck in bronze/silver? how is the rewards fair regarding the skin? A lot of players deserve the sivir skin due to their behaviours and EFFORT to TRY and reach gold, yet are bummed when they dont get it rewarded..
At the end of the day, ranked is about how good you are at the game, not the effort you put in (although there's going to be a link of course). The solo queue ranked system is flawed, but if you are good enough you will eventually hit gold. It sucks to not receive the skin, but if more players received it then it would mean less. We've already had rewards given to us for good behaviour anyway, including a mystery skin.
: Can we up the rewards for Season 6
Isn't the extra reward a nicer border? Of course I'd never say no to extra rewards, however I don't think its necessary. A skin, border and icon are fine. Most people play ranked to see how good they are and improve, not really for the rewards at the end of it; they are just an added bonus to say well done.
Fawakko (EUW)
: But making an entire class pretty much obsolete should never be a goal, right?
Oh definitely, I don't really agree with how they've done this update. It just feels like Riot have said, let's make all damage dealers OP and if they're all OP then it will balanced and more fun. With all the items and masteries being able to shred tanks, it not only makes tanks obsolete, but it also makes AD the preferred choice over AP. ...but it's just preseason, so hopefully we will see plenty of tweaks in the right direction.
Fawakko (EUW)
: First thought of the new season changes?
I feel like right now it's a bit too 'snowbally'. Especially with the turret and minion changes (which won't happen now until next patch), it feels like Riot want quicker games, and certainly a shorter traditional laning phase (which was always the most boring part of the game). That also goes for tanks too - with the new masteries and items, it looks like they want to encourage offence over defence. They don't want long fights, but instead quicker team fights with more burst-y damage.
Thorbjorn34 (EUNE)
: Well it does make you A WHOLE lot better when compared to people that play like 50 normals...
True, but then with that argument, somebody who has played 1000 games is better than somebody who has only played 200... where do you draw the line? If players want to find out how good they are, let them. You don't have to be gold+ standard to play ranked, if players aren't that experienced and play ranked, they'll get into bronze - that's why bronze exists. The point of ranked play is to find out how good you are against other players. If you start drawing, frankly, meaningless requirements to get into ranked games, I think it just makes the whole idea of ranked more tedious. The level 30 requirement is enough imo.
Thorbjorn34 (EUNE)
: Ranked requirements
I don't think it's really a problem. Do you really have that many unexperienced players in your ranked games? It's not perfect, but the matchmaking system is quick to sort this kind of player into bronze, and tbh if you're playing with these players in bronze then it means that the system thinks that you play at the same level. And let's be honest, when you hit 200 normal games played it doesn't suddenly make you better at the game anyway.
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