: ***
wow, level 14, looks like even your grandpa was playing the shit out of this game on this account. thats the only reason why your level is so high
: The thing is that I don't feel that I could do anything in last matches. I watched them to get to know what to do and there was nothing I could do. I did more than I should. I even made great dives to get more kills than the game allowed me to get but it was still not enough. People in my games refuse to win. They want to lose. They don't care. I don't know how to win those matches and it was like 16-17 matches out of 20 that I had like this. Somebody trolls, somebody ints, somebody afks, somebody gets super toxic. Why are they only on my team. Before they were getting on enemy team as well. Am I unlucky or what? Will they stop? Is this game so unfun that people went crazy? It really doesn't feel like the same game that I was playing 2 patches ago.
you are unlucky. they will not stop. yes, this game is so unfun
Añïvïa (EUW)
: So your complaint is that this game depends on skill? And yet your original post is essentially 'there is no skill expression in this game'. If this game was devoid of skill expression, none of these points could possibly **depend** on skill. Thank you for falling for this easy bait, you've proved your own reductive reasoning and the pointlessness of every one of your comments.
I didnt complain about anything. Point of my original post was that everything mentioned above mostly depends on skill, not champion. I didnt say anythiing about skill expression neither. Thank you for falling for this easy bait and looking dumb while trying to tell me that I've said something when I didnt say it.
: ***
what makes you look confirmed insecure is you creating fake accounts with insulting nicknames, s.h.i.t.posting and being desperate in trying to understand how timezones work
: TFT is up and running on EUW
: a) not saying it says a lot it says that there is a difference in the skill it takes to operate a champion at peek performance b) the main characters that are played mid (where fizz is located) are mages which can abuse fizzes weak early game or assassins in which case it depends on player skill not saying it will be a stop just that there are things you can exploit c) not the point m8 the point is champions that have more difficult machanics are played more in both pro play and high elo as they have more things they can do that's why you don't see and as OP was talking about competition the point is while yes you can be successful to some extent with "easy" champs you can also be easily abusable
a)so, you say that it **depends** on skill? b)so, you say that it **depends** on skill? c)ok, thats a good point. I get it
: I am done. Quitting this shitty game.
Somebody still wins consistently. Somebody wins the matches which you loose. You suck not because of the game, but because of yourself. Your skill degraded or you dont know how to adapt. So, your winning issue is mostly because of you being bad at this game But I'll agree with other points. Game doesnt work, it is not funm punishment policy is ridiculous, community is awful and so on. I sincerely suggest you to uninstall it and forget it. I came back here only for TFT
Añïvïa (EUW)
: a) Is a relevant point at all levels of play. There is a reason NA Jayce is a meme and KR/CN Jayce is terrifying, some champs are hard to play when enemies aren't hard inting you. b) If Fizz is beating you, try using your brain. He functions in much the same way as Kassadin/Zed or even Yi, when he goes in you chain cc him and he dies. c) The only exception here is Yuumi. Champions with a low skillcap have a low skill ceiling. A pro-level Karma is not better than a Master/Diamond Karma because they're some kind of mechanical god, playing less mechanically intense champions also allows for more time spent thinking about anything other than what buttons to press, including where and when to ward/roam/look for trades/fights/objectives. Bjergsen does not play Zilean because it's flashy and mechanical, he does it because it's brainless to farm safely and let's him think about where to move to and what to do once the wave is gone far more often than he can on for example Azir, a champion generally agreed upon as being one of the most mechanically intense and 'diffficult' in the game. d) Congratulations on correctly identifying the pointlessness of your original post. You are now free to uninstall and go play something else.
