: I really dont understand how stating that a champion is balanced is exposing my weakness. Also I really wasnt tilted by that, I was just amazed by how this player acted.
Your comment about that let them know you get tilted easily.
: The gigantic ego of some players
Alright, the post game lobby chat went too far, however I doubt you said nothing to them while they insulted you right? But other than that there is absolutely nothing wrong. Tell me, why would the enemy not take the chance to tilt you even harder. Your "riven is balanced" comment made it very clear to them that you had the weakest mindset out of your team. They just capitalized on that weakness to try and tilt you (which obviously worked as we are here right now). Let me tell you, the 1st player in the enemy team to start complaining in allchat over getting killed (for whatever reason) will immediatly become the no.1 target of most players. Purely because that player will be tilted even more. Results are: they possibly play worse, keep typing in chat instead of doing something usefull, flame their team or leave the game. (which is a pretty toxic thing to do imo, but its not against the rules since youre just playing the game and killing your enemy) Of course thats usually only relevant for ranked. Normals, ARAM, gamemodes, etc. are usually played for fun. Then again, thats not for everyone, at times people primarily play to win, fun comes 2nd. Cant really blame them for taking advantage of a weakness you exposed to them. There are some hardcore ARAM players out there, owning only champs good in ARAM and tryharding. TL;DR You exposed a weakness, they took advantage of it. Post game lobby was toxic towards you, but we dont know what you said so cant conclude anything.
: some one still cant login ,?
Also getting a black screen instead of the login screen so I cant even swap to another region :/
De Crazy (EUW)
: Stop Kicking me in and out Riot technician / Eambo you will now hacked / DDos EUW Server
"ddos euw server" LOL you dont need to, theyre perfectly capable of doing it themselves.
Young ll (EUW)
These login queues remind me of Jinx release. But at least back then we had great login music, now its just mute and wait while doing something else.
: WTF EUW is broken
Probably mass disconnect, now everyone trying to login at the same time. Same problem here.
Aargus (EUNE)
: they shoudve just kept it on PBE for 1 more path then release,this current version is literally like PBE,buggy,laggy and just not that good and fun to play
True, maybe it would have been better to wait a bit more. But on PBE they couldnt handle all the players making the login Q very long. This also made it harder for other changes to be tested. Also if they released it to live they had more people playing it so bugs could be found faster. So maybe they thought it would be better to release it to live even though its still beta. Lets hope that most of the problems will be ironed out the next patch.
Aargus (EUNE)
: i understand its new mode and beta test but why not patch it mid patch or something,im not a developer but some things can be done at least more critical one like afk champ or slow reaction pathing maybe whatever,for me rolls are the worst the fact u can roll for 30 mins 30 times and no to get that 1 champ makes u so much weaker
True, you can for example be 1v1 at the end of the game and you spend 60+gold to roll for that last champion to get to 3* or get the last champion for the class/origin bonus and still not get it. (happened to me... what made it worse, with my last 2 gold I decided to reroll again only to have it show up when I didnt have anything left and the last round was underway)
: Just a question
It only includes the icon and the chroma. It does not include the skin itself. To use the chroma you also need to buy the skin. 300 tokens for a skin worth 1350RP is somewhat low.
Aargus (EUNE)
: or just fix rng and rolls so that i dont have to wait entire game and to roll 30 times only to not get the champion i need for lv 3,also the animation is so slow 90%of the time champ has full mana and is just slow to use skill,this game has the worst rng in the world by far,i rolle over 30 times for darius and 2 vayns didnt get them and they stayed at lv 2 making me so much weaker even vs lover level player,i honestly hope this mode wont stay as permanent and they should just focus on LoL
There are certainly some bugs and improvements that can be made. I wont deny that. Slow reacting champions after an enemy died, bad pathing (just standing still instead of taking a detour to attack an enemy), perhaps indeed the RNG is somewhat skewed, especially items in the 1st rounds. You can get out of these rounds with 1 item that might combine into thrash and get put up against a fully stacked T2 morello,pd,claw Garen. But it just seemed something convenient to have.
Rioter Comments
: Well... if you are playing marksman - you get %%%%ed by everybody, not just Morde. That's really just a flavor of the month ban. And why would I ban Morde then when my teammate maybe wants to play it? There's every other champ out there that will screw me over either way.
