Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: İnhibitor down without towers?
upload a video or give us the replay
hell host (EUW)
: afk report
Write a support ticket
: RIOT FAIL,LUX and Yasuo Ultimate BUG
Double Post - provoking title - emotional intro... are you only trying to get some attention for your youtube channel? Pretty lame
Not Sunny (EUW)
: Blood Moon Pyke Q gets stuck in animation
Pyke, Vi and Xerath Q have the same bug atm. while channeling the inidcator disappears and you (mots of the time) can't use the ability... can be pretty game destroying, hope they'll fix it asap
ThaaZhuu (EUNE)
: Why Riot? (Taliyah)
The Champ Info is almost always outdated, as it would be a lot of work to update every small change with an extra video. This info is meant for new players having zero ideas of the champs abilities, and for this purpose the video is still fine. If you want to check the state of a champ, go pick it in a normal or spend a few minutes in the practice tool
: Very Happy you had good experience with Clash and also congratulations to your victory! :) * There was some issue in the shop which caused the Orbs to not load properly. We managed to find the issue and solve it towards the end so next time hopefully you get all your rewards the proper way * I will give that feedback to the team :). > I am not sure how the Trophy works, but it isn't displayed on anyone's profile. A reply on that would be useful. Since this is just a Beat tournament and also just a 4 team bracket, I am pretty sure we are not giving out trophies just yet. I believe they do come with the full launch of Beta. I willd double check on that for you. > There is also some confusion to me when the next round Clash will be held. It's usually over the weekend, starting Friday, but oddly enough this time it was on a Sunday even though my entire team was ready since Thursday? Yes, the full Clash tournament will be run for three days, with 4 team bracket, 8 team bracket and 16 bracket in each day IF you manage to keep winning. You can read more in the Clash FAQ. As this was just a Beta Test, it was ran as one day tournament with only 4 team bracket :). > Speaking of, when is the next Clash Cup? I do not have a date for you just yet, but we will update with the future of Clash ASAP for everyone. > On the other side, there are A LOT of problems with Clash. > If anything, to me it just looks like the servers are on a very high impact from all the people requesting the same request and the server having to process it all one by one. If this was happening to me, I'd get more servers (or at least turn on more servers during Clash) which will distribute the requests evenly. Or even a Clash-feature dedicated server that will cooperate with game servers. > I am a curious programmer and very interested in where exactly Clash is failing to work. This is just my assumption. We are lunching this Beta exactly for the reasons of testing how this is going to work of us, so any feedback is amazing. I hope I managed to answer all your questions :). Thanks for participation again! :)
> > I do not have a date for you just yet, but we will update with the future of Clash ASAP for everyone. > As I have absolutely no clue how long an update will take, can you give us a rough timeframe for the next clash? Next 1-2 weeks, still this year, most likely sometime during preseason, not before s9 start?
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: It's not always going to be fair, because if you have an unusual (off-meta) pick, they might all just start blaming you and say that you are a troll, even when you haven't done anything wrong and you are going into your lane. So you would get punished for nothing. What I mean is that it's not the best idea to give out punishments before the game even started. But yeah, ppl, who are not trolling but are threaten to troll in champ select still should get punished.
An algorithm would see that the off-meta pick didn't say anything wrong. And as he didn't, reporting him would result in punishment for the reporting people. By this, players are forced to accept off-meta picks. But it would protect summoners from the dilemma I mentioned. The player that didn't get his pick, won't say he'll troll and hope someone else will dodge, but he's forced to dodge by himself or play the game. (If he trolls the game, the current system would take action and (maybe) punish him)
Tarolock (EUW)
: why do ppl keep asking this same question minutes apart? afaik even riot said they wont do it on one of the first topics about this stuff...
sorry, buuut.. I don't believe this is true. :/ I know that Riot says, they don't handle stuff like 'remake a game because of uncommon/weird picks". I'm focusing on the verbal part of champselect. If people destroy the mood by announcing to troll, it's something else than picking Braum on toplane. Sure, the team could use the "dodge&report" option, but in the end they will get punished theirselves, because this Braum didn't say anything wrong. -->They're forced to accept off-meta picks Braum still can be a troll, but in this case the current system would take action. My proposal is less for extinguishing the trolls, but for protecting the others from the described dilemma. If people don't get their role/champ, they won't start writing shit like "I troll" and probably hope someone else would dodge. Now they'd be forced to shut up and dodge theirselves OR playing the game and trying to play. Maybe they'll still troll, but in this case we're back at 'the current system would take action'.