a)you mean that it **depends** on enemy. thats what I said b)looks like it **depends** on who is fighting with Fizz again and who is playing that Fizz. thats what I said c)looks like it still **depends** on who and how is using a champion. thats what I said d) Congratulations on providing solid arguments which proof correctness of all my words
: 12 hour interval? from what still need number to go off
As I, hundreds of people here, community managers and devteam themselves already mentioned there is a simple reason why they dont want to tell number
: a) what proof do you have that this is not the case because in the freaking client there is a difficulty meter for champions b) like i said if you know how to play vs him it's a resonable matchup if you know how to play vs him c) statistics show otherwise this is not a matter of opinion it's a matter of proof if you think it's pointless then by all means think ahead but what i said is evident in facts and thus not pointless as it explains why the posts assumptions are incorrect
a)which means basically nothing b) if an enemy is any way decent it will be hard to fight with him no matter what champion u use. Or you trying to say that there are champions which are easy to play specially against decent players? c)statistics show that most consistent in terms of winrate and K/D, good to start and easy to win are all these easy champions
: yeah but since it's a different timezone "PM" means abolutely fkin nothing we need numbers why is that so hard to understand also it's already up so be quiet about it omg
lol, PM means that TFT will be ready during 12 hour interval. There is a solid point why they decided not to provide straight numbers. Looks like its hard for you to understand reasons of such decision. Not to mention that they told about it dozen of times. And no, it s not up
: you can't tell me what time is it on ur clock
because PDT is pacific time lol. Your question is incorrect. You asking me if my clock show pacific time or pacific time. Well, my answer is YES. My clock show pacific time
: a) while i don't play these champs some champs are easier difficulty because not all players have the insane faker lvl machanics b) fizz actually takes a lot of skill if his enemy is any way decent c) a lot of the times these easy champs are not as effective as some higher machanics ones as their kits are predictable and easy to counter that's why they are generaly not mainly played in very high elo and the pro scene as they are super predictable and easy to deal with
a)depends b)depends c)depends pointless post
: theres no time of the day in bold font or normal font i keep repeating myself i might be a parrot at this point this is why mods think i have anger issues and keep banning me bc of people like u who refuse to understand or give up
they keep banning you because you ruin average IQ stat for a whole server. There is **bold writing** "**PACIFIC TIMEZONE**". And under this you can find out that EUW is written right in "**PM**" section
: what time does it say on your clock now pdt pm or pacific time?
to understand how stupid your question is you have to google what "**P**DT" means. Especially letter "P" in it
Añïvïa (EUW)
: Ok so first of all you aren't describing the free to play business model. This is not a AAA game and you can play LoL as much as you want without spending a dime, many players do. If you honestly believe League of Legends is 'easier' than it was in season 2 you're delusional and I question if you ever played in season 2 at all. Secondly, and adressing the original point, are both of you %%%%ing insane? I have played since late season 1, and personally I enjoyed the state of the game in season 2-3 (because midlane was %%%%ing op). We could discuss at length all the changes and different reasons the game is better or worse, but trying to claim the new champions have less depth/are less complicated is insane. I could copy paste the list of champions by release date, and sure there are exceptions (Yuumi is dumb and specifically designed for casuals) but as a whole champion design has unequivocally trended towards MORE depth, champions who can perform well in MORE different areas, champions with MORE mobility and ability interactions with the map/their other abilities/flash, and champions who are MORE OP/broken. This is done specifically to push the average strength of champions in the game UPWARDS, not DOWNWARDS, so that the devs have MORE creative licence when introducing new mechanics. If you introduced Pyke in his current, or even his PBE nerfed form, he would be 100% pick ban in every game, absolutely dominate sololanes and support, would be a MUCH stronger Jungler, because jungle in season 2 was COMPLETELY different, since he could buy sword of the occult his ult would create a truly disgusting snowball and to top it all off you'd still have to wait until season 3 for Thresh to be released, and there would be very few viable enchanters who could serve as counters. Seriously do you remember what season 2 was really like? Half the playerbase were completely new to MOBAs as a genre (DotA wasn't particularly well known unless you played starcraft or WC3 and if memory serves Heroes of Newerth was the only other MOBA out there at the time of LoL's release - which came with a £30 pricetag) and those like myself who had only dipped their toes into DotA had no idea what a metagame was, or how to optimise builds and runes. It was hard enough to learn a champion without the dearth of resources that exist today, never mind learning matchups. TL:DR arguing that champions are being designed with less depth is reductive at best, since a large portion of the champions who existed in season 2 only have depth and complexity because they were reworked in the last 3 years.
