narpy (EUW)
: Wanna hear a loli ? Come and join us on this magical ride to normal games :) (NOT CLICKBAIT)
: Urfwick is very expensive
Yeah, that's kinda the point, those rewards are meant to be stuff you can spend your currency on when you have pretty much everything you want.
: it's fun to lose games that are fun... meaning games where both teams try their best and one must win... that's fun... now if you're a win or die kind of guy, then I cant chat with you about Video GAMES... it's not bad to lose... just don't lose on purpose because all you do is cry about losing and handing the opponents a free win
Losing is NOT fun, so stop saying that, it simply doesn't equate to what you mean. The right way to say it is that losing games can be fun DESPITE losing. Think about it in losing and winning elements. Dying, losing objectives, bad calls, etc are things that lead to a loss, they're not fun because they're the result of failures. Getting kills, making clean plays, team working well will lead you to victory, these are what makes the game fun. They also give instant gratification, whether you win or not doesn't change that. You can have fun deaths, but that's the circumstance, not the death in itself. In a losing match you can still have plenty of fun by experiencing those winning elements, even more so since the harder a challenge is, the more satisfying it is to overcome. We don't actually disagree, but the wording implies that failure is fun, which is simply not true.
Jinsοyun (EUNE)
: Speaker Shop !!!
Makes perfect sense, LoL has one of the blandest announcers I've ever heard in a video game, Dota 2 has been selling announcer since forever so Riot should just get on with it already.
Phrase (EUW)
: Why do some assassins have no mana?
Mana management is rather loose in League of Legends compared to something like Dota 2, so it's not like there's a massive difference between mana and mana-less champions. You're really only gonna have a problem if you waste your mana and lose lots of trades. And as already said, they tend to have certain weaker skills that have to be used often for the champion to be effective.
: If you can't play adc properly, just play {{champion:18}} , that bunny jump is busted, gets you out of any sticky situation, even if you're badly positioned
Not to mention it's interaction with CC is all over the place.
: Ahri and brand have litterally one cc ability that could potentinally protect their adc. Orianna's only supportive ability is her single shield, and perhaps the speed buff/slow on her w. Not really sure why you list those champions and then say that annie and kayle aren't valid as supports. Annie used to be a very strong support pick, and the blitzcrank argument can be used against any support without mobility, while kayle's ult can be compared to zilean ult although slightly more offensive, has a slow, speedup+heal(ardent censer), and can still do decent amounts of damage.
Difference between Ahri and Brand is that Brand has more AoE and his ultimate is excellent for 2v2 fights. Brand works in a matchup where a lot of CC isn't necessary. He's very cost-efficient with his damage output in terms of gold. Ahri's ultimate is what restricts her from the support role, it's pretty much useless since you won't be able to snipe enemies. Orianna and Brand works for the same reason Annie works, naturally high damage outputs with high impact ultimates, with Annie being the most reliable of the three.
Nahemah (EUW)
: Tired of those late game "cooldowns" .
What's the point of this besides creating painfully unorganic gameplay?
Spagooti (EUW)
: How do I stop being such a toxic player
I always think of this when I get the urge to flame someone. []( I think the key to stop your toxicity is to make it a habit of asking yourself what's the purpose of what you're saying when you start typing. You see, wanting to win a game and flaming is not logically compatible, it makes you a hypocrite. Flaming pretty much always makes a bad situation worse, if you really want to win, you keep as much criticism to yourself as possible, even if it's reasonable. There's no other reason to flame other than make you feel better about yourself, it's just using another player as a punching bag. Also, remind yourself of this especially after you die, I see a LOT of people who flames right after they die for a stupid reason, usually when they have a good score. I think that's when you're most likely to take out your frustration on others.
Siaanna (EUW)
: Honor One?! Honor ALL! Riot
They want honors to be a much more focused decision, not just something you throw out to anyone. The old system was pretty much meaningless, let me tell you, I had over a thousand honors, and I've never actively put any effort into deserving them. I'm pretty sure their goal is to make high honors something that's admirable, because other players made an actual decision when choosing their honoring.
Icepaw (EUNE)
: No honor to those who dosent vote!