Rioter Comments
: spam pinging
just had the same issue... It's just an insanely annoying behaviour, 24/7 spamming pings on everything just for provocating the team. * One failing in a situation, 5x ?-ping on the corpse, again 5x ?-ping after respawning. * 5 enemys top, splitpushing adc already attacking bot turret--> 5x 'attack'-ping * 4v2 pushing mid, there comes the 'careful'-spam as long as we're not doing what this 5th person wants us to do I don't see any difference in this behaviour, to someone that verbally provokes/annoys ppl. Those teammates are mutable, why not same for pings? why not link both things, if someone is muted, you only hear/see 1-2 ping, instead of 5
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: >promotion Games are harder than normal rankeds. So losing less LP per Loss is already fair imo. No, they arent. Why would they be? wtf. getting promoted is already ridiculously much easier up until P5 than getting demoted. You can theoretically climb WELL with a 50% winrate, and still climb with below 50%. Making it even easier is just stupid.
I read this in a riot post, I think. If you're in promos, you're matchmade with people having a slightly lower mmr than you have. So you have to show your ability to carry and deserve a promotion. And i'm sure it's easy for you to climb to plat5. Just as it's easy for challenrr to climb to master. Also my intention with this idea, is not to make climbing easier. It's just against this kind of demotivation :)
Rioter Comments
**!!!Cpt. Capslock strikes again!!** just had a similar thing, started ranked, picked amumu as champ of my choice and the client froze when i had to ban (first ban) --> http://i.imgsafe.org/4c0ff7782e.jpg minimize/shutdown(normal way& ALT+f4) didn't work. Had to kill the process in order to proceed. But after restarting the client everything is fine, and I also played a game before that.
Rioter Comments
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
there are probably a few weeks in a year, more schools/states have holidays. So maybe week 1-4 only 2areas have holidays (low toxicity level), and the upcoming 2weeks in 5 other areas kiddies have too much Freetime and toxicity level is rising. somewhere have to be correlation, don't know if it's school/holiday. But tbh, when I was in school I was way more toxic too, and my mates were even worse. While aging, people get more relaxed
CamoLad (EUW)
: Listen stop being a pus** and mute them. {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
Thx for this valuable commentary, but as I already said, I mute them. But if others don't, then they tilt and it's 1v9. The problem is not me getting triggered or complaining about toxic people, but about their influence on the game. If all people didn't give a %%%% about it, everything would be fine
Rioter Comments
: > If harder punishments wouldn't work, why are there punishments at all? Because punishments in general work. They just don't work better when they are harsher. > Who determines what the 'normal' level of punishments is? Maybe we'll say in 2 years "wtf was that a few years ago?" Experiments do. League is not exactly a new game anymore. Many things have been tested....including harsher punishments. At the very beginning Riot used some punishments that actually INCREASED peoples toxicity instead of fighting it. Riot has come a long way and the current punishments are not just random, but the result of many experiments about what works and what doesn't. > If stealing a sausage causes you to pay a penalty of 5€, you might try, because there still is the possibility to not get caught. So it might be worth if you steal a few sausages. If the punishment was 2years in jail, you probably wouldn't try. Yes, that's why most people think harsher punishments are better. Because they think about it rationally. The problem is that this way of thinking has 2 major flaws: 1) It assumes that humans act as homo oeconomicus, i.e. that humans make the rationally best decision for the best outcome. However this model is incorrect. Humans don't generally do that, we are not homo oeconomicus. In other words: We often do things that are stupid from a rational perspective. 2) It assumes that whether or not the behavior is shown depends on a rational consideration of the outcome/consequences. Toxicity is rarely rationally planned, it's a reaction to an emotional situation. And when people are emotional, possible consequences are simply the least of their concerns. So yes, if we would live in a world where people carefully reflect the consequences of their actions and only do what is in their best internest, scaling up punishments would definitely work. But sadly that's an unrealistic assumption and an incorrect model of human behavior. The world as well as humans are far more complicated than that. In case you are interested how humans actually think (of course not a holistic model but strictly related to soft punishments) and why softer punishments often have a much greater effect, you could read[** this**](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insufficient_justification) as an introduction. If you want to dig deeper, the author that is mentioned in that article, Elliot Aronson, wrote a very good book about social psychology (called "Social Psychology"). It's one the standard lecture books for psychology students and is rather readable (at least in comparison to other text books), even if you are not familiar with the topic. Can be found in any universities library. > BUT the main reason for a system like this: Why not? That's a very reasonable question. Here are a few reasons why not: * Opportunity costs. Every minute and dollar Riot spends on a project like this are minutes and dollars that are NOT spent on something that might be much more beneficial/effective. * Harsh punishments often cause a response of defiance where the punished person actively rebels against the punisher, resulting in behavior that is even worse. In other words: When a punishment is considered unfair/inappropriately harsh by the punished, he will not accept the punishment but get mad/aggressive instead. * If the system should make a mistake, the consequences are even worse than usually. * After the punishment week ends, players might feel like they are allowed to be toxic again, resulting in worse toxic behavior than before the punishment week. So there are in fact several costs and risks...and all that for a system that we already know won't work very well because it has already been tested in League and outside of it. That's not really worth it.
