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: Yes because normal (Blind pick) usually the players pick their lane first! so other players cannot pick the same lane! So you have to be ready for playing any lane before Launching the game! There another way! Normal (Draft Pick) You can pick your 2 lanes, For Example: Mid-Top and you just wait to find a game and players! it maybe take a little time to find a game! but yeah they will pick to you the one of lanes that you chose! The Mid or top! So in that mode you can play the one of lanes that you choose! ;) ..... Normal (Draft pick) {{summoner:4}}
My heroes, I noticed draft pick in the beginning and then it slipped my mind due to my not having enough characters to use it. I still don't but I can just buy 2 of the cheap ones, luckily for me I enjoy playing Garen and Fiddlesticks! Thanks guys, I honestly did not expect such an easy solution!
: Chin up, it gets better when you go up. Find a couple of friendly players to play with and play with them. Keep in mind, that what you are actually saying is - there are some bad people - I don't like it. Bad people are everywhere - killers, robbers, politicians... In any case it's hard to catch if someone is bad from the kindergarten, isn't it? The system needs to collect data, before it can pass judgement, and there are several steps, before banning someone permanently, to ensure that reform is an option if the individual is willing to do so.
> [{quoted}](name=daniellizard,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=EoT8TUh6,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-03-10T07:04:45.637+0000) > > Chin up, it gets better when you go up. In my experience this is this is exactly the opposite, I had a great time at low level and then as soon as I hit the mid 20s' the game became virtually unplayable for me due to the toxicity of the community.
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