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mihail1000 (EUNE)
: Again losing promos
I lost 12 platinum 2 to 1 promos, be happy that you're this lucky Kappa
: NERF GAREN RIOT HOLY {{champion:86}}
He will get nerfed next patch.
Arvit03 (EUW)
: Is someone willing to help me?
Hey Arvit03, There are millions of videos on Youtube on how to get better. Here is an example: (might be slightly outdated) Or a website with multiple videos explaining everything u need to know: (legit took me 1 minute to google) I hope this helps!! GL & HF !! Rito Slayer09 {{champion:157}}
T Zoshi (EUW)
: Am i doing something wrong?!?
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: Ghost fights need to vanish from TFT.
Ghost fights are actually in your favor, they dont have any synergies applied on them, if you lose against a ghost then u dont deserve to win LOL
: My board is on/off... even though I put my boarder on.. It's clearly a bug.
: I didn't count but my boarded is desapearing time from time also
Kinda relieved and also worried that I'm not the only one. {{champion:157}}
: ARAM Backtrack & Urgot Ult Bug
Works as intended {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} {{champion:157}}
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CJXander (EUNE)
: Can we... uhm... get more consistent rewards for level 5 honor orbs?
You're right, they wanted to approve good behaviour(honor level 4 and above). But we got very little in return.
Kannu (EUW)
: [8.18] Empty emote wheel in ARAM
Im pretty sure its going on longer than just 8.18, even though its frustrating to not have them loaded in, its not game breaking so it will probably get fixed after a looooooooooooooong time
Flopus (EUNE)
: I think they're going to re-design the look of all the divisions
OOF I JUST REALISED THIS, why would they redesign the iconic division emblems
: The bigger problem is iron being under bronze even though it's worth more in the metal tier list than bronze and is harder....
It had to be something the worst players could be proud of :^) "i might be iron 4 but its better than bronze irl so idc"
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XanWing (EUW)
: Being Bronze
Hey summoner, Dont worry about your rank, even Challenger 200 lp players get called trash by challenger players who are 400lp+ So just try to ignore stuff like that as much as possible but if you really get bothered by it, try to hit the ranks and maybe one day u will get higher than those who flame you. Have a nice day, {{champion:157}} Rito Slayer09
: Account locked
Hey summoner, If you think there is no problem, then just contact Riot Support From my experience theyre pretty quick when it comes to account management !! Hope it gets fixed for you Hehexd, {{champion:157}} Rito Slayer09
: THE COMMUNITY wants the client to be fixed, they dont want an Aatrox rework.
for everyone commenting yes we want a rework, i mean ofcourse if u look at the statistics etc. but the client is absolute garbage with a lot of bugs, i think they should prioritize and aknowledge that first.
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: Leaver (Remake) Bug I think i was the first one mentioning this, still no reply but havent encountered it since 8.6
Bloopar (EUW)
: voice chat is wayyyy too intrusive
Totally Agree with this, U can just join any lobby with an open party (WHICH IS ALSO ON BY DEFAULT) so if someone forgets to close the party u can just join and listen to their mic, or scare them (like I did to my friend), they shouldve thought about this.
Desper0 (EUW)
: I was talking about this two days ago,happend to me,got leaver buster.Made post here,it was delited.After 15-16 hours they stared fixing it.Finaly fixed... Or not.Happend again in this moment.
: AYYYY{{sticker:leblanc-funny}}
: This just happened to me. I logged out and logged back in though and I could reconnect.
Shr3dder (EUNE)
: Exactly the same thing STILL happens to me. I got double banned 5 games....... 3 games remake (leaver) in a row.. RIOT Fix it I can reconnect but after 10 mins when the game is remake and im banned
I feel so helpless and there is nothing I can do against the punishments I get, anyone would quit the game like this.
: samehere fckin fix ur gae riot
iknow its frustrating right, completely killed the game for me almost
: You still didnt fix ur game riot, I really hope you atleast remove the punishes
Not encountered one after the patch 8.6.
: Well it is happening to a lot of people, Including me... You could bypass it buy either click "Reconnect" When it offers you the two options "Reconnect, Cancel" Or close the client and the launcher, Re open the game, Once you log in you will automatically get reconnected to the game, At least that's what i'm doing atm, We need to get riot's attention on this bug, Its easy to fix! -----Also reinstalling doesn't fix the problem :)----
Yes the 3rd time this happened to me i tried reconnect but that just does exactly the same thing over again, it tries to reconnect but shows the exact notice again, so its like impossible.
Shr3dder (EUNE)
: This is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING. FIFTH BAN IN LIKE 7 DAYS. I had to wait 25 fucing games 20 mins... No one wants to get banned permanently cause of the bug with your client...
Unlucky dude, just take a small break from league till the next patch, its usally fixed after the patch (what happened for me in this case)
Mada (EUW)
: Today I had someone disconnect before 3 mins and never come back but we couldn't remake. Please allow to remake as soon as any of the players does not provide vision*time>something at 2 minutes. Like that it also punishes the player who didn't provide vision against an invade
Thats not failing to connecting to a game, thats just ragequitting, u cant do much against that other than either winning the 4v5 or losing it. but this situation is failing to connect to a game but being unable to reconnect in any way.
Vulpine (EUW)
: If you want to reconnect just restart client. Worked for me.
Not for me, just had it again and now ill probably get banned :D
fikri (EUW)
Givifa (EUW)
: How to remove the stats of teammates.
/mute all & take the tab and o key from ur keyboard and youre good to go!
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: Enemy Missing Ping
The questionmark ping is the best thing ever happened to league. Stop whining
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I never knew how much the mastery on my 1 million yas meant when i didnt see it on the corner of my champs loading screen, i feel you riven main.
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: Probably some Season 3 player who still had clarity as summoner spell selected ? Maybe revive?
Thats what i thought, but if they remove a spell it gets changed automatically if its selected. Makes sense
: 1 2 3 such players make me reeee 4 5 6 rito u better look into this 7 8 9 bronzies are a annoying pile
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: Chargeback means that you bought RP and after that you force a refund via your credit card company or paypal. Riot doesn't offer refunds on RP so when they see you charged back the money they suspend the account in question and take away gifts in the process. Suspensions for chargeback issues can be easily lifted by working with [Support]( and paying what you owe Riot.
: Have spoken to that friend? In most cases when gifted things dissapear the person who gifted you made a chargeback. You can ask [Support]( for more info and to solve the problem. But i'd ask the friend first if his account is suspended for chargeback issues.
thanks for ur reply, can u explain what u mean with a chargeback?
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
yeah that might be it, thank you for answering <3 (im getting kets and stuff now)
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