ok! new rule for this thread: No people from psychology fields allowed ._. Kappa I see that you obviously have way more knowledge than me on this topic, but I'd like to still talk about a few points: * humans are emotional animals. But you can't set rules for emotions, so you have to take the rational way (?) * It's true, with 'harsher punishments' i meant things like hard bans. But faster, longer chat restrictions also might be helpful and be part of this week. * Costs: yes, I'm sure there are safer ways for Riot to make more profit. But who knows how many people might start playing league and spending their money, if the community becomes better? * "after punishment week ...". ok yes, I could've thought of that too^^ But you could prevent this by not officially announcing the week. Only 1-3 Posts from Riot mentioning that people should improve their behaviour, think about how they might be seen in chat by others. and a week later they start the week of punishments without a word. After this week they can leak this information and show people we're actively trying to improve in this sector of the game and if someone was punished, he/she should take it as a sign. (double effect with one punishment) * another point that didn't show up yet: Protect the 'Good' from the 'Evil'. Will Friendly people become toxic, if the toxics aren't here anymore? I mean real toxic, not the way people perceive others? If not, one solution would be very very very longtime chat restrictions for those who curse. and set the current situation as a standard. If the community becomes more sensitive, try to remember them the standard. (Yep, that might also work nowadays, if there are recordings from extremely toxic past seasons) And I'm sorry, I'm too lazy for reading Wiki articles about psychology stuff. I have a book about philosophy for over 1year right next to me, and still didn't read the first site xD
: then remove the mute button. It has no use anyway.
I love to use the mute button, but some people unfortunately can't find it. If one is toxic, and 1 or 2 from my team get triggered. They tilt or are afk-for-writing, there are 3 people in my team not playing seriously. So the mute button didn't help me a lot at all.
TeeTohr (EUW)
: > And at this moment, the young TeeTohr understood why emissaries are what they are, really constructive comments on their speciality, let's try my best ! I do agree with GPet and Humpel (I gave up on your name sorry) on the fact that harsher punishments aren't going to do any good especially. One good example would be chat restrictions, I got chat restricted myself 2 times I think (shame on me) and this really made me think about my priorities in game : "Oh sh*t botlane died" _I can either flame them or coordinate something_ -- yes the play you are trying to setup if you choose the latter can fail or the botlane will not listen to you and will die again, but in most cases they will listen to you or at least gives others ideas increasing the chances of winning. Chat restrictions make players think about what they really want, getting their frustrations out or winning ? Most people will choose winning and will reform at least for a time (I'm a good example, I needed 2 chat restrictions AND a ban from ranked games in a year to finally be a mature player). I do think that 5 games is too short for players to unconsciously understand all of this and make their decision leading to a "I wait 5 games and flame again" mentality, and this mentality is exactly what happens with a ban, most people don't realize that they are wrong like GPet said even with a one day ban so, instead making them think is a better option. Now i'm so calm compared to my old self that some of my friends accuse me to take drugs before the games xD
nice to hear stuff like that! :) That shows up the two options I see atm: 1st: the current system, just harsher/faster. early warning/soft punishments, and after that hard punishments. People might still be toxic irl, but don't/should not show it ingame. 2nd: the change-the-people way. longtime soft punishments, to make them think. Problem: not everybody will think about their selves like you did, and have an understanding. I'm sorry to say, but I personally am for the more cruel version >.< Why mess up the games of those who are friendly, for those who can't behave and wait until they change :( It feels bad, to say this to someone like you who did change and I see the weak points of it, but that's what I currently would prefer
Faco (EUW)
: Riot is not reading the euw boards....
even if they wouldn't, it's an idea. If this idea is accepted by a few people, which spread it in some way and argue for it, Riot will notice sometime and see all the people standing for it.
