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konjomono (EUW)
: but lethality has big nerves to
Aela (EUW)
: It used to be meta to double jungle, before they removed the small creeps on blue and red, top would take small creeps and hit level 2 after 3 camps.
i know that but when i say follow i mean they intentionally take your jungle to put you behind or annoy you
: basically what i'm saying is up there below the title.
Yea you basically complaining about non meta. so your a meta slave? what your saying is if someone who hates adc gets autofilled to adc but picks their one trick you hate them for it. would you rather have then int feeding all game and have no knowledge on how to play an adc and play it well or would you rather have someone play something they know how to play regardless of their positioning on the map
Aela (EUW)
: How can one deal with this?
I hate people who follow me in the jungle is so annoying
McDíck (EUW)
: To all the mature people who don't rage
What if the job doesnt use a desk? what you gonna do they eh? you gonna shit on the floor? just walk away from it.
mecharri (EUW)
: Playing malzahar top is not "trolling"
Playing the game the way someone doesnt like is trolling, lets be honest play what you want just because people dont agree with the pick is no reason to not play it their not playing. simple solution watch disco heat he proves the point with the random stuff he plays. I played gnar support was pretty fun
: i'm starting to hate one trick ponies
So basically in short what your saying is. Me like meta you must to.
: [GALIO SPLASH ARTS] Commando, Classic, Gatekeeper, Enchanted, Hextech and Debonair
That commando is pretty nice then again iv always been a sucker for updated splash art when they update them and you can just compare old to new they look amazing i think the best updated splash art from old to new is malphites, it looks awesome
konjomono (EUW)
: whats the damage build for zed patch 7.4 ?
Shiwah (EUW)
: Yes, it counts as AFK and your friend is soon to get Leaverbusted as well.
il let him know then even tho hes been afk in more games than me
GLurch (EUW)
: Running around in base and using skills is still seen as "afk".
what when the enemies are in it and your talking? is that counted as afk as well? or should i do what my friend does every time he has a bad game and just leave the game completely and i get leavebuster and he doesnt get anything
: Autofill? Autoint.
they value fun over winning? if that was the case wouldnt they sway to pick a troll support other than refusing to give you their role cos maybe they want to improve or maybe i dont know win? hello is there a brain in there or is it some salty kid?
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Shélton (EUW)
: Irelia walks into the entire enemy team...
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Shadòw (EUW)
: i have never seen anyone complaining about urf because they rather would like to have a "have fun throwing around skillshots" queue
All urf is is just people picking the most broken champions to play to win no matter who you ban someones gonna pick a broken champ
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RoxasGR4 (EUNE)
: Matchmaking OP
I get cancer from looking at their team let alone the challenger
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: I can't be the only one who sees Blitz's Q teleporting on the target?..
Yea it feels like blitz hook is now like twice the size of threshs and he has some stupid burst even with no items
: Toxic champion right now for both teams, either completely useless, or completely unfun and oppressive.
So yorick all over again?
Fawakko (EUW)
: Don't mind him too much. I actually faced a YI a few hours ago, he got kind of fed. But with being fed AND low elo, he started showing signs of the common "Master Yi Virus". Which means, he thought he was god himself, died a bunch of times and threw the game for his team. Was a gift to me, not so much for his team. Also seemed to be highly toxic.
Wish i would get that the reason im asking is because a lot of people are playing master yi in normals atm 1 game a yi got 2 pentakills on my team. i dont want to play him cos he just looks boring to play. Q+Right click+E+Q=dead
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Larry (EUNE)
: What mystery skins did you guys get?
i got ionia yi(the pink one) when i have 3 skins for him including project yi, firecracker jinx which i like and obsidian malphite which i dont play tpo as its my worst role
: When some random guy trash talks your AD Azir build.
: Learn to peal and protect and stop b*tching.
You must be one of them
ProoGracz (EUNE)
: Well, i do say ty or gj if support does something good but still, saving adc's life is your job :D
No the supports job is to make sure they make it through early game meaning if they play carelessly thats not our job to stop them from dying then late game is mainly peeling for the adc throwing wards catching people out. we dont have to save the adc we save the most important one if they are being dicks we dont have any reason to save them since if they are being dicks theres a good chance its cos someones feeding or something stupid.
