Exhibit B (EUNE)
: Lmao, what a joke hahahahaha
Chatlogs or didn't happen.
IskandarX (EUNE)
: i legit dont understand how can client so simple as league client be so bad? There are games with next lvl animations in client and those clients work perfectly.
Because animations are not as complex as you think they are. Once animated you just need to play them.
Danneyftw (EUW)
: Feels good when this happens.
Smerk (EUW)
: Can't mute your teammates emotes by default
I've never encountered a teammated spamming to tilt you. If someone wants to tilt you they flame and troll, but they don't spam emotes!
Smerk (EUW)
: You can't spam, but you can use them often enough to annoy everyone
Difficult to do if you muted them by default.
: Remove Zoe or delete her W from the game.
Yeah sure. You totally lost because of Zoe. Not because your laningphase was screwed because you get camped or because you don't know how to play from behind. It was solely Zoe. Just Zoe.
Smerk (EUW)
: Add to it her slurp sound and it will be the best and most annoying spammable emote
But I thought you cannot spam emotes?
: Time to create summoning spells groups
Flash is OP, literally. If you would put it in a group like you say and can only choose one, then you practically eliminate every other summoner spell in that group. Flash is just that good.
: I just don't understand how people draw this well ;w;
Experience. If you do the same thing again and again and strive to get better, you'll get good at it. This is true for art, music, this game, literally everything.
Noxxarian (EUNE)
: CHAMPION VOICES + MUSIC (Subtitles available)
Needs better mastering and mixing.
ChocoParis (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rismosch,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mLLtcamy,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-07-17T18:02:11.746+0000) > > You sure that everything is different? > > His 3rd Q is oddly simmelar to his old Q, but without the dash. His E heals him, like before. The W is still a slow, but with a kockback. His playstyle changed alot, but many abilities actually kept their identity. Since i haven't even play him. I judje on what I see in a game and from the Aatrox's mains. I hope you are right though.
He's definetely not the same champion. But his spells are reimagined. His Q is totally different than before, but the 3rd one has the same shape as before, but without the dash. He has his dash on E now, which he can use outside of Q. You can use 3rd Q plus E for a short range version of the old Q. His W is still a slow, like before. If you hit it, you slow people. Additionally, he created this cage that if people are still inside the will get knocked back into the middle. So basically it's the old W but better, as it has hard CC on it if it hits. People say it's garbage, but the slow alone makes it easier to hit your Qs. Your E has a passive that heals you. Though you cannot change it to damage like before. Now it only heals you and nothing else. Also as I already mentioned, it has a dash active. His ult is simmelar to the old one, but without the burst initially. Additionally, if he dies in Ult, he revives. So they moved his old passive onto his Ult and can be controlled when to have it up. As you can see, his spell ideas are still the same, but reimagined. He got a rework, which changed his playstyle and his feel. Though the core idea behind his abilities are still the same.
ChocoParis (EUNE)
: About Aatrox it looks a lot better in a game. The problems with him are going to his abilities. They only kept his revive everything else is different (I still can't get the three dashes - Riven) . I am agree that the new Akali's rework looks good for now but we should wait to see it in a game. Then I will be able to give more detailed oppinion since arguments like "this looks OP" are pointless. I still can't understand you about Swain, though. He was literally OP. His healings were just redicilous. I prefer the new one. At least they kept his original idea- weak lane phaser who scales with every minute. This is just my oppinion, i haven't ever played the old Swain because i was finding him boring on the other side I am trying to learn the new one (I am terrible at him xd)
You sure that everything is different? His 3rd Q is oddly simmelar to his old Q, but without the dash. His E heals him, like before. The W is still a slow, but with a kockback. His playstyle changed alot, but many abilities actually kept their identity.
