Jaknovice (EUW)
: Same here, I play on lowest graphics but my pc can run higher graphics its just a preference thing but Im having the same issue and it happened a few days after the poolparty update
Happens the same with me exactly after pool party update!
m0zz4r3ll4 (EUNE)
: Game starts without me
I have the same problem, hear the game starting but I still in loading page 2 minutes longer than anyone else, I always start when the game already is in 2 minutes.
: Champion Points
Twisted Treeline is a bad game mode, so with champions points or not me and a lot of people will not play in that game mode. In my opinion twisted treeline should be delected, instead of this game mode, funny game mods should be avaiable like one for all, etc.
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: Dear People that troll ranked games
I agree, pleople love troll and I love win, so in my opinion Riot should have more heavy bans for ranked trollers. I already lost a lot of games because suiciders, dancers in base or stupid people run around the map for fun in a ranked!!!! {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} But the most of them, just because of don't like the team champions stay in base whatch the ruin. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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Dimwit (EUNE)
: [Suggestion] Change settings while not in a game.
I strongly agree!!!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Lackemy (EUNE)
: Jinx new season update
I think that jinx it's perfect, don't need updates.
Zuvaur (EUW)
: [BUG] Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab
I also have this bug with blitzcrack when I try grab a Vayne.
: new Loading-Screen?
I love the idea of the first one, but the first with the chat of the second idea will be awesome.
Paulaul1 (EUW)
: Yea I also want the old HUD, this one is like the beta HUD but blue and with lights. It's cool, but is too big and annoying.
: I hate the new HUD, let's gonna request the option for choose between the New HUD and Old HUD
I will play rankeds while normal games have the new HUD, rankeds games keep with the old HUD.
Oktago (EUW)
: Old HUD
Nice letter, you forgot the last dat but I AGREE with you. I want the OLD HUD PLEASE ;(
: Can you bring back U.R.F?!?!?
Yes, U.R.F. is pretty funny.
Grimacer (EUW)
Grimacer, I agree with you, it's definitely not practical, I preffer the old one, is more simple and practical to use, is more easy see when we have abilities to improve, ect....
Shiroe x (EUW)
: How is it not functional?? you have all info on the right, where the mini map is. i don't see the problem.
The right question is that the things, the scores and another things are not in the same place, they change some places and look to the size of HUD, it's just super big and block the vision to the map. Is difficult pay attention to see when we grow up of level.
xHemH (EUNE)
I want the old HUD, just because the shop and money visor is not in the same place, is more diffcult see the abilities and the items. (sorry for my bad english xD)
d0p4 (EUW)
: Option to choose or swap back to old ui. Current UI is almost unplayable!
: We should be able to choose between Modern HUD and Classic HUD
Please guys vote yes, it's good for all, i want the Classic HUD, the new is nice but not functional.
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Nibaki (EUW)
: Some time ago I worked as a chef. And one thing I learned pretty fast was: There are two important things: Speed ( Time ), Quality. And when you have to choose between those two, make sure the quality of food is right before serving it, even if it takes a little more time than expected. That's how I feel. That we got served a bad quality dish from top restaurant. {{item:3070}}
This is a virtual game, not a restaurant :P
Nedooo (EUW)
: [Suggestion] New ping System ?
Sorry, i think that is a bad idea, maybe the ulti ping in... it's cool but the others pings .... bad idea son ^^
Nibaki (EUW)
: Choose your HUD! Classic/Updated!
I think that the new style of HUD is nice but not functional, so I agree, we should be able to choose between Modern HUD and Classic HUD.
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: Your + {{item:3222}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3069}} {{item:2043}} {{item:3401}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3143}} VS {{item:3089}}{{item:3135}} {{item:3285}} Sometimes best defense is more offense.
I agree, it's just a example of items that we can select to supp.
evanslol21 (EUNE)
: Please RIOT PLSSS <3
I love this idea of chat in loading, I have the same idea but never say in forum, this idea is very good because wait for loading is boring, I think that could be chat for the team and for all, to intimidate the opponent xD. Vote YES in this idea please.
Perilum (EUW)
: The support in DOTA is called "Muli" for a reason...
For some reason the people preffer Dota....
: In dota you have 3 ways of using the heal/mana pots 1. Direct self use like a normal pot 2. Direct target heal You walk up to the other person and heal him 3. just giving the pot
For some reason the Dota have more lovers. A lot of people preffer Dota because of the functionalities.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: Then support would be even more of an adc's bitch, because then you would be **forced** to buy potions for your adc. Mark my words.
The idea of share pots is just for support that want to share, if a supp don't want share, help the adc with another way. We have many possibilities for help.
: i always get it with tanks but just imagine being able to use pots on allies, wouldn't that make it way more fun/tactical?
This items {{item:2139}} {{item:2140}} {{item:3141}} turn the game more fun and tactical? I know the answer, NO!!! Maybe with the idea of share pots, share a pot with a allie champ could be a good tactic for early game.