ProoGracz (EUNE)
: Well, why would someone new to a role play it on ranked?
i never mentioned ranked
: This is why i stopped playing support all together. Had enough shit from most adc's. I had enough if one talk to me like shit i would leave their lane go elsewhere. I'm having so much fun in top and mid though i suck due to me being a support type players. But fuck me the adc (most) are scum. Supports can save their lives, get them kills but soon as something doesn't go their way it's the **supports** fault. It's pathetic.
Iv grown into just not giving up kills i just take them cos the a lot of the adcs i go with are just extremely ungrateful and normally if i get some good plays off i normally have to go back and think how well i played it because the adc or mid laner gets all the praise for throwing a point and click skill (like annie or akali)
: There are ups and downs on adcs. Mine is always thanking that one Thresh that throws a lantern and saves me from a 3v1 gank because he arrived to lane just in time from a recall.
Iv never been thanked for saving lifes or getting good hooks of its very rare for me to get a simple gj from getting the adc a double kill
Larry (EUNE)
: Personal things i hate most: Adc's do not ward unles i freaking remind them everytime. My wards earlygame are not forever, and when they end we have no vision, but adc's dont ward anyway. Then i try to type in chat and at that moment they trade damage and take 1/2 of their hp without me being able to help. Secondly and my worst case scenario, i feed my adc to the point where they do extremely more damage than the enemy adc, then i go roaming mid or dragon, and my adc thinks they can push to enemy turret and 2v1 farm. Then they get stomped, and say "where is my fcking support" like i am some bodyguard hired only for their convenience.
I get frustrated when the adc pings a bush to ward. you did get the trinket right?
ProoGracz (EUNE)
: Actually maybe it's you doing something wrong, i've been playing so many times with people who as support were covering themselves from enemy blitzcrank grab by standing behind me. Also standing at turret while minions are in half of lane. I used to main adc but stopped actually because of supports like i described up. Those guys who pick thresh, buy relic and have totally no idea how to use it. - it's frustrating. Also why are you so agressive?
And does it not come to mind that maybe these people are learning the role, you seriously cant expect someone new to a role to be perfect. My point is supports get so much crap from their adcs for mistakes that they make which the supports have no control over for example its not the suppots fault is the adc is getting hit by everythinhg then dies, thats not the supports fault and if the support has no wards but the adc still has some but complains about no vision, you end up playing back due to lack of vision so if the adc is going full aggresion thats not your fault your playing cautious cos you dont know where the enemy jungler is
ProoGracz (EUNE)
: Actually maybe it's you doing something wrong, i've been playing so many times with people who as support were covering themselves from enemy blitzcrank grab by standing behind me. Also standing at turret while minions are in half of lane. I used to main adc but stopped actually because of supports like i described up. Those guys who pick thresh, buy relic and have totally no idea how to use it. - it's frustrating. Also why are you so agressive?
The reason i was so aggressive is cos iv had enough of adcs thinking that their gods gift and the support have to provide everything for them you take ignite for a early kill ignite takes the kill then the adc complaings. the adc gets hooked by every single blitz hook and gets a enemy vayne fed then complains at a leona that cant enageg unless they want to feed so either way its a report
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ProoGracz (EUNE)
: Plot twist: there will be no more 4v5 games.
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: wait that's a thing?
yes it comes in the chat box and looks like a whisper message
: Note to self:
If its a note to self type in game /note
Squaid (EUW)
: Second one for sure, not sure about the first one tho xd
Il just say hes broken as in hes lost the bloody plot and doesn't even know who he is
Squaid (EUW)
: that's how that champ works. lol he's br000ken
Broken as in the the works inside him wrong or broken as op, il take both xD
DevilFreak1 (EUNE)
I just want to see all the champs instead of a big picture of a champ i can see on the right. im just fussy and like to know who im going to play cos i forget half the champions in the game which is more on me than the new champ select xD
aDreeAnna (EUNE)
: Take time to thank your support :3
As a support main it just becomes normal to not get credit for good plays or even getting a gj the reason it will become normal is because it goes on for so long where we dont get recognized we really just dont care or at least i dont
DJ Badboy (EUW)
: Half of the champions you mentioned aren't even broken lol.
Halfs a understatment theres like 5 that are atm "broken"
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: I want to know why Mecha Kha'Zix dont have back animation.
So how would everyone make his backing if they could? I am actually very interested to hear what people would have as his backing if they could make it/change it.
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