Smerk (EUW)
: It's a legit thing to ask, both in Bronze and Diamond
Smerk gets it. Why would I want to go into a ranked game with someone who just added me from a forum? They might end up being a troll. For example if you added me MadClown I would realise you're a douche bag in the trial game and then decide not to play with you. Without losing any ranked points.
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: added you{{champion:17}}
Cool man, I just started a game, which position do you play?
: I main jungle/top or support, silver 2 at the moment, in u need let me know :)
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: looking for silver bronze plyers to duo ranked
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: Smurf account while you are in bronze, what is this :p
Haha, I just wanted to get better on other random champions without people in my team going mental.
: Want to join a nooby bronze team? (ideally looking for a top laner)
I wrote this on my smurfy account by accident. ^.^
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: Looks for team to get out of Bronze and head towards Gold
Hello, I've just got to level 30 and i'm wanting to get a better understanding of ranked games. I'm a reliable player, I don't think i've ever been AFK and I even have the friendly honor ribbon. I'm 23 and I main ADC but I happily play all roles but jungler (just not my cup of tea) my best champions at the moment are Kog'Maw in bot lane, Garen in top lane and Morgana as support or mid. I too am sick of afk'ers and people with a negative attitude making games really hard to win and am looking for a team who are fun to play with and eager to climb the ELO.


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