: There are a few problems with this idea: 1. If you announce it, people can simply surpress their toxicity for a short while or simply play something else during that week. 2. If you announce it, people might intentionally provoce other players to become toxic for the fun of seeing them getting banned. 3. It doesn't really help. I mean, what is the goal of this idea? If super-harsh punishments where an effective way to reduce toxicity, Riot would have made that a permanent feature years ago. But sadly it doesn't work, humans don't work that way. Harsher punishments are not more effective. I wish it would be that easy. Especially the third problem is why this wouldn't work. I know it sounds logical that harsher punishments should prevent unwanted behavior more strongly, but as logical as that sounds, it's simply not true. This doesn't only apply to League, this is a general fact for humans and is a rather well researched phenomenon in psychology. This is also why governments normally just don't scale up punishments until crime is gone: Because it doesn't work. Deterrence is grossly overrated and doesn't work nearly as good as most people think it does. The human psyche is simply a bit more complex than just calculating the harshness of consequences and making a decision based on that.
* to 1.: If there are 2 weeks full of normal or even friendly people, it's still better than 2 more weeks like all other weeks, so why not :D . And the most toxic's will probably still be (a little bit) toxic in chat. * to 2.: in my eyes, provocation also is toxic behaviour. So I thought this would be added to the list of don't do's * to 3.: ofc this won't solve the problem, but you can take this as an experiment. and if the resonance from the community is good, the system can be spread to 365 years a day. People still can be toxic af if they want, they just should not show it ingame (chat&gameply). toxic->punishment, more toxic->ban, the old system, just faster. And at some point toxics would get sick of creating&leveling new accounts (or buy them). And if not, let them do waste their time. --> natural selection I think Riot didn't do this a few years ago, because the brand isn't that old at all, and they first wanted to grow fast. Meanwhile, League of Legends is a giant Game, almost everyone from the internet knows it. But **one** of the main reasons most of my friends (e.g.) don't want to start or continue playing league, is because of the people. If harder punishments wouldn't work, why are there punishments at all? Who determines what the 'normal' level of punishments is? Maybe we'll say in 2 years "wtf was that a few years ago?" And punishments do help, why shouldn't they? If stealing a sausage causes you to pay a penalty of 5€, you might try, because there still is the possibility to not get caught. So it might be worth if you steal a few sausages. If the punishment was 2years in jail, you probably wouldn't try. The difference between real world and ingame is, that ingame you can surveil absolutely everything. Ofc this system wouldn't bring success from one day to another. And there'll always be a few stupids, but it'll help. And after a while, Riot can say "Ok, community is friendly and commendable, we'll lower the Punishments" BUT the main reason for a system like this: **Why not?** Those who stick to social behaviour don't have to be afraid of anything. And if it realy doesn't work, it was still worth a try.
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: Make sure he's not using an illegal characters in the tag, for instance you can't use Cyrillic characters in your tag. To set the tag, open the clubs tab and click on the symbol under the club name in the tab. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
> [{quoted}](name=NSG Deviilz,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=xZEKJ9WZ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-05-06T22:01:16.118+0000) > > Make sure he&#x27;s not using an illegal characters in the tag, for instance you can&#x27;t use Cyrillic characters in your tag. To set the tag, open the clubs tab and click on the symbol under the club name in the tab. there's isn't even a button for choosing the tag, but in the club name there is a letter that might be illegal: Ø the clubname is--> pokémØn ^^ do you think this is causing the problem?
: Can't you just said it up with the little gear icon on the top right corner of the club chat? Or else in the club tab in the social menu I believe
> [{quoted}](name=That exhaust tho,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=xZEKJ9WZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-06T20:28:40.013+0000) > > Can&#x27;t you just said it up with the little gear icon on the top right corner of the club chat? Or else in the club tab in the social menu I believe I myself already created a club and i saw the situation on his PC, there is simply no button to set a club tag, anywhere. rito trollin? :o
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Ymir (EUW)
: The 2016 Ranked Season: Updates on Dynamic Ranked and your feedback
ouh man.. thats bullshit :/ my friends girlfriend will finaly reach lvl30 and we were looking forward to play teamrankeds all together... now you're removing the most funny/teambased mode in game, by adding a strictly regulated mode. i have like 2friends (i'm playing games with) that are in my tier. the rest is higher or lower... So my circle of ranked-capable friends is limited to 2. what if im playing dynamic queue with these 2 and finaly somone reaches the next tier? then we're splitted and can't play together again, until we've managed to follow him. and no, normals are no option. i play normals too, but i'd like to choose myself when to play it and not because it's the only opportunity to play with certain friends
: From Gold to Bronze after 6-4 in placements
ofc it's bullshit, but it's also pretty funny to climb up again. just dont take the games serious (you'll get up anyway) and laugh about the funny aggressive behaviour of brz/silv :D
Hadasa (EUW)
: New Silver Ranked Team / DouQ team (LF experienced players)
hmm.. why is this thread downvoted? went here to see something funny, but i got disappointed^^
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Naraiana (EUW)
: Twisted Treeline Solo Q and mastery
i rly rly would appreciate it. i like to play SR, but i also love to play TT. The only reason, i can imagine, against TT-soloq is that Riot wants to see the focus of the game on one map-->SR They also announced to create some new maps 2years ago, but not one showed up yet (1v1 map was "unbalanced", so they stopped working on it). If they implement TT-soloq some people would prefere to paly this, instead of SR (shorter agmes). Both (new maps+TT-soloq) would harm the experience of SR. (less players-->bigger differences in skill-->frustration for less skilled)
: Easy wouldn't bother you unless you get rekt alo't tbh.