I think it's a pretty bad idea for 2 reasons. The first is that it creates unnecessary hassle for the people that simply don't care. I'm the forgive and forget kind of guy when it comes to bad teammates, they may have had a bad day or in a sour mood, hence I rarely report people, if ever. I just want to move onto the next match, being held back after a shitty match to honor your teammates would feel extra irritating. Personally I'd just wait out those 20 seconds out of spite(has more to do with my discontent with the client in general). Secondly, it's not encouragement, it's enforcement, which will in no way improve the community. People who don't care about honor just won't start caring if you force them to. They're just gonna blindly select a button and move on. The loot you can get from honor is a decent initiative, but personally I don't care for it since if I want something I'd just buy it. Long story short, forcing people to honor is not the way to go at all.
Rioter Comments
Smerk (EUW)
: They did thought about this, but it turned out that most players are as you said > on the absolute ends of having quick-cast turned on and off with few exceptions on certain champions
So what? Just make it an option to turn it on and off globally. Those few exceptions are exactly what I'm talking about, Vi's Q is unusable with quick cast turned on for starters. I'd love to not %%%% it up on the first time when I forget about it.
Rioter Comments
warwiller (EUNE)
: Dont try to reach a rank, try to reach a level
Sorry for being blunt, but that sounds like some pretentious bullshit. LoL is a competition, skill is your ability to win the game, more or less. Your skill is relative to other people's performance, the better opponents you can defeat, the more skilled you are. I disagree with your statement, one should always try to better themselves in all things where possible. It's okay to enjoy your current acomplishments, but there's no reason to not strive for bigger ones.
Rismosch (EUW)
: I don't get why you are complaining (and giving me a downvote ;_;). Whining about the past leads to nothing. Be happy that we will get it now than never.
I'm not complaining or whining, I'm simply disagreeing that anything of this is worthy of praise. If you think it's cool, then fine, but as someone who have played since the early days of this game, I expected this to come years ago. I guess I've been spoiled by playing Dota 2, which are miles upon miles ahead LoL when it comes to the client. Also, I have no reason to down vote you, only an idiot would down vote a post for simply disagreeing.
Rismosch (EUW)
: So, do you want them later or not at all? Decide.
My point was that this is something that should've been implemented a long time ago, it has been standard stuff for over a decade. Of course it's better than getting nothing, but honestly it's been so long that I stopped caring. Sure, it's good, but not praiseworthy.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Riot is awesome!
"Replay System" "A way more flexible custom game mode/ practice tool" These are actually shines a negative light on Riot rather than a positive one. Those features have been standard for over one and a half decade, and Riot is only now started working on them. And remember like I said, these are standard features, so they're not doing anything special. "It's about fucking time" is the only way I can describe it. Also, you make it sound like Riot is running a charity. Why do you think champions have to be purchased? Why do you think runes exist and can't be purchased with in-game currency? Those are design choices made to lure people that would normally not buy anything. Not saying they're greedy, but they're still very much thinking of the business they're running.
: When small-minded kids flame your country cause of her economical problem
SKT YouPorn (EUNE)
: Is Olaf a viable pick in current meta?
No offense, but you're in silver, if I'm not terribly mistaken. There is no meta in bronze/silver/low gold, the only thing resembling a meta is "pick whatever seems OP at the moment". And the meta only matters if the people actually follows the meta, most low division players can't even define the meta. So don't worry, Olaf top is far from unviable.
: League using more ram than it should! Unplayable
Buy more RAM? Either you have like 2 GB or something is terribly wrong with your data. You're not being very specific here, some exact values would be nice for starters. Anyway, try to repair your files, might solve the problem.
: Taliyah suggestion
Honestly I just think level 1 and 2 needs some buffs. Not every ultimate have to be flashy and awesome, the rest of her kit is already pretty strong. Personally I find it lackluster because the range feels like it should be a bit longer or the cooldown lower. Either 120 CD at all levels or 1000 more range at all levels would be nice. The dream buff would be being able to jump back onto the wall after using it, so that you can gauge the situation better. Gonna be honest, I have jumped off the wall only to be bursted down because I thought my allies were closer. If you could jump back on the wall you could trap the enemy and let your allies initiate before going in.