I mean... fair enough but since morde is strong overall its gonna be a ban. Ill just ban anything I dont want to face in the late game because im gonna assume every lane will feed. So my thinking is "which champion do I NOT want to face when fed today?" and I ban that. Though I do agree that its stupid to ban your teams preffered picks. I usually dont ban a preferred pick even if the champion is strong, there are certain scenarios where it is appropriate to do it.
: My point is that by design the game should match you with people of your knowledge and skill. Of course this is a load of nonsense. But based on that, we can trust that if it goes to shit, he will ban the champ - or have something up his sleeve to counter it. So why interfere with that? It's obviously not your main role there. You are just saying: oh that champ is op - I ban it because my teammate picked it and he's last to pick. That's an asshole move in my book. You play some other role and just assume that you know how some other lane works out. If that ain't pretentious I don't know what is.
First of, autofill exists, so the argument "not your main role" is invalid Second, there is no way in hell il allow a morde to go to the enemy team if im marksman. The guy bonks me on the head with his E -> Q and im dead. Learned from it the 1st time. My ally isnt 1st pick morde? Ill ban it. (this just an example, but still valid. some other roles do not want to play against certain champs especially with junglers) Now, specifically banning your champion just so you cant play it is indeed an asshole move. Though, its always possible they dont want to play against it or with it (some people absolutely hate certain champs in their team so they just ban it) What does riot have to do? Nothing, making your preffered picks immune to bans from your team will cause more trouble than it will fix. What can you do? Dont pick anything untill youre picking your champion. You wont risk assholes banning your champion on purpose and if someone dodges early you might end up with your previous allies in the same game on the other team so they might ban it (happened before and done it to others). The only thing you lose out on is planning your teamcomp. But be honest, when did you ever actually change your champion because of your teams pick. If you choose your preferred champion chances are you will either play it or dodge, not much players will change their pick unless the enemy picked/banned it. Alright this has become way too much text just to try to say that most problems you have with this wont exists if you just dont pick your champion untill you have to lock in.
: Bug in TFT
Its probably because champions from dead players go back into the champion pool and for some reason it didnt reset Dravens class. Almost impossible to exploit but when it happens to someone its gamechanging nonetheless.
00U (EUW)
: yer tft is a lie m8
Alright, im going to try to give my view on some of these points. Ill classiy them under topics youve adressed. Before i start ill say that i do agree on some points but not on everything. _Note: these are my opinions and i not everything i say might be correct, feel free to correct me if im wrong. (and apologies for the headache im about to give native english speakers)_ 1. Beta: Yes it is still beta. The "glitchy bots" (which is true, sometimes a champion (usually melee) just doesnt move instead of make a detour around the frontline. They just stand still untill a champion dies. Or the relatively slow time all champions take to retarget a new champion when the previous one died) and literally the entire release of tft on EUW clearly show its still a work in progress. Giving RIOT some time to sort everything out is fine. If nothing to the mode changes or gets fixed then i can agree on the "no respect for the players" statement. 2. Money: The only thing that cost us money (RP) at the moment would be the "little legends" pets which you can just completely ignore honestly. The only time you have to use it is during the carousel or with the pirate bonus. The only thing RIOT could be accused of is trying to follow the trend and keep their game popular like every company would. 3. RNG: Alright i give you this one on a part of this comment. The RNG on the items during the 1st creep rounds is honestly to bad. For example during all 3 minion rounds at the start you can get 1 item and then get matched against someone with a 3 full item champion. Its pretty impossible to win against something like that. Had a gae like this. I had pyke, after minion rounds i had a spear, titanic and red buff... my 1st opponent had 1 item on a champion and 1 item on the side wich didnt form anything that usefull. Though luckily you can somewhat make up for it on the carousel. Most usefull items come multiple times on different champions or at least once, not seeing an item in 2 carousels in a row would just be bad luck. so picking the right items helps a lot and its good that the losing players get the priority picks. The carousel is just something that seems interesting and I hope that the problems you mentioned (not enough time to pick and the unit collision) will get changed for the better. As for winner picks 1st is not really that good since why bother playing if you know you wont have a chance to make a comeback anymore. On the champion RNG. I think its fine. You just gotta be lucky to get something you like and learn to adapt your teamcomp. Dont be afraid to sell a lvl 2 unit when you get a Draven and start building a