Bugaboo (EUW)
: Struggling to Jungle :(
When I was first learning to jungle, I was in a similar position. I really recommend watching people like Foxdrop, and Pants are dragon. I especially found Foxdrop helpful, he usually talks through what he's doing whilst he's doing it to give you a better understanding of why he's doing it. Remember, mute the flamers and just practice.
: They will but you're not gonna get tokens but key fragments and such
Thats cool :D I just really like the idea of the missions, I now it's a little grindy but it's nothiung you wouldn't be doing normally anyway
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: Yeah, I kinda wasted the tokens on that I guess, they could have specified something :D I already have Arcade, and bunny riven
Thanks for the clarification :D
: What is the 280 even point item?
Yeah, I kinda wasted the tokens on that I guess, they could have specified something :D I already have Arcade, and bunny riven
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Sneakyjg (EUNE)
: The game is literally unplayable
Im not having any of these issues, I useed to but the game has been running fine for me for about a month
: It's mostly because many of the people that play him tend to be rather toxic, regardless of how good they are with the champion. A friend of mine had a yasuo in a bot game who was flaming the enemy team, aka. flaming the bots.
That's doesn't actually sunrise me at all honestly
: So the same as Riven then lol XD
Riddarn (EUNE)
: The fact that most people who play him behave like a toxic 12 year old. I actually don't mind him as a champion at all.
So the same as Riven then lol XD
: Frankly i can't get how Yasuo can be less annoying than Riven and Fiora is these girls are played way less than him. How you can be annoyed by something you almost never face?
Because when he's on my team he really sucks badly. When on the enemy team, he always gets uber fed and does amazingly :D
Fajerk (EUW)
: In no particular order: * Players. _Personally I believe yasuo players have 100% permaban rate_ * No resources. _Riven and Kata fall under same category._ * High mobility. _And I used to hate Lee for that._ * Passive shield. _When you think Garen is bs..._ * No cooldows. _At least I haven't notice any._ * Windwall. _People complain about Syndra r? Hold my beer._ * No counterplay. _Basically combination of stated above._
That sounds about right :D
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Just play Kled. He's exactly what you're looking for :^
1v1 Kled gives no feks, 1v2 kled gives no feks, 1v3 kled gives no feks, 1v4 kled gives no feks, 1v5 kled gives no feks. The clue is in the name, he alious The CANTANKerious cavaleir. YOu can tank this.
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: I feel guilty. An apology.
I really don't see why you should feel bad, it sounds like the Ekko was trying to tilt you. This game is full of toxic and horrible people that just flame and try to get away with it :D IMO the best thing to do in that situation would be to just mute him, and focus on the win!
: Perma Banned Because Using 3rd Party programs !!
Why don't you try and ask them if you'r account was accessed to an IP address different to yours. If it was, they you either shared your account with someone, or it was stolen. If either of those are true then you have your answer buddy :D
: I have the same problem. I submitted a ticket about it. As answer i got that i shared my account somehow with someone which is against the Terms of Use. So if u have shared your password to someone even your best friend (like me) is not good. There still a little chance to get it back. If not - then try to ask them whats the problem and fix it. ( again it has a small chance of success) Hope you will get it back and best wishes!
From my experiences Riot support couldn't do enough to work with me when my account was stolen. I really couldn't have any complaints with the service they gave me. They got my account back to me after a single day if that. I gave them the information they wanted, went to work. Came home and my account was waiting for me when I checked my emails again. I really can't see how they would ban you for no reason.
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: I searched my Pc for any programs , But i found nothing related. And nobody play on it except me as i looked in match history . And if I use 3rd party programs why i am still in bronze 1 .
You say that like it's some malicious attack. Is there anything you used in the past with the game, that is either not owned or endorsed by riot?
: I dont use any skin program . I dont know any .
Are you honestly sure? did you ever give any account details to anyone to level your account or something like that? IF they used third party programs to do so that that would also count.
