: usually I would say ''just git gud'' but, very bad luck streaks happen. Maybe you ARE playing well, and trust me, in the long run this means you will win more than you lose because thanks to you at least 1 of 3 lanes doesn't lose. This is how I climb mostly. In fact I am on an insane streak currently, 19 wins 2 losses in my recent 21 games, just promoted to plat 1. I feel like I play consistently well but do not actually hard carry, I do what needs to be done when it matters but I also luck out and have good teammates most of the time.
I guess having patience and focus is key.
: I'm kinda confused why you would go off farming while you are a mid laner who play Vel, Lux or Neeko who's 11/1. Wouldn't it be better to roam and help out your teammates? My biggest tip for you is to use pings as your only form of communication. I'm about to reach gold 2 this week from starting of in Silver 3 this season and I have gone up at a very good rating by simply playing Pyke support. My best way of winning is snowballing lane > Pressure other lanes > Use pings since my map awareness is my strongest mental ability that I got.
I meant that my lane phase doesn't matter when MY ENEMIES of the other lanes are 11/1, not me. Anyways, I don't roam at all (but I help my jungler with objectives). I guess I should try to roam more often, but then I miss farm and my lane gets pushed...
mWkJOscar (EUW)
: Hey i got a silver acc too climbing it up to gold soon, if you want we can duo? main adc. looking for a sup who knws what he does instead of autofills
we could try
: I just finish getting my two primary accounts back to gold, and I find silver 1 the most frustrating division and I have some theory why. - you get matched with silver 2, 1 and gold 4 - s2 are ok, - s1 are eager to get to gold so they start to make mistakes, get angry easy, get tilted from every mistake especially if they missed some promos to gold in past games. - g4 are the worse, they are couple of g4 categories (well every last division is terrible, b4, s4, g4, d4) 1) normal headed players which are cool 2) players that they reach gold so don't care anymore, they throw games, they start troll if somebody don't do their bidding, etc 3) players that once reached gold they are bad and start losing and getting dominate on lanes so they start to be frustrated and act out 4) players that feel superior and start flaming "omg, stfu, silver" 5) players that struggled for years to progress and once getting gold they think they are god, they are the best, the smartest, the stars and order everyone around and if players don't listen they start feed, troll, flame etc -when I saw my team beeign only silver I was relax, when I saw g4 in team I was worried especially ex silver current g4 they were the worse. - this is why I think many people get frustrated by promos and think riot is there to get them and match them with trolls, and feel like promos are impossible and harder than other games before, I think because in any elo first division you are matched with players from last division in the next tier and many of those players have terrible attitude. So it's a bit frustrating but if you constantly play ok, try to not get caught in flame, and not be angry at people throwing (I seen in s1 the most trow of free wins in all other divisions), and specially g4 players are doing that cause they don't care anymore. You will promote in the end. In my last account playing only support I lost 5 times the promos to gold and after all promotion lost I had so bad losing streak that I dropped silver 2 low LP, then rise back to s1 promo to gold then lost promo and drop back to silver 2l low lp after losing streaks. 6th time was the charm and I won the promo :D Also if you get to promo and lose you get 1 free win, but if you drop to silver 2 you lose that free win, so is nice to try not to demote from s1. Try if you have long lose streaks to relax, do other stuff, play other games, play aram or normals. Some time after a break when you go back to rank your more relax and clear mind and you win again.
It can be frustrating. I used to get mad at people who flame but now I just starting using the /fullmute all command at the start of every match. I know someone will come and tell me that's a bad idea because communication and what not, but I honestly don't care. 100% of the time the chat is used for toxic behaviour and also the people who spam pings someone when they make any mistake makes me want to kill myself. It's just not worth it at all. Thanks for the advice.
Rena (EUW)
: I have some tips for you. 1. Focus on farming even once lane ends. I know you wrote that you try fcous on farming but I can see from your stats that you farm way too less after lanephase ends. Most people just play aram with their team post lane phase. You can use that to your advantage and farm whereever you can find creeps/jungle creeps. Most people in silver don't do that so that way you will get a 3 level lead above all. Then you will be so big that assassins can't kill you anymore and you are a 1v9 army. The way you do this is simple. After lane you just look where you can farm and you go there. Be careful to not push sidelanes too far tho because at that stage bruisers/assassins still kill you. 2. When you play supports, play them damage heavy (AP sona) in your case. 3. Only go for objectives if lanes are pushed. If your lanes are being pushed in or even don't go for dragons or barons. 4. Remeber you can't win everygame but try to see each loss as a lession. Because yea you can't change your teammates no matter how much you hate them, you can only change yourself. Goodluck for your climb.
Thanks for the advice.
: If you're desperate to get out of silver, I have 2 recommendations for you: Late game and splitpushing. It is rare that silver elo games end in early stages of the game and if you or anyone else start falling behind, having that jax, nasus etc. will help you drag the game to the time where you can normalize yourself in items and levels to the enemy team that you have a fighting chance. Personally, I think it's heavily important to understand when you can splitpush and when you have to teamfight before you start doing this. Take Nasus or any other lategame hypercarry and start to practice in normals till you get a hold of it, Nasus is especially easy to pick up but you may need to learn the runes he can take so you can utilize his kit to maximum performance. If you're looking to stay in your role (mid/supp) my recommendation as a jungle main is to get yourself lane priority as much as you can so you can roam and help your jungler clutch in objectives early game and contest scuttle, early game IS SUPER IMPORTANT for junglers and the first few minutes is what usually decides the game in low elo!
Thanks for the recommendations.
Cemadiby (EUW)
: Is ranked fair?
Can't relate more. It feels VERY unfair, I'm getting so tired of this but that's team based games in a nutshell...
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: 300 tokens for free After you finish a mission you get other and other then there's a brake but more will come, if you want to just grind the tokens and don't really play the game you can go in coop vs ai on beginner level where games end in like 11-12 min, and you can finish the mission since are not pvp only. There you face kidna the bots that have the champions from those missions, tristana is a great champ to take to push towers fast. The mission that give you the orb, that you need to gain x gold or x assisi/kills, that is a pvp mission so you can't do it in coop vs ai.
oh so after doing a mission you get another one and can grind them up to 300? good to know
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: Inappropriate club names
G0thicB0y (EUW)
They ruined the splash art, now I don't even feel like using the skin anymore...


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