team around Blademasters. I see to many people holding onto units to make into tier 3 and expect them to carry the fight. The RNG on the champions is fine too. If I remember correctly as well there are a certain amount of each unit in the pool? Buying the ones your opponents need with your leftover money and selling them after the list is refreshed lowers their chance to get it. (example 33 gold -> spend 3 gold on units your opponent might want and sell them when you need space or gold) 4. AI targetting: Indeed some targetting seems quite strange. Chogath missing 70% of the enemy team even though they are fighting in a cluster and veigar seemingly choosing a random target to ult etc. However the most of the AI has a logical explanation. All units attack the closest enemy and dont look at hp (perhaps in the future the implement a targeting system allowing you to put some units on "attack low hp units". Since its beta it might happen. As for Assassins, they always jump to a target the furthest away as long as there is a empty spot to land on and blitz always pulls the furthest enemy at the start. As for something like Pykes dash, pyke will try to dsh through as many targets as possible to a location where there is a spot he can occupy. The AI is easy to predict s oyou can play around it letting them pull or jump on a tanky or less important unit is part of the "tactics". Its a decent mech but maybe having 6 assassins jump onto a backline is indeed a little much. But usually you should be able to deal with it (unless its a stacked tier3 assassin, then just pray) Long story short, the AI is alright but can still be improved by quite a bit. 5. "king of the hill": I also agree on this somewhat. I won or barely lost a couple of games but also being the only 2-3 players still in the game. Its not really much fun to win and have noone witness your glorious moment except the person that fought you last. However on the other hand I understand the losing players. Why stay in a game for 20 extra minutes instead of playing another one? Its a clear choice to make and taking that away will just be like a hostage situation. You cant leave the game but youre not allowed to play either. That would be a bad strategy for a gamemode. In the end, the gamemode has some potential and is a refreshing change to the game we are used to. I had quit lol for a while but now with TFT i came back in the client, saw the missions and had the urge to play some summoners rift again after having played a couple of TFT games. Its nice to have options like this where you can play whatever youre in the mood for.
: It's not the worse no, but games like Blade & Soul are minuscule in comparison to the MOBA giant League but we're still seeing very similar failures to them both when League is supposed to be above and beyond them.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riryz,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=i2iE3AcO,comment-id=00000003,timestamp=2019-06-27T21:37:45.998+0000) > > The game being free and the service they provide the players are not related. This comment completely ignores the points this post adresses. > The game might be free but to them its literally their source of income. Without the game they wouldnt have anything. In addition to that, the game has been one of the most popular games for years. Therefore we (the players) should at least have a certain expectation. > > Seriously, the problems occuring right now would be expected from a new and small game developer (and even then would people complain), not from a massive company like riot. I think this post is a fully justified response that reflects what most of us are thinking. Yeah perhaps they have gotten too relaxed with being seen as so superior in the Esports scene. I'm sure we will see a step up in their game soon though, the forums have exploded. I just don't feel these constant issues... I have spent a large amount on the game too. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
I wonder how you could be so optimistic about it. Well whatever, its not the worst i have seen anyways *cough* Blade&Soul (in EU) *cough* . So lets hope they will wake up now and make sure that something like this doesnt happen again. If it does they need new employees ASAP (how can you mess up timezones? really... Also PBE tests but still scuffed on live.)
: The game is free. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
The game being free and the service they provide the players are not related. This comment completely ignores the points this post adresses. The game might be free but to them its literally their source of income. Without the game they wouldnt have anything. In addition to that, the game has been one of the most popular games for years. Therefore we (the players) should at least have a certain expectation. Seriously, the problems occuring right now would be expected from a new and small game developer (and even then would people complain), not from a massive company like riot. I think this post is a fully justified response that reflects what most of us are thinking.
: > and maybe extra ~~ IP~~ BE per game nope
... Im getting old
Mega Gnar (EUW)
: URF Death Animations
its a club pass that gives it. The more people in your team are in the club the more types of finishers there are (random ones). the club pass basically gives you a skin for the champion you play (not permanent just that game), an extra reroll and maybe extra IP per game? But you cant purchase the pass anymore, it was limited.