: The thing is that a lot of players don’t like champions that CertainlyT makes because they are told to... people where already saying this rework would be like this as soon as they found out that he was making it, for no real reason... because it’s just a thing hat you automatically hate whatever he makes no matter what (and without good reason, Warwick and thresh are both highly celebrated champions/reworks and he was responsible for them... but since yasuo people auto hate him). But a lot of his champions aren’t as bad as they seem... yasuo isn’t really that big of a deal, not as much as people think... and he does have a high skill cap, purely because it’s easy to mess up on him, the issue with him isn’t himself but his allies... his ability to bypass parts of his difficulty by using other champion’s knock ups is a large part of his problem and hasn’t got anything to do with him. Zoe is another champion that while strong isn’t unbalancable... she can’t do anything to people on top of her which becomes her counter play. That’s the big thing here, people see her ult and think she has high mobility when she doesn’t... this makes it so that people gate Zoe because they are told they should hate Zoe, without thinking about what is actually in her kit. Same here... people hate akali’s kit because of her mobility and W, two things which largely aren’t any different from her original kit... the difference is that her damage comes from closing the distance to you, then creating distance, then closing it again... a good player can counter akali simply by staying on top of her... and her W can be countered exactly the same as before, by forcing the fight away from her smoke or filling it with as much AoE as you can. ___ Ultimately people are complaining about akali having things in her kit that she has always had... but if riot got rid of those things then suddenly akali mains would come on here and complain... and if riot didn’t rework her then people would still complain about akali. This is the problem with reworks, no matter what you do someone will hate you for it and you will receive flak for it... so you might as well do what you want and do what you think should be done cause you where going to get hated for it anyway.
There't nothing wrong with Zoe though. She was havily overtuned on release and it took Riot way too long to fix her. This was the real problem, not necessarily that Zoe was unbalanced, just that Riot didn't do anything despite the fact that she was really OP to a point where she was problematic. Yasuo is just on another level though. His kit is so unlike everything we have in the game. He is super unique, yet he pulls strengths from many different places. For example the double crit passive means that whenever Riot decides to touch on ADCs, they also will affect Yasuo. If they buff Crit Items, well then Yasuo can easily become OP. On the other hand Yasuo became worse because of the 8.11 item changes. He still rocks a 50% winrate though, because Conqueror fits just too well on him. If the double crit passive wouldn't be a thing, then he needs flat AD or Lethality, which shoves him into the same place as the current Lethality abusing champions, and I don't know if that is a good or a bad thing. And still, Yasuo is so unlike those champions, so he will still stay problematic. But there are also the little nuances that make him frustrating to play against. For example if he ults a target under turret, the ult tries to place him outside of turret range when possible. It is weird that a champion with such a powerful kit and ultimate still has these trainingwheels on him that reward him for literally nothing. Speaking of his ult, he also gets his shield back when he ults. So if you trade with him and get his shield down, he ults you and he gets it back up again. This is the main reason why he is hard to kill in a teamfight, because his ult is not only able to keep any amount of targets airborne for a short amount of time and deals damage and gives him 50% armor penetration, it also makes him tanky by giving him a shield yet again. Or another thing: Why is the windwall thicker than him plus starts inside him. On cast he is literally invincible from every projectile whatsoever. So even if he totally messes the windwall up, there is still the small possibility that it works. It's all these little things that make him frustrating. He is supposed to be high skill and high reward, yet he has all these little details that add up help him alot in inconvinient situations. A champion as powerful as Yasuo shouldn't need those trainingwheels. He should have this raw strength that isn't anhanced by these lttle boni. I think if Riot would get rid of those and change nothing else, Yasuo would be such a better champion.
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kiwishrew (EUW)
: Skin Flavour Text Contest Idea
I am not so sure about this. Riot has professional writers and such and as far as I know they agree on themes and details that must fit, pledge ideas and write the lore. Though it still needs to be looked over to remove grammar and spelling mistakes. Also it needs to be sure that the lore fits. Now this quality check doesn't go away if you hand the job to the community. It may even add more work, as instead of having trustworthy intern writers they know, they will have hundreds of unknown people who need to be examined. I may be totally wrong about this, but I feel like this doesn't reduce any work whatsoever. The only reason why Riot would do something like this is for fun community events, but that may not be a good business decision.
Baitkin (EUW)
: It's literally been shown in unfinished art that it's a bag. It's a satchel. You're disgusting if you can only see an ass there.
I know. I just don't understand how anyone thought that it was her bottom.
Baitkin (EUW)
: People need to stop thinking base splash has a big butt, it's literally a bag
You wanna tell me people think the container is her butt? In what society are we living that people cannot differentiate between a barrel and an ass? {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
MGD1998 (EUW)
: Why should Riot consider a LoL WorldCup?
