: you mean' they get skins for free? but i saw all of their skins had that icon it is impossible to get all skins free!. free skins for how much longer? ( also what league do you mean? ranked league like silver 2 ? )
Basicaly they dont "own" these skins but they can equip and use these how they want to. > ( also what league do you mean? ranked league like silver 2 ? ) What do you mean by that?
: streamer skins
Its the league partner Program they get the skins for the duration they are in the partnered with league
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LooRy (EUW)
: Team for Silver-Gold players EUW
My IGN is Rochen28 I Wanna play Sup
Vocray (EUW)
: we need more friends
Yo my dude im searching for friends too :P
: New Name?
-IamSpeed -2Fast4u -SpeedIsKey :)
: akali walks into a bar
: You only can know how manny times people reported you i guess and the kind. Isn't suppose you know who reported you they have their privacity rights
well how or where do i see it how manny reports i got ? And i cant see my own reports as in who i reported?
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: He is available for 10 gemstones so that's a permanent gemstone skin now. It will always be available. Luckily i bought it last year for 1350rp.
So i am nut under pruessure to get 10 gemstones ? i was not able to buy it last year unfortunaly :(
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Hansiman (EUW)
: Server is at capacity atm. https://twitter.com/RiotSapMagic/status/1141078327249133568?s=19
Rip Gimme more capacity :)
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Hansiman (EUW)
: Honor levels are only visible to yourself.
But was it always like this? I remember seeing it... Was this changed?
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Shamose (EUW)
Its tasty and thats all that matters...
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Magic
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JayceGatsby (EUNE)
: Considered that your "friend" especially internet "friend" may have not been completely honest with you? I know, it is shcoking, but there are few people on the internet, who sometimes dont tell truth.
Yea shocking i know, i do trust him a bit (bc hes a irl friend) but i know that he aint plat thats why i questiond it :3
Shamose (EUW)
: https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Rayder77 There is no account by that name on any server.
Thats why im asking if it was deleted or a name change maybe? is there a way to track that down?
Shamose (EUW)
: Banned account still show on sites like OP.GG Just because they are banned doesn't mean they just vanish. Evidence of this is easy since you can't take the name of a banned account. So your friend is lying.
Is there any way to look for that account, he gave me the name (Rayder77) or can it be that the name was changed? and it was permabanned. I had a hunch that it was fake bc hes not as good as Plat maybe Low Gold. (thats why i called bs)
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M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: nope. it is a reason to report but unless he trolls ingame as well it just raises a red flag for future investigations. you do need to write into explanation box tho
well he picked ammumu into a Fiora and went 2/5 the first 10 min and then 6/6 at the end so idk if he was trolling , but banning jhin as zed/top? (my friend was hovering him)
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: Riot don’t rework based on popularity, not solely at least. Kayle for instance is getting reworked cause her kit tends to be problematic when it’s viable, plus invisible power which riot want to stomp out (most people completely forget her passive exists). And popularity doesn’t mean strengh... some champions are good but unpopular and that’s fine, no need to change them to be popular, at the same time champions like lee and yasuo are gonna be popular regardless... it’s all about how many ride or die players a champion has.
I know popularity doesn’t mean strengh i actually think its the other way around if a champ is strong then they are popular a example is yorik hes pretty strong rn and and thats why he gets played/baned more often and what "invisible power" are you taking about ?
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