TechMajin (EUW)
: Cool idea for skins
Interesting idea. Though those skins would probably be pretty expensive for "just" a gender swap. If they do that with the basic skin then it would probably not even be worth the price its gonna be (with the whole "getting a new voice actor to voice act the new skin"). Not a lot of people would be willing to pay 1820RP to have a basic skin but gender swapped. 1350RP might even be stretching it. So if they do it they would have to pick a popular champion or one that would look good (and lets be honest its gonna be a male -> female and its also probably gonna be yasuo)
WarlockBN (EUNE)
: look at this kido https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BW5v7GLsEuE it was a bug ... and if you wanna learn abut lore go to youtop
Fine, if you want to shamelessly downvote all replies that even slightly dissagree with you then so be it. No point in talking then. 1. bug... why would i know every bug ever? 2. lore tips are fun to come across, ingame tips/tricks is something you search for.
WarlockBN (EUNE)
: to riot
that would be a wrong tip though. lux ult hits where its aimed. the only reason for missing is the player. the blind/darkness does not let her ult bend around you randomly. its the player that had failed to predict while blinded. who even uses lux ult without the snare (unless for sniping)? your words make it seem like if you get snared and blind her then she can miss her ult even if she casts it directly on your face. besides, id rather have those "useless" tips telling me to not be toxic. Or even the lore tips are better. i dont need gameplay tips, those are useless. as if you didnt know that you might miss your skillshots because you cant see your enemy due to blind/darkness. Id rather know that kata, talon and cass are all members of the "du couteau" family or that kassadins name comes from the shuriman "kas sai a dyn". If i want genuine ingame tips id go watch some youtube videos. at least they can show you what they mean.
: Bug with W Neeko still remained, WTF?
MORE ap than ad neeko with dorans ring doesnt have more ap than her base ad. though it doesnt make sense for it to proc when having a longsword. if it procs with 0 ap then it should also proc with 20 ap imo.
JesRect (EUW)
: LEt me tell you something since the time sports or game have existed it is always said that "A particular game or sports is no one else's but PLAYERS" they created the game and they have all rights of it but they ccreated the game for players................. Do you think jaes naismith can come back and say the basketball is my game and i have the all rights to do whatever the %%%% i want????
A game like LOL and a physical sport like basketball are not the same. As said before RIOT has the ownership of every single account, they are the ones that run the servers that we play on and they are the ones that can judge use based on our behaviour. Also in sports you cant just "do what you want" either. you could even say: normal pvp games = normal sport matches against people of other clubs custom games = playing the sports with friends similar concept, if you play with friends then do whatever you want. But if you play against other people then you must follow the rules because you get punished for not doing so. (in the game its being banned after enough justified reports, in sports you get faults and eventually get removed from the game as well and possibly barred from participating for X months/years)
JesRect (EUW)
: Why do you have the authority?
Its their game and the account is NOT yours in the 1st place. They can literally ban any player they want and still be in their right. They wont do so since they are pretty fair in this matter. Technically they could do anything they want, youre only using the account but they own it. (but doing so would result in a bad reputation and no trust in the company so riot obviously judges, most of the time, in a fair manner) let me tell you, ive been on the boards ever since the boards started (before that the forums) and not a single post complaining about their ban was unjust. Their excuses might seem good but a quick check on their name in op.gg or the client clearly shows they werent "playing badly" and chatlogs obviously say everything that needs to be said. Also permanent bans arent meant to reform players. Riot doesnt want you playing their game anymore if you get permabanned. Though they wont stop you from making a new account as long as you arent toxic.
Soñjer (EUW)
: Suggestion: make a different color (like red) the ultimate bubble whenever it cannot be casted (oom)
Wouldnt be that bad to have, though just spamming your manabar in chat showing your oom is also a thing. You usually know when your team wants to do something with your ult in play, just linking "2% mana" in your chat and some danger pings could easily solve it. But with for example the chinese server literally having jungler timers on their minimap i dont see why something like this cant be added for everyone. Its not like its gamebreaking anyways.
qko pate (EUNE)
: Aren champions a "bit" overpriced?