In worlds literally the best teams in their representive region compete with each other.
: {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} that is the most pathetic definition I have ever seen. Shame on you {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
works for me
: State your definition of Gender Gap.
The gap between boy and girls. Mine is very large though.
Febos (EUW)
: Official Akali Splash Art
No Riot or LoL logo. I am very skeptical about this.
: Posted a pic for you. Leagues numbers have been fairly consistent.
Not if you tilt the pic. Then the numbers go obviously down.
: ***
> worldwide is no different from united states Considering that Korea and Europe both have servers which are bigger than NA shows that NA is actually a minority compared to every other nation out there.
: Change .. is baaaaad - Not Kha Zix
Doublelifts video was good. The others are garbage and fail to be open minded. People jump on the bandwagon instead of actually thinking about it for a second. I ask you, have you actually watched Doublelifts video? If yes then you failed to notice that Doublelift has nothing against change. Rather that change is too frequent and needs to be slowed down. 5:29 > Everyone's on the journey towards mastering something in the game [...]. Too many changes can reset your progress on that journey. Just to make things clear I'm **NOT** against patches. I think the other end of the spectrum is a developer that doesn't do enaugh. Change is indeed good. You just have to approach it right.
: Nothing is wrong with Super Galaxy Rumble. That skin and Pulsefire Caitlyn are **truly** legendary skins. It was just an example legendary skin which was the first to pop to my mind. I should've said Gun Goddess Miss Fortune.
> Nothing is wrong with Super Galaxy Rumble. That skin and Pulsefire Caitlyn are truly legendary skins. The only true legendary and best skin in the game is Midnight Ahri. Don't argue with me.
: Honestly down voting is a child game,
: I'm done with this game
forkit1 (EUW)
: ***
Someone is looking for a ban 🤔
keifour (EUNE)
: My matchmaking experiences for TT
You're trying to play a very very very unpopular gamemode. If no one plays, it's difficult to find people. So the high queuetimes are to be expected.
: Smurfs ruining every single game.
Two scenarious: 1. You smurf yourself or 2. You are actually that good. In a couple of games things will balance out. The system detects rather quickly if someone is a smurf or not, and matches people accordingly. So if you play against other smurfs, you are either a smurf yourself, or you are already as good as all the people who do smurf. And no matter which of those options is true, it isn't that bad, is it? I mean it's a good thing that you are good, no? On another note, Riot recently added a mission where people have to play with a buddy that is level 15 or lower. As you can imagine people want the reward and smurf because of it. So honestly it was expected that people begin smurfing more today. But it's also worth mentioning that the under level 15 account needs to be premade with a 30+ account, which drives the mmr up and makes it more unlikely that those duos play with actual new players. Just heads up. eventually you reach higher levels and things will turn out okay. Maybe get yourself a buddy and duo alot. It's more fun with friends.
: ***
: Why is Yi such auto win bullshit
Nah he isn't. Go play him yourslef if he's an "autowin". You'll see that he is not.
jeronimo88 (EUNE)
: Do not fall for this... Take a stand!
: the game has profanity! i have proof
I'd say it is because the name contains twat: Ghos-twat-er Dive
Rondö (EUW)
: "Teach a friend" mission. LF low lvl
What do the low level players get for this? 🤔
Glaiver (EUNE)
: I wish lower division (Bronze-Gold) players had at least some sense of macro and map awareness
Oh no, people in lower divisions are bad at the game. Who would've thought?
: What's the next support combination going to be?
they haven't made a support version of Mordekaiser yet
Ceberuz (EUW)
: Name it
> Name what you personally feel is the biggest contributor working against team play in this game. Me
FallenRay (EUNE)
: The hypocrisy of Riot Games
I fail to understand where the hypocrisy is. Either that or there is none lol
: Such as? I'm curious to learn ^_^
1. A grammar mistake in the literal first sentence "Mushrooms contain _**a**_ very low amount of calories". The a needs to go. 2. You cannot train mushrooms. They obviously miss a nervous system to learn or do anything. But you can breed them and most likely this is what OP is referring to. 3. The statement that mushrooms can disolve your body is a gross, gross over generalization. Sure some can do it, but most of them cannot. It's like saying all animals can fly, even though mostly only birds can. 4. Mushrooms are no plants. They are their own species. 5. Mushrooms cannot prevent cancer. As a matter of fact, nothing can prevent cancer. Cancer is wild tissue that grows uncontrollably fast. It's caused by unlucky mutation. Though mutation is 100% natural and there is literally no way of preventing it and most of the time mutation is harmless. But you can encourage it with things like radiation, tobacco and many different things. And a higher rate of mutations means you are more likely to get cancer. This is why people say x causes cancer.
