: Saying the truth and insulting are two different things How so If you say in chat "you keep dying a lot please stop" and the teammate responds with "stfu stop flaming" You then try to explain how they should tower farm and they proceed to aggressively respond and keep dying as they have been most of the game Then the game proceeds to be a 25 kills to 4 losing game and they won't surrender and you type please surrender the game is lost we are wasting time Again for the teammates to say stop flaming Should I get chat banned for verbal or negative attitude?
I mean that insulting them or telling them theyre bad is different from trying to give your team advice. Saying "youre trash! stop dying!" is different from "stay under tower and try to farm". Thats what I meant. Seeing the chatlog where he calls his team "re**rded" obviously isnt acceptable.
: 14 days suspended.
Thats not too bad then. Well it is, kind of... , but its not the end of the world. Anyways, if you decide to start playing again after your 14-day ban is over dont forget that you pretty much have no more chances. 1 report with a chatlog where youre even slightly "toxic" can result in a permaban.
: Game 1 In-Game Prezidentas: wp Prezidentas: gj Prezidentas: kill poor y and gg Prezidentas: wata %%%%%%s Prezidentas: xDDD Prezidentas: fac me Prezidentas: cant kill one guy Prezidentas: 4 Prezidentas: stai woth me Prezidentas: or i leave Prezidentas: what an retarted team i hawe Prezidentas: u far away fomr scraching 200 hp Game 2 In-Game Prezidentas: dont feed Prezidentas: i care u Prezidentas: u death 2 times? Prezidentas: and vi come here 2 times Prezidentas: u gave kill here Prezidentas: vi 3 gangs Prezidentas: mid not wining bot not wining Prezidentas: what elise u doing? Prezidentas: thats call babysiting top 2v1 Prezidentas: elise gang was dead Prezidentas: better jungler wins Prezidentas: ez Game 3 In-Game Prezidentas: what is this irons :D Prezidentas: -.7 Prezidentas: ez Prezidentas: top u are %%%%%% Prezidentas: wtf u builded?>#
> Prezidentas: what an retarted team i hawe Thats probably the reason. You dont get all chatlogs of all games of course, only the last few games. There need to have been lots of reports from multiple games which you dont have chatlogs. However seeing this line makes me believe comments like these happen regularly. Its toxic behaviour. Getting reported regularly and seeing those things in the chat will trigger the system. But its not enough to get an instant permaban. Did you get 14-week ban before? If yes then nothing else matters. The quoted line would be enough since after 14-day you have a 0 tolerance for a very long time.
Jisafik (EUW)
No, unless you want to pay for a server transfer every time you want to play on another server. So if you want to play on multiple servers you'll have to make a new account on that server you want to play on.
: banned for saying true about my team?
Saying the truth and insulting people are 2 seperate things... You can say the truth but you didnt get banned for just saying your team was bad or something. How about you show us your chatlogs eh? We'll see what truth you said about your team. Let me guess, you called them racial slurs or told them to commit not alive and other things? I mean seeing your random picture of Lucian at the end for no reason I can see what youre trying to say.
: keepingpeople waiting and making 'em more excited to play a mode makes a server less likely to go down ? i don't think so
Not really, if you give people in a time zone earlier the mode and then wait with the release in a later timezone untill literally the middle of the night doesnt seem like making people excited. Imagine the EUNE players that have to work tomorrow morning, its 2 or 3 in the morning, maybe later, while NA its afternoon. They need to wait untill afternoon after theyre done with work or miss sleep. I wouldnt call that making people excited, thats just intentionally trying to piss of a region. Anyways we'll all forget wbout this because urfs out now so now "alls good"
: it's not like riot games is a small company with few employees running a small indie game so they can't manage to release one game mode depending on each region's time it's totally nonsens{{champion:114}}
They dont want it to break. On twitter they said NA is less likely to go down or something... for some reason that makes it fine i guess?
Wickedlike (EUNE)
: I got 20EU worth of RP and i have yet to get them is there a problem?
They just put out a notice that there are some delays (yellow ! ). Dont worry, itll come soon.