: save your mobility for the circle and get inside it
Oh, I know all this :D Thats why I lost playing someone like Fiora against him, dashing inside his circle is a perfect time ffor me to ult sometimes for an easy kill
: stop depending on others to carry you, farm your jungle well and learn when to gank and when not. with the first "my jungler 0 ganks report" just mute it if they spam ping you mute them and focus on your own game. try in general when you gank a lane to get something from it even a flash. gank only lanes where the opponent is pushing...... if a lane is hardcore feeding ignore it and try to get another lane snowball. i have countless games where they spam the ???? ping when they die mid and im on wolves for example. they think that its your job to win the lane for them. just ignore them and try to have a nice score dont die much and carry......... also have in mind that you will have unwinnable games when all lanes losing its gg even if youre god unless your opponents throw-gift you the game. in general stop caring what strangers on the internet say in the game chat most of them are kids
I'm a jungle main. and I can't agree more with what you're saying. I got placed in B2 this season and I can't seem to climb unless I queue with someone else and camp their lane. I ended up falling down to B4. No matter how many times I gank and help people out, they always seem to throw. They never want to group, they always go in 2v5 and that sorta thing. I really dont know what to do when this happens, it really does seem lie every game is "un-winable." I know that this isn't the case because there is no such thing as an "un-winable" game, but it sure feels like it. When I come to a lane to gank, I spam the OMW ping and run into the lane and engage, whilst my team mate just stands there with her/his thumb up their ass doing sweet FA. Does this mean that I need to play more champions along the lines of Amumu, and Master Yi? Or am I stuck in what people call ELO hell? I'm not saying I belong in Diamond or anthing like that, but I at least want a rank where people actually pay attention to whats going on around them, and know that team play is the best way to win a game. This sound a little weird, but at the start of the game I find myself talking to myself, working out my plan for the early game. Working out who I want to try and snowball, and who is going to need the least help. I understand that this is a good thing to do, but how much planning is to much? I know that as a Jungler you NEED to think on the fly, and constantly make decisions for the good of the team. but in Bronze solo queue, i find myself needing to look after myself more than other people in order to carry more. and I feel like this isn't good team play, or necessary most of the time. Do you have any advice on what to do here? I would love to hear what you have to say.
: Perma Banned Because Using 3rd Party programs !!
I've been reading about this kind of thing, but if Riot where actually banning people for no reason it would lead to a huge scandal, and possibly even the downfall of the game. I don't believe Riot would ban you for no reason. Can you think of any addons you installed or anything? (not sure if they're even legal) Contacting a Riot employee may help, but a lot of the time they aren't allowed to discuss an issue once a decision has been deemed final. This is also the case for a lot of online games such as WoW. These bans tend to happen in waves, are you sure you haven't done anything in the past that may have flagged your account for investigation? Is it also possible that your account was stolen or anything in that nature? Has a partner or sibling ever had access to your account? these are all thing you have to consider when trying to solve an issue like this. For example, say a sibling of yours decided to play on your account whilst you where out, and installed and use a third party program. This would still count as your fault, simply because there is no way to prove that it wasn't you on the account at the time. When my account was stolen, Riot couldn't do enough to help me with my issue and actually got me the account back. So I'm sure there is a way for you to come to an understanding on whats going on with your account.
Infernape (EUW)
: Darius is an immobile juggernaut with little hard CC, Camille is a super mobile diver with CC and the ability to lock down targets. Their champion archetypes are different. Also, the nerf on her W was so that she couldn't heal off of minions and monsters (exactly like Darius' Q).
Oh, does Darius not heal of minions?
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Derastius (EUW)
: They could just make a new mouse icon and let us choose between the new and old one in the settings.
Like the way WoW did with the new and old race models.
: If they make a new mouse icon and don't let us choose wether we wanna use new or old one, but rather force us to use it (like new client), I am quitting the game.
A little extreme dont you think?
: Pantheons passive
His passive is just broken regardless. He can tower dive well with it, he can't really be poked with it and it's just kinda horrible to play against. I understand that this is probably by design, but Rito have an obsession with creating top laners that are infuriating to lane and play against Like Darius and Renekton. They shoud possibly think about changing the way his passive works?
: Looks like Yasuo will win VS. *sigh*
Rito should just remove shetty feking Yas from the game Problem solved. They even know that he's kinda op
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Nolex (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=MasterEggious,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=y4n9aTAm,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-05-05T22:16:06.951+0000) > > Yeah, all other games are working fine for me too, it's just LOL now that this stupid new client is a thing. I jsut ran a repair on the game, and it's given me a freaking 4gb download. Its literally going to take be hours. They really should ahve payed more attention to the issued people where having before they decided to stop people from using the old one. Don't get me wrong, I would rathier use the new one, i think it's grate, but i'm having nothing but problem after problem with it. Dunno why they even change a client, they could just "refresh" the old one. They are making wrong moves all the time. I guess people are tierd cuz 1 team is doing multiple tasks gj riot economical saving of money.
I mean, it's not like they're the owners of the biggest game ever made or anything.
: Unable to create lobby right now! ( gray play button )
I was having the exact same issue, every day I would have to initiate a repair on the game to be able to play. it would work fine untill I shut down my PC, then when turned back on, I had to do the exact same thing again. And now, this time it game me a 4gb update to download, This is outrageous RIOT, sort yourselves out man.
Nolex (EUNE)
: Im downloading 5th time by now, yesterday no errors when i shut down pc, today when i wanted to run client errors, bugs, restores ,jesus christ this patch is a nutshel. all steam games and others are working good only lol is making problems. its their folut
Yeah, all other games are working fine for me too, it's just LOL now that this stupid new client is a thing. I jsut ran a repair on the game, and it's given me a freaking 4gb download. Its literally going to take be hours. They really should ahve payed more attention to the issued people where having before they decided to stop people from using the old one. Don't get me wrong, I would rathier use the new one, i think it's grate, but i'm having nothing but problem after problem with it.