Dmitko (EUNE)
: 6 fun facts about Mushrooms!
I can't handle this post. Too many small details which are wrong. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Vicious (EUW)
: "My Eyes!" Emote Please! :D
Ìxeas (EUW)
: >Using a third party engine you don't own is so complicated and adds so much work and bugs and spagetti code / >Bugs - yes. Work - no. Unless you're a perfectionist or really bad at programming, a game can run with bugs. If you want to make a bug-free game, then sure, using a 3rd party game engine (or any at all) isn't optimal, but if your goal is to make a game as fast as possible, the only way to do it is by using game engines. You might know few things about programming and be obsessed with it, but in grand scheme of things you have no clue how things work which makes it pointless to discuss anything with you. I'm done replying.
If 3rd party engines are such a good idea, then why does literally every major company use their own engine? If you want to rush a game, go for an engine. You'll learn little to nothing about programming. BUt if you want to get serious about programming and stuff, you shouldn't use an engine. An engine might save alot of time, but it's simplisity comes with the loss of complexity. You keep insisting that I have no clue, yet you have not provided a single argument to back up that statement. How about you try to prove that you actually know more than me instead of talking nonsense?
Ìxeas (EUW)
: >Where did we change the subject? Read the title of this discussion. >You just don't realize how common bugs are I do, but we're talking about rewriting the code on a different engine, either UE or Frostbite. Bugs mostly occur because of human-made mistakes. >If you really would've programmed something in your life you know making things run ain't easy Difficult and impossible are 2 different things. >especially if you get someone elses code or work with **new technology.** That's why I specified experienced. >How on earth would changing the engine fix anything? >And now you want to change the engine and start this whole circus again? Those are rhetorical questions you came up by yourself. I never said it was a good idea and would improve anything. >Using a third party engine you don't own is so complicated and adds so much work and bugs and spagetti code Bugs - yes. Work - no. The whole purpose of using UE or Frostbite is to make the coding easier. Built-in physics and so on reduces the work, not the opposite. That's what you said yourself in the next sentence.
> Bugs - yes. Work - no. This statement alone single handedly proves that you have no clue about programming whatsoever. Debugging is the single most time consuming part of programming out of everything. Have you ever debugged a code? Have you ever felt the frustration that is sitting for hours upon days in front of a screen not knowing why the stuff doesn't run? Have you ever felt the insane dopamine rush you get when your code finally compiles after days of not running? Programming is not writing bunch of code and hur dee dur the computer plays along. No, programming is most of the time nothing but debugging. You can write hundreds of lines of code down in literal minutes, but debugging it and getting it to work is what programming is actually about. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/8c/9a/cd/8c9acddb7725865128cc4eda3e289ca8.jpg http://www.monkeyuser.com/assets/images/2018/92-root-cause.png https://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/new_bug.png https://www.docsity.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2014/02/programmers-be-like.jpg https://i.redd.it/wp1d3h046b911.jpg And it doesn't matter if we talk about a game engine, or graphics engine, or whatever engine, it is third party technology nontheless which comes with the same limitations and benefits of any engine. It's virtually all the same, just the functionality is different.
Ìxeas (EUW)
: >Especially if you bring out new features constantly like Riot does, there is almost a guarantee that bugs are present. We are talking about rewriting the same game on a new engine. Go read our discussion once again and come back if you'll have anything logical to say. Changing the subject 3 times to your favour won't make you win an argument.