Anywhere between 1-2 hours i would say. Unless something unexpected pops up. I know its stupid and its definitely unfair that NA or Brazil for example already got it ages ago and riot cant comprehend timezones (nighttime release? 29th already? wdym? its day here in NA!) but we just got to deal with it like always.
nin1ten1do (EUNE)
lol, low ai bot is 100% more annoying to have than an afk player. Have you ever played bots? giving your team a bot is equal to free gold for the enemy team. Not to mention that sometimes bots just suicide so teammates might kill themselves to save the bot or go all in because "without the bot we are 4v5 so we cant win therefore we better go all in when the bot decides we go in". No, 4v5 has a higher winchance than having a bot. Even in low level games with genuine 1st time players having an afk is better than a bot. It just a personal opinion, if you genuinly think that a bot is better than an afk in a game with 5 competent enemy players then thats fine too. But i think its not.
xWarpigy (EUW)
: TFT ideas
The playing with friends idea is horrible. This makes the game unplayable for the other players because 3 people working together making 3 different comps and giving what they dont need to their friends makes this pretty much a guarantee top 3 for the 3 premades. Very bad, especially in ranked. Items: Sure I somewhat agree, its quite annoying if this happens. However this is done so you carefully consider your plays and make sure to put the items on champions you really want it on. Stacking a medium champion in your comp and playing 3 rounds before rolling your carry and swapping the items around would be pretty lame. So my suggestion is make it so that you can still remove the items on the units that havent played a round yet. Because the accidental thing only happens on units on the bench. Locking: Its a decent idea, but that would be abused so hard. ('Buy the 3 star or get extra income? Lock the unit and have both!') The game is about strategy and seeing what you can give up to gain something else and if its worth it. This will make the game easier which isnt a good thing. There needs to be at least some type of challenge. It would be way too easy and people will lose interest at higher ranks where thinking and being flexible is a big part of their games. Taking away something like this will lower the skillceiling at the top because they dont need to make swift decisions as often. Also gonna be honest, i'd definitely give up 1slot to lock in a 4-5 star one of my enemies would need at the end of the game. Lastly you forgot one more point: Add more Little Legends! (I mean... they need to make money from it somehow. After all, TFT players wont buy normal skins) Anyways, these are just my opinions on these suggestions, other people might like these changes but personally only the returning items on unused units without selling them would be fine.
: global ultimates on level 1 afk!
No, afk players get a massive armor and mr buff making them practically unkillable. The only time ive seen a player with the afk buff being killed was when they somehow managed to pull this player to their own fountain with blitz hooks, stuns and other cc (while the afk champion always tries to walk back to their fountain). In short, afk players are unkillable.
: Heard this LoL related song - can you tell me which it is?
Never heard any of those songs before. Been playing on and off since S3 but following the games updates constantly. If anything maybe the song starting at 1:09 sounds similar to some some league song, but listening longer makes it clear to me that its not. So I dont think anyone can help you finding the song name. In you defence the style is pretty similar to LoL. It also happens every once in a while that a games music makes you think of another game while the games are totally unrelated to eachother. for example when i play Overwatch there is a specific section of the game music when starting a match that sounds very similar to the COD (mw2 or bo1) matchmaking music. So its not to uncommon.
: Oldest active accounts in League?
For a very long time the mastery system did not exist so you cant base it around that. Also there was a level cap of lvl30 for a long time too, so just being high level is also no indication for playtime. I played since S3 but ive seen a decent amount of people playing way before that, having special skins/icons from that time (victorious J4 for example).
Makua (EUNE)
: Event Prestige skin or icon
None of the previous event skins are available for PP, why would that be different for Caitlyn? The Prestige Points in the event shop are meant for people that want to buy the non-event Prestige Editions. The Icon is just a bonus. I dont think anyone would have expected someone to buy the PP just to get the bonus reward. Anyways, back on answering your question. KDA Akali for example is still not available for PP so its best not to hope on Arcade Cait to be available. At least not in the near future. Since the PP expire feb2020 they might make them available at the very end, but its also possible they make it available next year or never.
: they haven't read the comment, they have posted the exact same thing 3 times now.