: Taliyah (lack of creative use of power)
Personally I'd be really glad if you could use Q or E after choosing the direction of your W. That way you can catch people off guard, since the E>W combo is very telegraphed it's pretty hard to hit against a cautious opponent. I'm also disappointed by the glaring utility she could've had, like jumping with her W as you said. She's definitely underrated tho, once you get a Rylai's you'll be able to kite extremely well. I'd say a good Taliyah can easily kite almost any champion that doesn't have flash.
Speedy59 (EUW)
: Nashor's Tooth
The attack speed and passive isn't enough to make up for what you could've gotten instead. First of all, it's very hard to utilize it since as a mage you DO NOT want to stand still and attack, you want to constantly re position yourself until your spells are up again. The passive is really just a shitty version of Lichbane's. The other AP items have passives and actives that has far more value than Nashor's, it can only compete if the champion can get some benefit out of the attack speed component, like Azir and Kayle. As much as I love the item, it's just can't compete with the rest.
Raeynna (EUW)
: Too late for me/too far behind?
Nah, you're fine. You just have to play some casual matches and get used to the changes.
: I take it as dull meaning idiotic/stupid. I might be wrong tho. English not my mother language D:
Dull is something bland, boring or plain, so you're way off.
Feyangol (EUW)
: Why the Support role is flawed
So your point is that supports are flawed because they don't they're not like carries? Supports aren't meant to shine by themselves, that's just retarded since that's the opposite of what a support is supposed to do. Their job is to make others shine, it's rewarding in it's own way, and I don't think everyone can appreciate that. If Supports wasn't "weaker", why would you ever pick a support? Also, the reason you want to take Soraka down fast is because she'll have insane impact over time. Other supports have the most impact with their ultimate, and afterwards it's usually not worth focusing them if you can't burst them 100-0.
: I earned S+ on Hexakill with a Level 6 champ and I didn't get level 7 token?!
You only get tokens on Summoner's Rift if I'm not mistaken.
: Usually its me over extending and then getting ganked (I noticed this after watching replays of my matches but I didn't know this during the match) Sometimes I stay back at low health to "outplay" the opponent like they do on youtube =( thats dumb I know
You should try to always look what enemies are visible on the map prior to going in. A lot of players only cares about what they see, and forget to consider what they may not be seeing. Always try to figure out the enemies position and the worst case scenario.
: Why Do I Have A Negative KDA With Yasuo All The Time?
You're probably not respecting your enemy enough or reading the situation right. A kill for a kill isn't really a good trade unless you're behind, sometimes it's better to just force them back to the base and farm instead. An important question is why are you dying? Are you overextending? Do you go in blind to get a kill? Do you chase low HP targets, then get CC and wrecked?
: Never getting an S rating
Did you find yourself participating in taking more objective in the match you got S-? I think that may impact your grade quite a bit, as objectives can be a lot more important than kills. There may also be some diminishing returns on kills, if you go 7-0 in lane, then getting a lot more kills is quite easy since you're obviously fed. Don't take my word on it tho, it's just speculation, but I'm curious if there's anything to it.
MuisGrind (EUW)
: Taliyah W
You look like a twelve year old the way you're writing, reserve that shit for texting. And yes, it'd be a nice buff if you could push yourself.
Energyzed (EUW)
: Taliyah buffs?
I'd like to see some buffs to her worked ground Q. Personally I think the cooldown is too high for a single shard Q, it'd be nice to get a 50% CD refund when used on worked ground, although the mana cost reduction should be lowered a bit then.
: > [{quoted}](name=Schnee Rozen,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=FiZa4cWb,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-06-08T11:29:42.023+0000) > > Riot showed that they don't really care about it proving actual mastery of the champion when they made hextech crafting a necessity to get mastery 6 and 7. > > Not to mention it was flawed from the start, playing a champion a lot doesn't equal mastery. They should show the average match rank as well if they want it to have any meaning. What do you call "actual mastery" ?
I wasn't referring to anything in particular, my point was that the current system(except level 6/7) is based on experience, not skill, and those are not synonyms. The concept of later ranks like 6 and 7 is good since you need to perform well in order to attain them, but the hextech part is fucking stupid. Personally I think 2 S-/3 S or better is too low though.
