MummRa7 (EUNE)
: for real ? and its reason to perma ban me ? riot games must understand if someone flames just restrick him with chat ban dont perma ban him unless he flames a lot and wish things you cant perma ban one guy cause he is good player and the others say bad things that the bad with lol and it will never catch dota2
> riot games must understand if someone flames just restrick him with chat ban Which we did. We gave you a 10-game chat restriction, which you didn't learn from. So, we gave you a 25-game chat restriction. Which you didn't learn from. So, we gave you a 14-day ban. Which you didn't learn from. So, we gave you a perma-ban.
MummRa7 (EUNE)
: Im banned cause they said they will %%%% my mother good job once more Riot games
> Im banned cause they said they will %%%% my mother good job once more Riot games You cannot be penalized from what other people say. They are held accountable for their behavior, and you are held accountable for yours. The correct action would have been to ignore or mute them, and report them after the game. Their behavior does not give you a 'free play' to harass them as you see fit. Nothing in your chat is gameplay related, which is the purpose of the feature. It resulted in a permanent ban for you because this is your 4th penalty in less than 2 months. You just got off a 14-day ban 13 days ago, where you were told that the next penalty without improvement would result in a permanent ban.
: I don't think so. You need to be honored to progress. Getting honored and being honorable isn't really the same thing.
You don't need to be honored to level up. Being honored speeds up your progress in the system. You could theoretically reach honor level 5 without ever being honored. But remember that valid reports against you, penalties, unsportsmanlike behavior etc will slow or reverse your passage through the system.
alater (EUW)
: to RIOT
per·ma·nent ˈpərmənənt adjective 1. lasting or intended to last or remain unchanged indefinitely. "a permanent ban on the dumping of radioactive waste at sea" synonyms: lasting, enduring, indefinite, continuing, perpetual, everlasting, eternal, abiding, constant, irreparable, irreversible, lifelong, indissoluble, indelible, standing, perennial, unending, endless, never-ending, immutable, undying, imperishable, indestructible, ineradicable, ineliminable; More
: i'm not a casual player like you i get account a get high ranks then i give them away but this thing honor doesn't help
: The new honor system is bugged and unfair
Don't finish games by saying 'gg ez'. Don't say things like: 'u hungry son of a %%%%% 'running after kills like hoes running after cock' You need to be honorable to progress in the honor system.
: Support NDA and contract prevents them giving anything negative of Riot games.. This is normal for hypocrite morals of America.
There 100% is nothing in place to prevent Rioters from giving negative reviews of things.
: Support never admits their system is bad
> Is this chat log banable when someone is toxic and trying to convince other people to report you. Are you sure it wasn't the other way around? Are you sure you weren't the one trying to get people to report others? [0:19] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): soraka [0:22] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): id you took heal [0:27] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): and ii exsaust [0:33] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): you would hea l more [1:24] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): i was eating [1:31] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): chill %%% [4:50] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): i am done [4:58] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): soraka have been trolling since min 1 [5:23] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): you could help much more [5:25] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): flash oinn [5:27] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): and took kill [5:32] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): you could instead [5:33] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): help [5:39] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): and you don't silence bran [6:12] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): pls report soraka [7:41] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): pls rpeort soraka flaming not healing [7:46] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): and not helping twtich [10:01] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): PLS REPORT SORAKA [10:02] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): PLS [11:36] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): cassi is reported aswell [11:43] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): soraka is trolling me since min one [11:45] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): taking kill [11:51] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): waiting for kill [12:04] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): just loose <3 [12:11] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): she waited with flash [12:13] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): when i pinge [12:49] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): All mid pls [13:56] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): soraka said in chm select don't pick twitch [13:58] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): and he did [14:01] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): so he troll [14:05] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): he iddn't help blue [14:11] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): so me and cassi had to help [14:19] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): and then she refused to heal me [16:23] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): yh [16:24] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): pls [17:39] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): idc [17:43] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): she trolled me [17:45] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): so many times [18:02] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): she trolled twitch [18:06] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): aswell [19:57] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): pls don't forget to report soraka [21:15] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): dude this guy can't even speak english properly [21:20] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Jinx): same with mf [1:09] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): omg blitz? [1:19] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): troll... [4:41] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): this game is just so unlucky [5:06] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): cause blitz trolled when we invaded [5:12] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): and after i got tilted and [6:06] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): blitz tilted me and i can [6:12] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): can't play properly now [9:08] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): i said i can't play properly [9:11] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): after blitz troll [9:56] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): wow the flame [10:08] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): reported and muted [12:11] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): look the others [12:17] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): cause they are [12:21] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): doing good [12:57] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): pls report i have been flamed since min 1 [13:23] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): ty vayne and blitz [16:42] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): you still havent stopped [16:49] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): oh can't wait for banning you [17:03] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): wow now you personal attack [18:20] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): yes pls [18:45] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): well flamers always loose just saying [21:45] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): now you refuse to help uss vayne [21:47] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): and the re [22:12] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): whole team did not come [22:38] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): pls stop being toxic [26:43] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): odn't forget to report vayne and blitz [26:48] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): and rammus flame too [32:26] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Twisted Fate): rpeort bot rammus [0:29] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): lulu help chickens [0:37] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): kassa too [1:58] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): ty [3:18] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): it is ww.. [8:16] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): mf [8:19] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): and kassa... [8:35] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): you don't ward arround your map [8:55] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): makes it so damn hard to understand where your zed is and makes it ungankable [12:30] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): can you ffs say ss [12:36] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): you are ruining my stats [16:12] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): again no ss [16:13] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): bot [18:36] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): push it [20:50] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): report mf [24:34] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): kassa you didn't engage [24:37] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): before we died [24:41] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): what a troll [24:49] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): and mf is flamer [25:58] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): good baron [26:02] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): when thy got vision [26:20] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): pls report ryze and mf flaming inting [27:00] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): not my fault your noob champ [27:55] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): i really hope you get the bban the flames is real [29:23] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): mf won't help [33:47] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): pls report mf and toplane [33:53] [All] xXApexPredatorXx (Master Yi): flame This is your 8th penalty. You get reported in almost every game, and a lot of the times it is for 'lie to the opponent team to get me reported'.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Tantram,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=yQsUWqsB,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2017-08-07T20:33:40.410+0000) > > We do not penalize players for swearing. What, dude, i literally got perma-banned for swearing with my friend, WTF?!!!!!!!!!