Thats pretty sad... Edit: Ahem, seems like my comment was to offensive so it was removed. In essence I said Im spending money on skins and passes occasionally and calling me greedy is wrong. Then saying some stuff that its not really worth it, ending it with "being able to see your stats should never be locked behind a paywall" and "since there are multiple Eternal types the chance is pretty high that you need to purchase multiple even if you have a champion pool of 5-10 champions" (also somewhere I said I knew he didnt actually read my comment since his reply ignored something I already adressed)
: Eternals
From what I understand its pretty bad. You pay AND need to play A LOT of games before you can even see you Personal Best... so you need to pay and work just so you can see how hard you worked? > We didn’t want everyone to hit their Personal Best in their first or second game, though, so we made it a reward that’s revealed after rekindling an Eternal. Rekindling is when you hit the 5th milestone on one Eternal, and it has a ramping progression that takes roughly the same amount of time as it does to get Mastery 5 on a champion. Once you’ve rekindled your Eternal and unlocked your Personal Best, the time between milestones flattens out so that you can see your achievements more frequently! You need to play as much with one champion as it would take to reach lvl5 to even see your 1st PB and even then you need to play more and more to be able to see achievements "more frequently"... what? so just looking at your achievements is not allowed? for something we should pay for we also need to keep working? If I get a PB and have to pay for a system to show me what that PB is and the system wont allow it because "youll see too soon that you played beat your pb, so keep working! (playing the game because TFT was to popular and we lost to much SR players)" Besides I didnt ask for it and even if it was completely free I wouldnt pay any attention to it (like with the mastery system) Honestly, the only system where its acceptable to ask money and ask the player to work is when the rewards are actually worth it. The passes (ex. project pass) are barely acceptable. On their own their not really worth it, but its still acceptable because the things you can buy with the tokens you can earn are definitely worth the cost of the pass. But this is not something thats worth paying for. They are right on one thing though. Having it will definitely be very rare. I'd rather have RIOT make sure the game has no problems, stays fun to play (bring back gamemodes... I dont need TFT... its popular, yes. But not a gamemode, especially if you make a ranked ladder for it). If they can do this and make decent skins too then Ill gladly spent my money once in a while to buy some of those skins or the event pass. That being said, we'll see how to system actually is on PBE. We can still bash on RIOT when time comes. For now lets give them the benefit of the doubt that its not gonna be a trashy cashgrab attempt.
: What in the actual ****, thats basically just saying "we received too much *****ing about removing the cursor so we are gonna wait a little bit and hope that they don't ***** as much later because we absolutely have to remove this even though we have no reason to do so"
yep, pretty much... though I think when Riot does try to remove it again people will start complaining once again. I doubt Riot will remove it if there are tweets about not wanting it gone and it being supported by a lot of players (and pros).
: Is Ranked season ending in 4 august or what? HELP PLS I DONT UNDERSTAND WHEN SEASON END?
Where did you read that? Isnt it always around november or something? Did it change?
: I don't see anything about TFT in patch notes at all
Last patch notes said to ignore those tooltips (except 9 blademaster since you can get it with spatulas) whats happening on pbe is here: http://www.surrenderat20.net/2019/07/731-pbe-update-new-summoner-icons-tft.html#more
: TFT Shapeshifters
lvl 519 but still cant read patchnotes or check whats happening on pbe. good job.
: i got banned for bad reason
Just saying but getting a ban is a result of repeated toxicity over multiple games. Unless you used zero tolerance words like telling people to go kill themself? Those result in instant bans no matter your history. Also dont look at the other player to justify your toxicity, both of you were wrong.
GLurch (EUW)
: It'll be back soon. https://twitter.com/MarkYetter/status/1156297682152898560 <--- link to a tweet where Mark Yetter says so ######Oh right, I think you said so? I don't know, may have misunderstood your comment
yep, i added the tweets in the edit.
: Mate, look at the settings. It's already removed.
alright then, they said they were working on adding it back into the game. maybe its gone now on pbe but it will not go into live.
AmenRa1993 (EUNE)
: So time to uninstall League. lets remove the only cursor which is actaully visible!!!
They didnt remove it yet... as I said, since enough people were against the removal they put it back in. They still want to remove it in the future though.
Dont worry, Hai made a tweet about it and there was a lot of backlash about the removal. They have decided to not remove the cursor next patch. However they still expressed their intention to remove it in the future.
BestGmers (EUNE)
: Can we talk about udyr skins?
If not for the outdated animations on running and attacking I would say the new Udyr skin is on par with his ultimate skin...
: RIOT GAMES & Rioters You have failed.
Are you a genuine new player?
Rioter Comments
: I really dont understand how stating that a champion is balanced is exposing my weakness. Also I really wasnt tilted by that, I was just amazed by how this player acted.
Your comment about that let them know you get tilted easily.