> [{quoted}](name=Popstar Renekton,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=vyRpWz7h,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-01-17T21:25:14.693+0000) > > Easy wouldn't bother you unless you get rekt alo't tbh. people saying ez to me or teammates or even my team to the enemys.. idc about who says to who. what bothers me is the pure futility. I know, it's jsut provoking and it's common to provoke in sports. But in physical sports you provoke them by nice teamplay (outplay) or ridiculous score or doing silly things intentionally, cause you win anyway and show them you dont give a fuck... but you never tell them "it's an easy to play against you", it's simply a no go
: >the last thing i heard was: [...] Now that's already a whole while back. The artificial intelligence Riot created has been taking care of all reports for almost two years now. As the word "artificial intelligence" suggests, this is not simply a word filter or report counter as many people seem to believe. It "learns" what type of behavior the community deems inappropriate and punishes players accordingly. --- About that "list of don't do that", I guess the [Summoner's Code](http://gameinfo.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/get-started/summoners-code/) is somewhat similar to that. You can't just write down every word you are not allowed to say, in game behavior is way too complex to do that. I think players that say "EZ" are well aware of how disrespectful it sounds. But disrespecting you is obviously the thing they want to accomplish by writing this.
> [{quoted}](name=Torpedosheep,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=vyRpWz7h,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-01-17T21:25:58.342+0000) > > Now that's already a whole while back. what i mean, is just 8months ago --> http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/player-behavior/new-player-reform-system-heads-testing 2years ago there was the tribunal
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: OFA - champ select
Even Better: 2 voting Blitz 2 voting Lulu and which champ 'wins'? -> Zyra.
Aonivar (EUW)
: You know, I was going to type up some argument, but then I realised that you're really just trolling, you know very well Majority is above 50% by definition, you probably recognize that it's not a perfect system, but that it atleast doesn't exclude anyone all the time. If you're truly so dense you do not understand it, I suggest you stop playing LoL. I mean... if you are not smart enough to be able to think about others, then people that end up in your team will always have to fight 4vs6 Pretty unfair in my eyes.
ofc there's nothing else to expect, than one more silly, unhelpfull, insulting answer-.- in A or B questions, 50%+ is the majority, but as long as there are more than 2possible answers (in this case 127) you dont need 50% for majority.. If you're with 4friends and you're voting on what you do next: 2vote for drinking, the other 3 for 3different things.... you really want to tell me you go pick randomly? instead of picking the pastime the most people voted for (=majoriyt)?
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how2jgCUK (EUW)
: New team looking for players
hey ho! one point, many of my teams dissolved, was the time of playing. I'm a student, so depending on lecture-schedule my "free-for-gaming-time" is pretty various. Others have 'normal jobs'->playing after 6'o'clock, some people have late shift-->playing at noon SO: when do you people prefere to play? :D * PS: I'm interested!^^ * playing supp>adc>top * currently Gold III (up&down)
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: Ghost game
i played normals
: I can't even move on to a different game. Do I seriously have to wait until the minions kill each other off and eventually take down some towers?
some people say they already wait for 2hours... not sure if it's up to the minions or another/bigger server problem
: Ghost game
similar thing here, but i can't reconnect since the first laggspike/dc im happy there are more people with this problem^^ was afraid of connection problem of mine, resulting in reports
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: past 1-2 o'clock->flamers paradise in ranked
> [{quoted}](name=Metalbraind,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=4bjHrQpL,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-05-04T13:59:38.569+0000) > > wait are we talking AM or PM here? 13:00-14:00 In playstyle/skills, adults and teenagers are the same. But im absolutely sure, that adults have a more stable character/better (constant) behaviour. Teenagers are more aggressive in their behaviour (not the 'insutling'-aggressivity, but livelier), with the disadvantage of barely being able to not let their emotions influence the game (=team-motivation). this is no flame to those who are like this. i was similair too.. but it's realy annyoing though :/
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