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IzzyRh (EUW)
: [Some match it's just impossible to win. In Aram usually wins the team with more range and CCs. Here's an example (look at the pic) of an almost zero ranged team vs all ranged and all CC team and all you can imagine in one team. We never reached their first tower. But it could have been worst. Think about an Aram team composed by: Veigar {{champion:45}} Lux {{champion:99}} Morgana {{champion:25}} Teemo {{champion:17}} Fiddlesticks {{champion:9}} Well, other very good champions in Aram are: Jhin, Xerath, Ziggs, Heimerdinger, Vel'Koz, Xerath, Brand and some other. As you can see, the most of them are Ap... So yes, I think that just a simple balance (number of AD/AP, TANK/NOTANK and RANGE/NORANGE) would be a good thing and would add some fun.](
I still think need ARAM tier rating, because you could get otherwise get a team that fits that balance, but is still very weak with the other team getting people that outshine them in every ARAM aspect.
Tarolock (EUW)
: i dont know your skill lvl but i have never had any problem with teemo, jayce, nidalee, varus, soraka, veigar or sona, the only champ that is strong from the mentioned ones no matter what you do is lux, she can obliterate you from a pretty safe distance the ones that have an easy time and you didnt even mention are jhin, ezreal, xerath with their amazing range and i have the least fun against kennen atm, he is just cancer, until he gets to lvl 6 he just farms for a zhonya then after 6 he just walks into the team with ult pops zhonya and guaranteed penta and you cant even do anything btw aram is never meant to be balanced so they dont really have to balance it, the only issue there is already somewhat "fixed" is the soul stacking on thresh and the chimes for bard
Also Ziggs and Katarina. Most champions with a global ult get more use out of it in ARAM and Soraka and Sona heals becoming incredibly annoying when they are on a long range team. The problem is when those types of strong poke champions are all put on one side and then you find yourself constantly under turret because you have no gap closers or strong engage. And any damage you do get off is then healed back up by a Soraka or Sona.
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Wadud92 (EUW)
: I don't know his I feel about this. Poppy and Maokai scare me even when they lose lane and I've been having success with Nautilus being super tanky and stunning everyone and their mother. I kinda like then for what they are though, with the exception of Poppy's passive shield I think they are well designed
Have to agree, pure tanks are healthy enough right now. Garen and Darius are more problematic with being able to deal plenty of damage from a Black Cleaver then full tank. Tanks still have problems early, especially against AP or mixed damage, when they don't have enough bulk behind them.
Yurodivi (EUNE)
: Taliyah
Threaded Volley - This works similarly to most skill shots, only with more opportunity to hit enemies. You can move while you use it so that you can keep pace with where the enemy goes, i.e, the move right to dodge so you move right to keep hitting. Seismic Shove - Normally in lane you use this around the edges of your E to try and knock enemies back into it. Can also be used on yourself to push enemies away who try to engage you. Unravelled Earth - In lane you can use this under the enemy so they are forced to walk on it and take damage, or also cast it on top of yourself to put enemies of closing in on you. Against a Yasuo for example you could place it around your minions so if he dashes through them or walks to them to CS he will take damage. Weaver's Wall - Multiple uses for this. You can use it to roam into bot or top to get a kill by placing the wall between the laners and their turret. You can use it to save teammates from enemies by putting a wall between them. You can use it in teamfights to split the enemy team up, trying mainly to get their carries on the same side as you, while having their tanks and peelers on the other side. If the problems you are having are based around hitting the skill shots, try playing against bots for a while to get a feel for how they work better in a safer and less punishing environment. I don't play Taliyah myself so if someone more experienced comes along listen to them.
: Thing is he can drop like 20 of those little buggers around x) You try to go from first bot to first mid and suddenly your ghost has walked through 5 of them and your body is already decomposing by the first bush. Lux ult can be dodged and veigar is single target. Teemo shroom is invisible and very much oppressive once he get's his items. But at the same time he is weak without them hence the balance issue.