: The gigantic ego of some players
Alright, the post game lobby chat went too far, however I doubt you said nothing to them while they insulted you right? But other than that there is absolutely nothing wrong. Tell me, why would the enemy not take the chance to tilt you even harder. Your "riven is balanced" comment made it very clear to them that you had the weakest mindset out of your team. They just capitalized on that weakness to try and tilt you (which obviously worked as we are here right now). Let me tell you, the 1st player in the enemy team to start complaining in allchat over getting killed (for whatever reason) will immediatly become the no.1 target of most players. Purely because that player will be tilted even more. Results are: they possibly play worse, keep typing in chat instead of doing something usefull, flame their team or leave the game. (which is a pretty toxic thing to do imo, but its not against the rules since youre just playing the game and killing your enemy) Of course thats usually only relevant for ranked. Normals, ARAM, gamemodes, etc. are usually played for fun. Then again, thats not for everyone, at times people primarily play to win, fun comes 2nd. Cant really blame them for taking advantage of a weakness you exposed to them. There are some hardcore ARAM players out there, owning only champs good in ARAM and tryharding. TL;DR You exposed a weakness, they took advantage of it. Post game lobby was toxic towards you, but we dont know what you said so cant conclude anything.
: some one still cant login ,?
Also getting a black screen instead of the login screen so I cant even swap to another region :/
De Crazy (EUW)
: Stop Kicking me in and out Riot technician / Eambo you will now hacked / DDos EUW Server
"ddos euw server" LOL you dont need to, theyre perfectly capable of doing it themselves.
These login queues remind me of Jinx release. But at least back then we had great login music, now its just mute and wait while doing something else.
: WTF EUW is broken
Probably mass disconnect, now everyone trying to login at the same time. Same problem here.
Aargus (EUNE)
: they shoudve just kept it on PBE for 1 more path then release,this current version is literally like PBE,buggy,laggy and just not that good and fun to play
True, maybe it would have been better to wait a bit more. But on PBE they couldnt handle all the players making the login Q very long. This also made it harder for other changes to be tested. Also if they released it to live they had more people playing it so bugs could be found faster. So maybe they thought it would be better to release it to live even though its still beta. Lets hope that most of the problems will be ironed out the next patch.
Aargus (EUNE)
: i understand its new mode and beta test but why not patch it mid patch or something,im not a developer but some things can be done at least more critical one like afk champ or slow reaction pathing maybe whatever,for me rolls are the worst the fact u can roll for 30 mins 30 times and no to get that 1 champ makes u so much weaker
True, you can for example be 1v1 at the end of the game and you spend 60+gold to roll for that last champion to get to 3* or get the last champion for the class/origin bonus and still not get it. (happened to me... what made it worse, with my last 2 gold I decided to reroll again only to have it show up when I didnt have anything left and the last round was underway)
: Just a question
It only includes the icon and the chroma. It does not include the skin itself. To use the chroma you also need to buy the skin. 300 tokens for a skin worth 1350RP is somewhat low.
Aargus (EUNE)
: or just fix rng and rolls so that i dont have to wait entire game and to roll 30 times only to not get the champion i need for lv 3,also the animation is so slow 90%of the time champ has full mana and is just slow to use skill,this game has the worst rng in the world by far,i rolle over 30 times for darius and 2 vayns didnt get them and they stayed at lv 2 making me so much weaker even vs lover level player,i honestly hope this mode wont stay as permanent and they should just focus on LoL
There are certainly some bugs and improvements that can be made. I wont deny that. Slow reacting champions after an enemy died, bad pathing (just standing still instead of taking a detour to attack an enemy), perhaps indeed the RNG is somewhat skewed, especially items in the 1st rounds. You can get out of these rounds with 1 item that might combine into thrash and get put up against a fully stacked T2 morello,pd,claw Garen. But it just seemed something convenient to have.
Rioter Comments
: Well... if you are playing marksman - you get %%%%ed by everybody, not just Morde. That's really just a flavor of the month ban. And why would I ban Morde then when my teammate maybe wants to play it? There's every other champ out there that will screw me over either way.
I mean... fair enough but since morde is strong overall its gonna be a ban. Ill just ban anything I dont want to face in the late game because im gonna assume every lane will feed. So my thinking is "which champion do I NOT want to face when fed today?" and I ban that. Though I do agree that its stupid to ban your teams preffered picks. I usually dont ban a preferred pick even if the champion is strong, there are certain scenarios where it is appropriate to do it.
: My point is that by design the game should match you with people of your knowledge and skill. Of course this is a load of nonsense. But based on that, we can trust that if it goes to shit, he will ban the champ - or have something up his sleeve to counter it. So why interfere with that? It's obviously not your main role there. You are just saying: oh that champ is op - I ban it because my teammate picked it and he's last to pick. That's an asshole move in my book. You play some other role and just assume that you know how some other lane works out. If that ain't pretentious I don't know what is.