Elajdza (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=MasterEggious,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=dP7g7uF3,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2017-05-05T21:18:43.339+0000) > > What was he actually banned for in the first place? bunch of reasons.... being toxic, buying accounts, inting etc...
So basically everything we want removed for the game :P
Elajdza (EUNE)
: Is tyler1 unbanned?
What was he actually banned for in the first place?
: I haven't, I've been trying to avoid doing that as my download speed is absolutely abysmal at a 1mBps
I also only have the issue with the new client, before when it was still working I would just use the legacy one as it's always working fine for me
: I haven't, I've been trying to avoid doing that as my download speed is absolutely abysmal at a 1mBps
If i have to, i will I guess
Infernape (EUW)
: Have you tried reinstalling the game?
I haven't, I've been trying to avoid doing that as my download speed is absolutely abysmal at a 1mBps
Tudex890 (EUNE)
: 7.9 Bug Splat On Launching Client
Does this happen when you start the game, or just the launcher? If its when you launch the game, try doing a full repair of the game
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: > [{quoted}](name=MasterEggious,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=sHITYqsE,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-04-28T18:40:08.933+0000) > > That's true yeah :D Although, it's not verry fair Yeah I understand that but if everything was perfectly balanced then I believe the game wiould be very boring
You're right :D I guess I only really have a problem with champs like Darius, Yasuo and Renekton
: Well I believe some champions are stronger and others are weaker on purpose because it does make the game more interesting.
That's true yeah :D Although, it's not verry fair
: Like Yasou, who is a month away from getting re-done because of being too OP :D (imo)
I would really love it if he got one, I feel like his kit is vastly superior to most other champions
Rstonius (EUW)
: Well, there's always practice. Top lane is a very broken lane right now with tanks being the strongest thing in the game at the moment. Practice someone like Naut and you can climb the ladder a lot faster, but it's only a suggestion noone needs to do what people tell them.
That's true :d But it helps to try suggestions. I'll pick up Naut when I have the IP and see how it goes, I know he has cc and an escape to help
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Warchieƒ (EUW)
: I'm not a top laner, so don't take me word for word but maybe familiarising yourself with all of the top lane champion pool might be a good start; as in get the cheap champions first. And like Rokąs said, playing a tank might just save you from loosing a lane to common-powerful-top-lane-picks.
A lot of the time, it's the little thing I forget that get me killed. E>G> using my q to avoid the outer circle of a darius q, or camile w
: You don't have to play a lane bully to win toplane. However a thing that might help is as some people said playing different types of champions. You play 2 more squisy high damage divers as camille and fiora, they can both struggle against certain types of champions but are really ok against some other types. However in my opinion you have a couple of main types of toplaners. -Ad damage divers/snowballers (fiora, riven, camille, etc) -Mages (lissandra, vladimir, swain) -Tanks (Nautilus, Maokai, Shen) Gnar is worth mentioning here since he has range and really counter champs as Darius and Garen but he is a bit harder to play since his rage bar manage then the others mentioned. -Bruisers (Jax, Irelia) -Juggernauts (Illaoi, Darius, Garen) It helps if you play at least one champion types (not the necessary the ones i mentioned) of each of these groups. Also when they have a stronger lane then you just play safe early, let them push and farm under turret and wait for ganks. Going even or falling only slightly behind when you massively outscale the enemy is also winning your lane :)
What about building tankier items to begin with. For example, on Fiora, buit something like a dead mans and ninja boots before building damage items. Or does this put me at a dis-advantage due to the lack of damage?
Rstonius (EUW)
: While they havent changed tanks i would honestly just tell you to play tanks top. So people like Gragas, Naut, Shen, and so on. They counter lane bullies with their massive tankiness but are kind of boring to play. That's my only advice.
That's the thing, I do occasionally play tanks top, but like you said they aren't as fun as a snowballed {{champion:164}}. I guess I should focus on playing champions that best suit the team more than champs I risk feeding the enemy with
: Lane Bullies
My mains are Camile and Fiora. I know a big problem I have with Fiora is my W, A lot of the time against people Like Jax and Renekton I can never seem to be able to reflect the stun and they punish me for it. I feel like a lot of the issues I'm having can and probably will be fixed by just playing the game more, but it doesn't change the fact that it's a little frustrating. With Camile, after the recent nerfs I'm finding it hard to trade with people in lane, I either end up just playing to passively, or using my E to go in and just getting myself killed because of it. Maybe I need to try and counter pick more, but the problem with that is that I only got to level 30 a couple moths ago adn as a result don't have many of the champs.
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