And that's it, one level 9 red and your team can freely roam anywhere. A red ward here or there also means ADCs or characters with other trinkets will never get caught by them either. Most Teemo shrooms are either in bushes or visible from bushes with a ward in them and then you never have to worry. Seen a whole team go red trinkets and it was bye bye Teemo teamfights.
drymonkey (EUW)
: {{champion:45}} is a strong burst mage that said thats all he is he cant dual he cant escape he is a carry that neads protection he is my all means a well balanced champ
*tries to get on Veigar* *Veigar walks into jungle and presses E* FUUUUUUUUUUUCK
: You can also "secure" some areas like the dragon pit, the baron pit, also you can let some shroom after pushing your wave so the oponnent can't damage your turret.
But any team that doesn't sweep those for wards is silly. And shroom planting at turret is about the best you can do at times in lane with them. But as others have said that's just incredibly passive, and I have seen people pop red to clear them, and use it while diving as well.
: you have to consider shroom : gives vision, slow, and can be %%%%ing anywhere on the map.
But then for the most part that's what they are most useful for, giving some vision and annoying the enemy. Having someone slowed and vision on them while on the other side of the map isn't a useful when the shrooms you are throwing at them are getting negated in the fighting.
Hantusa (EUW)
: I'd much rather they changed his ultimate into something entirely different, like spore-planting on enemy targets which he can activate at will, to deal dmg and slow the target / surrounding enemies. I love Teemo, but I have no love for his ultimate at all, it's to passive and requires no skill, just a tiny amount of map knowledge to utilize the shrooms. In terms of adc's I don't find them lackluster, most of them are still in a healthy place mid to late game, and buffing them to become stronger early means bruisers / tanks become less valuable. _I for one don't miss the days where having a tank on your side was irrelevant_ In the AP section I'm enclined to agree, **some** of the AP champions are ridiculously overpowered at the moment, compared to other mages, and even compared to other champs in the current 'god-tier'.
Oh God yes on the AP champs. They really need to stack up some more meaningful MR choices, especially for tanks.
eXtreemo (EUW)
: If people on low elo are not using red trinket than this buff will have no impact on them. But on high elo teemo is meaningless cause whenever he is in game at least two-three people "buying" this trinket to completely shut down his tactics
And I'm low ELO myself. Last time I played him I got whacked on by a Tryndamere (yes I'm that bad). All my shroom damage was constantly negated with control wards. He got an early lead on me and snowballed me. Everytime I'd try to clear a control would just get all inned, forced to retreat and say goodbye to useless shrooms. Place shrooms away from his ward and just watch them go to red trinket. It was just the slow and damage made useless all lane.
Infernape (EUW)
: Weakening one role to make another good isn't a viable plan.
That is pretty much how Riot have been balancing the game. Every time a group gets too strong they buff its counters and that gets too strong.
