Smerk (EUW)
: Question from a player from other side of Europe. Intended server for my country is RU or EUNE, depending on what language I want to see in game. But I'm playing on EUW, so basically this change won't affect me, am I right?
It won't effect you no, but if you want to try other EU languages and check out their news on EUW or EUNE you can.
: Can I receive local news in English? Or is it set to be in my local language? Can I choose to receive local (Dutch) news, but still in the English language, or will I be forced to read the Dutch local news in Dutch?
When we create news or content for Dutch players it will be in English and only Dutch players will see the content.
KaShootMe (EUNE)
: so does this mean i can start maining ahri and have my game in Korean/japanise ?
This only applies to languages on the shard (EUW/EUNE) So you could play in Polish and receive English news for example. There seems to be a good few players that are interested in getting Korean / Japanese for in game sounds. This is currently not available, but it is something we are definitely considering.
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Knorti (EUW)
: I assume we should just mute the whole thing, if there is already music in the recorded footage?
You can use any of the music from our soundcloud or YouTube in the video
zylon45 (EUW)
: any plays allowed? what recording software would you say is good? bandicam?
I would use OBS, it's free and super easy to use and set up. {{champion:223}}
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: Pick Order: Sona
Hey everybody thanks for the submissions, I will go through all of them and showcase the most awesome clips soon. Thanks again. WP. {{champion:201}}
Servanator (EUNE)
: Would stuff such as Approaching Nirvana be okay? They have a license with, "as long as you legally own it (and eat an an orange), it's k" Ignore {{champion:41}} Referecne tho :P
If you have a license to use it then yes :)
: So lets say i make my own music, I could use that in mh vid?
Yes of course, sorry for the delayed response
: There we go, How to Sona! {{champion:37}}
That looks like Sona
ItsóGood (EUW)
: Dodging the subject about LolReplay, are we?
No you can use it if you want, as long as you get great footage. I don't think LOLreplay is working at the moment, there is a few other options.
frtanko (EUW)
: I had quiet big problems to get OBS working and even after that I had to tune down a LOT my video settings and the output wasn't even that great....In other words, if you don't have average or better PC, there's no much you can do to contest.
I have used laptops before to record, all you have to do is drop your settings to medium and then put the encoding for video on OBS like 900 - 1200 bit rate
: ~~How to Olaf EDIT: I'm sorry everyone, I didn't expect this many people to click on the video. I made a Sona video now. I'm sorry again! How to Sona *If you see this video again, that's because I wanted to make an extra comment for the video itself, I just wanted to place it here too, so that I could apoligize.
This doesn't look like Sona
: I main Sona mid and got penta once! It was with Snowdown though.
Do you have a video of this?
: dose it matter how old the clips are, or the newer the better?
doesn't really matter so much, I would love to see old school sona plays and some new stuff also
: Is there a reward for getting in the clip?
We have some cool ideas for people that submit awesome clips
: I am sorry for this question, but just to make sure, we will have to link the videos right here on this "comment section" right?
Yup, just link the video in the comments
Medoboss (EUW)
: as far is I understand jsut dont use 3rd party music, so music that is not owned by Riot games? I guess you can use Dj sonas tracks but i not sure xD
You can use DJ Sona music / Edit what ever way you would like. Also music that is not copyrighted, great examples are like monstercat or nocopyrightsounds
Medoboss (EUW)
: > The clips we find the most interesting, funny or crazy will be spotlighted He is trying to ask howmany videos will be ignited{{summoner:14}} I mean spotlighted
If I get like 10 awesome videos,of course I'am going to have to show them. So no limit really.
: I almost forgot to ask, can we use a 3rd party replay system?
Yup, as long as you get an amazing clip.
: Hi I'm a big Sona main/fan! I have 2 questions: - Can I use DJ Sona on PBE? - Is every video who is shared here coming in Youtube? I'm really excited to see my video in LoL!{{champion:37}}
Yup you can use DJ Sona on PBE, I'm unsure what you mean by the second one. We are going to share the clips that we thought were awesome in the next challenge.
RoembaJ (EUW)
: Is this the same kind of 'big plays' the na site has?
Similar in some ways, yes. {{champion:78}}
Declined (EUNE)
: This may be a stupid question, but which programs can we use to record these games that does not affect our in game experience, or run a huge risk of bugsplat? Considering any bugsplat caused by 3rd party programs is at own risk and support for these cases are unable to assist in any way. Edit: current suggestions * [OBS]( (free) * [Dxtory]( (paid) * [Fraps]( (paid) * [lolreplay]( (free but chance of bugsplat/not working) * [AMD Gaming Evolve / Raptr]( (only for AMD video cards) * [Quicktime]( (only for Mac OS) * [Bandicam ]( (unsure) * [Nvidia Shadowplay]( (GeForce and Nvidia) * [Overwolf](
My advice would be to use, OBS which is free and pretty easy to set up or Dxtory / Fraps, but they are not free. I never really had any problems with OBS while playing League
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