: No, you use the same cell phone (if you can) or, you use and of your famaly members phone (sister, brother, any of which gives 0 **** about League of Legends). Not to mention, that some people have two phones, and if you want to, can you use your second phone
2 questons... 1; What benefit does it bring you to have more than 1 prime account? You get no rewards/bonuses/etc. 2; Would you really be willing to put yourself through the effort for no benefits?
: Well I can make a smurf account into a prime account.
So you're going to hoard SIM cards? Also, to what benefit will it bring for you personally to have more than 1 prime account?
: wow thats awesome, i guess its time to start csgo again
After they altered the ranking system recently, I lost a lot of MMR and went from LEM to MG. I'm gonna start playing it again soon as I think it'll help with the amount of smurf accounts that are currently between me and my old rank.
: Alright, I get it now. But still, I believe this will not solve the issue against smurfs, unless you´re a new player.
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: Agree but concept need a little work. Like to prevent pre-paid numbers, every week or month you will get SMS with veryfication code to allow you ranked. Its harsh! Yes ... But lets be honest ... game is a joke now.
This is acknowledged in the article, guy says "You can't really stop the people who are going to spend money on hoards of sim cards, can only put blockades in the way to make it more of an effort to effect people's game play"
: Also, this is done for security messures. I pressume, in which case it will fail 100%. Because a smurf will still be a smurf no matter what. And you cannot prevent trolls from not joinning that special matchmaking queue.
It has nothing to do with security nor does it at any point say that this is for security reasons. "Players are widely elated: in theory, Prime matchmaking will seal off honest players who play through a single account from the likes of smurfs and cheaters, who commonly switch accounts as old ones get banned or rank up." Quote from article. Ignore the part about cheaters, it's a highly rare thing to see on League but here's a video of Dr Terrible exploiting a script because Riot didn't fix it when he told them about it;
LA Losty (EUW)
: Oh also i just read your post again, so i understand what you mean now. I hadnt read your post since you created it so i was confused about what you meant for a second.
Haha, sorry. I'm literally about to go to bed, just checking up on the forums before I do so.
: what about burner phones? i can get a phone number for less than 10 euros as a prepaid number, you would have to exclude prepaid numbers.
It's currently in beta phase testing on CSGO; I've not opted into partaking yet as i'm not playing much CSGO at the moment but I imagine these issues will be addressed. Also, like was said Darkpang, not everybody is going to go that extra mile. You can still play ranked without being primed, you're just in the default ranking system.
: Whilst that's a fair point about being paired with/against, people can still play ranked on smurfs in ranked; you just can't play against/with people who are in premium queues. If you duo with a premium player, it will simply take them out of the premium queue and back into the normal queue. Once they're on their own again, they go back into the premium queue. See Icepaw's comment above.
Also, where I say premium, I mean prime. It's late here and i'm pretty sleep deprived at the moment.
: I dont want to attached my league acccount with any sort of cell phone "interaction". The less cr@p the better. What´s next? Will you guys want to verify an account 7 times just to log in once a day? Accept tha SMS then respond via email, then go to League and verify again, then send a voicemail, after that a picture and send it to Riot´s snapchat and after that put in a password, for a password to verify another password. I know security is a must for games, but I dont want to atttached my phone or any other device to my league of legends account. And all that to get in a separate matchmaking? Thanks but no thanks. Smurfs are everywhere, they are in everygame, and people do go the extra mile. There was a case where Microsoft banned a players IP for hacking. The hacker went to the nearest bestbuy and bought another Xbox... he spent over 300$ to hack again. People and companies can do all they want but in a few months you´ll get the same BS that existed before the super "safe" system.
: >So recently Valve announced the concept of Prime Accounts. TL;DR - you verify your account with an SMS text and it puts you in a separate ranking system. You play with other verified members and each mobile can only receive 1 SMS and what is that going to do exactly?