eXtreemo (EUW)
: I would like to get buff as a Teemo. Cause throughout all these years from second season I felt myself as a beating bag most of the time. People were hating me, reporting me, flaming me from the start. And actually they still doing this after 7 years of this game Cause Teemo is like a meme now. Teemo = useless piece of crap no matter your stats, no matter your experience. And know what? Most of the time I agreeing with them. Cause Teemo despite being cute and sometimes really deadly. Can't do things that other champion can. He can't be bruiser with defensives stats and kill things staying alive. He can't get away when caught in a crossfire in teamfight. He can deal HUGE amount of damage but this damage is DoT and it is mostly not killing damage, it's just prolonging the game and making fast teamfights into long returning, cause everyone playing more passive or just buying red trinkets. Teemo now is ONLY ONE CHAMPION that can be completely negated by Items. No other champion can be countered by any means in game. His W is useless in teamfights and useful ONLY on lane phase and in jungling (if you brave enough to jungle with him, where almost every champion can invade your space and kill you cause your early damage suck) His E is AA range (which is most %%%%%%ed range for ranged champion without escapes) and no one will ever let you use more than 1-2 AA in teamfight with all their stuns, slows, and huge damage. His R completely negated by FREE trinket in a middle of fight. No matter how smart you go with your planting with your tactics and knowing map it's all will be erased with one single trinket when enemy will push together. One and only reliable ability of his is Q which is very easy to use and has nice scaling. But even so anyone can by QSS to get rid of the blind effect and you will be left with only one DAMAGE ability against full synergy of any other adc, bruisers or junglers. So Yeah I want Teemo to get some buffs, cause if you look at his "fixes" and changes - he mostly only got nerfs (shrooms damage, shroom duration, Blind being CC and thus getting countered by QSS etc) And I actually do not believe that riots will make shrooms so much imbalanced (cause if they will make shrooms immune to trinkets it will buff Teemo too much) I hope they will look at him at last and make a good rework preserve his kit as a shroom miner. Cause Teemo without shrooms - not a Teemo
There is a long standing thing with Teemo where he is balanced to be weaker than he should be just because people find him annoying to deal with. His kit isn't that overloaded or strong compared to so many other champions, just like you say, and his abilities are more annoying than lethal. His teamfight being pretty weak because of his AA range and easy countered shrooms.
: Control wards can be attacked at range, enemys blinded. I think Teemo's kit is alright at protecting his shrooms. At the same time, you can trigger an explosion with the enemy's minion wave, or just drop one right where you are standing if they're trying to reach you. Remember, while they attack your mushroom, they can't attack you. If your opponent really goes hard on anti-shroom tech you can use them to push the lane fast, and roam with your W. And, as already mentioned, you can go Attackspeed+AP or Onhit-effects on him very easily. I think I haven't played full AP Teemo in a long time. While I'd love a buff on my main, I think it is not really necessary at this point in time. If there is something that should be buffed, I agree with CloudStalker that it's probably his W. I would like CC-removal on it, but that would probably be broken. Maybe just let it remove slows - it's called "Move Quick" after all.
I think that would be cool as well, a slow removal on his W that perhaps also negates slow effects somewhat for the duration of enhanced move speed.
: I am not sure about this, because Teemo's shrooms deal massive damage to squishy targets and so people need to easily accessible way to clear them in an area when he spams the hell out of them. I´ve had a lot of games (mainly because i´ve played a ton) where my carries or just squishy runs through 1 shroom and they lose like 40% hp right there. Those shrooms need to be open to ward countering. Instead riot should look at red sweeper trinket. It disables any shroom inside it's vision so if someone wants to kill teemo post lvl 9 they can just run toward him with it on and his shrooms are essentially trash on the ground. That if anything is unfair to teemo and unhealthy for game strategy, at least make it so that people have to sidestep the shroom instead of being able to run right over it.
At the same time though you have lots of ults that can do the same damage to squishy targets way more reliably. Veigar or Lux ult can destroy a whole bunch of squishy targets, Lux doing it every 30 seconds. And if Teemo has been crushed in lane his shrooms are useless anyway if he's not got the gold.
: > Veigar's AP ratio on his abilities is crazy though when is AP is infinite. I had one on my team who went 0/11 in lane and they were getting carried by an overly fed Evelyn. We turtled really well, and then all of a sudden Evelyn wasn't in the game anymore. All that was happening was Veigar (who was really bad), would just press R every time he saw her for instant 100-0. Firstly that's an exaggeration... veigar can 1 shot someone with his ult as it's an execute, you would need around 2000 ap to do so which isn't realistic unless the game has gone over 1 hour. Secondly in that example they utilised eve terribly. I don't even need to see the game to know this. A fed eve should make farming impossible due to her being able to pick people and the fact that she can very easily be anywhere... veigar shouldn't ever be given the chance to farm, any attempt to should have been met with an eve. And thirdly... that's the entire point. Veigar is an infinite scaler, thus a hyper carry. The very idea of a hyper carry is that of a ticking time bomb, it's gonna go off and the enemy can only delay it, but it's not that useful before hand thus you can end the game before they go off... but if you let them turtle then they will go off (although it's not impossible to stop... veigar can only really one shot one person unless he is ultra fed, so if that person survives or he wastes it then he is gonna be kinda useless). Had they been more aggressive, capitalized on their lead and prevented you from turtling they would have won. So in that example what happened was you guys did the correct play, they failed to counter it, and you won... this can be done with any champion not just veigar
Oh the rest of their team was bad. Eve was a plat smurf and destroyed all of our anuses.
