Reapër (EUW)
Wait... i did not realise ally champions dropped souls {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Creberus (EUNE)
: Skin suggestion: Cumulus Zac
I'd ship this immediately if i were riot. Perfect idea for zac, not just a color change !
: > another 4 minutes later enemy top and mid TP in, I again barely slip away and have to watch my Support undergoing things worse than rape. This is incredibly offensive. I know you've never actually experienced rape, otherwise you wouldn't be making this kind of horrendous comments. I know your writing style is very juvenile and B-Class but to write something this atrocious is unacceptable. I don't know what you were thinking making such a comparison but I doubt you have a good reason. I don't even know why you're tolerated as an emissary when you say stuff like this. Removing the comment in question and apologizing would be the next proper course of action. I know it sounds blunt due to the lack of 'Sorry but', 'Please' and 'Thank you', and I'm sorry but hopefully you'll understand that this is because of the sheer lack of respect I have for you after reading this.
I have been in a psychiatric hospital once for reasons i keep to myself. Met a girl who endured rape. Met people who had seen "worse" (yes there is). I wanna say a few things : - Rape is not the end, you can recover - There are things that are more frightening you perhaps do not imagine that happen to people.. I'll have to keep silence on those though. - This is the joke section. Everything here is to read with a smile, not a butthurt contempt.
Attix (EUW)
: Unhealthy Champions Right Now
I like picking {{champion:6}} into trynda. You destroy him early, mid game you hit him with E he's forced to ult before reaching you, late game you can ult him to prevent most of his "free" damage while ulting.
: It should, but it does not. That´s the error.
There's a "cap" in MS, from this cap your MS bonii are reduced. I don't know the formula, but the general idea is if you get a 100 MS buff you get only 70.
: Another one - Your most repeated Song currently "Most repeated" for me is like twice a week since i listen to a lot of different stuff, but this always catch my ear ;)
: when i'm your jungler...
It doesn't work like that. You have to say "Would you kindly ?"
: what's your real job? is it strestull?
I'm a cellist, i play in orchestras, bands and studios that needd an extra musician. It's quite fun but the work you need to do on your own to keep up is kinda exhausting ^^
GawnMower (EUW)
: Take you main and give him a buff....
{{champion:27}} Reduce cast time on his W so he can fling a guy and land the glue in time to proc the snare. Or just don't stop running when casting W, at least. As for a nerf... Reduce his MS ? (pls don't nerf singed) {{item:3070}}
: Gangplank announcer
Wooxy is a currently approved 3rd party program that lets you DL this ;) Btw, i suggest you DL the music too because GP sounds weird with the vanilla music. EDIT: keep up with riot's policy about it and be ready to uninstall it though, we never know :/
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Ok, i'll stay vigilant. Thank you !
Rioter Comments
: [S6] No fun anymore, OP Champs win the Game
Welcome to the beginning of the season, where Riot did many changes because they wanted to add things in the game, which comes after the end of the previous season, where the game was as balanced as they could for worlds. So yeah, right now it's weird but it'll get better. We'll see weird things happen (hello feral flare/cinderhulk) but i have faith.
Funny Pato (EUNE)
: What to do when I can't play League? Halp.
Go Geocaching. Best entertainment ever ! Finding caches right were you pass everyday is awesome, and discovering unsuspected parts of your environment is even more awesome.
chill22518 (EUNE)
: What is your favorite ability in the game?
{{champion:27}} Q This champion is so fun just because you can run around laughing without dying. Also this fling into W and poison under tower at level 4 is a killer ._. Ever tried running 2 {{item:1056}} at first back ? This gives you basically a free poison and allows you to be a a**hole to your opponent {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Describe your sex life with a champion's ability
{{champion:126}} To the skies !
Husker (EUW)
: Can you cook?
Worst cooking experience : During a night of heavy drinking, we managed to fail at cooking pastas... Our drunk brains said : no problem ! just add some cream. Don't do this on overcooked pastas, it's disgusting. The more you know ;) Best cooking experience : My birthday is close to Halloween, so i had a big party for my 20th birthday on the 31st of october. I made a "cemetary" cake : A chocolate cake as the ground Crushed Oreos to make the dirt Finger biscuits as tombstones with chocolate epitaph on it And for the drinks, i made a sangria (OF COURSE) I put water in a glove and put it in the freezer, to make an ice "severed hand", that part was the funniest.
Roughy (EUW)
: Ruby for in tights
: {{champion:44}} "Emerald for incest"
: How to get rekt ?