If you think that champions now are expensive you havent been playing since IP was still a thing. Getting champions with Influence Points took a long long time. For a normal player that played only max 5 games a day it would take you like a week or more to unlock a champion. Not to forget Riot is trying to make games shorter now so aside from 20 min surrender the games could also easily last 50 min to over an hour. Not to forget the runes we needed to buy with IP to fill our rune pages which where mandatory once reaching lvl30. Seriously, if you went into ranked without a full rune page of tier 3 runes you would be flamed so hard that the toxicity you see nowadays seems like its nothing. Getting a 6300BE champion right now is leveling up 2-3 times. With some luck you even get the champion shard and can unlock it for even less. Unlocking champions is way easier nowadays. Besides, RP is still a thing. If you cant stand having to play to unlock champions then you can always pay for them.
: arurf is not fun.
Pretty much, but at least the games are fast. Btw its not even AR. All random means all champs have the same chance of appearing, but no. Its obvious that some champions are several times more likely to appear (not just being picked, also counting the champions that are rerolled. theyre almost always 60% the same.)
Kurotsu (EUW)
: What are all the events in League?
I guess summer counts as one as well. Since summer skins usually release. Oh I also found this, its a list with all events that happened so far (so not only the yearly events): https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Events
: Thanks bro!
Also if you are planning on buying the pass its best to get the pass now since the pass also gives you an extra "first win of the day mission" which gives you extra tokens. (last event it was 20 tokens so i assume the same with the lunar ones)
Lari (EUNE)
: I need 19 Orange essence!
Disenchant a skin/ward skin/icon shard. Or wait untill you get one from a hextech chest. You can also try sending a ticket to Riot support but im not sure if they will give some to you since orange essence can be aquired for free with some work.
ApoIlon (EUNE)
: No longer option for report assisting enemy team?
Its alright I guess. I would prefer blind pick URF though, since that way the games will be at least fair because everyone gets something OP or fun to play. Unlike now where you need to hope you get something fun since you already know your team wont use their 1 free reroll everytime. (1 reroll refreshes every game (2 if you bought the spatula bundle))
: i did not get ban
Same, played since halfway through S3 up till now and the only punishment i ever had was a 3-day ban because i left a game for the 1st time at like lvl5 or something, after which i made a new account and abandoned it. Idk why but it never happened to anyone else so i thought it was weird (never left a game since though). But yeah, in all those years i didnt even get a single warning about my behaviour. Sometime I get confused as how one can be so stupid to get themselves banned but then I come across a game where 2 people keep typing "ky..." to eachother and then it all makes sense.
: Remove Karthus from ARURF
Not really. I mean, if he wants to spam his Q he cant move much so he is very vulnerable and his ult is fine if youre somewhat tanky or build zhonya/edge.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riryz,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=HveTWmlQ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-01-29T06:44:10.258+0000) > > TBH I feel like Riot is slowly giving up on her. The true stealth nerf was coming for a long time, but the heal too? and no other buffs to compensate? Now she will be even harder to play well and her i bet her pick and winrate will drop. > > If you cant figure it out Riot, just revert everything you did to her. Its not a shame to admit the rework was bad. (bad in the sense that she cant be balanced properly for everyone) What Riot seem to be doing stripping away her 'abusive' power for time being, seeing how she is and then balancing accordingly. And let's be frank, she didn't need the Q heal because of her Gunblade rush, and true stealth under turret was/is extremely frustrating. She still has a huge amount of damage, they're simply removing a lot of her safety. Also, unpopular opinion, I'd prefer to keep new Akali than ever see her pre-rework state ever again.
Fair enough, I just hope its as you said and they wont abandon her after these nerfs. I completely agree on the true stealth removal and i guess i do get the point of the removal of the Q heal since there is always the gunblade now you mention it.
Vzxaw (EUW)
: Akali nerfs
TBH I feel like Riot is slowly giving up on her. The true stealth nerf was coming for a long time, but the heal too? and no other buffs to compensate? Now she will be even harder to play well and her i bet her pick and winrate will drop. If you cant figure it out Riot, just revert everything you did to her. Its not a shame to admit the rework was bad. (bad in the sense that she cant be balanced properly for everyone)
: I am aware of that post and follow it, but they also only show which 6300 BE Champ is getting reduced, not the other 4800-...
