: Invitation to 10th year anniversary party?
Hey everyone! This is indeed legit - but was meant for only a limited number of players. Sadly, due to a bug, it ended up being seen by a lot more people than intended
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Zulu Wolf (EUNE)
: SHALKAR, We won the tournament and we get nothing? We worked so hard to get the win and we won the 4-team bracket and we get no trophy? Could you please give us our trophy, we worked really hard today and spent so much time planning and now we get thrown into the dust after we spent 1 and a half hours playing 2 games and we won them :( Please, At Least give us the trophy {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Hey there! Grats on the win - I see you're on EUNE. My comment is talking about the EUW issues. If you've completed your games you will get full rewards as you should!
Curley101 (EUW)
: Well thats 215 RP that i'll never see again... {{sticker:sg-soraka}} No compensation either :( that really sucks.
Free clash tickets were awarded for this test, so there shouldn't be any RP loss involved
: Quick side question what would the reason behind, "Ranked games temp. disabled while we investigate somethings thats negatively effecting something gameplay?" Para-phrazed as I couldn't quite remember... just curious what the negative issue is? Or is it simply related to the server crash?
We usually put up that message when something is messing with the stability of the servers. In this case it was likely the Clash beta, yeah. We'd rather disable ranked for a while as we try to fix things, because we know that if a ranked game fails it feels really bad :/
RogueDek (EUW)
: Riot crashed the servers again with Clash...
Quick update: we've shut down the Clash Beta for EUW now and all game services seem to be recovering EDIT: If you're already in a lobby and can't start the game, disband and re-form your lobby and that should help **EDIT2: We're not doing any more Clash in EU tonight. It's a wrap and we're disappointed it didn't work out.** Regarding compensation, we don't have anything planned for this particular instance. It was meant to be a test and, as it sometimes happens with tests, it failed :( Thank you for participating with such enthusiasm. We'll take the data we've gathered today and use it to figure out why everything broke - and how to prevent it from breaking next time.
DevilCode (EUW)
: Is this only happening in EUW?
As far as we know, yes. The Clash Beta is currently only running on EUW and EUNE - and while EUNE had some minor issues, it seems to be working fine.
: Face your fears - and talk about them!
Boards ate my link :( Added it to the op and here it is again for extra visibility: https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/face-your-fears
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: Climbing as a support. Please help <3
One word: Tahm Kench. I have a body-pillow of him. Enough said.
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: I fell in love with League again. ٩(♡ε♡ )۶
I understand that feel entirely! I found myself in a similar situation last year when my bull-headed attempts at getting into Platinum caused me frustration, sleepless nights and a feeling of burn-out. I never made it to plat, and suddenly the game felt a lot less fun to me. After a short break, I dove into the new season with (I thought) renewed vigor, foolishly picking up my main role from the previous one: ADC. Boy, did I mess up. While I hate to agree with the memes, I honestly felt that ADCs started the season in a strange and difficult place, and that compounded my own burnout to make it even harder to enjoy the game again. So I took a moment. I distanced myself a bit and realized I needed to change something. I needed to reverse the position I despised being in as ADC: constantly twitchy, looking over my shoulder, kiting, hiding, taking pot-shots. Who was I hiding from? Who was I constantly trying to kite (and failing?). And then it hit me like a club. {{champion:48}} Trundle in the jungle. Warrior enchant, hydra, gauntlet. Running down ADCs like they're small trolls and I'm a larger, meaner troll. Knocking Tristana out of her rocket jump with my pillar. Ulting the Nautilus support as I tower-dive his squishy friend. Knocking Katarina out of her ult with my pillar. Club club pillar pillar bite bite bite. KING OF TROLLS COMING THROUGH! :)
: Style Points: Ranking coaches’ fashion in the EU LCS
Whiski bringing the pro puns and pro pun accessories.

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