Mozart's Rektquiem Rektal Rektified
Kouèn (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Go Fuk Urself,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=oa03BXdu,comment-id=0019,timestamp=2015-08-11T15:36:57.782+0000) > > add my champions please > top jax renekton > jungle volibear skarner udyr > mid veigar zyra > adc lucain graves > support malphite blitzcrank. i want to see what u come up with lol Jax: 'Teleports in 1v5 while they're doing Baron while we're defending, dies and says 'useless team all of u reported no help' k Too tired to think of the rest.
Jax is accurate x) Renek : i like reneks unless they engage 1v5 while not being dyrus Voli : trick2g wannabe, same for udyr. Going same build every game because "my way" (trick's) Skarner : what ? is this a champion ? Veigar : "don't worry we got late" while on 45cs at 20min, enemy zed 10/0 Zyra : see Skarner Lucian : i'm overall happy with them, because i've never seen a toxic one and they tend too know what they are doing x) Graves : E Q R (that's why i play this champ, along with jinx. I'm terrible at adc xD) Malph : do these guuys talk ??? Blitz : well, uh, if there's an enemy amumu you lost the game.
Mada (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Drunken Knife,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=oa03BXdu,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-08-11T09:20:58.575+0000) > > {{champion:53}} I gonna grab the fed Riven into my team. > {{champion:412}} Landed a hook on an ulting Sion? TAKE THE TRAIN! (That's me btw) I like taking the train, too ^^ Riding a shielded Morgana and flaying her when it goes off is fun, too ^^
I think you're not the only one willing to ride Morgana :D
Stell (EUNE)
: Err... ok? Nice tips Riot
Instructions unclear, gifted my mom a strap-on.
Mada (EUW)
: [Feature] Allow to drag&drop inventory items in shop screen
I want this too since i realized it was in 2 rows... Also i'd want to be able to relocate my trinket without having to go through buttons layout, i have the habit to order my actives by "priority" (1->7) so i'm often annoyed by this... (not a big deal and i think i'm alone on it xD)
: Which champions can be played support?
A friend of mine is scary as f**k as {{champion:79}} supp... Is basically a tanky melee janna...
Ulliete (EUW)
: The "juggernaut" thing. WTF ?
Might be for halloween. Man this ghost dragon is spooky x)
Bombardox (EUW)
: The funniest champion icon ?
{{champion:268}} You know that GIF about a wreslter where is nose is cut out by the cord ? {{champion:105}} The awkward smile {{champion:134}} This face just says "wrong hole"...
: A way to make Kalista easier for new players.
Wait, cho has a way to know when ult will kill ?
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: This can't be more true. People come here to whine about Gangplank being removed for good because they haven't bothered finding some information about this. As for his death, his body wasn't found though so I suspect he will pull a great return as soon as he gets his hands on some oranges.
: Darius, Do You Think He Is OP?
He has a kit that makes him sooooo frustrating. Do you have enough range to kite him ? You win. If not, hug your tower, chugs pots to stay at 100% hp and take what you can (considering darius is not retarded). He's far from OP, but i always hate a Darius and i always LOVE it when i realize that a darius i'm facing is just a retard thinking darius OP, cuz he's about to feed me more than a all-you-can eat buffet in a good chinese restaurant.
Rioter Comments
Roughy (EUW)
: I think it was known, i'm pretty sure i've already read a lore thingy in which they refered to them as Tobias and Malcolm. Not sure if it was the old journal of justice, or the "champion examination" or something like that, but it didn't surprise me.
: So Twisted Fate's real name is....Tobias?
I think it was known, i'm pretty sure i've already read a lore thingy in which they refered to them as Tobias and Malcolm. Not sure if it was the old journal of justice, or the "champion examination" or something like that, but it didn't surprise me.
Renyth (EUW)
: Someone tell me this is just a really bad dream.