man, you are wrong everywhere. First of all. The game still was more complicated. Where are runes and talents? Gone. Turned into twice easier system of runes. Game became easier. Champion skills becoming more fancy doesnt mean that champions become deeper and more complicated. There were no new champions which had noticable depth/skill requirement increase. Obtaining cosmetics and champions. No doubt game became easier here too. Comparing to DotA there are no such hard characters like Invoker. There is no minion denying. Visual difficulty in LoL is also a joke, same as in Fortnite compared to ArmA or PUBG. RNG elements which were implemented into LoL are also a vital instrument in terms of making game easier for bad players by increasing value of luck. Speaking of gaming industry overall. I am describing free to play model. There are no non casual free to play games. All of F2P games nowadays more look like mobile games with all possible dEpTh of *mobile gaming* Hearthstone is more popular than MTG. Fortnite is more popular than other BR. And all these games same as LoL are trying to be trendy. And one of the main trends they provide is that games have to be easy enough to be played by every r.e.t.a.r.d.ed person possible
: too many easy and rewarding champions for bad players
It is because gamers are degrading and game industry adapts making games less complicated
: yea the least we need is a time of the day it's not that hard lmao riot could easily provide that but instead they kept it vague probably because they weren't sure themselves when will it be up and it backfired with wide confusion
lol what? time of the day. They wrote time of the day for every server. For EUW it is PDT PM
: read a vague statement that looks like a lie do u really not see how easily can someone be confused by that or u just so busy defending riot to realize it? u write annoncements for the average user vague statement are on u not the reader
**BOLD FONT** is vague? Riot making a post on **NA** board and using **Main NA Timezone** in it while still mentioning obvious fact of using on **NA** board **Main for NA Timezone format**, because of such r.e.t.a.r.d.s. is vague for you?
: "pacific zone" because the average league of legends player knows what the hell does that mean without a time of day for reference to convert it with google too vague bro
"average lol player" I think that average schoolchild and older has to know that sun is going around the earth and because of that local time depends on longtitude of your location. If somebody doesnt know such basic things its better to restrict his access to computer and send him to read some %%%%ing books
: so riot isn't trust worthy enough?
: the least i can do is read and initial statement had no damn time of the day and it had me so confused
>initial statement had no damn time of the day that takes us back to "cant find trustworthy resources"
: 27th june btw @riot
No. It is 5PM PDT 26th June
: lol i just saw dates no time of the day to start with so there was a timezone for it
thats the point. That you cant find trustworthy info resources and/or read
: 27th for me so
well, it is 26th for North America. Riot is in NA. Schedule was posted on NA board. So nobody gives a %%%% what date is it in your location
: > [{quoted}](name=Rinkashikachi,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=k1FoE9Ok,comment-id=000300000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-27T00:12:31.340+0000) > > why so dumb? I don't know why you are, you should ask your parents or something. Maybe they can also explain you how to read the clock. {{summoner:11}}
lol, you came here asking why are we still not able to play the game. And you still try to act like I asked this question, not told you how dumb your question is
: Aaaaaaaand they didnt release it and it is now the 27th
No, it isnt. it is still 26th in PDT. and it will remain so for next 7 hours
Trizet (EUW)
: Removing depth to champions.
Of course they are against champion depth and complications at all. Because gamers become more and more casual and stupidier. Its a cycle. Gamers tend to play less complicated games, devs go for trend and create less complicated games or make their games easier. That makes gamers more dumb and willing to play less complicated games
: > [{quoted}](name=Rinkashikachi,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=k1FoE9Ok,comment-id=0003000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-27T00:00:33.854+0000) > > lol, you are the one who messed up with release time. thats my point. r.e.t.a.r.d. confirmed Erh, nope. You didn't understand timezones and my comment either. But looking at your attitude it's not surprising. It's only you and your delusional friend. Also facts prove you wrong, so.... GENIUS CONFIRMED.