: I feel you are correct though. It's not always viable to build items just to counter 1 spell from 1 champion.
Even saltier after losing to a bad one that could free farm for 5 minutes when our mid went AFK. Just one-shot teamfight winner
Jrb2k (EUW)
: Yes, you are correct that it is telegraphed thus you can dodge everything however i dont think i properly put the point across that I only think they should lower its timer it can have too much impact on a team fight, for example it can easily zone 1 or 2 players in a team fight often rendering them useless. The reason i think it has too much impact is Veigar already has a powerful kit he doesn't need a (in my opinion) a rather strong piece of utility. I have read some other posts and i know my mistakes about not buying certain items. :) i was tilted from a prev game. Thanks anyway.
I feel you are correct though. It's not always viable to build items just to counter 1 spell from 1 champion.
: I don't feel Teemo needs a buff.However as one of the oldest champions i think he should be reworked a bit. Right now adc and supports don't feel competitive like because of the current meta.I think Riot should focus on supports than other champions.
It's not like it's a serious look at him, and they have already mentioned it. Just a little change to the interaction between Controls and shrooms that puts him in a healthier place. But I have to agree with ADCs and supports. Ziggs ADC as well as a rise in mid lane supports (such as Malz), just shows how unbalanced the game is right now with AP champions being too strong. I think an overall rework to AP and MR items might fix it better as it would weaken AP champs to the point where ADC and supports are more relevant again. Good botlanes can carry a game still, but they are more often completely stomped out in early game now.
Anflux (EUW)
: Am i The only one seeing how unbalanced season 7 is?
I have to agree OP. There are a lot of champions right now that have such a high solo carry potential it's unreal. Most of the games I play in during my pitiful attempts at climbing out of Bronze are solo carried by one or two players. I think LeBlanc is the worst offender out of the ones you mentioned. Having a good LeBlanc go up against a worse player can lose the game. She can get first-blood and then disappear, only showing up to 100-0 everyone before they have a chance to build MR or get tanky. Katarina, Ekko, and Syndra are all in the same boat, as are most AP champions I find. I think Riot realise this, which is why they are looking at more MR items, as currently there isn't a lot. Spirit Visage for tanks, Maw/Mercurial for AD champs, Abyssal for AP champs, and Banshee's for everyone, are easily shredded by an AP champ with some food, pre-Void Staff. Maybe it's just because I'm in bronze where team play is largely non-existent, but I too feel there are too many powerful solo carry champions, that better players or even just champion mains can abuse.
: Hardly... remember besides his ult everything is skill shots... unless you get hit by the stun (it's telegraphed so your fault) you can dodge everything, even if your inside the box (unless your cho'gath) just run around in circles and you don't die (trust me it works every time). > you can solo penta with a lucky horizon following up with dark matter No you can't... the AoE for the dark matter is rather small... if everyone was clumped together that much not only are you asking to get killed at which point it's your fault, but you also don't even need a veigar... most AoE mages would have a similar effect.
