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: Maybe spread your team so Sol cant hit them all at once.
lol obviously, but they will come up close in order to do their auto attacks, aurelion players will always clumb with their team in a corner so he will guarantee to hit a lot of champs.
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: Riot Promised Us More Game Modes But They Have Not Delivered!
I really like TFT, but i also LOVED games like nexus blitz and Odyssey they should honestly keep supporting them. but as always this company does what it wants to, and the players will just have to suck it up
: pick a strong long range champ -> equip all u can on him -> make all other champs tank while that dude kills their entire team. {{champion:119}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:63}}
yeah all good and all but its not 1 guy you have to pay attention to. you start with 8 players.. and often you gotta play the hand you are dealt. obviously i know what to build and what not, just saying out of all classes glacial is the most riddiculous.
: Ummm.. No?
nice arguments there bud
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