TaigaT (EUW)
: Champion mastery for ARAM
Riot showed that they don't really care about it proving actual mastery of the champion when they made hextech crafting a necessity to get mastery 6 and 7. Not to mention it was flawed from the start, playing a champion a lot doesn't equal mastery. They should show the average match rank as well if they want it to have any meaning.
AlexisBlood (EUNE)
: Why nerfing Nidalee and Azir?
Azir is dominant in higher ELO, he truly shines in the hands of a skilled and experienced player. And he shines a bit too much to go unnerfed. Most players in lower ELO aren't able to make the most out of him, and therefor it's not point in balancing around that.
: [Support] Taliyah or Tahm Kench?
Tahm was the right choice, he's a much more reliable support. Taliyah as a support can do a ton of damage in the early game, but the lack of levels hurts her in the mid game. If you're able to get an early Rylai's, then you can support efficiently with a lot of CC and kiting. She's like support lux, not that reliable and well-rounded.
Ceins (EUW)
: League of Inconsistency - Elemental Dragons
Is there actually any stats on the elemental dragons? The problem with this issue is that it's very easy to drift into theory-crafting rather than basing arguments on actual in-game information.
: When will you make the other 4 Darkin?
Never, they're strictly fluff.
Mael bro (EUNE)
: Top 10 worst champion designs in the game.
Why didn't you warn us with "I have no idea what gameplay design means" at the start of the thread? Joking aside, you're really just listing their strengths, without talking about their design. Their design is not defined by their abilities, it's the other way around.
Tiffan (EUW)
: Another "I dont want to play support all the time" thread
Rule of thumb with the dynamic queue is never to select support if you want to play somewhere else. They really should put a timer where it only searches for the primary role, like a minute or two. The fact that the system sometimes doesn't even priorities your first pick gives off a really "shady" vibe. And to prevent it being abused, just put a restriction similar to dodging. If you cancel your queue, then it gets disabled for 5+ minutes.
: what's your opinion on regularly taking jungle camps as a laner?
It depends entirely on the jungler's situation, if the lanes are calm or there's not really anything to gank, then I'll refrain from doing it since the jungler probably want to farm in the meantime.
Being able to play him gives you a nice car. Mastering him gives you fucking yacht. He's a long range mage with mobility, peel, burst, consistent damage, just about everything. Just because he's high risk isn't a good excuse for a champion to be overshadow pretty much all other mages.
: Pool Party Taliyah?
She ain't got that booty tho.
Kastore (EUW)
: Ranked and support dont go together
Climbing with supports is completely doable, just not in the lower ranks. The problem with supporting in low elo is that you can't trust your team, I'd say you need to be in at least high gold before considering maining support. As true support you can only proxy carry, you can make a good player better, but you can only make a bad player suck less. If you have to go support, go something that can snowball and have big impact. Either switch role or pick more offensive supports, the ones you seem to be playing are way too dependent on their team.
: Calling Taliyah underpowered without knowing how she works.
Personally I think she's awkward. Both W and E have a 16 level cooldown, so if you max one first, then your combo is still going to have a 16 second cooldown. And the fact that Q has the best base damage scaling makes it even worse. I'd love to see a static 8 second cooldown on her W, maybe with a manacost or damage nerf. Also, I think single shard Q should be buffed, something like 50% cooldown reduction when used on worked ground.
: what to do to make Taliyah playable
I'd much rather see changes to her W. Making it possible to push yourself and cast spells after choosing the direction would help her out a lot.
raps1355 (EUW)
: Can we do away with the secondary role.
It's to keep the queue times low. I'd love to see a minimum time of searching for your primary role tho. It's really annoying when you pick Support as secondary and the matchmaking doesn't even try to find a spot for your primary role.
: Taliyah Q buff won't change a thing
I want to see her W work on yourself and being able to cast spells instantly after using W. The latter would really help out her combo, it's really hard to catch people when you're loudly announcing what you're going to do by casting out your E in front of them. Also, a static 8 second cooldown on W but worse damage would help a TON. You don't want to split your levels, so whenever you can use your combo is dictated by the longest CD of the two. It would allow you to max E-Q-W instead of having to go Q-E-W or E-W-Q and miss out on a lot of early game damage.
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