First of, autofill exists, so the argument "not your main role" is invalid Second, there is no way in hell il allow a morde to go to the enemy team if im marksman. The guy bonks me on the head with his E -> Q and im dead. Learned from it the 1st time. My ally isnt 1st pick morde? Ill ban it. (this just an example, but still valid. some other roles do not want to play against certain champs especially with junglers) Now, specifically banning your champion just so you cant play it is indeed an asshole move. Though, its always possible they dont want to play against it or with it (some people absolutely hate certain champs in their team so they just ban it) What does riot have to do? Nothing, making your preffered picks immune to bans from your team will cause more trouble than it will fix. What can you do? Dont pick anything untill youre picking your champion. You wont risk assholes banning your champion on purpose and if someone dodges early you might end up with your previous allies in the same game on the other team so they might ban it (happened before and done it to others). The only thing you lose out on is planning your teamcomp. But be honest, when did you ever actually change your champion because of your teams pick. If you choose your preferred champion chances are you will either play it or dodge, not much players will change their pick unless the enemy picked/banned it. Alright this has become way too much text just to try to say that most problems you have with this wont exists if you just dont pick your champion untill you have to lock in.
: Bug in TFT
Its probably because champions from dead players go back into the champion pool and for some reason it didnt reset Dravens class. Almost impossible to exploit but when it happens to someone its gamechanging nonetheless.
: It's not the worse no, but games like Blade & Soul are minuscule in comparison to the MOBA giant League but we're still seeing very similar failures to them both when League is supposed to be above and beyond them.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riryz,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=i2iE3AcO,comment-id=00000003,timestamp=2019-06-27T21:37:45.998+0000) > > The game being free and the service they provide the players are not related. This comment completely ignores the points this post adresses. > The game might be free but to them its literally their source of income. Without the game they wouldnt have anything. In addition to that, the game has been one of the most popular games for years. Therefore we (the players) should at least have a certain expectation. > > Seriously, the problems occuring right now would be expected from a new and small game developer (and even then would people complain), not from a massive company like riot. I think this post is a fully justified response that reflects what most of us are thinking. Yeah perhaps they have gotten too relaxed with being seen as so superior in the Esports scene. I'm sure we will see a step up in their game soon though, the forums have exploded. I just don't feel these constant issues... I have spent a large amount on the game too. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
I wonder how you could be so optimistic about it. Well whatever, its not the worst i have seen anyways *cough* Blade&Soul (in EU) *cough* . So lets hope they will wake up now and make sure that something like this doesnt happen again. If it does they need new employees ASAP (how can you mess up timezones? really... Also PBE tests but still scuffed on live.)
: The game is free. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
The game being free and the service they provide the players are not related. This comment completely ignores the points this post adresses. The game might be free but to them its literally their source of income. Without the game they wouldnt have anything. In addition to that, the game has been one of the most popular games for years. Therefore we (the players) should at least have a certain expectation. Seriously, the problems occuring right now would be expected from a new and small game developer (and even then would people complain), not from a massive company like riot. I think this post is a fully justified response that reflects what most of us are thinking.
: > and maybe extra ~~ IP~~ BE per game nope
... Im getting old
Mega Gnar (EUW)
: URF Death Animations
its a club pass that gives it. The more people in your team are in the club the more types of finishers there are (random ones). the club pass basically gives you a skin for the champion you play (not permanent just that game), an extra reroll and maybe extra IP per game? But you cant purchase the pass anymore, it was limited.
TechMajin (EUW)
: Cool idea for skins
Interesting idea. Though those skins would probably be pretty expensive for "just" a gender swap. If they do that with the basic skin then it would probably not even be worth the price its gonna be (with the whole "getting a new voice actor to voice act the new skin"). Not a lot of people would be willing to pay 1820RP to have a basic skin but gender swapped. 1350RP might even be stretching it. So if they do it they would have to pick a popular champion or one that would look good (and lets be honest its gonna be a male -> female and its also probably gonna be yasuo)
WarlockBN (EUNE)
: look at this kido https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BW5v7GLsEuE it was a bug ... and if you wanna learn abut lore go to youtop
Fine, if you want to shamelessly downvote all replies that even slightly dissagree with you then so be it. No point in talking then. 1. bug... why would i know every bug ever? 2. lore tips are fun to come across, ingame tips/tricks is something you search for.
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