VIT Laati (EUNE)
: 16 CS / minute would be higher than some LCS players ;)
Boom, fixed. 16CS/10 min.
: Clash Beta Tournament is coming again?
Idk why would somebody vote against the tournament being available every weekend. I want to play tournament every week and if there is somebody who doesn't, that person can just play something else (draft/ranked/blind). No reason to make it more rare than once a week.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: 1) The Veigar was AP. 2) Going AP Veigar bot isn't against EULA 3) He has an unlucky round. Unlucky matches can occur, live with it.
1.) He took adc role and went ap. Thats already a little problem. 2.) That's still considered troll. 3.) I checked his match history, thats not unlucky. Also farming 16CS per 10 min isnt unlucky, thats just lack of experience/skill. This player didnt have experience or skill to play against golds, but riot matched him up with them anyways and ruined the game for me. Thats what im complaining about. I'd be ok with AP Veigar bot who can at least farm and hit enemies, but this one couldnt do shit. Btw, im not blaming the player, im blaming riot for matching him up with my rank.
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