No. You were banned because you continued to harass people after 6 penalties. You were warned numerous times, and continued with the behavior. It had nothing to do with swearing or 'bad words'.
Cokonat (EUW)
: What will happen to my account?
Can't can't transfer to get out of a ban. You have to wait for the ban to expire before being able to play.
SMS Yoite (EUW)
: Why i am banned?
Suspicious Activity/Account Compromise You'll have to contact Player Support.
: hi tantram i was curious about something and was gonna make a post about it but seeing as you seem to know who the report system works i'll just ask you here. What does writing a message when you report someone actually do, as far i know a report triggers a blacklist search by a bot (correct me if im wrong please). so if a bot is automatically set to search for blacklisted words when a report is sent whats the point of writing in the report section?
Comments are used by player support and for classification. It always helps us out if you add a little description in the report.
: Smurf banned for this? Do Riot have issues with banning the right poeple?
It would have been a chat restriction, but it was escalated to a ban since this is your 3rd penalty in a single week.
God of Seas (EUNE)
: Getting reported by 4 premades.
> I'm planning to play flex solo again and I wanted to know if getting reported by 4 premades resulting in a ban is a thing. No. All reports do is flip a boolean value from 'false' to 'true' telling the system to review the game. It doesn't matter if there are 9000 reports or 1. If there is nothing bad in the review, nothing will ever happen.
: I got banned just for using some naughty words without willing to flame!!!!
Post your full chat logs here, and I'm happy to look at them.
: Question about the current ban system.
> My question is that does Riot or the ban system take into account the bans I got 3+ years ago, considering for example, a permanent suspension? You can get your account back into a good state, and the previous bans will never be considered. Your account will be on the same level as any other account. > I'm worried that I am getting a permanent suspension on my account when enough people report me out of spite after losing the lane/game even though I have not been toxic in any way Each game is reviewed after a single report. Multiple reports have no additional affect. Additionally, games that a reported/reviewed that contain no toxic behavior do not count against you at all. You could be reported by 9 people in every game you play and nothing would come of it if you weren't doing anything wrong.
: Money Grabbing Riot
> Seriously, having a bot run the banning system is stupid, the bot can't judge like a human can, you find certain words in a conversation If you think your ban was unjust, please post the chat logs here and I'd be happy to look at them. > then the bot can see your swearing for example, which could have just been a fun joke between friends. We do not penalize players for swearing. > the more players they can ban, the more money gets spent on the game. This is true, but in the opposite way you are thinking. By removing trouble causing players from the community, the remaining players are more likely to enjoy their time playing. When we perma-ban players, we do not want them to make another account. > Well no more, you have officially lost my service That is exactly what we were looking to do when we issued the perma-ban.
QuickJiiz (EUW)
: The irony of the honor system XD
I took a look at your last matched game's chat logs to give you some tips on how to advance faster. 1. Don't call people '%%%%ing incompetent' 2. Don't tell people they are 'the biggest lowtier trash ive seen in years' 3. Don't tell people 'you're just garbage' 4. Don't call people dumb %%%%s. 5. Don't call people 'pathetic low elo trashwhore' 6. Don't tell people to kill themseles > you're the one getting banned for being straight to the point. I don't think this is being 'straight to the point'. This is one game, I only went back to your last matched game. Stop doing this to get honor. Each person is responsible for their own behavior. If they are displaying similar behaviors, they will be held accountable for their actions as well. If you see unacceptable behavior in game, report it.
Jovars (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Treycos,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Wx9fBwI4,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2017-08-01T17:08:38.842+0000) > > If you were homophobic, promoting nazis or wathever, it can take a single game to get banned > But you got to flame extremely hard... > So hard that it could be an achievement He called me a %%%got and said that hitler should have killed my parents and he's still playing :)
They never said anything about hitler, or your parents. You did however tell people to kill themselves, and called them %%%gots and %%%%%%s.
: Just a question about the honorsystem.
No, your past will have no effect. We gave everyone a (honor only) fresh start with the new honor rollout.
: im rly laughing perma banned me for 1 game where my team mate trolled me <3 gg
> perma banned me for 1 game where my team mate trolled me You weren't perma banned for 1 game because you got trolled. You were perma-banned because you've had a 10-game chat restriction, a 25-game chat restriction, and a 14-day ban within a short period of time without changing your behavior.
: So you get the dunkey game, with a malphite feeding every lane and spamming emotes, and you just sit there? or is it better to afk then?
There was no Malphite in any of the games Dunkey was punished for. That video was made for entertainment, not factual evidence. No, there is no acceptable reason to ever be toxic.

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