Veigar's AP ratio on his abilities is crazy though when is AP is infinite. I had one on my team who went 0/11 in lane and they were getting carried by an overly fed Evelyn. We turtled really well, and then all of a sudden Evelyn wasn't in the game anymore. All that was happening was Veigar (who was really bad), would just press R every time he saw her for instant 100-0. As for his E, I have to agree with OP. Ashe is always useful for a team because a 3.5 second single target stun can just remove a player from a teamfight. Veigar can do this more often and more reliably. Being able to negate a whole teams engage with one spell and leave them completely vulnerable for 3.5 seconds is excessive. It's a teamfight winning ability on a non-ult spell, coupled with a single target execute that late game is unparalleled that breaks him. Even the worst players can win a game with him.
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LA Losty (EUW)
: There is certainly a difference between bronze 5 and silver. Also one of my friends who was placed in B5 this season, and only got silver 4 last season is climbing without too much trouble. He already reached B1, so i cant imagine it being a huge issue.
Silver is much nicer to be in. Well I seem to be, this is my 3rd season after starting halfway through the 4 patches, and have finished Silver 4 in both so far. My last game I just got an S-, still lost with a toxic as hell Vayne.
LA Losty (EUW)
: It probably does happen less in higher elo, but the chance of it happening is bigger on the enemy team so it shouldnt be much of an issue. Im just saying this entire "elo hell" idea doesnt exist. Everyone gets unlucky and everyone get bad streaks that simply arent their fault, and that you have little control over. If you are within 1-3 divisions of where you belong, then carrying can be hard, but you should eventually get there, even if it takes a while due to bad luck. If you are playing in 4+ divisions lower than where you belong carrying should be easy and climbing shouldnt take long. If anything "elo hell" would be that bad streaks that you have little control over, and if thats the case then it happens to everyone, even pro players. Faker was on like a 10 game losingspree in NA not too long ago, i saw voyboy drop like 300 lp (not just 1 division like you) due to a bad streak, but he kept playing and eventually got back. Tl;Dr Elo hell is not a thing, its the same for everyone, we all get bad luck and it sucks. If you are only a few divisions better than carrying can be tough, if you are more than 3 divisions better it shouldnt be much of an issue.
I have never noticed a huge difference between Bronze 5 games and the Silver 3 games I've been. All the divisions are pretty much similar lower down for the most part, you get low Silvers falling into low Bronze, and low Bronze being boosted into low Silver. At lot less wiggle room for when you can be guaranteed to hard carry. I have won silver games more or less solo, yet then lose loads in Bronze through no fault. Player skill is so much more mixed in lower ELO across a much wider spread of divisions which makes for a much bigger tough climb, even if you know you should be able to. Pros may drop several divisions, but they are most probably significantly better than the people they end up with at the bottom. You can lose 300LP in B1 and suddenly find you are in harder games as smurfing starts and trolling in worse. Even playing in Silver 4 I found my games much better and a lot less trolling than I experience while grinding from Bronze.
LA Losty (EUW)
: People get upset and give up, or troll in high elo as well if things dont go their way. If you are only slightly better than the elo you are playing in then it can be difficult to climb out, no matter your ranking, but if you are a lot better then it shouldnt be an issue what so ever, no matter rank you are. Keep in mind there are 5 enemies, and you only have 4 teamates. Statistically its in your favor, as the enemy team has a greater chance of having a troll than you, so that should not make it harder, quite the opposite actually. Your argument still doesnt hold.
Just because statistically it should work like that, doesn't mean it does. You have to remember we don't count as 5 v 5 not 4 v 5 plus us, we aren't good enough for that to be the case. Having 5 players on the other team also makes it more like for one of them to be a smurf, or one of them to be another above average player. You still haven't convinced me even slightly that the level of intentional trolling is anywhere near equivalent at higher ELO. Just lost another game because my support refused to play properly because they were auto-filled it and so they just trolled by getting their Jinx fed (flashing into me so I would die to ults or letting Blitz grab her). I am not good enough to win a lane 1 v 2, and certainly not against fed opponents. Is this a regular problem in your ELO? Because it certainly is in mine,
LA Losty (EUW)
: Its because they do these mistakes that they remain in that elo. People make different mistakes in different elos. Sure your teamates do more mistakes in low elo, otherwise they wouldnt BE in low elo. Besides the enemies do more mistakes as well, take advantage of it. You literally have no argument.