: I mean, there is a difference between timeline and dates but ok... sincerely, me edit... I didnt read now read it... just want to play the game and got impatient waiting for it didnt mean to bring any harm to anyone peace
Like to watch how people realise that they are pathetic dumbass %%%%%%s who cant even read and use online converters designed for _special_ people
Virosus (EUW)
: You failed Riot
This. Decided to skip my job and wasted whole day
Shamose (EUW)
: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/hvzgE6om-tft-teamfight-tactics-release-timeline-and-temporary-restrictions > Note: There’ll be a Level 10 requirement for TFT on the first day and game starts will be throttled. Yes. You. Do.
it is true only about JP and OCE
xxxXFANXxxx (EUNE)
: When does TFT go live on eune
according to schedule in the next 10 hours probably around 8PM PDT
: Firstly this is a live beta test not a proper release. Secondly they still need to test as it comes out... they release it one server at a time making sure it’s holding up to the stress, then keep rolling it out when things look good. Remember clash, that went through pbe fine then as it hit live crashed because it couldn’t handle the stress of the live server, riot need to release things slowly to test for these kinds of things. Not everything can be tested on the pbe, it’s just for gamebfeaking bugs they can’t stress test on there
ok, thats a good point
Raul04 (EUW)
: You cared enough to post under this, congratulations, you fooled yourself.
Hair (EUW)
: That's not what i'm saying, i know that servers are separate. But the staff are not separate it's harder to work on separate maxed servers at the same time
good point. I dont know if staff are separate (because they can be) or not, so I rest my case
: > [{quoted}](name=Shamose,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=hKw2eeoO,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-26T20:45:33.920+0000) > > To be honest TFT release was kinda BS. > > They put out a thread saying EU gets TFT 26th of June. But that is only true if you live in NA. > If you actually live in EU then it's actually the 27th. yeah the timezone they used is kinda bs I agree
*_WhY yOu BlAmE rIoT?!?!??!??!??!?!?!_*
: Except we aren’t... we got the mastery system first, as well as clash... plus several others. Riot rotates who they use for testing purposes, we get our turn but we can’t get all of them. And again, riot is amarican... if they are releasing things slowly to make sure it’s going smoothly why wouldn’t they release it in the major region that has the same time zone as them... that just makes sense. It doesn’t matter who’s first, all that matters is it getting released in a stable state.
"testing" its %%%%ing *release* there is a special server dedicated for testing. PBE. Where all patches including 9.13 have their tEsTiNg period
Hair (EUW)
: I think it's sensible not to release TFT as same time as all others, so they can monitor things without messing up every server, there is going to be more people playing and servers are gonna be under pressure, we just got an unlucky roll of the dice
man, it doesnt work so. You imagine your mystical "servers" as a pile of things. Servers are segmented ok? People from one server dont affect people from other server. Same goes for technical issues, queues and so on. There is no way NA servers being under pressure can affect EUW/JP/Whatever server. Maybe it was so during stone age of IT, but not now. Not in any project especially such big as LoL
: I Don't want to be toxic!
Turn off all chat and mute allies. The easiest way to learn how not to be toxic is to start with evasion of communication. In more than 90% of cases there will be no useful info in the chat. Especially in dynamic game like MOBA, because everything important to tell will expire at the end of teamfight when you are not able to type it. Just cut off interaction with team except pings. Dont listen to the shitty tales about TeAmPlAy. On proscene ok, team communication is vital there. In non pro ranked, especially in plat team communication is not important at all. Just do your thing. This rule helped me to jump from gold through plat and diamond to master league in Overwatch, from silver 4 to plat 2 in Siege. Ignoring classical comps/strats etc, just picking whatever I want and running wherever I want. Of course LoL has more rules which you cant ignore especially during pick phase, but still. Communication pisses you off and distracts you. It makes you play the game worse. I dropped league and MOBA couple of years ago (sometimes hop in to have some fun with friends) but Im 100% sure I have enough knowledge about the game to guarantee that this rule will help you to improve your performance, psychological health and confidence
: New update is coming that's why it has disconnected you.
it was posted 3 hours ago. probably couple of hours later after mentioned issue. He also said that they were able to reconnect. Stop reading with your butt, mister Explainator
: When is Teamfight Tactics coming to EUNE?
Shully (EUW)
: Can we talk about blue essence
Well, the answer is in your question. "I buy everything I see. Why I dont have enough blue essence?!??!?!?!?!" Think twice at least in launcher
: Wednesday (6/26 - PST) PM: TR RU _** EUNE/EUW**_ Should become available tomorrow after around midnight if everything goes according to plan.
U didnt notice **_Pacific Time Zone_**
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