Wtf are you talking about? Where did we change the subject? You just don't realize how common bugs are. If you really would've programmed something in your life you know making things run ain't easy, especially if you get someone elses code or work with new technology. How on earth would changing the engine fix anything? You realize what changing the engine would mean, right? It would mean you would literally need to rewrite the entire game from scratch. Why? Because the syntax and inner workings are completely different. It's like saying go write your C code in Java. You would literally need to rewrite, rethink and reconstruct everything. And because bugs are so common and because LoL is such a huge and complex product, it would take so much time to actually do anything. Do you remember how long Riot needed to make this new client? If I am not mistaken they needed a year from the first announcement to the first beta test. And if you used the new client upon release, you would know how buggy and sluggish it was. Even today people complain about how buggy it is. This new client is being developed over years and still has bugs in it. Or how aobut another example: They needed years two bring back Bilgewater Bridge because of tech difficulties. And now you want to change the engine and start this whole circus again? You would need to wait one or two years before the game would be in a testable state, and even then it would be buggy as hell. Tell me how this is any better than what we have now? I also want to mention that LoL is a standalone project as it stands now. If I am not mistaken, then everything LoL related is native to the operating system it's running on. Now what are the benefits of that? You have full control over your code. Going by your own standards, such code would be cleaner and easier to manage. If you build your software on third party tech, then you rely on it, which is a huge huge drawback. If hardware steps up or a new operating system comes out you want to move to, you can't unless the owner of your engine brings out a new update. Also, what if the engine has a bug and the owner of the engine doesn't fix it for whatever reason? Do you stop your work immediately aswell? No, you build a workaround. But this makes things so much worse, because if the owner eventually fixes the bug, you already have a running system that you don't need to change. A new update of the engine crashes your code? Well screw you, you have to code it yet again. Security issue? Well, either try a work around or desperately wait till the owner fixes it in time. Using a third party engine you don't own is so complicated and adds so much work and bugs and spagetti code, for a big project like LoL it is a no go. If you are an indie developer you can and probably should use an engine as it makes things easier and you can create your project faster. But if you plan to make a big, complicated long term application, you should better try something that works on it's own without a third party engine.
l C18 l (EUNE)
: An idea of improving the troll-report system.
Back in the day there was a thing called tribunal. Real people would determine the punishments of reported players. While it may be true that it was more accurate, it was incredibly slow. The new instant feedback system works much much faster.
: Could you fix this small annoying bug on forum
1. Before posting, click in the textbox and hit [Ctrl]+[A] and then [Ctrl]+[C]. 2. Click on Post Discussion. 3. Click on Edit. 4. Click inside the textbox, hit [Ctrl]+[A] and then [Ctrl]+[V]. This way you don't need to change every single \> in your text and you fix everything at once.
Ìxeas (EUW)
: I see you don't know what certain english words mean. Let me help you out buddy, 'could' isn't a certainty, it's used to indicate possibility. Now let's talk about the other part of your low intelligence comment. Coding is only difficult for not experienced people. For a person who has had a lot of experience with multiple games and different game engines, a game like League of Legends wouldn't be impossible to write without many (or any) bugs. And it definitely wouldn't take a miracle to do so. Next time before trying to show off your superiority, consider researching the given topic. Also, it doesn't take 200 IQ to make a mobile app, so your experience is worthless.
Show me one software product from a larger company that doesn't need bugfixes. If you watch documentation of software and follow version updates, you'll see that almost every single time when a given software is updated, bugs have been fixed. Especially if you bring out new features constantly like Riot does, there is almost a guarantee that bugs are present. If you work on a small stand alone project that you work on completely alone and which doesn't require tons of libraries, then I totally believe you that you can write bug free code. But work for a company where you will meet other people who code along with you and bugs are an inevitability. On a small scope with no deadline you have full control; I too can write a Hello-World program with no bugs. But if you have thousands of people working on one project, countless of technologies to juggle and a monthly deadline, you will be forced to leave bugs untouched. And god forbid you delay the release, then your clients will ridicule you. Or worse: If you don't update they will forget you and your sale numbers fall.
Ìxeas (EUW)
: And do you know what a game engine is? If coded right, there could be no issues, but I don't see the point of changing the engine in the first place.
> If coded right, there could be no issues I see you have no experience in coding. It'd be a god damn miracle if anything as complex as a videogame would have literally no bugs.
: Little Wolf
what do you mean background photo? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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