I had about 7/8 game loss streak the other day which took me back down into B3. Out of these games there was only 1 where I fed and generally played badly, the rest I had at least 2 teammates either heavy feed or go AFK, or both! The problem is with a greater number of players in lower ELO, and people who are only slightly better not being able to climb as well, it can easily lead to loads of games with rubbish teammates against slightly better opponents. Bad players will drop quicker out of higher ELO than meh players can climb out of lower ELO. People don't have to care about losing LP when they are B5, and I've played many games where players have made it clear they just want to see how much LP they can lose, because they are only in Bronze and don't care. Do get to higher ELO you clearly aren't intentionally playing badly, but people do in lower ELO. This is a key difference, there is a lot more intent to troll, feed and, go AFK just to mess others ranked experience up. In several of those games in the loss streak it was also having two premades go in both feeding intentionally. Is that really something you experience in higher ELO, given that intentional trolls shouldn't be able to reach Diamond. Edit: We also have the smurfs to contend with.
LA Losty (EUW)
: You dont play in high elo so you are in no position to say what exists and what doesnt. Keep in mind we are playing against people of our own skill as well, so we cant carry the entire team if our teamates do horribly. Its literally the exact same case, just in higher rating. Elo hell is NOT a thing, bad luck happens and it happens to EVERYONE. Last season i had a 3/20 team, than a 5/30 team, then 2 afk's in a row and lastly another fiesta game where my team gave up. Its not different in high elo, and we can rarely carry 1v5 if our team does horribly.
But at least you can get to the high ELOs. Average rank is only Silver 4 and people care less about their rank at that level, are more toxic and can't do basic things right. A lot more frustrating that just getting beat by a better team, no?
LA Losty (EUW)
: The grading system is far from perfect as well, and i would not want it to be in charge of how much lp i earn, besides its simply easier to earn higher grades on some champions, and there were issues with it earlier making it almost impossible for some roles to get high grades. Imagine if the grading actually mattered and decided your lp, no thanks.
Not even at lower ELOs only though? I would prefer to be judged based on how good I am, not how good the teams I get are.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Elo hell does not exist, however bad luck happens to everyone, no matter your rating. If you are better than your opponents you should win lane quite often, use that lead to help the other laners, impact the rest of the map and extend your lead. You gain nothing from sitting toplane and killing the same guy over and over again. Also you should probably focus on getting gold first, take it one step at a time. Lastly take as much of the blame as possible, after every death look at what caused it to happen and try to prevent repeating your mistakes. If youve got any questions let me know. As for myself, i reached Diamond 1 last season, and ive played with many streamers and youtubers, and even a pro or two.
ELO hell isn't existent for higher ELO players because they are good enough to carry a bad team by themselves, but for middle of the road players that aren't, you need to have reliable teammates. The less above average you are the bigger the hell you are in as your performance may be consistently better than that of others, but you can't carry a 0/12 botlane, or an AFK mid, or an invisible jungler, or any other such problem. It may sound unrealistic, but it is more than possible to have a long run of games in which you get this, and if you aren't a significantly better player you won't be good enough to climb regardless. Also with the way LP gain/loss fluctuates you can have an above 50% winrate and still drop (happened to me last season when I would gain about 18 and lose 25).
LA Losty (EUW)
: It would lead to selfish behavior and reduce teamwork. Ksing would actually be an issue, and imagine the toxicity if kda mattered? Also why would frontliners and supports give up their lives to help their carries, just to get punished and get a lower amount of lp? Besides some roles and champions would have a much easier time getting lp and that would just be straight up unfair. There are a lot of issues with this, and in the end winning is all that matters.
