: I spent 1500$, and NEVER flamed, since it's not productive, and I wanna win. End of story.
If ypu spent that much then I really think you have a problem that needs addressing buddy, we arent all betas like you
: > Rocky IV: all report cait pls Rocky IV: afk and flame Rocky IV: worst leo i ever seen Rocky IV: so unfair Rocky IV: report Can you ppl understand already that typing report this report that in the chat since the beginning of the game brings nothing productive to the match, tilts the players, and removes any slight chance you had of winning. In your game with cait, she was 3/9 ; you went 3/11...yes, you died 11 times with a ranged champion. You're playing in GoldV elo for fk's sake, do you expect to have SKT Bang on your team or what? There are autofilled players who have no idea how to play that role, and a smartass 3/11 brand permaspams "report adc" for 25mins. I see no constructive pointers, no help, ANYTHING, just a broken record singing report. I'm glad to see you go. Bye.
Well I hope to god that when you have a true toxic adc who afks for minutes at a time due to anger bursts flames spams an tries to ruin the teams chances of winning any way possiblle that you dont get angry... Dont try to say it was my fault when you can clearly see I play janna well youre just on your highhorse and now I lose an account after spending over £200 and years of playing on it
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