But then we can again return to the argument that you lose no value unless youre lazy or a hoarder since if you were gonna use it it would be cheaper for you to use it. of course if you use it right before the reduction then thats a shame but still, if you know that a 4800 or less is going to be lowered in price its best to wait and see which one it is going to be.
: Champions: Price Reduction VS Hextech Shards
Doesnt really make sense. If you dont need the shard then disenchant when you receive it, it makes no sense to hold onto it. If you do need it for unlocking a champion then now you need to spend even less to upgrade it to permanent. There is literally no value in changing this. If you hoard your champion shards or are to lazy to disenchant them then thats on you. Especially since Riot has a list that shows when which 6300 champ will get a reduction: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202083304-Permanent-Champion-Price-Reduction You have no reason to complain about it because you couldve known about it.
VIPChiefo (EUNE)
: Toxic? The problem is that they spoil my game and ignore me when I need help. As I have to ping or write / please help me / they just ignore me. I am nervous because they do it without reason, and when I begin to explain to them what they have done or write that I will report them for their malicious actions, I am punished. Why did not the people who provoked me receive a punishment. Their actions themselves despair me and stop me from trying to play. and I'm just starting to ask for help reporting these trollers.
Telling people "i will report you" is toxic enough, but constantly asking for others to report someone in team and allchat is just straight up annoying. TBH 90% of the players that see this in allchat will especially NOT report that person and will report the person asking for reports instead. People asking for reports are annoying. If you have problems with your team solve it in your own chat, DONT BRING IT TO ALLCHAT LEAVE US ALONE! Regardless, youre not punished because you explain this to your team. Youre punished because you are toxic. you are constantly negative and are insulting both your and the enemy team and are generally obnoxious. Besides that you talk WAY too much. Do you even play the game or do you sit in fountain to type? Seriously. Your pre-game too. I wish there was a mute button in pregame lobbies. people that type as much as you in pregame are annoying as hell. Your team instantly sees you as obnoxious like that... 14 messages in pregame... do you know how short champ select is? Just mind your own bussiness. a couple of words is fine but let your team think about what they want to pick in peace.
: Account
Because its not really necessary. Riot doesnt mind smurfs and wont punish them but they dont endorse it. Therefor there is no reason to log out without closing the client. Besides, its not like closing and reopening the client would be any slower than having a log out button anyways. Its pretty fast. So even if you use the same PC with 2 or more people its not like you waste much time closing the client.
VIPChiefo (EUNE)
: WTF riot ur system suck or u have to change the staff
"REEEEEE my jungler lost me the game because its his fault i am vulnerable to getting ganked by the enemy" "Im not toxic" -> Proceeds to show toxic chatlog and questions why he is punished. like seriously, why are you allowed to type toxic sh*t because "other people do so as well"? Makes no sense... Surprise surprise, when other players are toxic in your chat and they get reported they will be punished as well. Its not just you. Its you NOW because youre toxic and get a lot of reports. If your "toxic" teammates get enough reports they will face the same punishment if they are actually toxic.
Devouran (EUNE)
: and what they get with this? i cant figure it out, why is this better, than to click on victory or defeat button?
I dont do it but i imagine its faster. clicking the button to "end" the game is just a button to close the ingame client. the moment the nexus is dead the game is decided and the client starts loading the details when you exit the ingame launcher. so closing the ingame launcher earlier has no effect on any stats and will not count as afk either. So instead of waiting through the nexus blowing up and clicking the button and having to wait for it to close they can save some time and immediatly start loading their game details. there is absolutely nothing wrong with it and its laughable that you report players without informing yourself first and are only asking questions about this now. espacially since streamers do this as well. Riot would have done or said something about this if this wasnt allowed.
: As Riot doesn't grant the opportunity to show the chat while watching the replay, I can't screenshot it
Hmm, you can still try with a ticket. If you explain what happened and what they said to you ingame and pregame they should still review this player. They only need to do more work since they still have to check the chat logs instead of having a screenshot. But they wouldnt just let it slide like that just because they have to pull up the chat logs i suppose.
: So if someone starts in champ select with k/y/s
These 3 letters are pretty much an instant ban, no matter what context (even as a joke towards friends in a 5 man premade) though, obviously, this player needs enough reports for the system to check them. Which might sometimes take a while and allow them to ruin some more games. So the fastest way is just report them to Riot Support with a screenshot, they will make sure this player is punished.