: But if you are a champion like {{champion:37}} or {{champion:40}} that item is a bad pick :s
The idea is not a new item, it's the possibility to share with your adc your pots, and this is just a option as way to play, if you don't want share pots, ok, you help as you want.
: Buy a {{item:3401}} And play a healer if you like playing Jesus and healing people.
it's not the same thing, if you are playing with a champ that have difficults to farm because for some reason the opponent have a better build and can easly kill him, you can't hit minions, because you will be killed if you go close to the enemy. So help the adc without stay closer to the enemy is a good thing, you can stay close to the tower give pots and nobody will kill your adc because of you. And the adc will not need go so much times to base without money just because need a lot of life that was taken by the enemy.
Rich (EUW)
: Nah, this is pretty lame. It's just like giving your ADC free gold.
It's not good? What is better, a adc earn a lot of gold because of his supp or have difficult to buy items? the supp boy (or girl) can easly buy items that give more gold each second, because don't need buy expensive items to take damage.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: That's exactly what will happen.
Maybe not, will be interesting share pots, if the idea works bad, the League of Legends can reverse the atuallization of share pots.
Ziovi (EUW)
: it's not a bad idea, but i bet those adc will start to look at you just as a ward-placer potion-dispenser...
As I told in comment post before that, each supp help as he want, if he preffer (becasue think that it's better) buy wards, ok, he buy wards, he he preffer give 1 or 2 pots, ok, give, the supp know what is better for adc, the adc can't exige that the supp guy play as he want and not as the supp want play.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: But there's another thing. A support who would share their potions would simply make their adc stronger (they could spend the gold elsewhere, and stay in lane longer). So it would certainly be the new meta, and you'd be basicly forced to do it, or you'd lower (not significantly, but still) your chances of winning.
This idea of share pots is good for help the adc in early game, and the supp give what he want, he will be not obligated, and in final game will never buy pots because the champs take so much damage that is useless share pots that just give a little percentage of life.
: Yes, this report-toxic is verry common. I understand what you mean, but im sure that such people will allways come up with a reason to report you, a reason to blame you for their mistakes, and for losing the game. Keep your mute button handy, so you can react fast, as soon as such clever ideas start to show into chat window... I would like to have "sharing" since it gives new opportunities, but I wont like losing "focus the weak" and other tactics. From NES we all know, how powerful is to share your remaining life with your buddy, and how easier it is to have 2 guns shooting, instead of one. Im not sure rito will let this happen.
I know what you are trying to say, I agree, we know if we should or not report a support, we will not report a support for not give to us shield or no buy wards, we just expect that supp help us killing the enemy team, the idea of pots is just for supps that want trade pots, we can't obligate all supp doing the same, each people know what is better doing help help his supp, depend of game to game, all games is different we can't do the same items for all games, we need improve our build.
LiftLift (EUNE)
: Yes ownership would fix that problem. But the report problem persists. It's not about getting reported and punished that'd bring up controversy. More often than not, in lower elo specifically, people report for no valid reason (e.g. ''Report Riven for feed'' even though she just lost lane and went say 0/1 or 0/2). I believe that as soon as pros would start sharing pots, lower elo people would try to copy and would report anyone not doing it.
I never hear a case about banning supp for no help in a certain time, like "report supp, didn't use all wards", "report him, never give me a shield". Each people have the own way to doing a good support work, the idea of exchange pots it's just another way that a supp guy can adopt to help his adc. A supp is not obliged buy wards, is obliged do a support work, we have many forms to help a adc we don't need wards if we have another way, like buy items that give shield or help better adc kill the enemy adc doing more ad, each people have his own form for help, the idea of exchange pots is another.
: My downvote: - in some similar game (lets not name it), item has ownership, and you cant sell the stuff of your teammates. - I can report you for not buying boots or for buying boots. Neither of thouse reports are valid however...Why should buying / not buying pots be a thing at all ? On the other hand. Focusing a person at bot lane to harras will be useless. For now, we can bring someone at low hp, then he heals up, then lower him again, and he has to back / is easy target. Rotating and sharing pain will be useless tactic now...
A lot of people go supp and never buy wards, the wards is one way to help the adc, exist more ways, and my idea it's just one more, nobody report a supp if he never buy wards so nobody will report supp if he never give pots to adc. Exist a lot of supp items for help adc {{item:3105}} {{item:3050}} {{item:3340}} {{item:3185}} {{item:3048}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3092}} , and much more. Now think if the supp use all of this, the answer is NO!! So the idea of exchange pots could be a good idea, is one more way for help that supp will like to use.
LiftLift (EUNE)
: Exchange would be stupid. ''Rep support didnt buy pots for me'' or ''rep supp, didnt feed me pots that i could sell for gold'' If a supp could use his / her pot on the adc tho, that'd be fine imo
The idea is the supp help the adc when adc stay without pots, and the adc will be more time farming because will not have the necessity to go to base, but can't acuse supp for not give him pots. It's just another way for the supp help the adc if he want to.
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