I played him, and i feel he is a lot opportunistic. Level 2 you get a nice spike, with 2 barrels already ready. You know, sending a barrel near a guy and hoping you will hit it before him is pointless, especially if he's ranged. Instead, throw one slightly behind you (so you can punish the guy trying to hit it), let it decay then throw the other one in harm's range and instantly blow up the first. Instant damage, passive boost+reset, enjoy the big trade. Also, once you get sheen+phage you can insta clear (and get all the SS) the caster creeps with a barrel and a Q. I find it really easy to get the 500 first SS, a little harder to get the second and game length-dependent the third. You're not made to fight out of your comfort zone (read : barrels), so split pushing and setting traps is your job. You're a beast 1v1 since your barrels start decaying and stacking pretty fast, 1v2 on somewhat squishy targets is easy and 1v3 might be possible if you're fed. If a teamfight breaks out send your ult for the still enjoyable slow, the speed boost (i feel like it's the best first upgrade) and some AoE damage. If you're physically in the teamfight, send all the barrels in it, if someone attacks it it's one second they are not spending on your team, if they are still there they are your AoE armor penetrating boosted auto attacks. With a slow and a speed boost. GP is not that supportive anymore, he's now a champ that needs thinking to be pulled of decently. And i love it. If they could make this kind of rework to Singed's W and R it would be perfect <3
: what mmr? soz i might sound noobish
MMR is the Match Making Rank (i guess), a sorta hidden rank that matchmaking uses to match you with and against people of your level. But the Team Builder doesn't use the same MMR as the other queues, and starts by assuming you're at a lower level than you actually are, even lower if you pick a thing you never tried since it adjusts automatically.
: Please help. on massive tilt.
Best thing is to stop league for a while. Second best is going team builder and discover champions at a low MMR and enjoy the free wins x)
: Sum up your life with a champion quote...
{{champion:18}} "I bravely volunteer to charge in recklessly!"
: {{champion:54}} ap and focusing me. {{champion:111}} ap and focusing me. {{champion:64}} when he is chasing you and you know his Q is off cooldown. {{champion:76}} Oh, a spear has hit me? Oh and what would you think, she has turned to cougar form and running towards me? Well, fuck. {{champion:105}} SHARK! {{champion:23}} * ult sound * {{champion:92}} oh, let me take that cs! * riven presses R *
> [{quoted}](name=computo2000,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=V6AmavFd,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2015-07-19T22:07:32.065+0000) > > {{champion:92}} oh, let me take that cs! * riven presses R * So true... i cri evrytiem
: Things that scare us ingame
{{champion:9}} If i forgot to buy that extra ward for lv 6 i get litterally jumpscared by his goddam ult.
: To people that call other people cancerous or other things for playing a certain champion
Don't know if it can be related, but i often refer to Nasus as a cancer (not the players) : 1/ Denial : you do what you can to deny his goddam stacks 2/ Anger : you proceed to at least try to bash his face as soon as you get a spike. 3/ Bargaining : He's stacked now, to kill him you lose 1 guy. Or a turret. 4/ Depression : he's on 1000 stacks, he just pops ult and squash everything. You can just stand there crying. 5/ Acceptance : He's at your nexus and you're aced. You type "gg wp :'(((((" in chat.
: It's sad how people link these items with a lower winrate. These are situational items and should only be bought to snowball when you already do great or when you're sure you won't die.
Read what i wrote : i will build them everytime What you wrote : they are situational Hence the lower winrate, you won't do much with mejai on mundo
englich (EUW)
: new idea for riot to make money
I really like the pet thing, but it can add confusion like : "is it devourer ?" But perhaps more items with a pet, like {{item:3041}} and {{item:3141}} having a pet growing as you stack... It would lower my winrate significantly but i'll buy those every game x)
Xêm (EUW)
: I think they won't, or it will cost IP/50 RP or something because: 1. Some champs don't need it, it's for a specific item only 2. The doggie gets removed when you get sated, which means either the skin applies to the on hit effect as well or it's useless after that
He's not talking about a "devourer skin" but just a purchasable pet.
DrussIV (EUW)
: Why do so few people complain about Cho?
He's strong, but unless you have the gentleman skin i find him boring as hell to play. Still, even his gentleman's voiceover needs an upgrade IMO. New champions have more quotes than the old legendaries :'(
: ChampionShip skin 2015
Trexlo (EUNE)
: How to instakill Tahm
Pick Singed, use Q, he won't eat you unless he wants to die.
: Riot is testing out big changes.
I'm perfectly fine with it and I WANT MOAR
: Did someone manage to get back into the game and end it? I know I've managed to do that before :)
I looked at the history, apart from one inhib turret nothing went down after the dc, might be winions. No inhib were harmed in the "conclusion" of the game, nexus turrets untouched.
Got granted a random win in a ghost game just now. Dunno why.
: Still can't log in
Same here, except the game i was kicked from disappeared BUT now it's in my history as a victory and i got to promos. Dunno why, but i'll take that.
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