You say that but there is already a performance marker in play, and while it's not perfect it the different roles are accounted for in that supports don't need to get loads of kills, and deaths aren't such a problem for tanks. It's meant to be based upon your score relative to the average score for that champion. I don't think it is possible for there to be less teamwork at lower ELO than there is at times, and selfish behaviour isn't something I've seen much of a problem with. It would also deal with people going AFK or 0/11 and losing their team the game. I normally play tanks or support, and a slow steady LP growth is much more appealing to me than going on a streak that takes you up a division, and then a streak that takes you straight back down.
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: Yeah, his ult may seem like a big teamfight ultimate, but you can use it on solo champ ganks aswell, or for running. But if your team is not ready, it's risky going in alone. You can ping your spells by holding down the alt key, and clicking on the icon of your spell, and ping for the team that you are on your way to go in. Xin is actually strong, just level his w, and you will be a beast in early levels. Heavy jungle clearing because of the heal, if the enemy jungler, or you are counter jungling, you can easly kill anyone not tanky under 6. Amumu is great for teamfights, and a scary ganker, but he can't do anything about the pushing problem. Hope I helped.
I personally know all that, it's just the popular mentality I'm finding just flies in the face of wining gameplay. Teams only seem to stay grouped while defending, so I'm finding lots of games are being thrown because the defending team suddenly is on the front foot while the attacking team split up. Lower ELO just lacks the communication and the willingness to communicate to co-ordinate. People say Bronze and Silver are really the same, but last season I found a huge difference in them, and it just seems even worse currently with people being scared off turrets and pushing.
: Try out xin, build him a bit tankier, like frozen mallet, sterak's gage or spirit visage. Maokai or Hecarim also works pretty well if you get them an iceborn gauntlet and/or dead man's plate (move around the tower between autoattacks). Malphite is great again over here, w makes you really tanky, and iceborn works seriously well with it. If you are using iceborn, use spells even if they are useless to proc it, gives you high push potential even if you are tanky. Sorry if you feel like I explain it like you just started, but seen some serious problems in gold/plat aswell as in bronze.
I used to be good with Xin, now I can't play him at all XD Filthy Amumu main. Best game I've had today, must have been with higher ELO players stuck in Bronze, we actually pushed hard and won before 20. Such a huge difference between everyone staying pushed up and people not. Malphite was one I was having "fun" with. We'd be there at 1st turret 4/5 vs 3, I'd ult them under it and then watch as my team go the other way instead of following up.
: Looks like they just don't understand the pace of the game, and rather focus on kills. It happens, even in gold, but if you ask them to do something about it, they surely won't eat you. Communication is key, or if you can't get along, get some heavy pusher champions for yourself. (for ad heavy attackspeed, for mage, someone who requires high amount of ap)
Yeah communication doesn't work :L I'm getting eaten for it when I ask people not to leave the midlane to CS a wave, Problem is I tend to be tank junglers, not a lot of push beyond diving - a problem when you go in and your team goes away.
: I guess they are really new to the game, and they fear the towers because of the high damage it can deal. Lower tier builds are usually lack of hp and focused more on armor or magic resist, which will not really defend you against towers.
It's not just that though, it's forgetting how to actively push them. Being 3 v 5 in your favour and rather than take them run away to other lanes.
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AznaktaX (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=RiseOfSuperDodgy,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Y9U3c4Zw,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-06-25T15:39:44.877+0000) > > There is playing badly, and there is being 0/7 after 15 minutes of a Ranked game, especially when it's premades doing it's basically the same thing. You are in Bronze. It's to be expected for people to be atrociously bad.
Then how are they in Bronze 2 games on my team when I usually seem to be against low silvers?
AznaktaX (EUNE)
: Keep in mind the OP's definition of trolling is "people who played badly". (I just checked his match history. Aside from one leaver, everyone else were just people with really bad scores) So, I guess that makes him a troll too.
There is playing badly, and there is being 0/7 after 15 minutes of a Ranked game, especially when it's premades doing it
: Quit lol, move to overwatch. problem solved :P
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