Read the article. It basically provides a 'better' gaming experience for people who don't wish to encounter regular toxicity (as gamers in the prime queue are more likely competitive and take the game more seriously), avoid smurfs (as people who prime are likely to prime their main account), and create an environment of like minded people.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Smurfs are in all elo's, im diamond 2 and i still play with a few smurfs every now and then, it can suck to be matched against a smurf, but there is a chance that you get matched with one aswell, so it makes up for it. Also if you consistenly play better then you will climb to the division you deserve. There is only 1.5% in diamond, 70% of the players are bronze/silver, so its not too often that you are matched with/against a smurf, it shouldnt make much of a difference.
Whilst that's a fair point about being paired with/against, people can still play ranked on smurfs in ranked; you just can't play against/with people who are in premium queues. If you duo with a premium player, it will simply take them out of the premium queue and back into the normal queue. Once they're on their own again, they go back into the premium queue. See Icepaw's comment above.
Icepaw (EUNE)
: Oh yes, ooh yes. Its actually weird Riot hasent made an approach like this yet. Prolly afraid to offend the very high number of kids here that might not own a phone yet. Instead, they force "social gaming" on the millions of solo players that for different reasons do not have 14 year old friends to hang out after school and play LoL with. The levels of toxicity increased steadily to a point last autumn, and has stayed on the extreme high since then. It has become so bad now, i am ver close to quitting the game. I am activley seeking other games i can play instead. A premium feature like this would make em able to continue with the dynamic Q too..
I'm interested in what you said about last autumn. Maybe it's because I can't remember much of the previous season but I remember toxicity generally increasing around the begging of the Season 4 mark?
: > [{quoted}](name=Perilum,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=JijU5mTk,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2016-04-23T19:19:52.178+0000) > > Riot can't and will never know if you have a contract or not. Your identifier is the phone number. > If it's prepaid or contract is completly irrelevant and not possible to know over a simple SMS. Im just saying it as a response to the guy about contracts etc
I think Perilum is saying it doesn't matter how often you use your phone, as long as you have an active sim, you can be considered.
: Prime accounts being tested on CSGO; maybe suitable for League too?
IAmWaralo suggested to post this topic on the NA boards as well as EUW. Whilst the idea was generally well taken here and discussed, the concept of it on the NA boards wasn't given attention/ completely shut down by those who viewed it. Whilst it's a cool concept and idea, I imagine it's unlikely we'll see it.
: good idea and pre pay phone issue is simple not everyone is willing to go the distance just to smurf
I think that's the main point to people claiming SIM cards are easy to get. How much effort are you willing to go through? You can still play ranked and you can still play with friends who are in a prime league even if your account isn't primed. It simply just puts you in a separate ranked league.
Shozis (EUNE)
: 26 level in ranked?
Check him on Lolking.
LA Losty (EUW)
: It shouldnt prevent smurfs though, as its allowed.
Don't get me wrong, it's entirely allowed. But after playing CSGO for a long time and not being able to excel due to the amount of Global's at LEM with smurf accounts, it's frustrating. We can't deny there being a lot of smurf accounts at lower levels, I have several friends who all own numerous smurf accounts. I don't think it's fair that people should be held back because, for example, a silver mid got stomped by a diamond mid which completely threw the game into one direction.
Sffc (EUW)
: inb4 It doesn't necessarly charge the player receiving the SMS!
People receive SMS alerts all the time; banks, taxi cars, takeaway deliveries etc. You don't get charged for them and this should be the same; Riot can treat it as an investment.
IAmWoralo (EUW)
: If you really want Riot or the community to hear this, post this topic on North America. I have many posts that did nothing on EUW and got hot on the NA forums.
Not a bad thought, gone and pasted it on NA boards too. Cheers for the idea
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: Reasons I'm giving up on playing ranked.
I feel like I should add some clarity to this as it has gained more attention than I expected. As of when I did this post, in the previous 24 hours, I had played 6 ranked games. That means that 33% of the games I played that day were cost because of activity like this. I remember in past experience, silver is generally worse than bronze in terms of skill and gold was hit and miss; 50-50 win average. Seen a similar thread saying that it's the dynamic queue that has bred more toxicity but I really find that hard to believe. I think people who are fed up of the community are instead playing with friends. As a result, the pre-existing toxicity is just more present with less dilution of good players. Thoughts?
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