: People still play Soraka in the current meta?
Right, mages support... but im pretty sure there still are some Soraka mains out there dying on the inside every time Sylas steals their ult.
Kiryonn (EUW)
: we are day5 and no urf
Yes, they announced after this post that it would be out the 28th. (see surrender@20 the latest post at the bottom, it says "ARURF+ will be hitting live in Patch 9.2 on January 28th!")
Mártir (EUW)
: As an OTP Zílean {{champion:26}} ... Trust me, his Ult is probably the one of the bests you can Steal/Copy ;-) Reason why I Stopped Perma banning Yi, to Ban Sylas. Would be disgusting to have him REVIVE his mates or himself, like I do... (And Powerful too).
Pretty sure Soraka mains feel the pain too. With his AP scaling he will most likely heal more than when a Soraka ults. Not sure if the extra bonus for members below 40% hp also counts or if its only for Sorakas passive. but +55% of your AP as a champ going full AP is pretty insane. AP Soraka isnt trash because of ult healing is good enough to make up for the lack of damage (pls dont play AP Soraka). Now imagine that ult on a champ with an actual good kit meant for combat. Had a game against a Sylas, the Sylas copied our teams Soraka ult mid teamfight and the enemy team was full hp again while our teams Soraka ult healed like half (dont quote me on that) of what Sylas healed his team.
: Sylas ultimate glich with transformations
Wait... that made it to live? Wasnt that an already know bug on pbe? Pretty sure it was a bug. It cant be intended, right?
: > [{quoted}](name=Salt n Shaco,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=oHTE1LfX,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-27T04:25:10.756+0000) > Short and simple to the point, because this game is genuinely confusing me. > Now I've read the T&C, I've read the rules, I understand them and try my best to follow them. [Albeit I am under a 25-game chat restriction] Then you probably didnt follow the summoners code. > Now, I'm MORE than welcome for Riot to post my chat logs from my reform card here. They wont post anything like that for a single case of relatively private communication on a public board. > I argue, I argue a lot. I don't swear at anyone [...] that people think I'm being aggressive [Calling your friend a total twat IRL in England is completely normal] Well maybe for your friends it is, in a ironic/funny setting. But you dont walk up to a stranger and talk like that... So that's probably the reason you wont post a report card? > I want to know the threshold for reporting Summoners Code > Why are you giving the power to control another's accounts to an automated system that's based off mass-reports in a single game. [IE it telling you which games you were deemed too salty]? It usually takes several games in a relatively short amount of time to trigger a response of the systems for verbal abuse, etc. There were problems for int. feeding detection at the end of the last season, but not for the system for verbal abuse. These usually only trigger, when using "banned" words/combinations. > I get that maybe people don't like being told what they're doing wrong, or that they're ineffective at a situation. It is often just not effective, over the course of 1 game, it is highly unlikely, that you can "fix" a playstyle. You might be able to tell them about an interaction, like "Look, ignite reduces healing, use it so Champ X cant lifesteal/heal with Ability Y", but that is pretty much it. > But come on Riot, don't give players the ability to judge someone. Wait, what? All this paragraph to tell us, how bad your matched team members are, and now this? And the Tribunal, to my knowledge, doesn't exist anymore. You can request a human evaluation of your report, but since you come to the boards, it probably failed. Overall, another confused post, im all for talking about how "verbal abuse" cases are handled. I know that there are unprovoked and provoked instances of flame and it does feel unfair, to hit the provoked instances with the full consequences, that can come with the punishments, like the honor lvls, the season rewards and the clash restriction. But you wont get punished if you have one game, where you get into an argument with another player, because the game doesn't go your way. To get punished it takes insults, threats, report calling, finger pointing, negative attitude, etc. So even the provoked instances are more often than not just bidirectional, where you have both parts in escalating the situation, instead of just mute/ignore.
On top of that, you dont see "chat restriction" post that often on the boards. chances are his team and the enemy team thought he was more annoying rather than toxic. we dont have chat logs, but reading the "i argue a lot" and this wall of text he wrote it seems like this one is a 'typer' and spends half the time typing in chat and saying random, unneccesary things instead of playing. Since OP says he isnt really toxic it can only mean he is typing too often. So a chat restriction is perfectly fine.
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